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  1. Corey Davis: WTF

    No No No. Let's just continue to take up the roster spot and keep him out. We can unveil him at the Super Bowl as our secret weapon!!!
  2. Corey Davis: WTF

    We're coming up on week 7 and he still ain't going to be playing, with no start date in sight. This reminds me of the arguments about CJ's big holdout and people standing up Emmitt Smith as a counterexample.
  3. From a former semi-pro football player that has a friend in the NFL and had gone partying with some NFL players one night. He heard that apparently, it is well known in certain circles that Aaron Rodgers is gay. Olivia Munn was his “beard”, e.g. cover. She wanted to have a baby. He would not impregnate her. So, they “broke up.” His “boyfriend” apparently works for the Packers organization. I'm just saying, this is what I heard.
  4. Corey Davis: WTF

    Gee. You mean drafting someone that is already injured hasn't worked out for us? What a fucking surprise!! Fucking wasted pick. IR/PUP him and be done with it.
  5. Big win

    Sorry, but while I am happy about the win and happy about finally beating the Colts, I do not think we are a good team. We may not even be a mediocre team. We barely beat a bad team with a backup QB. Our defense was getting picked apart, as usual, and our usually reliable red-zone scoring sucked. The only reason we won is because the Colts truly suck. A half-decent team would have beaten us, and a good team would have blown us out by the 3rd quarter. No way in hell we beat Houston, so we will need a better record than them to win the division. I don't see us winning in Indy, and I can't see this team going into someplace like Denver or KC and winning like we did last year. We'll be lucky to win 8 games this year. P.S. Dear JRob: Next time, how about not spending a top first-round draft pick on a player that is already injured? Ya think?
  6. I just checked and titscentral.net is also available. Can we purchase that one too?
  7. When I first saw the thread, I thought it said "physical relations". I'm sure there are many board members that have physical relations with themselves while watching the Titans play.
  8. Immature Political Stunt Personified by Pence

    You're actually hanging your hat on whether any words were spoken, as if that has any significance? I'm sure the Las Vegas gunman also didn't say anything while he mowed down all those people. Silent, right?
  9. Immature Political Stunt Personified by Pence

    Silent? In front of millions of people? Ha. No, sweetie, I'm not here to wipe your ass. All of you already know what is and isn't appropriate.
  10. Immature Political Stunt Personified by Pence

    The democratic party has been taken over by a passive-aggressive and "our shit doesn't stink" attitude and demeanor. I was not always a republican. I abandoned the democrats for a reason. And in this case, look at how the democrats are calling what Pence did a "political stunt", without even realizing that the act of kneeling during the National Anthem at a non-political sporting event by non-political people is the ultimate political stunt. Pence was just responding as any other VP should respond. Talk about being passive-aggressive and thinking that your shit doesn't stink!!!! You behave disrespectfully and bring attention to yourself, and then blame others for responding accordingly. WOW!!!
  11. Whatever happened to LegalTitan?

    He left because of this thread: Although he continued to post for a while after the thread, the shame and embarrassment eventually proved to be too much for him. And like what happened with CTF and the thread "Longtime marijuana use might make you a loser" (link to original article here: http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-pol-sac-skelton-marijuana-20160331-story.html), it's a tale heard time and time again.
  12. USA MUST WIN match(es) to Qualify for World Cup

    Out of the tens of people in the US that normally watch the World Cup, fewer will be watching now that the US has been eliminated.
  13. I suppose you're never too young to begin wearing a strap-on penis. They'll have to update the Boy Scout Handbook to provide usage guidelines and instructions.