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  1. Roger is no more. (Someone had to say it)
  2. Lucky. They didn't have to be subjected to that inane garbage music anymore. Serves them right for having such shitty taste.
  3. That's what she gets for having licked that donut.
  4. Shhhhhhhh... Don't give them any ideas.
  5. She will be assigned to work with Rex Ryan. When asked about his thoughts, Rex Ryan said "I'm looking forward to it, and I want to make her feel right at home. In fact, if she wants to kick off her shoes, that would be great."
  6. Hey. If @abenjamiprefers men for announcing football games, or for other things as well, then that's his choice, not that there's anything wrong with it ...
  7. Beware that the local hoes will take advantage of haoles. Best to go to an agency that brings in outside talent instead.
  8. What do you think are the worst TV shows of all time? New, old, obscure ... whatever. Provide video clips if possible. So, what say you?
  9. Jordan Gay was brought in to make Derrick Henry happy.
  10. Yeah, I figured that logging on in Rancho Cucamonga was so far away from Washington that it would throw you off even further. My mistake.