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  1. Yea I dont think Mariota broke his fibula a few weeks ago...
  2. Just a bitch trying to get paid
  3. I think they would want 5
  4. Would love this if we stay
  5. Could be a women trying to get paid
  6. Would like it
  7. If he's not medically ready for week 1 then I have no problem with him missing it.
  8. Mariota, Lewan and Daquan and maybe Avery Williamson only picks that we're good lmao 4 out of 30
  9. Yea that's Rishard easily
  10. Look at the jets bills Dolphins lol, pats are gonna win the division forever.
  11. Picking sankey over Hyde
  12. But will he be elite in contested catches in the NFL
  13. If we come out of the first round with Lattimore and Corey Davis I'll be so pumped