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if the Eagles offered a 4th round pick for Henry would you accept the deal?

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with news Ajayi is out for the year with an ACL injury and several other backs banged up there are reports the Eagles are scouring the NFL for a RB, they also just cleared up significant cap room by restructuring Fletcher Cox's deal.


in this hypothetical scenario if the Eagles offered a 2019 4th round pick would you trade Henry?

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Henry has this year and 2019 left on his contract.  Fluellen is a FA next year.  It's unlikely that you get a player who will play as well as Henry in 2019  with a 4th rounder.  Plus the team will have an additional hole with Fluellen likely not to be resigned.   Draft Fuellen's replacement next year.  How high a pick depends on Henry's performance the rest of the year.  He's too cheap to trade away in this spot.

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For a 3rd, maybe, but I'm still not sure I would.  He's not going to be worth much more than a 3rd or 4th  and despite his lack of productivity, he's not given up on the team like Matthews. Plus depth would take a hit. 

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