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  1. Possible Trade?

    Not true. I never said Matthews should be replaced by Decker. I never thought it either. It was purely speculative.
  2. Possible Trade?

    Reading is fundamental
  3. Possible Trade?

    I find it very strange that Rashard missed yesterday's game for "personal reasons". I'm just throwing shit against the wall here, but what if J Rob is trying to work a trade involving Matthews in a player for player deal. Don't kill me for this. It is just speculation. If it were something of this nature, what position do you think J Rob would be attempting to upgrade and what player do you things would target.
  4. I am a bit upset.......so here goes.

    I would like to see my nephew's cousin against some 1s. He is definitely making the squad. I'll give my nephew a call to try to find out the inside scoop. I'll post here later if he knows anything. One thing that eases my nerves about this situation is that J Rob controls the 53. I have faith that there is no way J Rob tries to sneak him on the practice squad. He was picked by J Rob, and is playing lights out. Think about J Rob' s legacy if Mr. Irrelevant turns into a star.
  5. Titans/Panthers scrimmage

    Yeah, dude is going to hurt a lot of teams. There is no LB in the league that can cover him.
  6. Kalen Reed

    That's my nephew's cousin! LOL
  7. around the NFL training camp observations

    Check out @Giants's Tweet: DAMN! Imagine this kid with a Jerry Rice attitude and work ethic.
  8. around the NFL training camp observations

    He is going to be a force.
  9. around the NFL training camp observations

    Derek Barnett=Stud Check out @JClarkCSN's Tweet:
  10. I think you are getting the wrong idea. At least as far as I'm concerned. I think Amy has done a great job. She brought in J Rob. She made the tough decision to stick with Mularkey despite the outside noise. She has made upgrades to the facility that have been long over due. The job she has done is to be commended. I think you are missing my point. What I have been talking about is what I believe is going on behind the scenes. It has nothing to do with the job I believe Amy is doing as controlling owner.
  11. Billionaires can be very persuasive.
  12. Exactly, which is why I see someone with really deep pockets purchasing Susie's 1/3 and making a seriously aggressive offer to Kenneth's mom and/or brother.
  13. So a 50/50 split. How is this different. Am I missing something? There is no majority.
  14. Other teams operate under the same set up, yet they are in compliance?