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It could be worse, we could have taken John Ross

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3 hours ago, Face said:

I've been ripping the shit out of Davis but not a single analyst said he was "unpolished" coming out. If anything he was overdrafted because of his polish.

Yeah, I don’t understand the narrative that he was a raw project. Of the top three, he was the most pro ready. 

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9 hours ago, charleytolar said:

One of my favorite hobbies!  The thing is that just about every pick could be improved. I haven't done this with other teams' draft but very seldom is the player the Titans picked just the best selection that could have been made in hindsight. Maybe it's that way all around the league.


I did this little exercise on our drafts from 2013 to 2016 and only in the cases of Avery Williamson, DaQuan Jones, Kevin Byard and Taylor Lewan could THAT pick be clearly justified... and Lewan was hard because there was a shit-ton of talent taken right after him!


The other curiosity is that it just wasn't Davis in 2017. Our first three picks were two WRs and a TE; JRob was all-in on O... or they were each the BPA?!

Adoree was our second pick.

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13 minutes ago, TheBukafax said:

Yeah he was banned for being a filthy racist scumfuck apparently



hes been here a long ass time too


#trumpsamerica strikes again 

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On 12/5/2017 at 10:42 AM, Rolltide said:

I hate to be always right. There was no WR even close to being worth that 5th pick. 


Both Howard and Njoku would have been better picks at 5. 



Weren’t you the guy arguing in the off-season that Eddie Lacey was a good back and wasn’t a bum?

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