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Riding the Lockercoaster

Started by code, Aug 30 2012 06:20 PM

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Going to be a very interesting season.

Watching Jake is akin to riding a rollercoaster.

Good play. Scary play. Bad play. Amazing play.

You really just don't know what you will get from down to down.



I agree code and it's pretty frustrating. I expected to see a little more especially since he's playing against second stringers. He is also going to get one of our WR killed!


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Some really good throws in there though :) lol

but yeah some scary and some bad to go w/ them.



Agree Code. Reminds me of young Favre every time I watch him.



If he was playing against starters tonight there would have been at least 2 picks. I'm expecting a very similar TD-Int ratio over the course of 16 games


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I'm excited.

Awesome highs, terrifying lows.

I am in sir.



He isn't going to be Tom Brady in his first year as a starter... I expect him to finally settle down into being a top 10 QB within the next 2 years.

Hell it took Eli 4 years before he finally got his game going... He's won two superbowls in the last 5 years




I suspect Oilerman will point this out ... but another bizarre bit of coaching by Munchak ... unless Locker was hurt ... why not give him the chance at a 2:00 minute drill? Second time we passed on that and he probably could have used the seasoning.



It's BS, why play him for so long and take him out for the 2 min drill.



He clearly needs the reps. Just as clearly he needed the 2 minute drill.



He looks to wright alot. I think it's a bit much to expect kendall to beat jump balls. I expect him to look hard at Kenny when he gets back and that may force a pick or two. As the game gets slower for him towards the end of the season, this offense will be a lot of fun to watch,



He clearly needs the reps. Just as clearly he needed the 2 minute drill.

Especially considering earlier in the week he specifically mentioned playing locker in a two minute scenario.


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Unless they know he can do it so they're saving it for the regular season.


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He's going to throw a bunch of pics this year.




My expectations remain the same of him.

Anyone expecting him to be more than a rookie with an NFL education, needs to reduce their expectations a bit.

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