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  1. Put it this way, would people be upset if we had just stayed at No. 1 and drafted Conklin? Knowing that he solidified our Line, which helped Mariota progress, I'd be fine with it. Last season was all about Mariota...period.
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    Which just points out how irrational and reactionary everyone is. Remember that two months ago this board shat on the thought of DeSean Jackson's skill set being a priority for this team. Well, here's his draft equivalent. And now some folks are on board with drafting him at 5.
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    The GOP has prevented any/most legislation that attempts to fix the ACA. So looking at what doesn't currently work is a moot point until Republicans decide to stop playing the politics game and actually govern. The blame 100% falls at their obstructionist feet.
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    You do realize our 3-4 is currently looking like: DaQuan Jones, Sly Williams, Casey, Orakpo, Woodward, Williamson, and Morgan. Considerably more slow.
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    If we drafted barnett, I would actually feel pretty good about our lineup as a 4-3: Barnett, Austin Johnson, Casey, and Dodd on the line. Orakpo (WLB), Williamson, and Morgan (SLB) as the LB core.
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    Watching Barnett definitely gives you that same feeling. Its not about raw athletic ability as much as it is technique and desire.
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    Good Point
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    What's worse is that they still won't do what should have been done years ago, which is fix the simple things that need fixing in the ACA! Republicans don't care about making Americans live better, its all politics and sabotage. But now you're the governing party. So you actually have to do something.
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    If you voted Trump, you fucked us all over. Thanks....
  10. Read the news man... http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/fbi-wiretapped-russian-gambling-ring-headquarted-trump-tower-article-1.3004226
  11. The wiretapping "charge," as you're calling it, isn't even a substantiated rumor. Its been disavowed by everyone on both sides of the aisle not named Spicer or Trump. You've now made us more stupid for even wasting time typing this shit out. I just saw someone tweeted about child rape/murder charges against Trump. I guess that must be real as well??
  12. Just take note and commit to memory as the stupid reveal themselves...
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    Would you say a 1% chance?