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  1. The Girther movement, Trump's physical

    Haha meant “muscle”
  2. The Girther movement, Trump's physical

    Muscle weighs more than fat, he would need to lose labor more than 5lbs Of fat to look like a professional athelete. I just think it’s hilarious that he’s obviously lying about his height/weight.
  3. Munchak Turns Down 2nd Arizona Interview

    I agree that the experience was crucial. Regardless of the top candidates being potentially locked up already, I trust Jrob will find a great HC that fits the vision he has for the team. He is a forward thinker so I guarantee he won’t be scared of guys that some people might think aren’t ready for the job yet.
  4. Munchak Turns Down 2nd Arizona Interview

    That playoff win felt good, but it sure put Jrob behind the 8 ball.
  5. Who is your choice for HC? (POLL)

    This is the way I’m leaning. I don’t think it would be good for Marcus to keep going through OCs. Get some stability by finding the offense system you want for him and the teams future and hire that guy as the HC. He can groom OCs under him that can leave for jobs all day long as long as the main system stays in place. A defensive coach would be more apt to change the offensive system if a coordinator leaves. Thats one reason I don’t think Jrob will be scared to pull the trigger on a guy that some people might not think is ready for HC job yet. He doesn’t wanna be doing this again in 2 years.
  6. Who is your choice for HC? (POLL)

    My first thought lol.
  7. The Girther movement, Trump's physical

    Well one is obviously a lie and the other was made up by conspiracy theorists on the internet.
  8. Titans And Mularkey Agree to Part Ways

    I’m glad someone remade that because it’s perfect. The first version on MS paint was so bad!
  9. Titans to interview Rams OC Matt LaFleur for HC job.

    So was QB coach for McNabb, Grossman, RG3, Cousins, Matt Ryan, and OC for Goff this year. Lots of QB experience
  10. Titans to interview Rams OC Matt LaFleur for HC job.

    I think Jrob will look at a ton of options, that’s what we didn’t get last time. We probably won’t see a hire until after the Super Bowl.
  11. Titans to interview Mike Vrabel for HC job

    Good. Interview all of the top cantidates. McDaniels won’t have time until after their next game. They will either have a bye week before the Super Bowl or the season is over.