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  1. C'mon @TitanDuckFan, there was a reason he slipped. They are not playing on ice. Adoree said on Twitter himself that Ross got him.
  2. It's not when you do what you are supposed to do against bad teams. Also, the key word in your analysis about when uw played a team with a real defense is "THEY". Football is the ultimate team sports. bama's d-line literally destroyed uw's o-line leaving their QB no time and discombobulated. WR is dependent on the QB and vice versa.
  3. It's to the point where I'm good with Davis or Ross. They are pretty much tit for tat in my book.
  4. You can only play the people on your schedule.
  5. @Mythos27 great analysis. You know it is good when people ( @TitanDuckFan ) start going to the old, "we'll, the defenses he played against were trash" argument. Lol
  6. C'mon Man, Hooker has ridiculous range. Check out @PFF_Sam's Tweet:
  7. Damn good route by this kid. Terron Armstead's little brother. Check out @TheMadeBrand's Tweet:
  8. Question, can hamstring and other soft tissue problems be caused by poor diet, and can eating the right kind of healthy foods correct or at least keep soft tissue injuries from happening frequently?
  9. I like Lattimore too, but here is the money quote regarding the difference between Lattimore and Ross. "While that may sound minor, soft tissue injuries like those in the hamstring tend to persist, while something like a torn ACL or broken arm heals and can be expected to return to full strength." Those soft tissue injuries are really tricky. It will depend on the team doctors.
  10. Davis is a much better runner with the ball in his hands.
  11. Check out @MPN_21's Tweet: He is the most complete receiver in this draft.
  12. I vote Corey Davis. He is the best all around receiver on the board. He is not far behind Williams at getting the 50/50 balls, and while he is not as fast as Ross, he runs as good or better routes. He is also better run after the catch receiver than Williams and Ross. With Mariota's ability to hit receivers in stride, Davis will be deadly. I also think he is as good of a blocker as Williams, and a better blocker than Ross. Howard is a close 2nd for me because of all the possibilities he would bring this offense.
  13. Ross and Davis are tit for tat in route running. Ross is obviously faster, but I believe Davis is better after the catch. I like Davis more, but not by a whole lot. I really like Zay Jones as well.
  14. I agree. Davis, Ross, Williams, in that order.
  15. ....and summarize what was said about the Titans? Check out @PaulKuharskyNFL's Tweet: