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  1. 49ers Releasing Navorro Bowman

    Check out @RapSheet’s Tweet:
  2. Mariota not playing...

    I saw Adoree at Slim & Husky's yesterday. I talked to him for a minute or two. He was picking up pizzas for the flight to Miami. I told him to put on for the city and win tomorrow. He is a really cool kid. He smiled and said that's what's up!
  3. Or it could fix it. I've seen that happen before. He could put more emphasis on his lower body because of the injury, which could straighten out his issues.
  4. Is the Mariota hammy pull a fake?

    Just think, the college teams will get in on it as well. How many helmets would that be? I'm telling you, if that guy's helmet works, he will become an instant billionaire. Especially if teams have to buy 2 or 3 per year, per player.
  5. Is the Mariota hammy pull a fake?

    To be surpassed only by the guy that comes up with the helmet to prevent CTE.
  6. If I killed a 12 year old kid by mistake, I'm going to apologize to that kids family and hope they can find it in their hearts to forgive me. Regardless of what may happen to me.
  7. One more thing. I may be wrong bit I don't remember 1 single instance where a officer apologized to the family in this situation. Not once. They didn't have the decency to say, hey we made a mistake. We are sorry. They went into instant self preservation mode. No remorse. It really is sad.
  8. I definitely agree it is a difficult job, but at least in the Tamir Rice situation, the officers involved should have handled that situation differently. There is no other person around the kid when police arrive. They should have approached with caution.
  9. Actually I'm an electrician. Mistakes in wiring can lead to fires, which could ultimately culminate in the death of someone. What is the first thing the investigator looks for once the fire has been determined to be electrical in nature? They want to know who the electrical contractor was. If the investigation turns up a mistake, the contractor will be sued. They could also lose their liscense.
  10. There were actions that could have been taken that would have made the situation safer for all involved. As a trained police officer, those actions should have been taken. They were not. There should be consequences.
  11. How would you like this explination if he were your son? I have consequences at my job when I make mistakes, and no one usually dies as a result of my mistake.
  12. Exactly, which is why they should be held to a higher standard. Shouldn't Tamir Rice's safety be included in the public? We are talking about life or death. The highest of stakes. For the officer and citizen. So, I ask you again, if Tamir Rice was your son, would you be so forgiving.
  13. Shouldn't they pay for their mistake just as you or I would?
  14. Here is the video. You tell me they did everything they could in this situation? Where are the other people that are in danger? Why not stop short of the kid and command the kid to put his hands up or get on the ground. They just rolled up, jumped out, and killed him. There is no justification for this.