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  1. One things for sure, we will know one way or another one week from today when the deadline to apply the franchise tag passes. If he makes it past March 1, I doubt he signs without testing the market. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, but with it would feel pretty good with Adams as a consolation prize. If he lasts until 5. I'm starting to come around on Tony Jefferson as well.
  2. They don't have a new GM. John Dorsey has been their GM since 2013. Ballard was director of player personnel.
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    Of course the competition has to be taken into account, but he looks pretty damn fast for 6' 6" 277lbs. Apparently at least one executive expects Shaheen to light up the combine. Executive 1: Ashland TE Adam Shaheen "He's clearly the third-best tight end in this year's class and I think you'll start to hear first-round buzz about him by the time his workout is finished. It's hard to find tight ends with his combination of size, speed and toughness. He's a unique talent." http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000787044/article/ask-5-wholl-generate-most-buzz-at-nfl-scouting-combine?campaign=tw-cf-sf57969728-sf57969728&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral
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    Conklin went 6 to the Ravens. 2 spots ahead of our pick at 8. Shows just how good he was as a rookie.
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    Check out @si_nfl's Tweet:
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    A huge kid (6'6" 277lbs) that is starting to pick up some steam. He sounds like the kind of guy Mularkey would love to get his hands on. He is actually a better pass catcher than he is a run blocker at this time, but I'm sure he can be taught. Someone seems to think the kid is the the third TE taken in the 1st round. This class is stacked at CB and TE. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/adam-shaheen?id=2558144&id=2558144
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    He may be, but he should have to earn it in a competition. The days of counting on a second year receiver to make a jump should be over. We've been burned too many times. We are thin at WR, and we should provide the best possible options to compete with what we have on the roster. May the best WR win the starting spots. Competition, it is the American way. MAKE THE TITANS GREAT AGAIN! LOL
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    Definitely some intriguing options. With our cap space, I see no reason why we would not get 1 of Gilmore, Johnson, Bouye, Ryan, or Kirkpatrick. Unless 3 of the 5 are tagged. Edit: You can probably remove Kirkpatrick and Johnson from this list. According to the article they both are not very good tacklers. After watching Cox whiff on tackle after tackle last year, I'm sure tackling corners will be a prerequisite this year.
  9. I've said Corey Davis reminded me of TO since I saw him.
  10. Really? I would say with Marcus' accuracy and ability to hit recievers in stride would make Davis a better fit. His run after the catch is much better than Williams', and his route running allows him to get better separation. That skillset is perfect for a QB that delivers the ball quickly and accurately. Not to mention he has deep jump ball skills as well. Davis is the more well rounded receiver.
  11. That sounds like he may be willing to go after a high priced guy.
  12. This scenario is filling needs without accounting for FA. If there were no FA, I wouldn't have a problem withthis draft. By the time the draft comes along well will have filled a lot of these needs in FA. Our FA will make this projection a lot different.
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    A plan for success.