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Allen's 2017 TitansReport fantasy league thread.

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Welcome to the 2017 season!


  • This year will be our 7th season! Congrats to the champ last year @JakePA_Titan
  • go ahead follow this thread so you get notified when someone posts that way you can stay up to date. 
  •  Please log in on the NFL.com site in advance of the draft date to make sure you don't have any problems getting into the league.
  •  If anyone wants out of the league now is the time to let me know so we can get the team taken over. last season we had a few owners that weren't as active as we need to keep things competitive!
  • If you would would like to propose any rule changes now is the time to do so. 


2017 Draft Date/Format

  • Friday August 25th at 8pm est. (open for change if there are a lot of people who can't make that date)
  • Just like every year we will be doing a Live Online draft with the Snake format (1-12, 12-1).  Also just like in the NFL the draft order is based off last years record.


2017 Draft Order

  1. @NashvilleNinja
  2. @Vintagerobots
  3.  @TitansGuru
  4.  @CaliTitan3518
  5.  @VanCityTitan
  6.  @notsolegato
  7.  @CMJ
  8.  @heyitsmeallen
  9.  @titanruss
  10. @PuckDaddy
  11.  @Dmeade-
  12. @JakePA_Titan



Im looking forward to a fun season with you guys filled with some trash talk! 

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36 minutes ago, jonashyde said:

I should probably bow out this year. My schedule is pretty tight.


Its been a lot of fun though!

Sounds good. It was fun to have you! 

@Vintagerobots would you like to take over his spot? No keepers you would draft 10th. 

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18 minutes ago, titanruss said:

FYI @heyitsmeallen friday is sept 1. thursday is aug 31.


can we move it to another time? i'm flying back to the states that weekend and would miss the draft again. 

Idk how I thought that was friday.., It could be moved to the week before or the week after. Would August 25th work for everyone?

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