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  1. No More Defending the Play-calling

    It's horrendous
  2. Done

    We lose against any other team
  3. Stop hiding Marcus

    It's 7 games into his career lol
  4. Mularkey feels the heat

    Not against an 0-6 team and the worst in the league
  5. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    Mariota didn't play particularly well but it's a win
  6. Thank. You. Byard.

    We need Davis bad
  7. Week 7: Titans O Worse Than D

    Exactly right
  8. "Fans always hate their coordinator"

    That was the worst game I ever seen
  9. Delanie/DeMarco will play as per Schefter

    dont trust henry on pass plays
  10. Delanie/DeMarco will play as per Schefter

    It sure doesn't make sense
  11. Corey Davis: WTF

    Someone on the chat Monday night that we could of drafted Jonathon Allen instead of CD. He is out for the year
  12. Corey Davis: WTF

    Lmaoo what a dumb fucking thread
  13. Leave Marcus in the pocket

    When does he practice lol
  14. Henry 1st, 2nd and Murray 3rd down

    Your friends don't know shit