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Blanche Bubois speech defines the new libtard party.

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18 minutes ago, Rolltide said:

Why don't you libs move to Zimbabwe that seems like a more appropriate place for you. Hardly any white people at all, no republicans and no Trump. No foxnews. You don't have to be pissed about historically low unemployment because black unemployment there is 50%. No free speech at colleges and universities. Libtard paradise. 


17 minutes ago, Soxcat said:

If Kim Jong-un was running against Trump in the next election these morons would vote for the guy over Trump.  That is how fing stupid they have become.



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24 minutes ago, Rolltide said:

Let's imagine somebody on Titansreport starting a thread about Obama and fast and furious with this title. "Skinny homo nigger president murders Mexicans"?


That is like a typical Nator thread. Nator who claims he is not even left wing. So why is he so butt hurt that the smelly vagina Hillary is not in the whitehouse with her rapist husband? That's the other side to this. A lot of people don't love Trump but they didn't love the Clinton's either. No matter what you want what is best for the country right?


Nator wants ISIS bigger and more powerful and he wants black unemployment much higher. 



Biggest bitch on the board. 

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