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  1. Trump Renegotiating NAFTA with Mexico's President at G20 Summit

    Did you copy and paste this response?
  2. Rishard To Quit If Forced To Stand

    Well, I wouldn't call trump a "thug"
  3. The Growing Irrelevance of President Trump

    This is what happens when you copy and paste folks. So much of this list is utter garbage and the goal of this list is to throw so much shit at the wall as to overwhelm the reader with lies. Take number 51 for example. "Saves 22 million by reducing white house payroll" First of all, the Trump presidency hasn't saved the American tax payer ANY money. Its the most expensive presidency we've ever seen and by the end of the 4 years (if he makes it), will have been more expensive in cost to tax-payers than the last 3 presidents combined. You're fooling yourself @tull if you believe this bullshit.
  4. Dang. I may swap over to Wealthfront exclusively. The interface is great, it's completely passive, and I'm up 21% on the year. Their tax loss harvesting is a nice bump and gives incentive to have a 100k+ account to start out.
  5. Trump's First 9 Months In Office and The Left's Lunacy

    It's all empty promises...
  6. Let's just get everyone on record here as to what's a "privilege" and what's a "right." Because some of your priorities are utterly fucked. Guns: Healthcare: @TennesseeTuxedo @ben4titans @Little Earl @TitanDuckFan @SoylentGreen @Soxcat Care to enlighten us?
  7. Isn't the NRA actively and CURRENTLY trying to get silencers back?
  8. And boy howdy is this true. I just spent the month working all over Europe and the consensus from EVERY business interaction I encountered was celebration and awe at just how far down the Trump rabbit-hole America is going. The decline of America as a Western Power under Trump is a real thing and the new chess game is how nations will align and take advantage.
  9. Our greed only allows the economy to trickle one way, and that's up.
  10. You seriously take a screenshot from someone's typing on notes that was tweeted out into the world as gospel?
  11. This response is pretty weak. I was typing on a phone, but I'm so glad you can point out a misspelled idiom while writing a sentence such as "Should have heard the ovation."
  12. Good riddance! If all it took was "taking a knee" to weed out the ignorant fans in the NFL, then I wish players would have done it a long time ago. Then going to games would become less of an embarrassment. Also, The Preds are 10x more progressive than the Titans btw. Hockey in general is intolerant of ignorant views, is an EXTEMELY pro LGBT league, and generally comprised of Canadians. So lol at your "boycott."
  13. Seriously? You of all people are asking what's the main goal? The main goal is to get people to talk about it, to have a conversation about it. And here you are on a football forum...talking about it. GOAL ACCOMPLISHED
  14. Truth

    Yet again @ben4titans proves he never can and never will provide any evidence for any of his false claims.