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  1. If you were previously convicted of a felony, or if you are currently subject to a felony charge punishable by imprisonment for more than one year, then you are automatically exempt from jury duty. I don't know your personal situation, but I thought I would mention it just in case. Just trying to help.
  2. New Important Evidence:
  3. Denali

    Spam Prevention (New Members)

    On the one hand, I'm glad that I haven't been banned and that I can still start threads and send PMs again. However, I can't help but think that it would have been kinda cool if I were banned or suspended. In some ways, being an outlaw looks like it would be fun. You get to live a life of excitement, and you get all the hot chicks. You even get to take on aliases, and other cool shit like that.
  4. It would have been better if he asked people on death row to discuss the Titans.
  5. Denali

    Spam Prevention (New Members)

    I don't see the "Start new topic" button:
  6. Denali

    Spam Prevention (New Members)

    C'mon man. Seriously? You're saying they have decided that I can't create threads anymore because I am a Trump supporter??!! Seriously??
  7. Denali

    Spam Prevention (New Members)

    Have I been banned?
  8. Denali

    Spam Prevention (New Members)

    I can no longer see any thread creation buttons, and when I try to send a PM, it says I am only allowed to send 0 messages per day? I tried logging out and back in, and tried starting from the home page and then navigating to the forum, but I am unable to see any create thread buttons for any of the forums. I don't see any inbox messages informing me of a change in membership or anything. The only way I can communicate on this forum is by replying to a thread or to a post, so I am doing that here in hopes of finding out what is happening.
  9. Illegal movement before the snap. Where's the flag??
  10. Denali

    The Chuck Norris Thread

    If Chuck Norris died, it would still be funny.
  11. Gee, how does the move to force Watterson out looking now? Vrabel must be real proud of himself.
  12. Denali

    Dives = Slides and the death of Football

    It used to be that if I wanted a pocket pussy, I would head over to the local porno shop. Now, all I will need to do is watch the NFL.
  13. Denali

    Dives = Slides and the death of Football

    Steve is rolling in his grave.