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    Can we just use this post as the final evidence that Ben is indeed a puppet account? Accidentally quoting yourself in a "conversation"
  2. Ha. I'm 35 and low dosed last night. I can't drink like I used to, nor do I like to waste expensive whiskey. Hangovers are now a real bitch. God Bless IVs.
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    I can testify to that!
  4. D

    Wish I could follow the game live. On a plane instead with internet updates. More important than the bipolar refs, I just hope home ice brings back the good Pekka.
  5. Take partisan politics out of this and please try to frame it using just basic human logic, and in context of what you just wrote. Now, simple question: Do you want to be a world leader or not? If yes, then lead by example. If you're arguing that we already do enough to reduce our emissions, then we really missed the boat here because backing out of Paris is just another sign of our declining power/ability to lead in the West. I've been in the EU the past two weeks working and its disheartening how many are already celebrating the decline of the US as a Western Leader under Trump. The rest of the world is laughing at us. If the world is your team and you're the star QB with developing countries as your rookies, you don't skip film study simply because you're already good enough to win the game. You lead by example and work together so that everyone benefits the team.
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    Isn't google home supposed to implement mesh into their units?
  7. D

    Lazy and ignorant analysis of basketball here. Not surprising you think Kobe is that great if you're just reading stat sheets.
  8. Seriously, how technologically inept are you? My entire life is automatically encrypted, secure, and backed up redundantly so that you could burn every computer, phone, and every piece of personal property I own and it still wouldn't even alter my stride that much beyond the 24 hours it takes to get a new credit card overnighted to whatever address is convenient.
  9. You've proven your unfiltered ability to copy and paste.
  10. D

    Eh, fandom clouds reason in all sports. I won every NCAA basketball bracket I entered this season by blindly picking the favorite in every matchup. UNC being the No. 1 overall and having no clue about any of the other teams lead me to $$$$$$$$$$$$.
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    It IS making fun of a retarded person who doesn't know he's retarded
  12. D

    Nothing makes me happier than seeing Trump expose all of his supporters. God bless this man for the good work he's doing.
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    @thor was obviously bored of getting his ass handed to him in the football forums. So he decided to leak his bullshit drippings in here. He's too dumb to realize he answered his own question in the OP before continuing on with a thread that illuminates his ignorance.
  14. D

    Why would I want Trump impeached? He is invaluable to the intellects of this country. Identifying his supporters has proven to be the most efficient litmus test for subsequently identifying the stupidest of Americans. If his admin. could only figure out how to port this streamlined process to something other than identifying his idiot supporters, we'd really be onto something good for this country.
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    This thread is an epic fail.