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  1. Easy. It's #4. Only those with a religion-like fervor for their Supreme Leader could rationalize the nonsense he does and says. That's why it's hopeless to argue with them. Classic example of George's Rule: NEVER ARGUE WITH SOMEONE MORE STUPID THAN YOU.
  2. Opus74


    Or a big tub of Preperation H
  3. Opus74

    Vrabel lacks Logic

    We need a few more threads about it, just to make sure the coaches notice our displeasure
  4. Opus74

    You know what I'm sick of?

    I'm sick of the pissing and moaning after every game
  5. Opus74

    TNF Browns vs Jets

    As the old joke says........ LOOK AT THAT SHIT!!
  6. Opus74

    TNF Browns vs Jets

    Gawd, the jets are going to kill him.
  7. Opus74

    TNF Browns vs Jets

    Urban Meyer on line 3
  8. Opus74

    TNF Browns vs Jets

    Mr. Haslam, Jeff Fisher on line one.
  9. Opus74

    0-16 baybee!!

    Serves it right.
  10. He's no genius but he is offensive, imo.