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Found 17 results

  1. Ahah ahaha http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/pregnant-teen-seeks-13-paternity-tests-after-gangbang-with-football-team/
  2. What a dick move. Gruden so power hungry https://mobile.twitter.com/pfrumors/status/979817707028860928
  3. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000915298/article/rangers-trade-russell-wilson-to-new-york-yankees first mularkey quitting like a bish then this! Holy cow I’m on a freaking roll told y’all Russ would be traded a few years after signing that huge $$ contract!
  4. http://undf.td/2n5G29D aaaaahahaha
  5. Our red zone offense should improve immensely
  6. Seeing as im basically freaking Leonardo da Vinci and tell the future like calling mularkey QUITTING weeks ago, here’s what’s happens we hire josh. Go 11-5 in Mariotas breakout year, with dion leading the way and sprinkles of Henry. Take Ken out the pats on Brady’s last run in the nfl, But lose the afc championship against the (jags :() but that hat is the beginning of the Titan dynasty baybay youre all welcome
  7. Definitely. Dak is who everyone thought russel was. Dak will finish with more yards than lil russ threw for any of his first three years Probably a better td to int ratio than lil Russ ever has
  8. Let’s be real. Mularkey isn’t 18-14 he’s 20-21 losing record. He didn’t turn us around, he didn’t bring us from the slums, we had two bad years under whiz (and mularkey) with terrible qb play but before that we were basically .500 for forever jrob goes and gets us a capable center, overspends for a great rt, and most importantly qb play has been stable. I say jrob turned us around and mularkey just there for the ride, actually turn around isn’t even the right word just a course correction. People act like we were a 4 win team for a decade before the great mularkey
  9. Two weeeks ago the adoree aberration last week the fluellen fiasco who will it be this week if we get in a last chance to save the season plAy?
  10. When is this. Did it happen? I wanna see mularkey get frustrated and cry cuz everyone knows he sucks and the players are calling his offense out as the shitpile it is
  11. Will it happen this week? Mariota just says fuck this shit mularkey and plays his game and lights the world on fire hopefully he don’t get hurt leaving cassel to lose a big lead
  12. Tajae > corey

    Next year will prove it. Tajae already had a way better rookie year than corey could ever dream of next year tajae will once again be marys go to guy
  13. http://www.tucsonnewsnow.com/clip/13387429/whats-for-lunch-cohibas-cuban-blaze
  14. i guess he's an avid YouTube prankster, and this was likely the reaction he's always wanted anyone feel bad for this guy think the people defending him on the plane will feel dumb after learning his history?
  15. Tajae Sharpe

    So all the Tajae hype and no thread for him here?? I think he'll be one of our top 2 receivers by years end either with Dgb or Matthews. Watched his college tape and he looks like the real deal. Making all the catches whether contested or not. I know that mid and late round picks have a tendency to be overhyped in offseason...but this isn't just hype right? I mean he's running with the 1's.