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  1. heyitsmeallen

    Taywan Taylor receives praise from King James

    I was at the Steelers game. I can confirm that was an exciting play.
  2. heyitsmeallen

    Fortnite Battle Royale Thread

    I don’t play much. I haven’t played since the big map changing update. Maybe I’ll get back into it though and we can team up for some squad matches. I know it’s cross platform but do y’all play on Xbox or ps4?
  3. heyitsmeallen

    Uniforms - Poll

    They are growing on me.
  4. heyitsmeallen

    Is it time to panic?

    Put a fork in em.
  5. heyitsmeallen

    Allen’s 2018 Titansreport fantasy league thread.

    Thays just how it’s always been. I’m not opposed to changing it.
  6. heyitsmeallen

    My biggest fear has come to fruition.

    I think the Trevathan or shazier hits are more likely to be the cause
  7. heyitsmeallen

    Paul Manafort Trial starting right now

    It’s crazy that the Judge has been threatened and is now under US Marshall protection.
  8. People are going to tag people they are talking about in a twitter post that way the player is notified of the post. That’s just how the site works. If you are too lazy to use twitter how it’s supposed to be used, don’t use twitter.
  9. heyitsmeallen

    Revoke my security clearance, too, Mr. President!

    The retards don’t care what he’s done for the country in the past. He doesn’t support their dear leader so he’s on the blacklist now.
  10. This is the biggest problem. But it’s silly to get mad at the reporters for tagging them. Just click the tagged twitter handle and look at their profile if you don’t know who it is
  11. @TitansGuru whenever I try to attach an image to a post it now has a 1mb limit. Also is the contributor member group nonexistent anymore?
  12. This is actually fucking hilarious. Give it a shot.
  13. heyitsmeallen

    Echos of Watergate

    That’s right. For some reason my timeline is mixed up and I was thinking the tapes came first.
  14. heyitsmeallen

    Echos of Watergate

    Despite all of the proof the Republicans didn’t jump ship on Nixon until the Saturday night Massacre. That left them no choice. Even after that he was still somehow polling at close to 30% approval.