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  1. ben4titans

    Rasmussen Poll on the immigration issue.

  2. The compassion of the dad and sanctions that killed huge amounts of Iraqis then the war based on lies by Kuwait? Or the son who allowed warhawk Neocons to infiltrate his sphere and also lied us into an Iraq war killing even more Iraqis? I think the world could do with less of the Bush Dynasty "compassion".
  3. ben4titans

    Rasmussen Poll on the immigration issue.

    I shoot down conspiracies, not promote them. You guys have been pushing the craziest conspiracies for over a year and I continually shoot them down.
  4. ben4titans

    THE BIG UGLY - DO NOT MERGE (Merged: Mod)

    It will be interesting to see what results as they continue to apply more pressure on Strzok/McCabe/Comey.
  5. You don't really believe this do you? Use just a modicum of logic.
  6. ben4titans

    Rasmussen Poll on the immigration issue.

    I can't help you haven't understood the issue from the beginning. I'm perfectly consistent and right, as always. I admit, on the few occasions it happens, when I'm wrong and this ain't one.
  7. ben4titans

    Rasmussen Poll on the immigration issue.

    The Left and fake news media has stepped in it again with the new Time magazine cover. Lol. Everything they touch...every damn thing.
  8. ben4titans

    Where do we go from here? Post Mueller coup recovery

    You hear that? The altered Flynn 302 is gaining in volume. Mueller is about to lose another huge piece off his chess board. This is getting embarrassing for him. At what point does he suck up his pride, show some decency and end this charade. If he cared for his country more than he did his allegiance to the Deep State, he would.
  9. ben4titans

    Rasmussen Poll on the immigration issue.

    I oppose seperating families, but I don't oppose it more than I do catch and release. The majority of America, especially in battlegrounds, would agree with that.
  10. ben4titans

    Rasmussen Poll on the immigration issue.

    And now another poll is out showing 66% of people oppose catch and release. We already knew this though or atleast I did. Give it up Leftists. Battleground America doesnt favor your views on this. Think about these optics knowing that...you turned down a path for citizenship for 1.8 million people because you didn't like the strong protections for the American people...while defending MS-13. Again, everything the Left touches turns to shit. They have royally fucked up a layup mid-term election.
  11. ben4titans

    Rasmussen Poll on the immigration issue.

    Everyone should oppose it. But who do they fault for it?
  12. ben4titans

    The last 7 days - what a flip flop

    Maybe you need to read it again? It's not wrong. So read it until you grasp it.
  13. ben4titans

    Rasmussen Poll on the immigration issue.

    Thanks, I'll take the passive agressive compliment. I see every side of this issue. Just like the "Muslim ban" that was all emotion and no fact. That wast a winner either. When will the Left learn to have some substance behind the emotion? The Left hypes people up that this will be the best bite of steak they ever put in their mouth and damn the steak looks really great on the plate....it all looks, smells and sounds fantastic...then they take a bite and realize you fed them a huge piece of shit. You can only cry wolf so many times. The real tangible issue the Left could have used with emotion backed by fact is the Syrian strikes. They could have really made some ground in that, but they agreed with it. Then made it worse by implying he only did it to distract from the Russian Investigation. Lolololol. Everything the Left touches these days, just goes to shit.
  14. ben4titans

    The last 7 days - what a flip flop

    Pretty simple really, you can't be for catch and release and say you are for the safety of American children or migrant children. Had you been on the right side of this issue, you would be for the safety of both. But you know, the pictures and the media telling you to be outraged was too much. Duped again. Maybe the Left will one day wake up and realize they are incorrectly viewing reality.
  15. Remember a couple of days ago when I said this issue wouldn't be the winner the Left thinks it is, once people educate themselves on the issue. Well, well, well. What do you know... Remember, this was taken at pretty much the height of the panic on the issue. 2 weeks from now it will the 54% will be even higher. In 2 months it won't be an issue. 54% of voters say I'm migrant parents are more at blame Vs 35% say the Fed Govt is at blame This isn't a winning issue for the Left, except in far Left areas where they always win. This won't play well in battlegrounds for the Left. I've been trying to warn the Resistards on this board, you can't go Left and win battlegrounds. You have to go middle.