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  3. "The 49ers made him a great receiver." Great article my ass. Rice was going to be great no matter where he was. He was 40 years old and still going to Pro Bowls and Super Bowls on the Raiders. Do you even watch football?
  4. Horowitz is pretty much a mainstream guy and not in the Barr camp, he comes from the SDNY office and has served and been promoted through multiple administrations of both parties.
  5. It did much more than that. It legitimized a brutal dictator.
  6. Multiple judges signed off on the warrants on a regular basis; Mueller claimed they weren't solely based on the Steele dossier which was not the work of fiction that some have claimed. It'll be interesting to see which findings were found to be excessive. I don't think they deliberately tried to mislead the judges. My guess is that they'll say some of the presentations were not entirely accurate, but nothing got to the level of criminal intent and that, for most part, the warrants were properly issued. Anything that has even the scent of impropriety will be overplayed by Fox, etc; but I would be surprised if there's any criminal referral. The right wing media's track record of properly predicting who is going to get indicted and when has come up short of reality, to be kind.
  7. This whole situation is just a PR stunt. Neither side is going to budge. We will not be removing sanctions without verifiable denuclearization, and NK is not going to stop their testing and provocation unless sanctions are lifted. This whole summit deal just bought time for the inevitability of no deal.
  8. Hey, it would appear you have a stalker too. Perhaps we should introduce them to one another. Who knows what twisted romance may bloom...
  9. And the QB draft stock is suddenly thinner..
  10. Or even worse a few bad games to where we head into the offseason with uncertainty. Hopefully not the case but definitely possible.
  11. It feels like Tannehill is due for a stinker in one of the next couple weeks. He’s been close to throwing several bad INTs. I want to see how it responds when things start to snowball against him.
  12. Ohio is doing just fine. Not a single Ohioan gives a rats ass about what a fag like Reo thinks about anything. Youre a complete Dbag for posting something so stupid. Education in Ohio does not allow people to simply defy science. Keep to the news in youre own shit stain of a community.
  13. Rivers now holds the record for losses by 7pts or under in the SB era with 61.
  14. I don't care if it's his heart, poisoning, or anything else. He can't die until he's humiliated. Badly. Then he has my permission to die.
  15. They took it a step further calling it an act of war. They said it was a poison designed to be on an extended release.
  16. Was just looking at the current draft order after week 11, there are legitimately 6 teams ahead of us that could take a QB.
  17. Not much change at the very top of the draft order this week, regarding the Titans they actually dropped to the 17th pick during the bye week. 2020 NFL Draft Order after Week 11 1. Bengals 2. Redskins 3. Giants 4. Dolphins 5. Jets 6. Bucs 7. Broncos 8. Falcons 9. Cardinals 10. Lions 11. Chargers 12. Jags 13. Browns 14. Raiders (from Bears) 15. Eagles 16. Dolphins (from Steelers) 17. Titans 18. Panthers 19. Raiders 20. Jags (from Rams) 21. Cowboys 22. Colts 23. Dolphins (from Texans) 24. Vikings 25. Chiefs 26. Bills 27. Packers 28. Seahawks 29. Ravens 30. Saints 31. Patriots 32. 49ers
  18. Sure, I can buy that. He eats so much unhealthy crap that he was bound to have a case of food poisioning.
  19. I'm glad I don't root for the Chargers. 7 losses by 7 points or less. They'll be looking for a new qb as well.
  20. rns90

    NBA 2019

    Spurs lotto bound this year and the 20 year playoff run is over. Ah well, it was bound to happen sometime.
  21. By useless information, I guess you mean bringing up the facts of what your retarded ass believes. go back to gobbling Gabbert.
  22. Vrabel and Jrob discussing keeping Mariota a starter.
  23. Ramsey sitting at home and being thankful. He got as far away from Henry as he could.
  24. Lol, the idiots are now saying the president was poisoned.
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