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  1. Yea lets complain about an elite RT
  2. Who do people even respond to titantez
  3. Y'all are still complaining bout the Conk trade up lol get over it
  4. It's a different defensive style, don't know what you get out of him till you see him
  5. Either One I'll be happy with
  6. And we have the draft, if Mariota has a great year and can get over that injury I see us in the playoffs
  7. How doesn't the Titans have these type of equipment
  8. He will be fine, others players have had worse injuries
  9. Lattimore is gonna be a shutdown corner y'all wait and see
  10. Thats how u do it lol
  11. The jets might take Mitch at 6 so hopefully the browns wanna jump infront of them and trade for the 5th pick