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  1. Damn we all fucked lol
  2. they have close to 70 mil i doubt that
  3. If we stay were we are I want to go Foster then Lattimore. Get rid of woodyard put him in with Williamson. Opinions?
  4. It's Happening!!!
  5. How are you gonna say he's garbage? His first start in a playoff game on the road with absolute zero reps all year..
  6. blake sucks donkey dick
  7. oh ofcourse, I'm not against getting a shifty explosive WR but i want that big #1 like Evans
  8. We need a big #1 WR for Marcus
  9. would put henry in there too
  10. You are an idiot if you didn't see progress. He is a second year QB and is not a finished product yet but well on his way
  11. can anyone tell me how to use the ignore? lol
  12. how do we use this lol
  13. lol I've seen monkeys smarter, guy doesn't come on here while Mariota is ripping the NFL a new one and he waits and waits until mariota gets hurt to come on lmao, thats the biggest bitch move and if you died no one would care and even waste a shed of a tear
  14. and we are not gonna waste it on a pick that won't be played
  15. lol you make no sense, sorry but Mett doesn't have wins and has shitty stats. Your BF is on his way out of the league but please go on with your miserable life