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  1. NBA Rookie of the Year

    Hit a nerve? Mom riding you a lil hard this week? I stopped paying attention to anything you write because I remembered you’re a racist fool who isn’t very smart. There is not much to talk about with you. Happy to see Simmons and The Sixers show you how foolish and homer you truly are. Also funny to see you ragging on other rookies for “not having a shot” when your boy-crush Ball couldn’t shoot for shit down the stretch. 16%!!!!!!! Pathetic, but that didn’t stop him from trying! Mom’s Calling. Your hot-pocket is ready and she really wants you to stop trying to fuck the vacuum cleaner.
  2. This is all just click-bait speculation throughout the year. If your job is to stir the pot and get people interested, then of course you have to have a “hot take” and start to jump on the speculation bandwagon. It’s their job to sell us on the reason why we click on mock draft number 34 of the off-season. This is also why I think @Kyle021 could legitimately be a draft guru. Watching him flail so helplessly is akin to watching football personalities throw darts at a board blindly.
  3. It’s a nice day out. Think i’m gonna BBQ tonight. Can I borrow your tiki torches?
  4. Fear you?!? I pity you. If i’m feeling down, I come read what you write and do a little dance that i’m not you. If I wasn’t such a bleeding heart sucker, I would have dedicated my life to manipulating mentally challenged folks like yourself. Instead I waste a small portion of my week trying to talk some sense into people who just can’t be bothered to help them self.
  5. Bullshit. Just this very morning I created several “movements.”
  6. Situational Pass Rush for sure. That's where the intrigue with where Shaquem Griffin will actually go gets interesting. The middle of Defense is what needs an instant upgrade though.
  7. We could also just be trying to press the issue and trade out of 25. The threat of more QBs going in 1 helps the trade down scenario.
  8. Utter bullshit from an attention seeker.
  9. Any chance in hell he's a 3rd QB/gadget player/6th WR?
  10. New Yorkers Unhappy With Chick-fil-A Coming To NYC

    A Christian who supports Trump and the current GOP is most definitely a hypocrite. Your morals are shot and even Jesus himself can't help you now.
  11. Its almost like you agree that when the Justice Dept. investigates a person for criminal activity, then they're most likely a CRIMINAL.
  12. Schumer to introduce bill to decriminalize marijuana

    If Dems run on federally legalized marijuana, then the Blue wave will become a TSUNAMI flipping every seat in its path that isn't located in some regressive, hypocritical, morally corrupt, Christian area.