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  1. Titans vs Browns: Official Game Day Thread

    This guy is smart
  2. "Fans always hate their coordinator"

    So many bad 3rd down play calls IMO. I'm hesitant to blame the coordinators until I rewatch the game though. Now that Marcus has full control at the line, he could have audibled a lot.
  3. Titans vs Browns: Official Game Day Thread

    That’s why it will be a 3 point game lol
  4. American League Championship game 7

    I'm watching. Looks like it's gonna be Astros vs Dodgers in The Show!
  5. Browns Predictions & Poll

    Titans 44 Browns 17
  6. You Know What’s Funny?

    Russians don't mix it, they drink it right from the bottle.
  7. Good episode! My only critique is that maybe next time @OILERMAN doesn’t turn on his microphone and then walk to the other side of the room to record the podcast Use your Millions and Millions from the stock market to Get one of these.
  8. TNF Raiders vs Chiefs

    That was a crazy finish. Most 0 second plays ever?
  9. Will the Dodgers get to the World Series finally?

    Yeah, I really don’t want to see Houston blow this series. Hopefully that last loss fired them up.
  10. FINALLY!

    It doesn’t Admit they are biased.
  11. What's Dodds Tweet about?

    Maybe about fighting for a starting spot. He’s currently fighting to even be active on gameday and He didn’t start in Clemson until his last year. So they are similar situations.
  12. @TEN_GOP ran by Ben and Tux

    Tux used to post in the football forum. He stopped when the election started. I was thinking the same thing. I wish I could remember what thread.
  13. Luck endures setback, been shutdown

    They know they won’t make the playoffs. Gunning for a good draft pick.
  14. Titans vs Browns: Official Game Day Thread

    This is one of those games the Titans are supposed to win, so let’s hope they stay fired up from the Monday win and don’t come out flat like we are so used to seeing Titans teams do. They need to come out and dominate the Browns from start to finish and go into the bye with momentum.