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  1. Get the fuck out of here with this thin-veiled shit. This isn't censorship. Its a business who saw their product declining and made appropriate changes to appease its customers.
  2. Abused? maybe. Banned? no. Not if we're keeping folks like @BergerKing and @TennesseeTuxedo around.
  3. I never realized there was a statute of limitations on being a shitty human being...
  4. D

    Lets call a spade a spade here. If you're purposefully using words in a vague context, don't be surprised when others construe a different meaning than you were hoping. Just use your words better!!!
  5. We'll see about that. There's a couple of folks on here that will probably still defend him...
  6. @TennesseeTuxedo just takes the bait hook, line, and sinker. Tux, you are Breitbart's wet dream of an idiot. What do extreme conservatives do when their own base is getting upset that congress won't investigate the administration? They make a smokescreen and offer up a temporary "investigation scandal" to distract.
  7. One comforting financial thought I have is that I've got well over 30 years to wade through the trump admin. and the crash they'll create. Can't say the same for folks that are 55+
  8. I'm surprised you can even read the title with your head in the sand.
  9. you just circulate and perpetuate it...
  10. I personally think D Jax is exactly what this offense needs. An interchangeable slot/outside guy who take off the top and capitalize on play-action. He and Sharpe together make the slot role way more versatile for us.
  11. Also, I literally haven't met anyone in my bubble of friends and colleagues that opposes an audit of the voting system in the US. Not a single solitary person who has even suggested that it shouldn't be done. Is there a single poster on the board that is against this, other than the insane negligence of tax-payers money? This all just seems like a fake rally-cry from the right to distract conservatives from the train wreck that is Trump right now.
  12. Absolutely support it! Its just an absolute waste of government money. You might as well be flushing your tax dollars down the toilet.
  13. Pretty sure the robbery charge is because he snatched the cell phone.
  14. I'm amazed you grandmother was 30-40 years older than you. My grandparents were 60-70+ older.
  15. I was reading where the current surge in the market is somewhat based off of the projections that Trump's trade deals are going to create a very large inflation cycle. If true, that's bad news for us all. Its a self-fueling failure where the only way to beat inflation is through the market.