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  1. White Nationalist Demonstration Erupts in Violence

    Daaamn. @SoylentGreen just went all Scine up in here.
  2. Canada's Trudeau warns against entering country 'irregularly'

    You dumb fuck, read it again and apply critical thinking. He's literally saying there's no reason to sneak into Canada because they are welcoming refugees with open arms. Let me explain this slowly for you: He's not saying they won't take refugees. (Canadian policy openly accepts and welcomes Syrian refugees.) He's simply saying follow the process (the law), but your dumb ass is too slow to keep up unless something is written out for you in meme form.
  3. The Big Ugly Is Approaching

    Bitch, when was the last time you left the state of Tennessee? What's "taking place in the world" is everyone else is rejoicing at the weakening of the US as a Western Power under Trump.
  4. Trump MAGA!!! 3rd Quarter GDP On Pace For 4.0% Growth

    You display adolescent intelligence every time you copy and paste. You're not even copy-and-pasting at a high and critical thinking level. At least do something intelligent!!!!! Christ I hope you're not this stupid in person, because the online portrayal of your intellect makes a legitimate case that you are disabled....which makes me feel bad for picking on you if you're actually a guy with mental retardation. And if you are handicapped mentally, I would like to apologize in advance for pointing a finger and illuminating your fallacies.
  5. Steve Bannon - Out

    That you NOW actually use the term "deep state" in your political conversations is proof that you're a parrot repeating whatever is fed to you in your Facebook feed. Honest question: what was the last news article you believed that wasn't presented to you in meme form?
  6. Steve Bannon isn't alt-right

    @ben4titans owned
  7. Since we're closing on 16 year s since 9/11..

    I too wanted to believe the conspiracy and was super skeptical until I found out that two separate groups of friends of mine watched the second plane from A rooftop in Williamsburg Brooklyn. All i I know is that a plane 100% took tower 2 down. Multiple eye witnesses in my bubble alone.
  8. Steve Bannon isn't alt-right

    I would be surprised if @ben4titans has the ability to articulate this; unless some meme has laid it out in big block white letters somewhere.
  9. Steve Bannon isn't alt-right

    Riiiight. The only shame you know is crying while masturbating to Sarah Huckabee Sanders daily briefings.
  10. Steve Bannon isn't alt-right

    Prove it or shut the fuck up. Your schtick is boring child.
  11. Steve Bannon isn't alt-right

    This is pretty simple actually. Until Breitbart comes out and makes a statement that they denounce the alt-right and they're "the platform for (insert name)," then your opinion in this case doesn't matter. They're still the alt-right. Don't like it? They have EVERY opportunity in the world to denounce the alt-right and clear things up. Until then? Yes, Steve Bannon and Breitbart are the alt-right.
  12. Guy fired for being at rally

    Pa-lease. Act Racist and you'll be called out as a racist. Act like a bigot and you'll be called out as bigot. Just because you're an ignorant white dude, doesn't mean that you're immune to being called out on your shit. Just sounds like you're butt-hurt that someone else pointed out your flaws.
  13. Steve Bannon isn't alt-right

    And the simple answer is "YES" Steve Bannon is alt-right. How do I know this? Because he is quoted as saying so and that Breitbart is "the platform for the alt-right."
  14. Steve Bannon isn't alt-right

    How about this. From this point on, whenever you present your propaganda "opinions" as "fact," why don't you reference any of your sources? Then this argument will sort itself out organically.
  15. Steve Bannon isn't alt-right

    Well, you DO technically support the alt-right with your clicks on their sites and spreading of its propaganda.