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Cant wait to see this.

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2 hours ago, JakePA_Titan said:

So how do you accomplish this without continuing to incentivize laziness?


Laziness? From which part?


The poor currently don't pay their medical bills as it is. They go to the ER who can't turn them away but is super expensive. Then they can't pay their bill so the hospital has to increase prices for everyone else to compensate. All it would do would give the poor a way to pay instead of shifting the bills to us.


The lower middle class just doesn't have health insurance so they'd actually have it when they got sick.


College students? They mostly currently just get loans. They're not working any harder. It just means they get a grant instead of being saddled with debt which just ends up reducing their spending power later and worsening the economy. Bonus: more people get a college education. 


So no one is getting "lazy" because of any of this. They're just getting healthcare and an education. 



Also, I would imagine she wont be a fan favorite when it comes to taxes....You cant implement this and not expect taxes to go up. They will have to offset the spending somehow. Even if it is feasible, you know they will.


Pay for it? I already said. Taxes would go up but you'd get rid of your insurance premium which means your bills go down and you'd probably end up saving money in the end.


TN pays for free community college through their lottery system. 



So the working ppl that wont qualify 


Everyone would qualify.. well TN required at least a 2.0 GPA for college iirc.



This isn't a situation where you can have your cake and eat it too. 

No. It's a situation where a lot of people are misinformed and listen to too much propaganda. 

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