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  1. http://m.tmz.com/?viewer_country=US#!article/2018/07/11/pacman-jones-airport-fight-video/
  2. TO is probably better than Dez right now. Check tut his out. Check out @SInow’s Tweet:
  3. Goff did not know the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. I believe Marcus is quite a bit brighter than Goff. Rams hope Jared Goff less confused by defenses than where sun rises https://es.pn/2cpXn6L via @ESPN App http://es.pn/app Although he did score a 36 on the wonderlic.
  4. BeedoeLaw

    Mariota consulted with a former MLB pitcher

    Pretty sure Aaron Rodgers works with House as well.
  5. BeedoeLaw

    Titans doing their own version of Hard Knocks

    Nice! I'm looking forward this.
  6. BeedoeLaw

    OTA Updates

    Defense is generally ahead of offense early. Expect that to be the case at the beginning of camp as well. The offense will catch up.
  7. Aaron Wallace must be looking good. He was mentioned in both press conferences.
  8. BeedoeLaw

    CAA Don't Play

    They mentioned on Sirius yesterday to expect Taylor Lewans contract to become the full focus of CAA now that Zach Martin's deal is done. CAA has gotten their clients top pay at their positions this offseason. I expect nothing less for Taylor.
  9. BeedoeLaw

    Nice Video

    Man, the season can't get here soon enough! That video gave me goosebumps!
  10. BeedoeLaw

    Avery Williamson Offended

    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/avery-williamson-was-offended-by-his-reduced-role-with-the-titans-last-year/ I guess he is saying what he should say, but at some point you have to be willing to accept your limitations. Avery is not a good cover LB. He is really good against the run, but gets exposed by TEs and RBs. He'll, Jack Doyle had a career day against him. Sometimes you have to be willing to play your role. You can't really blame him though beca use the jets were stupid enough to pay him. I would take the money too. I probably would keep my mouth shut about being offended though.
  11. I was going to stay out of it, but I literally saw this 30 seconds before reading your post. Up 1 billion from last year is not killing your revenue stream. A lot of people stream TV now which does not count in the ratings. Anytime you have 18 of the top 25 shows watched, and 37 of the top 50, the networks are going to line up for your programming. Football is still king of television.
  12. It has created a dialogue. I'm not sure it would be talked about as much if not for players kneeling. Police brutality has been going on for a long time. Those people that have not been affected had been able to just ignore it. Take this forum for example. Would we be discussing this if players were not kneeling? I would think not. Even though most people on this forum are dug in no matter what valid point is brought to light, you never know who's mind is being brought into a new level of consciousness. Many people lurk on this site. Someone could be changed for the better. Take Robert Kraft for example. He has befriended rapper Meek Mill. I heard a interview the other day where Meek stated that Robert Kraft has encouraged Meek to use his platform to effect change in the world. In turn Meek has opened Robert Kraft's eyes to many of the injustices in the black community and the exploitation of prisoners in the form of slave labor. Would Robert Kraft have befriended Meek and have as open of a mind had it not been for players kneeling? I don't know, but I believe players kneeling played some part.
  13. Here is the deal. It is a police officers job to arrest people for breaking the law. Some officers literally witness other officers break the law and say nothing. That makes those officers terrible at being a police officer. No way to sugar coat. A police officer that watches another police officer commit a crime and says nothing is a terrible police officer. While some may feel it is the moral responsibility of others to "snitch" on someone else, that person is not being paid to do a job. The fact that they say nothing could lead to some people saying they are a bad person, but a police officer would not only be considered a bad person, he should also be considered a bad police officer and a hypocrite. There is your difference.
  14. Seriously? I tried to stay out of this but this is one of the most idiotic statements I have ever seen.