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  2. Justafan

    Giants Week

  3. If anybody could provide me to a link that shows Obama had any specific economic program in the last 2 years of his administration to create jobs for blacks and Hispanics I would love to see it. Did he engage in this awesome work while golfing? What program because Trump has been in office for 2 years now. Obama's economic policy. 1. $800B stimulus that did nothing. It was passed early 2009 so please argue how it is creating jobs now. 2. Cash for clunkers worthless. 3. Expanding government dependency while increasing poverty.
  4. I wanted to emphasize the tard part. Good job starting worthless threads. Like somebody at the DNC is paying you or something.
  5. Justafan

    Uh, the stock market is crashing

    https://reason.com/blog/2018/12/12/us-steel-stock-has-dropped-50-percent-si Another important article showing why tariffs are dumb.
  6. Justafan

    Trump's crimes against humanity.

  7. Rolltide

    Trump's crimes against humanity.

    What is the prison time for paying off(Bribe) a witness to commit perjury in front of the senate judiciary committee? What was in that envelope that congresswoman(idiot) Sheila Jackson Lee gave to Christine Blasey Ford's lawyer? I think we need at least a 2 year investigation into Ford, Jackson Lee and the attorney's in question.
  8. I wonder how Henry would do in a Ram jersey playing on a prolific passing team with top WRs and QB. The Rams are the #1 run blocking o-line according to FF. Todd Gurley has caught 74% of the passes thrown to him.
  9. According to football focus our offensive line is 25th in run blocking and 32nd in pass blocking. We were 27th in run blocking before that last game. Not sure how you can look at that and blame one running back for most of our offensive woes. As a receiver Henry has caught 80% of the passes he was targeted with. He has only been targeted 15 times and caught 12 passes. Not sure how we can assume he sucks as a receiver. He has caught 36 of the 47 passes thrown to him in his career. That is a higher catch percentage(76%) than Eddie George(74%) or Chris Johnson(72%) had in their careers.
  10. Today


    Bitcoin Price Drops to New Yearly Low at $3,200

    Giants Week

    Wasn't the Texans game next in which Whiz was fired?

    Is there any question Mahomes is MVP?

    Brees was a lock about 3 weeks ago but his drop was too big to hold on. Every time Brees has been a contender for it some other QB has had a crazy good year
  14. woolfolksunclesuncle

    When Stephen A. Smith Talks NFL...

    Or maybe every time that he's wrong, we get to add a letter to the A....kinda like H-O-R-S-E. So, i nominate the letter "S" be added after the "A" for this infraction.
  15. Same thing happened to Alge Crumpler, he went from a Gates like pass catcher to big plodder
  16. Lol Peyton Made bad decisions his first year too! Not sure if he will win but he most definitely should win! And theres no question about bout this kid, he is the real deal! Its obvious when watching him that this is no fluke year or he will start to regress! first year starting QBs that have made you hesitant any of them throw for 5, 000 yards and 50 TDs? The kid shines against top competition too hes been lights out up against some of the best And No the bad decisions Will not catch up to him because he makes 100x more good decisions
  17. Huh Them? You do realize melo is gone? You do realize yall have been better without him even though you were certain yall got better from last year mostly due to him? It's funny yall have a losing record and you brag that about 20% of your wins have come against a team you thought would barely make the playoffs.
  18. Callidus

    Giants Week

    The Titans played football in 2014? Are you sure?

    Cohen sentence to 36 mos.

    It’s all unfolding just as predicted!
  20. Callidus

    Jalen Ramsey is ridiculous

    Thanks for posting this, during the game I saw Lewan out there and was rdy to see some poor sap disappear.
  21. I sent the pic to the postmaster and asked if I should hold his mail
  22. Luckily for Houston there are now 12 other players ahead of them in the rotation: Harden, CP3, Capela, Gordon, PJ Tucker, Nene, Ennis, Green, Danuel House, Brandon Knight, Gary Clark, and Isaiah Hartenstein.
  23. WG53

    Jalen Ramsey is ridiculous

    Pretty much.
  24. ChesterCopperpot1

    Cohen sentence to 36 mos.

    You do know you can’t appeal a plea, right? They ask you, under oath, that you are entering into it freely, voluntarily, and knowingly. Leave the legal talk to real lawyers.
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