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    Check out @ProFootballTalk's Tweet: If he is there at our 3rd round pick, I'm taking him whether we have already taken a CB or not.
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    What is their DL situation? I can't think of a single player on it.
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    Okay, so niners take Garrett. Do the bears take Thomas?
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    Man, somebody is going to get one hell of a leader and football player.
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    Check out @TylerDBrooke's Tweet: Would you trade them 5?
  6. I wouldn't be mad at all. We would probably end up with one of the top 3 WRs at 18, and would still get a very good CB (White, King, or Jackson) at 27.
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    We still have 18. I think someone is going to want OL in that range. The question is what kind of value can we get for 18?
  8. Malik Hooker Check out @Draft_Talk_NFL's Tweet:
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    I'm not sure what the cutoff is, but I can tell you it is not #5. If they want #5 they should have to give more than a 5th round. Considering what we gave them to move to #8 last year, how does a 5th even compare?
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    Most posters seem to favor a trade down @5 so we can recoup the 2nd we lost by trading up last year. Jamal Adams would make me think.
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    We gave the browns way more than a 5th rounder to get to 8 last year. The compensation from our trade last year should be the starting point. I would argue we should receive more considering our pick gives them 2 in the top 5. Not to mention they are getting what they believe is a franchise QB. How much is a franchise QB worth to you?
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    Good job. I would be excited about this draft. The only thing I would probably do different is make one of the WRs more of an outside guy. Ross will be good outside, but I would want a guy like Malachi Dupree with some height. We need a good backup for our outside guys.
  13. Garrett disappeared during SEC play. He is a bit of a free thinker as well. That doesn't mean he will bust, but if he really isn't very interested in football, meaning it is about the money, he could lose interest and become a terrible pick. I think it is a legitimate concern.