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  1. Boy im glad i was so wrong lol
  2. Wow i was such a dumbass lol
  3. Everything is Trump with you, get off his nuts lol
  4. Trump is the man
  5. I see a lot of Henry and Demarco with hopefully good solid defense to start the season
  6. Dude.. They blew it, it was a choke job
  7. Wouldn't you have to wait for the rehab to determine something like that
  8. Damn we all fucked lol
  9. they have close to 70 mil i doubt that
  10. If we stay were we are I want to go Foster then Lattimore. Get rid of woodyard put him in with Williamson. Opinions?
  11. It's Happening!!!
  12. How are you gonna say he's garbage? His first start in a playoff game on the road with absolute zero reps all year..