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the draft and the effects on our 2018 schedule

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its always dangerous making assumptions this far out from the regular season, just wondering if anyone has any thoughts about how the draft changed perception on how things might play out in 2018.


for me there isn't really anything the other AFC South teams did that would make them a substantially harder proposition this year.


I think there are 4 teams on our schedule that made moves in the draft that could make them a tougher opponent this year, the Chargers/Giants/Cowboys/Redskins all picked up pieces that could give them an immediate upgrade to their roster.



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All seems working accordingly to see greener pastures, although. But if things have to work with sense, I'll say:

Just my 2 cents, but here it goes:

I think that the key will be coming out with 4 wins and just a loss in the first 5 games.
Need to win @ Buffalo and @ London next.
They need to sweep Indianapolis, split wins with Houston and Jacksonville. And win against NY Jets.

If that's the case the record would be 10-6

If they manage to get an extra win against New England or NY GIants or Washington...well do the math.

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The Titans are a tough out this year.  The defense will be substantially stronger and I suspect good QB's won't have such an easy time carving them up.  If Mariota goes back to his production from two seasons ago, this is an 11 win team regardless of the schedule.


The Titans win the division this year or they underperformed (barring injuries).  Just my opinion.  

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