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  1. Munchak Turns Down 2nd Arizona Interview

    Not even worth discussing because there is no way the steelers fire him.
  2. Munchak Turns Down 2nd Arizona Interview

    One mistake does not erase everything he has done as a Head Coach, which is why he will not be fired.
  3. Munchak Turns Down 2nd Arizona Interview

    If Tomlin gets fired, I would run to offer him the Titans job. No way they fire Mike Tomlin.
  4. Munchak Turns Down 2nd Arizona Interview

    I think it all depends on whether Philly wins this weekend. If the eagles lose, Flip and Reich will get interviews next week. I think the vikings are going to destroy philly personally. I think that vikings defense is going to make Foles look terrible.
  5. How About Coach Flip HC/Rex Ryan DC

    Not a bad job at all considering his circumstances. I'm just afraid he will be gone in a year if we get him as OC.
  6. How About Coach Flip HC/Rex Ryan DC

    I didn't realize that. They were 3-13 with Josh McCown at QB. That doesn't look good on the resumé. He only got one year with a shit organization. I'm not sure I would hold that against him.
  7. How About Coach Flip HC/Rex Ryan DC

    I would think the Titans job would be much more attractive than the zona job. We have a QB in place. Where does Zona sit in the draft? Are they in position to snag one of the top QBs?
  8. I'm leaning more and more towards Coach Flip as the HC choice. I know he has not been a coordinator, but my feeling is if we hire him as an OC, and he does a good job, someone will hire him away as a HC the next year. This would effectively put Mariota in his 4th system in 5 years. Not good. Coach Flip with a great DC like Rex Ryan would be very similar to the McVay/Phillips combo in LA. Coach Flip already has a connection with Ryan because he was once on his jets staff. DeFilippo’s watch in 2008 before completely falling apart after Flip moved on to take the same role with the Jets. In 2009 Rex Ryan and the Jets gave him another rookie quarterback to work with in Mark Sanchez. While Sanchez was far from great in his first year, he did manage to get out of the defense’s way enough to get the Jets to the AFC Championship game that season. https://www.musiccitymiracles.com/platform/amp/2018/1/16/16893884/two-young-offensive-minded-coaching-candidates-that-would-be-great-for-marcus-mariota?utm_campaign=musiccitymiracles&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&__twitter_impression=true
  9. I think I would talk to Defilippo about the head coaching job. If he did a good job as our OC next season, he would get a HC gig the next year. Marcus would then be subject to his 4th offensive system in 5 seasons.
  10. Wilks for HC

    One reason I would prefer a HC with an Offensive background is because of the continuity issue. If we have a HC with a defensive background, and he hires a great OC with a great system, the Offense will be starting from scratch when and if he gets a Head Coaching job. It seems to me that players seem to adapt quicker to a new defensive scheme.
  11. Rex Ryan

    What is his connection to McDaniels?
  12. Josh McDaniels

    Well, Mularkey was just as stubborn, and he was a my way or the highway kind of coach. It is just that he was the one to hit the highway. LOL
  13. Josh McDaniels

    If you saw the pats in the hurry up offense against us Saturday night, and you remember Marcus at oregon in that same break neck up tempo style at oregon, how could you not see the potential?