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  1. No doubt. Fisher is every bit the whiny bitch VY is.
  2. Never. My uncle told me about a friend of his that jumped into a fight between a man and his wife. The wife shot and killed my uncle's friend because he was beating the husband's ass.
  3. I would like it. However, I would want something like the NBA has. I would give teams that did not make the playoffs a weighted chance at the top 3, and then start the regular draft order at #4.
  4. My sentiments exactly. When has there ever been excuses? Never! You know why? Because there has never been a need for excuses. Even in Marcus rookie year, when the running game sucked, the O line sucked, and the receivers were suspect, Marcus still showed glimpses of greatness as a rookie QB. I think this kid is about to explode into the top 5.
  5. I think that the reason the majority of black analysts go overboard to support black QBs is because of years of prejudice at that position. For a long time there were no black QBs in the league. It was because people said black athletes were too dumb to play the position. When teams finally did begin to look at black athletes for the position, the hatred and ridicule from the racist fans proved to be very troubling. Nashville's own Jefferson Street Joe Gilliam received death threats and was mistreated just because he was black playing QB. I've heard Bradshaw say himself that Joe was better than he was. Bradshaw speculated that the hatred he dealt with while being the QB of the Steelers is what he believes started his downward spiral into drugs. Anyway, things are different now, at least on the surface. However the majority black analysts, and the majority of the black population as a whole will continue to support and fight for the black QB. I think that is understandable considering the ridicule the black QB has faced in history. And Mariota is definitely better than Winston!
  6. Trying to play defense like that robs a defender of his natural instincts.
  7. This ability is indefensible. Opponents have to watch it on tape and think how in the hell are we gonna stop this. There is really nothing you can do. In one of the gifs, his feet and body were set like he was throwing to the right sideline, he threw a strike across the middle. He throws accurately with his feet, body, and head at a completely different angle than the throw would suggest. I've watched football a long time and I've never seen anything like those no look passes. He is Magic Johnson on the football field.
  8. Most adults work everyday, so what's your point. If you compared a player's hours of work (personal time or not) with that of the average working adult, I'm sure the working adult would ring up many more working hours.
  9. My argument is about time away from the facility, coaches, and organized football activities. What players do on their own time (which they have plenty of) is irrelevant.
  10. Let's think about this for a minute. Training camp starts in late July. Season ends for the two Super Bowl contenders the first week of February. If you miss the playoffs, your season is over the first week of January. I think the voluntary stuff starts in April. They practice 3 days a week until the last week of June. Then they are back for Training camp at the end of July. So, let's count that up. If they do all of the voluntary stuff, that's a 8 month work calender. If you skip the voluntary stuff, which is totally with in their rights, that is a 6 month work calender. That is pretty damn sweet to me. I'm all for workers rights, and I definitely understand the issues with player contracts and concussions, but it is hard for me to understand how you bitch about working voluntarily three days a week for a couple of months in the off-season, in a sport you are supposed to love to play. It is a schedule where you work 8 months out of 12.
  11. They Should Pay Us More," Matthews Continued. "We do get paid a good, hefty amount, but for this we should get paid more, too. Because we don’t get paid enough for this. Some guys have bonuses, but it needs to be for everybody.” Check out @JasonWolf's Tweet: It could be the way the article is written, but he comes off bitchy to me. This along with his attitude about Andre Johnson kind of turns me off. This is definitely not a team first attitude. It all make signing Eric Decker mor attractive in my mind.
  12. Defenses are going to have trouble.
  13. Decker is exactly the kind of veteran WR that is perfect for completing our WR Corp. A top four of Matthews, Davis, Decker, and Taylor is perfect. I would expect Sharpe and McBride (although McBride could be beaten out by a URFA) to round out the group. That is a really solid 6 with the right mix of youthful upside and veteran experience. I say make it happen.
  14. I've never had a sip either. I always gulp!
  15. Why of course! I'd prefer an ankle to a herniated disc any day and two times on Sunday. However, I would have taken Corey had Williams been the picture of health. An ankle injury just isn't very significant.