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  1. This is a political and policy issue. Not a racial one. You seem confused on that. Otherwise its an endless argument, as both sides of the argument could accuse the other of racism.
  2. Hahahahaha. Oh lord. A hack and a douche. Who types or even says this shit? Its been a good month of discovery about ole Duck.
  3. OMG, all of these executive orders!!!!!!!! Its like he's going to break a record!
  4. Jesus, don't wanna know what I bench now... What's the best device for strength training? Kettle Ball? Circuit Machines? Free Weights? I'm personally not a fan of crossfit.
  5. I watched the inauguration. Of course I'm going to watch, because I want to know what the next president plans to do! But lets look at the real numbers. DC Metro rides per day. Comical that Trump's inauguration couldn't top "average weekday."
  6. Good to know that EW.com is not included in the list of fake news. Lets keep a tally going. I do think their level of journalistic integrity is astounding.
  7. Where is the buzz? In the light fixture or dimmer? Its pretty unusual for LEDs to buzz like that.
  8. You mean the foundation of our PA passing game this past season?
  9. Well I doubt we go after any top FAs, but Jackson's skill set matches up the best with what we need from the WR position: -speed to go over the top from the outside -the ability to play the slot role -punt return abilities We should be looking to maximize a WRs skill set the entire game as all 3 WR don't see the field often in this offense, which preserves their stamina.
  10. re-read the post. Jackson and Goodwin. Jackson is the best receiver available who can play the slot as well as outside.
  11. I personally think we need to upgrade the slot first and foremost. My top targets would be DeSean Jackson and Marquise Goodwin, because I feel we need speed and their KR/PR skill-sets. If either Alshon Jeffrey or Terrell Pryor make it to FA, then swing for the fence and make a run for either. But that's not likely to happen and that's where I think speed wins next. Sharpe can still develop and Matthews has proven that he can can excel. If we don't have a legit #1, then take Detroits approach to WRs.
  12. Jordan Leggett in the 3rd round please. WR in FA. Defense and Defense in the draft.
  13. D

    I don't think either defense can shut out the packers/falcons offense. So I'll go with the better QB. GB wins.
  14. How dare she try and help our epidemic numbers of childhood obesity!!! But seriously man, are you overweight? Why would you get mad about this? We have a staggering child obesity rate. 33% of children are found to be overweight. 1 in 3 kids.