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Wins and Losses

Started by biscuit, Aug 23 2012 10:20 AM

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What will the final record be this year?  Last years 9-7 finish seemed a little on the high side considering the shortened off season and new coaching staff.  Will the Titans be better this year, the short answer is yes but it might not reflect in the win column.  I'm going to look into our schedule and see if we can muster 9 or 10 wins this year.

Division: 6 games

Most average teams would expect to go 3-3 in their division, winning home games and losing road games.  I know Houston is capable is beating the Titans twice.  Jacksonville and Indy are capable of beating us once.  (Before you argue this point look at last year.)

Worst case 2-4  Best case 4-2

My guess 3-3

AFC East: 4 games

The Titans play at Buffalo and Miami and home against New England and New York.

Worst case 2-2  Best case 3-1

My guess 3-1

New England is a loss the other 3 should be wins even the road game at Buffalo.  Buffalo is one of the teams that should be in the hunt for the 6th spot in the playoffs, if they can't win this game other games become important.

NFC North: 4 game

The Titans have Detroit and Chicago at home.  They must win won of these two games because they won't beat Green Bay at home.  Minnesota should be a win even though it's on the road.

My Guess 2-2

The remaining two games are against the AFC West 2nd place Chargers on the road and AFC North 2nd place Steelers at home.

These two games are critical if the Titans are to make the playoffs.  Can they get it done?  If things play out like I think they will with the rest of the schedule the Titans are going to need to win both of these games to make the playoffs.  I don't see it happening, the Titans haven't played well in San Diego historically and the Steelers just seem to win year in and year out.

Best case 2-0  Worst case 0-2

My Guess 0-2

Final Record 8-8


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I always bet 16-0 until proven otherwise.



I want to believe 10-6 is possible, but I'm tempering my expectations as I've been disappointed in years past just like everyone else. I'm thinking 9-7 or worse.



I'm expecting 8-8, but hoping for better.






With Locker...and the schedule? I'll be very happy for 8-8.

As long as I see improvement in Locker as the season goes along I'll be happy. I understand there will be some growing pains and that's ok with me.



The optimist in me says we could be as good as 11-5.

The pessimist in me says we could be as bad as 7-9.

The realist in me says we will probably end up 8-8 or 9-7 again.




5-1 in division

Titans win the division!!!


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We match last years record at 9-7.



I have them beating SD, Det, Pit, Ind at home, Jax on the road, Hou at home, NYJ, Jax at home

The other games I have as losses to get 8-8.

I think they will be incredibly inconsistent. They have a lot of talent, particularly on offense, and I expect they'll be able to surprise some teams with wins at SD and at home vs the Lions, Steelers and Texans. I also think that the fact that they're very young will cost them some games and they'll lose games they shouldn't, like at Minnesota, at Miami and at Indy (although I think the Colts will be much better than most think).

I think at best they could be 11-5 and at worst 4-12.



7-9 but a much more exciting team than last year.



Locker as starter and the CJ looking like a new man.

That alone is good for at least 1-2 more wins.



What's are SOS compared to last years?



What's are SOS compared to last years?

You should listen to the latest episode of the Two Tone Crew ;)

I was talking about how rough our early season schedule is and then @TitansGuru pointed out that, statistically, we actually have one of the easiest schedules, which I was surprised to see. With 1 being the most difficult schedule, the Titans rank 28th.





I believe going into the season last year it was .488 and this year is .480 about the same as far as won/loss records. Keep in mind Indy is dragging that number down because the titans play them twice plus a game with Minnesota and 2 against Jacksonville.

A better way to look at it is this. Last year 7 games against playoff teams. (Houston twice, Pitt, Cincinnati, Baltimore, New Orleans and Atlanta.) They went 2-5.

This year the Titans have 6 games against playoff teams from last year. (Houston twice, Pitt, New England, Green Bay, Detroit) 3 games against second tier teams (San Diego, Buffalo, and Chicago) and 7 games against bottom ten/twelve type teams. (Indy twice, Jacksonville twice, Minnesota, Miami and New York) The Jets may be second tier but I don't think they are that good.

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