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  1. Since OP didn't post the Titans section.
  2. Tux still posting links about fake news from a fake news site. http://realorsatire.com/breitbart-com/
  3. Should we have a full investigation to see if the vote was hacked by the Russians? The landslide victory for the "yes" voters seems awefully suspicious.
  4. Have fun! One day I'll live in Tennessee and be a season ticket holder. The 10 hour drive is tough to do for every home game lol.
  5. I'm so excited!!! Should we make some red hats with white text on them that look like they cost about a nickel each?
  6. As others have said, Murray is the guy until he's hurt or loses his edge. Personally I'd like to see more 2 back formations to have them both on the field at the same time.
  7. Nope
  8. I thought it would die down after the election but it's stayed The same for months now. I personally would like it to have its own subforum. It would bring the life back to off-topic. Just my 2¢
  9. Weird. Seems like someone definitely tested something but there isn't any seismic data.
  10. Don't worry all of the political talk will die down after the election...
  11. Bright enough to read information from both sides, fact check, and formulate my own opinion on things. You should try it sometime.
  12. Funny that your posting links about fake news from websites that are widely known as non truthful. http://www.fakenewschecker.com/fake-news-source/gateway-pundit https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/the-gateway-pundit/ http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/The_Gateway_Pundit
  13. The leftist propaganda machine obviously paid your fist cousin off so that he didn't spill the beans about all of the terrible Muslim crime!
  14. I'm an independent voter and am rooting for our president to succeed. That being said I'm going to be critical of the president if I feel he's doing things that will effect the country in a bad way and I'll praise him when he does something that will effect it in a good way. The problems I see are that some people want to have a civil conversation, Then there are others that cant handle criticism and facts that might make their guy look bad and just deflect from the topic at hand and just think people are critical of the president because they are a Libtard or snowflake or (insert moronic insult here). if you provide a source for your argument it's just 'fake news' unless of course it comes from breitbart, conservativetreehouse, redstate or infowars.. apparently all of that stuff is the real truthful news. If you provide information discrediting an article or source they post, they don't respond to that. Both sides have been acting silly, but I have to say that the Republicans have been 10x worse. Espically here on Titansreport.