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Ranking QBS 2019 (per Jamal)

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For one season, and that season being 2019:


#1. Patrick Maholmes ... great talent around him, healthy, still improving.

#2. Tom Brady ... talent, health, stability of system.

#3. Aaron Rodgers ... injury history and lack of talent around him.

#4. Carson Wentz ... don't like his supporting cast, still think he has all upside.

#5. Jared Goff ... can't ignore the weekly numbers, great talent surrounds, young and healthy.

#6. Ben ... great talent surrounds, on the downside and physical injuries, but the numbers remain strong.

#7. Philip Rivers ... strong supporting cast, getting long in the tooth, but every week he produces 300 yards.

#8. Russell Wilson ... does more with less, in a great system for his skills.

#9. Drew Brees ... the end of an era but still an amazingly consistent threat.

#10. Cam Newton ... great athlete, not sure if he will ever be a great QB, though doesn't have the right WRs

#11. Andy Luck ... no talent around him, injured, not sure that he hasn't been wasted but I take him over most.

#12. Matt Stafford ... somehow something always goes wrong but he has a talented group of WRs and a friendly system.

#13. Matt Ryan ... great WRs, great system, hate him in the 4th quarter, don't know why.

#14. Kirk Cousins ... great WRs, good system, don't love him, don't hate him.

#15. Alex Smith ... perennially underrated.

#16. Andy Dalton ... he has AC, Mixon. Not sure that I take him over MM, but this season has suggested maybe you do.

#17. Deshaun Watson ... same sentence as MM. Better on the move. Less good in the air. Much better WRs to work with.

#18. Marcus ... he's right around this slot. Not a lot of talent around him at WR or TE without Walker.

#19 James Winston ... he's a mess off the field and a bit too inconsistent on it.

#20. Jimmy Garappolo ... injury moves him down ... but he has undeniable game management skills and a knack for the big play.

#21. Derek Carr ... thought he was going to be the next big thing. Apparently not.

#22. Baker Mayfield ... loved him at OU, love him at Cleveland. Honestly I probably take him at #15.

#23. Case Keenum ... probably not a true NFL starting franchise QB, but he has magic in the 4th.

#24. Joe Flacco ... been to a Super Bowl ... better now with supporting pieces in place, but foot speed and movement skills limit his value.

#25. Sam Darnold ... lots of brightness in his future.

#26. Mitch Trubisky ... 6 TDs in a game is a hard illusion to create.

#27. Blake Bortles ... not sure that I take him this high.

#28. Josh Allen ... maybe in 2020.

#29. Josh Rosen ... haven't seen much of him yet.

#30. Ryan Tannehill ... yep, we have lost two of my bottom 5 QBs. That ain't easy to do.

#31.  Eli Manning ... the sun is setting on a very good career.

#32. Dak Prescott ... a one-year wonder.


I can get Marcus up as high as 16, or drop him as low as 23. 
I love him in the 4th quarter.  

I think he is working with a bottom 1/3 receiver group and at best a mediocre offensive line.

I hate the injury history.

And I can't shake the fact that guys like Maholmes and Goff have come in and torched defenses while he has rarely done so.


That's it Jamal.  Thoughts?

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I doubt you can find agreement on a 2019 list.  I'm not sure you can get people to agree on Oct 2018.  If the 2018 list was made last year, I don't think it would be close to what it is now.  Someone(s) is not even going to have a team in 2019.

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El Guapo   

Top 13 are clear, maybe not in that order. Lets not make Mahomes too much in his first year, a la Dak, Watson, etc.


The bottom 19 will change and evolve as the season unfolds. We hope MM can get to the top 12. We argue a lot about the 18th best QB in the league.


Only Flacco and Eli have won it all in the bottom 19 and at the time, they would have been ranked much higher.

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