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  1. Preds Quest for the Cup starts tonight

    It's over. What a strange series. I feel like we blew it losing the first game.
  2. Preds Quest for the Cup starts tonight

    This just in: We suck.
  3. 4 dead at Waffle House in Antioch

    That's the heart of the problem. It's not against the law to be crazy - just to do certain crazy things. No one is a mass murderer until they are - then it's too late. BTW, they just caught his ass. Kudos to police restraint in not shooting on sight. Of course, now we have the cost of trial and incarceration when what is really needed is a bullet but that's the price we pay for civilized justice.
  4. Middle of the week blues on Saturday

  5. Social Media Giants About To Be Cut Down To Size

    Charm calling someone a troll. Just WOW.
  6. Now you sound even more stupid.
  7. dominate: verb dominant: adjective Hate to be a grammar Nazi but this on drives me nuts. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
  8. Is Tux Retarded?

    Boy, I wish.
  9. Sam Nunberg refuses Mueller subpoena

    That's priceless!
  10. PBJ Construction

    Now you're talking!
  11. PBJ Construction

    Yuuuch. That shit's nasty
  12. Not nuclear tipped - nuclear powered. This would require a breakthrough in technology that has never been achieved. The USSR spooked us with non existent nuclear powered bomber back in the 60's. We ended up spending tons of money only to discover that there was no practical method to turn nuclear energy into trust within the parameters of flight. The theoretical concept just didn't work. I 'm guessing this is a similar plan - scare us with something that doesn't exist. Make us spend billions trying to duplicate it or defend against it. Then steal the technology from us. Russia does have scientists that can come up with excellent concepts. Generally, though, the actual execution is usually somewhat lacking. Great thinker-upppers - not such great carry-outers.
  13. Sounds like lots of hot air to me. I already knew they were good with computers. Nuclear cruise missiles? hypersonic icbms? lasers weapons? All done with cgi. All this vaporware saber rattling does is prove that ; A. Putin is a huge threat to us, and B. He believes he has Trump in his back pocket.
  14. Is Twitter a Massive Astroturfing Campaign?

    Dude, get some help. There are plenty of mental health resources out there.