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  2. If we sign Brady then Tanne goes where Brady was intended, like the Chargers. We may end up facing him if we make the playoffs. I don't like that scenario. We would end up with an aging QB that can't run and a backup....and neither know the system. A recipe for disaster.
  3. Well sadly we had to pay the meathead on the other side a small fortune to protect Gomer Pyle, so we have a problem with resources.
  4. Tanne may be little frustrated with running Henry so much and often putting him in 3rd and long situations. Tanne is talented, and I think being wasted not turning him loose to wheel and deal more. He may want to go to a team with a more open offense. At the very least he needs a speed back to get involved in the passing game.

    Virus in China

    This thing could get really bad for Trump. And getting up and lying like Baghdad Bob ain't gonna help
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  7. At the end of the day he has y'all discussing it Lol.
  8. That's a loose definition of "healthcare"
  9. I didn't watch a second of the debate or any other debate, they are so embarrassingly stupid
  10. Biden's just brazenly making shit up now Andrew Young, who was the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations from 1977 to 1979, told The Times that he had traveled with Mr. Biden to South Africa but had never been arrested there, and he cast doubt on the idea that members of Congress were arrested in the country. “No, I was never arrested and I don’t think he was, either,” Mr. Young said in a telephone interview last week. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/26/us/politics/joe-biden-arrest-mandela.html
  11. Wait until the pubs start photoshopping. js
  12. This is a big development in the CBA negotiations the whole paying membership of the NFLPA will now vote whether to accept the new CBA, if passed by the players in the next couple of days the ability to use both the franchise and transition tags will vanish.
  13. oh no! Trumps economy! silly tux
  14. Trump didnt announce shit. The CDC reccommmended what to do and a staffer who is designated to pass the news on said it out loud. How dense are ya?
  15. Was interesting listening to Schefter from the Combine talk about the Tannehill situation, didn't once mention the possibility of a long term deal, everything centered around the franchise tag and whether the Titans would be in or out of the Brady sweepstakes.
  16. Golden State may soon become the first team in NBA history to raise its loss total by 40 games in a single season. The Spurs came close in 1997 when their record dropped from 59-23 down to 20-62 that year after The Admiral got hurt. The Warriors went 57-25 last season, and are now 12-46. All they need is 19 losses in their final 24 games, go for the record!
  17. We already have free healthcare for people without insurance. They just go to the ER and are taken care of.
  18. Obviously not everyone in the swing states is racist. Obama overcame his skin color largely in part because he was very likable compared to McCain and Palin (female). If you run a white male, those who are racist or sexist won't be discriminating against your candidate for those reasons. It's very simple.
  19. I think it’s just a matter of whether they trust him enough yet to pencil him in for the job. He is clearly the top option for today, but they could easily add someone else. That could be a reasonably expensive free agent. It could be a relatively cheap vet who will compete for the job. Or it could be a rookie. With so many available veterans who would fit at NB, plus it being a deep CB draft, it makes sense that they could bring in competition.
  20. We don't have to have MCA for Corono. Polio vaccines are given or used to be given to everybody for free.
  21. The so-named black people have been in America since day 1. The dems elected Barak Obama. That should have shown everybody that the only barrier to an individual is themselves. I remember when he started running. I thought he's a sharpe guy, but why does his name have to be Obama. Osoma bin Laden was the most hated man in America and here this sharp dude has a name like Obama. People still accepted him. Then they said his middle name was Hussein Obama. WTF! Man this guy can't get a break. Guy keeps going. Rev. Wright appeared and CNN ran tape of him for an entire weekend. Well, that's that. I didn't get to see it, but they said he gave the best talk ever about race relations. The color of their skin didn't stop Kamala or Corey. They didn't have enough game. Period. Then in the racial atmosphere created by the current president... It really doesn't need explaining.
  22. What about the middle path do you find appealing? Is there a chance I could convince you to Warren?
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