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Oprah Winfrey's view of America..

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6 hours ago, Titansgoodluckcharm said:

Um no. I was nice, respectful, and reasonable. I wasn't a dick. Maybe you are @rolltide.


Why would anybody have issue if everyone is treated fairly?



You were a dick by assuming I was making a white supremacist argument that blacks are genetically inferior. I did no such thing.


You also assumed I must be some alt right conservative. Wrong!


I'm liberal on immigration, the death penalty, war, defense spending. I said that programs like SNAP and school meals are good for the economy and should not be cut.

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8 hours ago, Titansgoodluckcharm said:

And who set "blacks" back?


All that indoctrination and bullshit YOUR race pushed for years. What happened to some of our greatest achievements? What have YOU done personally?


Who set blacks back? Their culture! It went to shit.


You went from Miles Davis and John Coltrane(I own 16 Miles albums and 8 Coltrane albums) to Snoop dog(I own 0). You went from solid families and neighborhoods to black lives matter. You let planned parenthood kill your babies.


From this


 To this


The liberals are destroying your families, neighborhoods and unborn. They don't even want you to have school choice.

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