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  1. Downtown

    Reed sent to IR

    Yet another area where drafting Cruikshank looks like a smart play. As a hybrid S with deep speed and position experience in college, he could potentially fill some of this depth role early on.
  2. Downtown

    Cruikshank Returning to Practice

    Kid knows he can be our future SS starter if he balls out. Or even the nickel/dime S by mid-season. Great position to be in as 5th round rookie.
  3. That you use the term "libtard" is self-defining of an "idiot."
  4. Downtown

    Trump still wants his Soviet-style military parade

    I don't think you understand what the DNC is, does, or how it pertains to mid-term congressional elections. Also, the fact that you're using the "DNC" as your antagonist above clearly demonstrates your ignorance. You're blindly trying to paint a picture that Trump's real battle is with the DNC. Seems like you read some biased opinion article and predictably didn't understand the meaning of its words. Pretty funny to see your misunderstanding and that you call anyone else a "retard" in the same post.
  5. Downtown

    Lowest types of POS there are....

    I put forward a motion to reinstate the ban on @JakePA_Titan for reasons of stupidity and multiple failed attempts to dumb down the forum to his level of intellect.
  6. I agree. Pretty slick on TV. Most people can't handle change. Folks should go back and look at vintage Titans games from '99 and then you'll realize how out of date things used to be.
  7. Radical suggestion coming from you, but I suppose I would donate to @patsplat ‘s 2024 Presidential Run. At this point, literally nearly everyone is an upgrade.
  8. Maybe all this bullshit is simply because he hates his in-laws?
  9. Downtown

    Liberals are pathetic and have no lives

    Goddamn! @Soxcat just bitchslapped AGAIN. This fucker is a masochist. Or perhaps has CTE from repeated hits to the face. 🤔
  10. Downtown

    MAGA: Make Asbestos Great Again?

    Maybe @JakePA_Titan can finally find a career working intimately in and around Asbestos for 40 hours a week.
  11. Downtown

    Liberals are pathetic and have no lives

    Jesus. PLEASE get out if you can.
  12. Downtown

    Liberals are pathetic and have no lives

    It truly is entertaining to watch this thread. @Soxcat remember over the course of the past year where you forfeited your moral high ground to support trump? Your schtick reeks of desperation and an inability to accept the choices you've made. You have no more moral high ground to stand on. In a world of degenerates, you've become a moral bottom-feeder. 2018 surely is a bizarro year. Somehow Trump took both parties and totally flipped the script. Dems are attacking. Repubs are the "victims" and no-longer have that vague christian superiority complex to fall-back on. Its amazing to watch unfold.
  13. Downtown

    Denigrating illegal immigrants with lies. Why?

    What's worse is that Fox News and right wing media have become the biggest recruiter of their ultimate "illegal boogey-man," MS-13. BTW, MS-13 is pathetically smaller than other gangs in the U.S. Conservative Outlets need a villain and they are legitimizing MS-13 by providing them a very loud platform.
  14. Downtown

    Liberals are pathetic and have no lives

    For anyone ever wondering what a "snowflake" is or acts like, see @Soxcat @ben4titans and @JakePA_Titan in this thread.
  15. Downtown

    Liberals are pathetic and have no lives

    Sox tried to jump in and help him, but he left his cement shoes on. Sox, that dull pain you feel on your chin is commonly referred to as a "bitchslap."