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  1. I was like 8th yesterday. Oregon and Xavier knocked me down a ton
  2. How exactly were they claiming that the students were learning fractions wrong? I've heard a lot of parents have issues with math now because of common core math. We didn't have common core math when I was in school so I don't even know what it is or what makes it different from normal math. I do think one of the biggest issues with the school system is the pressure teachers are put under to teach the curriculum on a certain time schedule instead of making sure every student understands before moving on. Or at least making sure the students that don't understand get tutoring after school. That's hard to do with the average class sizes that public schools have. 35-40 kids in 1 class is way too many for the kids to get a proper education. And the class sizes are so large because less people strive to be teachers now. It's seen as a low paying job so the talent pool is shrinking every year. These teachers are usually paid less than garbage men and a lot of times have to get second jobs to pay their bills. That stress takes focus off the classroom and gives the teacher less time to make sure the students get an ample education. Every teacher I had in school told us not to become teachers unless that was our dream in life, because the stress and responsibility isn't equal to the pay scale. Why should someone that is responsable for the education of our youth and the future leaders of our country be paid less than the guy that knows how to drive a trash truck? IMO a Secretary of Education that as no history in the public school system or first hand experience of its problems, and the charter schools that they run test In the bottom of the a state consistsntly for over a decade(one of them 2 decades).... paired with lowering the Department of Educations budget and raising the military budget won't fix this problem...But we shall see.
  3. No fucking joke. It's actually pretty sad to see. We spent a whole fucking week in blueprint reading class on how to read a ruler and they still have problems with it months later. Fractions completely blow their brains up. Don't ask them to add or subtract 2 fractions with different denominators. Most of them have to sit there and think hard about which fraction is smaller 3/8 Or 1/2. I think a lot of it has to do with them taking industrial classes out of schools. Very rarely are there shop classes included in schools anymore like auto mechanical, carpentry, or metal shop like they used to have when I was in school and now they are starting to do away with the arts departments like theatre and normal art class. Kids don't have to learn to read rulers or use tools anymore. I really don't understand the fractions thing. I mean...that's basic algebra.. how do you pass math class?
  4. I can confirm this. People are stupid now and lack basic math, critical thinking and common sense skills. I'm in school learning welding right now and 2/3 of the people in my class are straight out of high school and can barely read a ruler and don't know how to add and subtract fractions. And don't even ask them to look at a problem and troubleshoot. Crazy.
  5. No clue who has bracket #1 but if it Wins I'll take the credit lol.
  6. Yeah they weren't missing a shot. It was insane.
  7. That was a terrible game by UNC. They won't make it past Baylor playing like that.
  8. Have you watched much tape on Davis? He checks every box on the list of attributes you want in a WR. He has wayyyy more burst off the snap than Williams and is faster overall. iirc they are the same size. He catches the ball at its peak with his hands away from his body, and just like Williams he wins contested catches regularly. He's a very precise route runner and uses that along with his "quick twitch"style of running to create space. Not to mention his after catch vision is better than Williams. He has a 6th sense for where defenders are right after he makes the catch and always ends up gaining YAC.
  9. That vandy game pissed me off too. Seems like a lot of people had them to pull the upset.
  10. I voted for Jonathan Allen. Why can't I see the poll results though?
  11. Yeah. But if I'm a GM that doesn't worry me at all. It was just minor ankle surgery and besides that He was healthy his entire college career. I think it was actually smart on his part to not try and rush back to workout at the combine. He could have easily reinjured himself.
  12. I think Davis is emerging as the consensus #1 WR in the draft. The dudes got it all.
  13. If sanders runs for president again I think he will get the nomination and he will have a good shot at winning. The DNC screwed the pooch by railroading him during the primaries.
  14. 4 losses on the first day... I need to go perfect today. I have a few upsets I'm relying on.