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Should Munchak Be Fired?

Started by Mercalius, Nov 10 2013 07:10 PM

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Should Munchak Be Fired?

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Let me preface this by stating I thought it was time to part ways with Fisher when we did.  I wasn't a Fisher hater, nor was I in love with the guy.  It came to a point though that I didn't realistically see the Titans improving from the marginal, average team we tended to field year after year.  Many of Jeff's failings were things beyond his control, especially near the end, but it's a results-oriented league, and Jeff and the Titans both looked like they needed a breath of fresh air.


So, we went to Munchak.

I can't remember the hiring process too vividly, but I seem to recall it basically being written in stone that Munchak would get the job well before the "process" even really began.  The candidates we interviewed were mostly a joke and seemed to be brought in solely to give the appearance of a legitimate pursuit for our next hire.  To the surprise of no one, Munchak was named the next Titans head coach.

As phoned in as the process was, I was on board with it.

Though he lacked head-coaching, and even coordinator experience, he was a hard-nosed guy who had turned down numerous opportunities for promotions to stay loyal to the franchise where he earned his Hall of Fame credentials.  With Munchak, I assumed we'd get a new quarterback, a knock-your-ass-off dominant offensive line, and rid ourselves of the identity we had earned in recent years as being a dirty, drama-filled team full of quitters and criminals.


We're nearly three years in now, however, and things have hit a point where it's grasping at straws to even defend the guy.

He's not responsible for Jake's injuries nor directly responsible for turnovers on the field.  However, losing at home to a historically bad Jaguars team when his team was somehow mathematically still in the mix for playoff contention is borderline inexcusable.   I in no way think a coach's job should hinge on the results of one game, (though I know many do), and I must admit that if I did adhere to this standard that today's loss would almost certainly warrant that, but moreso than that it should give us cause to look back and reflect on Munchak's effect on this franchise, his trajectory as a coach, and ultimately what is best for this team moving forward.

In three years, Munchak has lost to two historically awful, winless teams.  Both came in seasons where the Titans had chances (however absurd) of making the playoffs.   His win/loss record in the division is atrocious, especially when you consider those wins came against Texans backups, Curtis Painter, and Chad Henne.  Winning your division is the standard that every coach aspires to and is ultimately one of the primary means of evaluating their abilities.  To this end, Munchak has been beyond terrible.  There is no justifying it, and anyone who looks up the specifics in those games should immediately question his longterm capabilities in this league.

Beyond this, he captained the ship when we were losing games in embarrassing fashion.  Losses sting, but the 2012 squad was getting blown out before half-time to the point that even watching it on television felt like I was being robbed of my time and attention.  Many speculated he would be fired at season's end.  Yet he wasn't.  Now, this years team has looked better than last years, no doubt, but at what point do you look at the talent on the roster, the years invested in a coach, and expect (or demand) better results?  

Though it is often overblown on the board, can anyone honestly say that Munchak is even an average "gametime" coach?  His timeout usage is terrible.  I seriously think he has the worst challenge win/loss record in the league, and his decision-making in critical situations (4th down attempts, etc) leaves a lot to be desired.  

So what reasons exist that we should keep him?  Because at one point this year, during 2-3 games, Locker looked good?  Because Williams defense is better than the garbage we fielded last year?  Because he took the 2010 team to a winning record after a lockout and horrible offseason?  Because he's a Hall of Famer that has decades worth of history with the team?


Are there any other reasons?  If so, I'd love to hear them, as at this time, I don't see how anyone can justify him remaining the Titans head coach.



Yes, tonight.


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He's too much of a meathead. Period.



Yes, the Munch experiment should come to a end.


Zero clock management and no use of time outs.


Not a head coach in any aspect of football. 



Responding to the opening post.  They when 9-7 and lost to the Colts.  That playoff chance wasn't absurd.  Going into today, had they won, they would have had the sixth seed so that playoff chance wasn't absurd. 


Can his ass.

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If I'm recalling correctly, didn't the Rooney Rule guy we pretended to be interested in (wasn't it Fewell?) decline coming because it was all but a sure thing Munch was getting the job?  

I think that's what happened, and you have to laugh...that's how phoned in the hire was.



No one can legitimately defend him as the head coach moving forward.


The team isn't being blown out by 30 points like last year?




If I'm recalling correctly, didn't the Rooney Rule guy we pretended to be interested in (wasn't it Fewell?) decline coming because it was all but a sure thing Munch was getting the job?  

I think that's what happened, and you have to laugh...that's how phoned in the hire was.


They actually interviewed Dinger for the job and he had one foot in the grave.


Munchak couldn't even name any coaches to build his staff with during the interview.


The only positive I can come up with was he wanted CJ cut, but that was so obvious it's not a big deal.



We lost to two divisional, hapless all-time bad teams when in contention during the second half of the season. We also lost to the Jags last year as well, who were the worst team in the league.

They've improved quite a bit this year, mostly on defense, and the QB can't stay healthy. A QB is the single most important piece of the puzzle and often makes a coach look good or bad. Jake's inability to be depended on is making this offense look worse than it would otherwise be but I'm not certain the "otherwise" part would be good.

I'd give him the rest of the year and barring more like today I'd give him next year... but I am almost always higher that others regarding the value of continuity and time to change/instill a culture on teams and I think coaching turnover is too high. I don't know that I'd be upset if they move on and he'd be on the hot seat early if thing stared slow.

Three less than stellar weeks in a row now.



You almost have to replace him after this season or extend him(LOL!). Teams almost never let a coach go into their final season as a lame duck anymore.



Send him to STL first thing in the morning. 



not one vote of confidence



You almost have to replace him after this season or extend him(LOL!). Teams almost never let a coach go into their final season as a lame duck anymore.

I say can his ass now.



Munchak it's time to suit up






I'm struggling at finding one thing that Munchak does as a coach that's even considered above average....and that's a problem.


-Sticking with players who repeatedly fail (Reynaud, Britt, and attempting to with Campbell)


-Horrible gametime decisions


-Refusing to fire Gray or bring in a legitimate OC after firing Palmer

-Failing to coach up the one unit that was a strength of his prior to becoming head coach


-Giving the term "Any given Sunday" it's truest meaning.  The Titans under Munchak can lose to any team in the league - regardless of how awful they are.  All of us are so concerned about playoffs, but what kind of effect would a team that loses to todays Jaguars and the 2011 Colts have if the stars did align and we somehow snuck in?  One and done would be a generous, flattering statement for expectations.


I mean, outside of being fairly straightforward during pressers and interviews....what does he do that would even get a passable grade?

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