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  1. CD84 Will be what people here thought DGB would be and more with more speed
  2. Didn't we just draft Jonnu Smith?
  3. You would see the cowboys getting the number 1 pick every time they didn't make playoffs lol
  4. Nines is just a terrible troll lol
  5. This article is a joke lol
  6. Exactly my man! What I been saying
  7. Look at the team around him. He wasn't asked to do much in that offense
  8. Derek Carr is gonna be a top QB in the league...
  9. Dak is so overrated it's a joke.
  10. Or isn't even in the damn league lmao maybe he should check out the CFL
  11. Lol I can take a guess he is a John Ross fan
  12. He's defiantly a special talent at QB and I'm thrilled he is on our side
  13. If Davis can step up and take the number one spot and then have Rishard and Decker as 2 and 3 with Delanie as the TE AND Murray and Henry in the backfield ANDD one of the best o lines in the league. We have never been this stacked before on offense. Get ready fellas some exciting football is upon us