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    It IS making fun of a retarded person who doesn't know he's retarded
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    Nothing makes me happier than seeing Trump expose all of his supporters. God bless this man for the good work he's doing.
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    @thor was obviously bored of getting his ass handed to him in the football forums. So he decided to leak his bullshit drippings in here. He's too dumb to realize he answered his own question in the OP before continuing on with a thread that illuminates his ignorance.
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    Why would I want Trump impeached? He is invaluable to the intellects of this country. Identifying his supporters has proven to be the most efficient litmus test for subsequently identifying the stupidest of Americans. If his admin. could only figure out how to port this streamlined process to something other than identifying his idiot supporters, we'd really be onto something good for this country.
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    This thread is an epic fail.
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    You've proven yourself to the be one of the absolute tards in the football forum. Why stop there?!? The meaning behind Herp Derp probably goes over your head at this point... Dlip Shit!
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    Are you really this stupid or just wasting people's time? People just want an investigation, and they're getting it. You'll know if and what crime(s) were committed after the investigation is concluded. This is grade-school level shit.
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    Honestly, its a little too easy these days. Trump is doing all the work for us. He's just too stupid to do otherwise.
  9. Care to share even just ONE of them? I mean, multiple sources, surely there's at least one you can link to.
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    Hi, I'm @TitanDuckFan and I like to claim that I'm unpartisan when talking politics as-if it affords me some feeling of sage-like credibility. But like our truly impressive and honorable president, I sometimes get irrational and like to go on non-sensical rants where I expose my real thoughts. Sadly, my partisan beliefs don't allow me to properly analyze or criticize the performance of those currently running the country, so I'm left with an empty feeling inside where I have to generalize half of the population and find fault in a previous candidate who is no longer of relevance to American government to feel whole again. God, I miss the past 8 years when my schtick worked. Now I'm just lost. But at least American is great again...
  11. D

    California Leads U.S. Economy, Away From Trump -Looks like California finally got back on track, by simply doing the opposite of Trump's policies... https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-05-10/california-leads-u-s-economy-away-from-trump
  12. Guys, Ben is a defenseless child. Leave him alone.