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  2. I really would like to see the Titans make an addition to the CB squad. But Quinnen Williams would be really damn tempting.
  3. I disagree. Much better? That's a big stretch.
  4. Vaccaro playing much better than last season
  5. The real reason is you spend too much time chasing clout on social media. Digest that BS for too long and anyone will make self-hating decisions to support a rich white supremacist.
  6. This just became a package deal and the above is what I bring to the table!
  7. ABC News has Biden up by 17 in WI and 7 in MI. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/covid-surge-hurts-trump-wisconsin-biden-leads-closer/story?id=73834112&cid=clicksource_4380645_4_heads_hero_live_hero_hed
  8. We about to drop a fiddy burger on them.
  9. Lol. I hate pff. Really? "Lifelong NFL defensive coordinators will tell you the only way to stop the run is to put an extra body down in the box and play a single-high coverage — this allows you to cover every single gap the offense can present to you."
  10. Looks like no Dunlap for the Bengals.
  11. Today
  12. The 2021 CB draft class looks to be absolutely loaded and unusually most of the top guys are 6'1" and taller this year.
  13. Didn't he hit 22mph on the long TD? I think it was the fastest a WR with the ball has gone this year.
  14. Jonnu Smith ran down his guy as impressively as DK Metcalf did
  15. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/27/technology/trump-campaign-website-defaced-hackers.html
  16. This is the new NFL; coverage > pass rush.
  17. I'm sure any minute Barr will open a real investigation on Obama/Hillary and the Bidens
  18. Remember Karl Rove having a hissy fit and losing all credibility when he stormed across the studio floor when Fox News called FL for Obama fairly early to where their off camera data guys were.
  19. Holy shit. @Jamalismswhere's the racist ban now?
  20. The pick is looking worse and worse by the week, and not just because Wilson is a head case. RT was sacked twice against the Steelers and is showing he can get the ball out quickly like a good QB typically does. Clearly investing into a RT in the 1st round was not necessary. They could have traded that 1st for a premier defender or something and really boosted the SB push this season.
  21. I was hoping he would be on the trade block about this time last year. I know that many football teams would not have been interested, but maybe we could have been the first team in history to trade with a MLS team for someone who is capable of kicking extra points and field goals. Maybe then Mariota wouldn't be hurt all the time, and we could have had a player who was actually able to contribute to the team, and in an area that we really needed it. 🤪
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