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  1. Better yet, let's tie it into reality TV. Connect it with The Bachelorette. 20 male contestants all competing for winning the chance to propose to the one female, and before the season starts, each contestant is secretly associated with one of the NFL teams that didn't make the playoffs (but neither the audience nor the contestants know which teams were assigned to which players). When the show ends, they reveal the NFL teams that were associated with each contestant, and the draft order is the order in which the contestants finished. The team associated with the winner gets the first pick, etc... It's genius. Reality TV meets the NFL draft. Genius.
  2. Question: When was the last time a fight had 42-1 odds at a casino?
  3. False. The values of the Democratic Party have changed. And it hasn't been a slow change either. It has been rather sudden, following Obama's terms in office. The Democratic Party is elitist, immoral, corrupt, crime-driven, and has absolutely no regard for laws or for basic human decency. The sudden transformation has been both shocking and disturbing. A fundamental moral destruction of a large segment of our country. And while I didn't necessarily agree with their ideas, the party was never like this before. It has been ravaged.
  4. Tyson looked completely lethargic from the start. Like he wasn't even trying. Like he wasn't healthy or something. Or it was fixed and Tyson threw the fight. Keep in mind that the only casino to make odds for the fight (all others declining to do so as they considered the fight such a foregone conclusion) had Douglas as a 42-to-1 underdog for the fight. That's a shit ton of money to be made.
  5. C'mon, people. Is it really all that difficult? Maybe Sir Envy is onto something when he refers to all of you as Tards.
  6. Knife or bat? or gun? ... Neither.
  7. They pay me to have Sunday Ticket. And the hot phone agents offer themselves to me too.
  8. Ewww. Talk about a major dick-shrinker.
  9. Yulin (China) (AFP) - A notorious Chinese dog meat festival opened on Wednesday with sellers torching the hair off carcasses, butchers chopping slabs of canines and cooks frying up dishes, dispelling rumours that authorities would ban sales this year.
  10. I hope the democrats lose every election from here on out. Put that corrupt and miserable party to death once and for all. One can only hope.
  11. I hear ya. It must be so much more enjoyable for you to have even more beautiful women to turn you down in favor of doctors. Heck, maybe this time they'll at least let you watch, or maybe they can hire you on the side to be their limo driver while they get it on with the doctors.
  12. Gee, why are they all frowning??
  13. But notice the grades that were given. The poll that predicted the biggest win for Clinton was given the highest grade. The media and the pollsters (aka libtards) loved them some Hillary.
  14. Ahh, but yes. Everyone sing along. MoE, MoE, MoE, MoE...