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  1. Well, they're white (like him) so that makes it OK. Those changes would only apply to brown people like Hispanics, Asians, Puerto Ricans,...... What? Are you sure??
  2. I'm just saying that after the first two series it's more like the Amateur Hour than anything else.
  3. If you missed that much you should have switched over to Antique Roadshow or something.
  4. Opus74

    Around the NFL: preseason

    Gawd, the Stains are dreadful!
  5. Yep, still there. The Old Country Store. Not quite as good as 20 years ago when we hit it several times a year but still there. My youngest daughter still can deconstruct a whole fried catfish in seconds.
  6. Opus74

    Trump approval at 47% - Rasmussen

    So classy, Sox!
  7. Opus74

    Obama considered the best president of recent years

    If it's Trump, then yes, he absolutely thinks that it and lots of other 7th grade behavior is appropriate.
  8. Opus74

    Vandy baseball makes it to Super Regionals

    Announced today: Vandy will host that SuperRegional against Miss. St. Friday/Saturday/Sunday games. Come on down! No problem finding a hotel room! In Bowling Green!😃 I guess the alternative of Starkville was even less appealing.
  9. Opus74

    Preds Quest for the Cup starts tonight

    It's over. What a strange series. I feel like we blew it losing the first game.
  10. Opus74

    Preds Quest for the Cup starts tonight

    This just in: We suck.
  11. Opus74

    4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    That's the heart of the problem. It's not against the law to be crazy - just to do certain crazy things. No one is a mass murderer until they are - then it's too late. BTW, they just caught his ass. Kudos to police restraint in not shooting on sight. Of course, now we have the cost of trial and incarceration when what is really needed is a bullet but that's the price we pay for civilized justice.
  12. Opus74

    Middle of the week blues on Saturday

  13. Opus74

    Social Media Giants About To Be Cut Down To Size

    Charm calling someone a troll. Just WOW.
  14. Now you sound even more stupid.