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  2. Yes. Brees is operating from a position of trash. When you say shit like this, you aren't supporting the troops, you are transforming into a sentient old navy flag t-shirt. Blind hollow patriotism is always shitty. It's shitty completely devoid of the violence caused by systemic racism. That said, I think Brees responding to the backlash is all we can ask for. I understand why people believes what he believes even if I think it is bullshit. Let his teammates educate him and help him move on.
  3. Interesting response. Any manner? So, let's say I threw a water bottle at you. You could probably get me with a battery charge. But if you respond in "any manner", you are free of guilt of a crime? Of course not, but there is a different standard for police? Now we're getting to the problem. It's one thing to arrest a person for throwing a water bottle at an officer, it's entirely different to assault a group of people because someone threw a water bottle at officers. At some point, the police have to access the threat level and respond accordingly, if even possible. But that's the real issue here, isn't it? The police have a different level of "justice" than the rest of us. You'd be locked up quickly if you fired rubber bullets or tear gas in a crowd of people for someone throwing a water bottle at you. Yes, we have to acknowledge the police are under a different circumstance and have some degree of leniency in situations. We also have to acknowledge there are limits to their powers against civillians. And there in lies the core of the problem. What will most likely happen is the officer that killed Floyd will get off, not to even mention he wasn't immediately arrested, and probably a pension. It happens over and over again. And it happens because there is an "above the law" mentality for police because they indeed have a tough job. It's not just against black people, it's against anybody. If you've never experienced a power tripping cop, you are a minority. I'll add I've had professional experiences with them and actually thanked them for it, simple because so many experiences with power tripping cops. In truth, it's likely always been this way but we now have the masses with evidence to incidence. Too many incidences in which it appears an officer was too high on his position and took excessive actions. And that is the basis of the issue. I don't agree with rioting, but I will say we've fought wars over rights and without an honest dialogue over this issue, we are approaching war status. Police misdeeds need to be held accountable. Without that, we are on a path.
  4. Obligatory pic that not only shows why Henry cucks Ingram, but is also a visual representation of their value as running backs!
  5. Oh wait... It's because Brees is white! Yeah, I get it.
  6. Just fucking stop already. Most of us have. You and reo seem to take some sick, sadistic, and dammit, masochistic pleasure in arguing with these damned obvious trolls. Not only are you stressing yourself about it, you're subjecting the rest of us with your hopeless dream of reaching these assholes.
  7. I pray to Zeus that she sent him nudes at some point and he posts them in retaliation!
  8. Of course there is something wrong with what Brees said. It shows that he hasn’t learned a damned thing over the last 4 years. And also it shows that he values a nationalist symbol more than he values the lives of people living under that symbol. Does Brees have the right to say what he said? Of course he does. Just as Kaepernick or anyone else has the right to kneel in protest. Also, there's this:
  9. Long isn’t just undersized, he is an undersized run stopper. If he were a Jayon Brown type who was seen as better in coverage then we wouldn’t have grabbed him in round 6.
  10. Today
  11. Lol yea but had nothing to do with kneeling. It's been 3 years since that stuff started. I don't even think he was doing it last year.
  12. Btw, for those who can’t read: water bottles. I’ve said water bottles can lead to arrests several times. I’m not sure what else could be less threatening than that, but yes, if someone throws a water bottle at an officer they should be arrested. So we go from water bottles and increase danger. Anything hurled more dangerous than a water bottle and you should be arrested. This isn’t complicated. I’m getting tired of telling these dumb fucks. Someone else take over.
  13. I bet he had some ribs removed so he could bend in half to fuck his eye hole.
  14. There we go. It really is easy to make you into a bitch. At least Merc poses a challenge.
  15. I think Vrabel likes to coach them up on their deficiencies first. We’ll see if it works, or if I’m right. Evans has become a legitimate 3 down LB in two years when he was raw coming out. I hope they use him more as a blitzer this year. His spin move is devastating.
  16. Still haven't answered the question. Obviously you are afraid of what your own answer is. Go mix some drinks and grovel for that tip.
  17. Nothing wrong with what Brees said, but the timing wasn’t so great imo. Virtue signaling the Stars and Stripes while many NFLers are trying to find a way to support this flashpoint moment and have taken Floyd’s death personally wasn’t well received. Not gonna make a bigger deal of it than that. It’s done and dusted, imo, other than to say you can always say the right thing, but just at the wrong time.
  18. They are already talking about that being highly possibly over the airwaves in Europe. No free country in the world would do this in response to peaceful demonstrations. Have there been riots? Yes, but not directed at the WH. The place is already a fortress.
  19. You still have not answered the question. What OBJECT is inappropriate to throw at police where they are justified to arrest the person? Police should never rush peaceful protesters with rubber bullets, flashbangs and tear gas. So are you going to tell me the OBJECT that you believe is inappropriate for a protester to throw at a police officer that allows the police officer to justifiably arrest that person?
  20. So thinly veiled racism bad and open racism is cool? Got it.
  21. There’s a fucking problem if something as simple as a water bottle is cause for forceful action.
  22. I'm assuming it had something to do with this warning given here 3 months ago: https://www.titansreport.com/topic/38743-warning-regarding-racism-in-the-forum/?tab=comments#comment-1491600
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