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  1. Here is what I was able to find (it took a while of searching): https://www.boltsfromtheblue.com/2014/3/1/5443918/nfl-collective-bargaining-agreement-cba-101-draft-rookie-contracts It is also worth noting that if a player is drafted, but opts to play in another league, the drafting team still maintains rights to the player if they decide to play in the NFL. This lasts for three years, after which, the drafting team maintains RoFR only.
  2. That's a question? A question for which there is only one answer is not a question. The Browns are hopeless as long as Hue Jackson is at the helm. Draft picks don't mean shit as long as he is there.
  3. If the Browns select a QB in the first round of this year's NFL draft, would that QB be better off choosing the CFL instead? Would it be better for his career?
  4. AJ McCarron

    There is no caveat with Hue Jackson. He's retarded and he sucks. It doesn't matter what QB he chooses. The Browns will always suck as long as he is at the helm. The only person it matters to is the QB that he ends up choosing. Heck, the QB he selects in the draft may end up considering the CFL rather than destroying their career in Cleveland. And if I'm McCarron, there isn't enough ugly tax in the world to make me accept an offer to play for the Browns.
  5. Another shooting today!!

    Gee, thanks Howdy Doody. In case you've forgotten, this thread is about the school shooting. But maybe I shouldn't be so hard on you. Upon further consideration, you're probably just retarded.
  6. Another shooting today!!

    Seeing as to how they are spending the money they have received for the SROs, I wouldn't give them another fucking dime either. If it's going to take armed patrols to keep schools safe, we might as well use the national guard instead.
  7. Another shooting today!!

    And even then, the SRO was out eating donuts, or whatever the fuck he was doing. Problem is, the representative for the school (in this case .... wait for it ... the head of the Principals and Assistants Association) has said that she doesn't even know where he was at the time. So the schools aren't even trying to manage and organize these SROs, and there are no guidelines for where they are supposed to be or what they're supposed to be doing. With such a lack of management and accountability, how can adding even more SROs make any positive difference? The school districts don't give a fuck anyway.
  8. Another shooting today!!

    This incident yet again emphasizes the inequalities that exist between men and women. How many school shootings have been carried out by women? None. Women have been so marginalized in our society that they don't feel worthy enough to carry out these acts, thereby leaving it up to men to have to carry them out instead. Until we see women start to carry out mass murders on a regular basis, we are all forced to admit that there exists a great cultural and societal gap between men and women. Very sad.
  9. Jesus died for our sins. Tim Shaw is dying for our entertainment.
  10. Frank Reich favorite to become new Colts HC

    Frank Reich is a pedarast.
  11. I've been meaning to start this thread for a while, and now that it's the off-season, I figured now is a good time. Imagine there were a time machine that could transport Earl Campbell in his prime years into the current-day NFL. How would he do?
  12. Winter Olympics

    The only Olympians that matter anymore are gays, blacks, and women that have been molested. The other athletes are no longer important.
  13. Gisele is already on the prowl

    Relax. You'll never have her either.