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Will the Titans still be in Tennessee in 2019?

Will Tennessee boot the Titans out?  

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  1. 1. Will Tennessee boot the Titans out?

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The decision was so tough, I couldn't decide which option to vote on, so I didn't vote.  :( 


I will need to wait until I see which side the AT&T (AltsTrolls&Tards) voted for first, then I will submit my vote.


Thanks for starting this thought provoking thread while our team is in such dire straits after 1 game.  Best one evah! :91_thumbsup:

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The Titans still have about another 10 years to go on the stadium lease.  I feel confident there are severe penalties for breaking it.


Second, Nashville is a growing and thriving city.  It has become a destination.  Witness the award of the NFL draft.


This isn't even a close call.


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The State of Tennessee is cursed. Vanderbilt has ruined it for 100 years. An elite school like Duke, and a sweet 16 is the best they have ever done. In football they have never won the SEC.  The Vols won a national title, and that's been the best for any Tennessee team. Memphis St has never done much. The Preds tease us every year, but fail. Ironically, their first coach, who was fired for not winning a Stanley Cup, did win one with another team. Then the Titans back into a Super Bowl on a fluke play, and we lose that. Never close again. Cursed.

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