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  2. The number of *actually decent-to-good receivers* the Titans have developed or signed since existing in middle TN can be counted on one hand. You weren't here for the days of Brandon Jones, Courtney Roby, Roydell Williams, Justin Gage, Darrell Hill, Justin McCareins, Tyrone Calico etc But you were here for Dorial Green Beckham, Justin Hunter, and Kendall Wright. Well... Kendall Wright was by far the most successful receiver out of all of them. The only receivers the Titans ever had that were reliable, good or better, and made an actual impact on the team's success were Derrick Mason, Kevin Dyson, and to a lesser extent Drew Bennett. Kenny Britt had the potential to, but he was dumber than a bag of hammers and got hurt on top of it and never did anything. Carl Pickens was signed back in 2000 and he was pretty good but all of his usefulness was wasted in Cinci for 10 years before he got here. And who could forget bringing in Randy Moss... 12 years too late.
  3. The key to the whole Henry performance thing was when Vrable said he thought they needed to do a better job getting him out of the backfield. Meaning the blocking, especially the perimeter blocking, sucked. The O-line was struggling with the ZBS and the TEs were close to worthless at blocking. Early in the season they had 4 TEs and none of them could block worth a shit. By seasons end both the O-line and the TEs were fairly respectable.
  4. But Americans have learned that those "cheaper" goods are often junk. We've become a throwaway/disposable society. And then we bitch about the waste we're generating. That's a "well duh!" situation if I ever saw one. That's the cost I was talking about. The key to surviving a tariff war is to have an economy with inherent strength. Not one propped up by artificially low interest rates and printing presses running full time creating cash out of thin air. Which is what Bush and obama both did. Their attempts at tariffs failed for sound reasons.
  5. I'm asking if you still believe that today. That he can only be good in the 4th?
  6. Right. I don't disagree at all. I'm talking about when it became pretty clear that he wasn't the dude. I wasn't around yet but from I've heard you were (rightfully) a critic of his.
  7. What? I showed how you were wrong to believe it in the first place. But you're right we're done.
  8. I agree with everything that he said. I think that we are a bad matchup for them , especially with the timing of the game, and could end up beating the hell out of them.
  9. The whole point was cheaper products on the shelves and good export relations with other nations. We imported $3.1 trillion and exported $2.5 trillion in 2018 and the 3rd largest exporter in the world behind China and the EU. The cost is not "larger than we ever considered". The biggest problem with China is tech theft and currency manipulation. That should be addressed and I'm not sure placing a tax on US importers is the best way to do it....another instance in the GOP is not the same party anymore, and I'm guessing because Trump. Both Bush and Obama implemented tariffs and both were considered to have been an overall losing proposition for America. But back to the main point of how the GOP has changed in many ways from the 80s and 90s is back then they found this behavior abhorrent (at least publicly) but today they seem much more forgiving.
  10. Just to add to the above story. I had just sold a property for over 300K, they owned/sold the house next door and it sold for 90K. They were pretty much even in value homes. So, I did change the way I talked.
  11. This is true. I spend a lot of time around southern conservatives and they talk the same to me as anybody else. We are all dumb as a sack of hammers. I was talking to some so-called blacks and I found myself doing the same thing. They had been acting like hood rats, so I used my Number9 in the hood vocabulary. I didn't think anything about it until after I left, I remember the older guy looking at me like I wasn't cool. I actually felt kinda bad. But I also dumb down my language around the whites I talk about, they ig'nant too.
  12. Today
  13. Believe it or not I'm very optimistic when it comes to the draft. I give players a fair shot. I gave DGB a fair shot. I gave Bishop Sankey a fair shot. And Locker yeah I definitely gave him a fair shot. You know how many dumass Locker college reels I watched trying to see the future? What a waste of time. In the end he was what he was.
  14. You say I'm wrong then make an excuse where I'm right. We're done here man. Let it go. You think the Titans drafted Henry to be the backup behind an aging Demarco? They WANTED him to take the job. That was the plan. He just didn't. You're on your own island with this ... and PFF is there too. Good for them.
  15. Until he started running harder and less like a scat back, yes.
  16. This isn't really true as his 1st vs 2nd half splits were pretty even his rookie year. It was the case in 2017 but mainly because that's when he actually got decent carries. Demarco was still the man around here, getting the bulk of the early carries and it was unreasonable to conclude that Henry's ability rather than the situation was the determining factor. But let's put that aside, it didn't turn out to be true just like a bunch of other dumb narratives turned out be wrong. That was the only point I was making with my original comment. It's not my fault that a hit dog hollers and people felt the need to come out of the woodwork.
  17. So you were wrong that he could only be good in the 4th as a closer. Got it. I don't mean to belabor the point but if I may remind you this little useless rehash happened because I poked fun at people really believing that "closer" garbage and you feeling affected enough to quote me. Just want to make sure we remember how we got here.
  18. For a while that's where he found success yes. When defenses were tired he could run through them easier. Henry was good in a 4 minute offense.
  19. Ok fair enough. Were you a Locker fan? Did you agree with the coaches and FO when they took him and tried to make him a franchise QB for years? I didn't.
  20. I’ve stated I think he could lead the league in rushing if his play carries over. Im very pleased with his turnaround
  21. LOL I'm not sure you know what I believe then. I believe he has a chance to be the guy. I just think it's unlikely. I also believe he deserves this year to prove it. I also believe Mariota is better than Tannehill for reasons including ceiling. If the Coaches and JROB were 100% behind Mariota they'd sign him right now. The Eagles signed Wentz with a broken back. We're obviously unsure. So this idea that they're not in line with what I believe is ludicrous. They're giving him a year to prove he's above average. I think you see me arguing with homers and think I want to see Mariota in a trash heap. Not the case. I want Mariota to play better and his injuries and line and playcalling has nothing to do with his overall performance. Do these things matter? Yes. But no play calling etc. can keep a great QB at 13Tds ... I'm sorry. Mariota playing like a star would be the best thing for our franchise. I'd honestly love it. I'm just not making excuses for him and it frustrates people.
  22. Just checking, was it true that he could only be successful running in the 4th quarter? Yes or no would do. We can resume the other conversation after your answer.
  23. Just checking, was it true that he could only be successful running in the 4th quarter? Yes or no would do. We can resume the other conversation after your answer.
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