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  1. They were winning in spite of Mariota

    Don't mind him. That's how homos talk.
  2. As opposed to what? An "imperfect pass"? WTF is an imperfect pass? WTF does that mean? Don't like tight passing windows? Go sell hot dogs.
  3. And how is that Mularkey's and Robiskie's fault?
  4. Here's a better idea: How about not throwing INTs? How about not getting flushed and making your reads instead? No way does Mularkey or Robiskie get the blame for Mariota's bad play. That's just homerism and making excuses for Mariota.
  5. Bullshit. Just make the fucking plays. Let the "system" take care of itself. A lot of you bitched that McNair was misused, but he made the plays and we won, and he won an MVP, and he was awesome. Just make the fucking plays.
  6. The final offensive play for the Titans...

    I think Mularkey was focused on guaranteeing that we either run out the clock or drive for a score, but making sure to not give them the ball back at all. He wanted to wait until it was evident that we had a chance to score before starting to use the timeouts and stopping the clock. In other words, he wanted to wait to see if we would get a first down. Very conservative approach, but not as bad as all of you are making it out to be. Not throwing it over the middle with 6 seconds left to get an extra 5 yards with a timeout called immediately after the catch (like he did a few weeks ago with Decker) was stupid. And maybe it was stupid for CD NJD to run his route straight for the sideline when he had plenty of daylight to get an extra few yards before going out of bounds for a better FG try.
  7. NJD = "No-Jump" Davis
  8. Nothing wrong about being honest. But the question that he needs to be asked, does he think he can do better?
  9. Lots of snowflake commentary out there.
  10. These last few Star Wars movies have sucked. There. I said it. The last good Star Wars movie was Revenge of the Sith, which was surprisingly good. Clones and Menace sucked too.
  11. Eagles Fear Carson Wentz Tore His ACL

    McNair and Dante would play right through that shit, no questions asked.
  12. They were winning in spite of Mariota

    Our offense is predicated on schemes and mixing things up. Context-based.
  13. They were winning in spite of Mariota

    What about that last series? No composure. Not even in the vicinity of composure.
  14. They were winning in spite of Mariota

    Maybe Mariota is fool's gold after all.