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  2. My longtime girlfriend was an huge mariota supporter until last night. Last night was the final straw for her. He was just missing easy throws. Like with swing route to hump, every thing is high with him. I honestly would not be surprised if he has a case of the yips to some degree.
  3. What are you talking about? Mariota sucks. Whether he's a choir boy or not is irrelevant. You keep trying to make this argument that Mariota is being treated unfairly.... It's mind boggling.
  4. Just take the L on spam man, he's playing like David Carr at the end with Houston. If he was ever going to improve we'd seen it yet he continues to get worse. They need to give Tanny a shot sooner than later if nothing else but to help with Davis's and Browns development and see if he can be a productive stop gap. With Henry nearing the end of his deal their going to have to decide if the only guy that's a offense threat is worth paying a huge contract to at a position you'd prefer to not invest in long term at a crazy high price.
  5. No stat is useful without context. As per usual you're just being a dick for the sake of being a dick.
  6. It seems like staffold is a bust, his “elite” run blocking does not make up for his shitty pass blocking, levitre 2.0. I’ll give Conklin the benefit of the doubt as he struggles playing next to the revolving door know as Douglas at RG. Like I don’t care how “far behind” Davis is, there is no way possible he can be worse then Douglas. Like blitz pickups and stuff, I get it. But at this point just having someone block the guy in front of you would be a upgrade. Davis better start in Atlanta or I’m rioting. Also mariota holding the ball longer then Oman doing his mail route didn’t help them, make the damn switch already. Mariota is clearly broken.
  7. It’s that hope. It’s the tease. See it’s like a relationship. You think someone will change, they show enough for you to stay but in back of your head they’ll hurt you. However, you keep staying because they show signs of being what you once fell in love with. The longer you wait to break it off, the more you miss out on better things. This same situation.
  8. He calls his mom and makes his bed. He’s a good boy!
  9. Brown is starting to get irked too. He got in Mariota's face after Mariota took a sack and Brown was open.
  10. For those that are still defending him, what the hell does he do well that even warrants him being the starter?
  11. Fans will be forced to revert to lighting their own farts during player introductions. ...or lighting each other’s farts, for those who don’t mind strangers farting into your hands.
  12. When a QB struggles after 4 years. Look overall to the QB. That's the point. The quarterback is the most important position is it not? So like most other franchise QBs they have to carry the load a bit and not the other way around. So yes, other parts from the FO to the other players on the field shoulder blame. But the QB, the top ones, should still be able to overcome that for the most part. Look to Andrew Luck as to what really shouldering a franchise means with no help. And, because he's a franchise QB, still producing and bailing his team out time and time again. Luck had worse conditions overall than Mariota and still destroyed any numbers Mariota could produce. When the passing game struggles after several OCs it's time to look to the general. The most important part of that offense. The QB. There are just too many examples around the NFL of a franchise QB covering for a bad oline, WRs, RBs and coaches. That's the way it is. Early in a QB's career yes, we cut them slack because they're learning. But eventually the kid gloves come off and they have to carry us. Or what was the point. Mariota has to carry our offense, or he isn't worth it. Because if the line, receivers, or RBs have to do it, he's not worth it. Thems the breaks. Everyone gave Mariota the benefit for over three years. Then it was time for him to take control. He couldn't do it. So I don't care when olineman or receivers make mistakes (there are more lineman and more receivers, odds are more mistakes should happen) when the most important position on the field is making THE MOST mistakes.
  13. I recommend acquiring a wife to solve this problem---along with cleaning, laundry, sex (depending on attractiveness), lawncare, drywalling, installing a big block in your Dodge Dart, etc...
  14. This is what sells it. The difference in meh and brilliant. Bravo. I missed last night's game, working at a gig. Colts one too. At this point, the board for random humor and apparently new uses for EVOO outside the kitchen are far more engaging than the product on the field. I think I need a text alert when we switch QBs. Until then....
  15. That's the part no one seems to get around here,... They weren't mental cases when they arrived in N'ville, that came later. The evidence is mounting however, that the Titans .org turns them into mental cases. (as you so eloquently (lol) explained it) LOL
  16. It's, quite frankly, annoying. Whenever you post something positive these people call you a homer. It's like you can't say anything good about the organization. That's why I've wondered if some of these people secretly want the team to lose.
  17. I didn't see it personally, but someone mentioned that the FO was worried they would be wasting their defense just to see if a 5th year QB could finally put it together. That, combined with the rumblings that some of the coaches preferred Tannehill lead me to believe that Amy is pushing this.
  18. Is it me or is Mariota not fast anymore? He used to be able to outrun a lot of RBs.
  19. Watch every game on gamepass with coaches film
  20. I've also always been confused about the "homer" accusations. Isn't saying there's nothing else wrong in the organization except for one guy the most homer position of all?
  21. A lot of these people feel the need to be anti-homer. So that explains some of it.
  22. You’re the one that keeps talking, trying to say “oh its a different question” when it wasn’t. Let it go man.
  23. Aside from the "right now" that @big2033 noted what I took away from this is that this is the first time I can remember where Mariota being benched has been brought up by the local media. Before it was just unsubstantiated grumbles from the national media but now the idea has been introduced and once you imagine that something is possible the chance that it happens is exponentially higher than before. Vrabel will have to address this question or a similar one after every piss poor Mariota performance (and there will be plenty) and I bet it becomes a distraction in the locker room. Mariota won't finish the season as the starter.
  24. It's not surprising and I understand where they are coming from, but it has gotten a bit irrational. Starting from preseason unless Mariota played like a top QB consistently he was going to be butchered. Any mistakes were going to be super magnified now on this board because of the last two seasons, and you combine that with him starting off the season with one very bad game and two so-so games and the team is 1-2 and you have the board melted down calling him a JV QB. This is all happening with Mariota not having any interceptions. Can you imagine the board reaction once he throws a pick? Also, the whole media coddling him is also not true. Maybe some of the local media gives him a pass, but the national media thinks he's garbage. They just don't talk about it repeatedly because no one cares about the Titans. And at least on fan forums of other teams such as the Bucs and the Bears there's at least 50% of the posters defending their QB. Here you can count on one hand the number of posters not calling him an absolute scrub.
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