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  1. You still don't know the technical definition of a Muslim, no matter how many times we tell you. Muslims = Islam. Plain and simple. Comprende? Muslims, with their terrorist religion, have no rights to anything. Get with the fucking program.
  2. That sounds about right for the former Muslim in Chief. I can only imagine what he must have done for Iran behind closed doors during his waning hours too. Muslims gonna Muslim.
  3. The author of that article is a flaming homo.
  4. Anarchy is not covered by freedom of speech.
  5. I was in downtown Denver. I had checked the weather report and it only said partly cloudy. But when I got there it was completely different. The weather report should have been "Snowflakes with a 99% chance of militant lesbos."
  6. #thengetthefuckout
  7. See what happens once we got rid of the Muslim in Chief. I bet the Muslims don't like this. Such a shame. My heart cries for them.
  8. Marching in protest against the fact that the Trump won the Presidency as voted by the people? Good luck with that. If they really want to protest something, why aren't they protesting against the corruption in their own party? Do you still have Superdelegates? Check. Is Donna Brazile still the chairperson? Check. Has your party come to grips with what they have done wrong? Nope. Much easier to blame someone else. Keep it going. You'll just be guaranteeing the same result next time, and the time after that, and the time after that.... .
  9. Incredible speech. Pure balls. Obama and Bush were seated right near him and yet he pulled no punches. And he stressed that he is here for us, the American people. Bravo, sir, Bravo.
  10. You mean "shitty M word", as in Muslim.
  11. Provide link(s). Tux did.
  12. Will George H.W. Bush die before Trump takes office? The race is on! (And as a bonus, Barbara Bush has also been hospitalized!). (Reuters) - Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush has been moved to an intensive-care unit at a Houston hospital with pneumonia and was stable and resting comfortably after doctors performed a procedure to clear his airway, his office said on Wednesday. His wife of 72 years, former first lady Barbara Bush, also was admitted to the same hospital on Wednesday as a precaution after experiencing fatigue and coughing, the office said in a statement.
  13. I think you are all not giving Obama enough credit. He has accomplished a lot in his final few weeks. He has destabilized the Middle East and has put our long standing ally Israel in jeopardy. And, in the interest of trying to cover up corruption within his own party, he has created a conflict between the United States and Russia, thereby undoing decades of peaceful co-existence between our countries, and has put the world at risk for a major global conflict. Bravo Obama.