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  1. I respect your opinion, but it seems like you agree that they Davis is fairly close to Williams in the categories you have mentioned. However, Davis is much better at route running and run after the catch. He is more versatile because you can line him up wide or in the slot.
  2. Not true. If anything they are very similar in these areas.
  3. @Jonboy how do we always seem to wind up on the same side of the coin? LOL
  4. Not only is he as physically gifted. He is more versatile, and he is a better route runner. He has not had a major injury, plus his production is off the charts for all 4 of his years.
  5. I like Williams, but I like Corey Davis more. If J Rob was to take Williams, I would acquiesce. He has way more info than I do.
  6. Yeah, that was ridiculous. Lol
  7. The only comparison that makes sense to me is TO. Do you remember how beastly TO was?
  8. B

    If he runs a 4.45 or below, I take him at 5 without an afterthought.
  9. That would be absolutely nut worthy! J Rob's legend would grow by leaps and bounds.
  10. B

    Enter Corey Davis!
  11. I bet J Rob loves this guy.
  12. This is why your positions of need that are not deep with impact players (WR) should be heavily considered. Right now, it seems to be that Mike Williams and Corey Davis are in a class by themselves as far as the WRs are concerned. WR is one of our biggest needs. We will more than likely have our choice of the two at 5. This draft is so deep with defenders that we will likely get a impact defender at 18. There is also adequate help for the secondary in FA. I'm starting to think we may need to go WR at 5.
  13. Excellent analysis. Coming off of the performance in the national championship game has given Williams a serious boost. I think Corey Davis overcomes that during the draft process to become everyone's #1 WR in this draft.
  14. I'm starting to think Corey Davis is my guy at 5. I like the defensive guYsidro, but I'm starting to think Corey Davis could be a Julio Jones type of prospect. If he runs mid 4.4 at the combine, it is a lock. We have to take him. His 4 year production with along with a stellar combine would mean he is that dominant receiver. Check out this article on mcm. Check out @TitansMCM's Tweet:
  15. I think most of the issue with fans of college and the NFL when it relates to the draft is that they want the players from their favorite college team to be drafted by their favorite NFL teamm