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does only 6 HC vacancies sway thinking about retaining Mularkey

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as things stand right now there are only 6 HC vacancies (realistically only 5 with Gruden likely going to the Raiders)









only a couple of days ago it seemed there was going to be 9 openings with the Bucs/Bengals/Broncos somewhat surprisingly staying with their current HC's.


does the fact there is only really 5 open HC jobs sway JRob's mind in his recommendation on Mularkey's future, there might be a better chance of piecing together a better staff this year when there is below average open jobs.

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At this point, they would probably have to be embarrassed by Kansas City on a New England in the snow level for Mularkey not to be retained.  But yeah, you would think that the fewer amount of other openings would lead to larger pool of quality candidates (if he is fired).

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 It's the same old "let's see, John fox got fired in Chicago, maybe he wants to drive down to Nashville and coach"  By that mentality, there are a lot of openings.  The truth is being an NFL HC is a dream job.  Six dream jobs are not many.  But the narrow minded search parameters make the number high.  JRob has done a very good job because he was an outside the box selection.  Everyone here is thinking McDaniels, but there are a lot of other coaches who are not even being considered.  Is he a high profile selection?  Ken Whisenhunt.  


JRob should be able to find a young innovative coach, who understands football and is a great communicator with football players. He needs to be a decent communicator with the public.  But is all they can do is recycle the recycled why do anything?  The only job more permanent that HC in the NFL is getting elected to congress.  Mike Munchak is being interviewed.  Excellent choice because he's been an NFL coach before.

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