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  1. All this bullshit about Viet Nam and Afghanistan are studying the wrong models. In both these cases the invaders (US and USSR were trying to prop up an existing government and "pacify" the populace. An invader here wouldn't give a shit about being friends Look at Japan and Poland for the real version of how to beat an insurgency. Japan had every civilian, man, woman and child trained and drilled on how to fight an invading army. They also had a million troops available to defend their homeland. We ended the whole thing with two dinky (by today's standards) nuclear weapons. An invader would only need to destroy a few cities and our country would crumble. In Poland, Hitler just systematically destroyed Warsaw and everyone in it. The resistance was well armed (by Stalin) and fought to the end but it didn't matter. They killed them all along with their families and laid waste to the entire city. The rest of the country collapsed. Our society is so complex and interdependent that it would only need a few pieces knocked out to make it collapse. Take out a few communications and distribution centers and we'd starve. An occupying force would simple tell the people that if they cooperate they will live. Not as well as before but they will live. If they fight back they will die. 5 megaton air bursts over, say, St Louis, Atlanta and Denver would probably be enough. 3-5 million dead and the ensuing panic would bring us down pretty quick . Got some coon ass boys fighting back in New Orleans? Send in a few thousand troops and take out a few blocks of the city and put it on TV. Show them destroying a school and killing everyone in it. Capture a few of them and kill their families and broadcast it. The reason we've never been invaded is simple geography. That's why Cuba was such a big deal - it would have given the Russians a staging point for attaching us. It's not the "300 million" armed rednecks that keeps Putin honest. It's the 16 boomers roaming the oceans. 16 SSBM X 24 ICBM X 8 MIRV = 3072 thermonuclear warheads. And you think they are worried about a few gomers with pea shooters?
  2. Simple horseshit but you will never believe it so why argue. With any luck, this absurd theory wll never be tested but that's more a lucky accident of geography than any thing else.
  3. So all the "well regulated militia" members need their guns. LOL at the thought of civilians suppressing any enemy army, foreign or domestic. It might have been realistic 200+ years ago but the concept is absurd now.
  4. Besides, it makes your dick bigger.
  5. That item right there is proof that our society is screwed up. Why in the hell is this weapon so popular? It's no good for hunting. It's a crummy home defense weapon. It's not good for target training. It's sole purpose is for killing people. Anyone who owns one needs their head examined. Seriously.
  6. TPAC & Ryman both seat a little over 2K...way to small. Dallas is having it at at&t stadium so I don't think "too big" is an issue. I'd say MCC would be a slam dunk.
  7. I suspect there's more here than what we're being told. Maybe the DA wasn't too confident about his case. Maybe the parents didn't want to go to court (for whatever reason). Maybe they didn't think the girl could give strong testimony. I agree it seems like a miscarriage of justice but there's often more to it than charm's one liners.
  8. Libtards But Hillary... Emails Bengazi Blah Blah Blah Did I miss anything?
  9. It's fucked. Replace it or just enjoy the quiet.
  10. E:60 7pm on espn2

    Steve McNair's family interviewed for the first time.
  11. The Indy Star has a pretty funny take on the matter: https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/columnists/gregg-doyel/2018/02/06/doyel-josh-mcdaniels-selfish-little-jerk-but-did-colts-indy-favor/304619002/
  12. Jake the Plumber. That explains a lot.
  13. What are the chances we here from the judge?

    Doubt if we "here" from anyone.
  14. In other words..... No way