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  1. Why did Kyle get fired

    He should have plenty of time for mock drafts now.
  2. Preds Quest for the Cup starts tonight

    This is the mother fucking preds team we have watched all year!
  3. Millionaire wants you to find his buried treasure

    I dig into this a few years ago. I think someone has found it already and just didn’t tell anyone. I know if I found it I wouldn’t say shit.
  4. Comey Memos

    See that tweet tux posted? All you have to do is look at the guys username to know that whatever comes next is moronic.
  5. Preds Quest for the Cup starts tonight

    Yeah. They better stop coming out flat. They played soft this whole game. If they make it out of this series this shit has got to stop.
  6. Preds Quest for the Cup starts tonight

    That was a terrible way to lose. Rinne gets rolled up on for the first goal and subban pulls some bullshit and comes out of the D zone and costs the game wining goal.
  7. The Left trying to brainwash High School students?

    Yes I read the article, it was sent to a single teacher, not students. Just like every other textbook ever made. They weren’t weary of the textbook, That’s how they get feedback on them. And that’s how schools judge which books they want to implement. This was just 1 section of the book, we didn’t get to see anything else. We also didn’t get to see the name of the chapter. Stupid to judge a whole textbook off of 4 pages. And btw the student that did see it probably wasn’t supposed to, hence why it was said she was taking pictures fast to not get caught. How would you tell the events that unfolded in a neutral manner if you wrote the book? How do you know the chapter wasn’t called “the liberal view” and the next chapter was “the conservative view” This is a he said she said argument. He didn’t rob a store. he was accused of shoplifting which is a petty crime. There is also a surveillance video of him coming in to the same store the night before he died and he traded weed for the boxes of cigarillos. he then left them at the store to come back and get later. Yes he was a criminal but he didn’t deserve to die. Multiple accounts say that Wilson shouted slurs at the 2 guys. Almost hit them with his car. Opened the car door and hit them with it and then reached through the window and choked brown. When brown pulled away Wilson pulled his gun and shot him from inside the car and Brown began to run away and stopped to give himself up when he was shot to death. My father is a First Sergeant in the sheriffs department and he said that Wilson absolutely used excessive force in the situation. I’m an independent not a liberal. And I don’t think it should be ignored or trying to spin it. I’m saying The Koch brothers have been doing the same things for a long time except they have been doing it to slant things to the republican side. Plus they are doing a lot more like trying to resegregate schools. Just seems like you only care that it’s happening because it’s not your side doing it. Illegals aren’t flooding the country that’s just another scare tactic from far right news sources. The number of illegals in the US has actually declined and is at the lowest number since 2009. “flooding” would be what happened from 1990-2007 when the number of illegals went from 3.5-12.2 million.
  8. The Left trying to brainwash High School students?

    None of the highlighted sections in that book are false. Also the book isn’t even being used by any schools. Text books go through multiple reviews and rewrites before they are finalized. This person that tweeted it out is part of the problem in this country. She is trying to make it seem like the book is the actual book the class is using when in fact it’s not. Also this is 3-4 pages from a large textbook and I guarentee the OP only posted the things she thought would stir people up. Unless we see the whole thing it’s stupid to make judgements. Go look at the stuff that the Koch brothers are doing to brainwash kids and maybe you will see that this uncirculated textbook is penuts compared to that.
  9. The Left trying to brainwash High School students?

    The left? Lol the Koch brothers are the ones that have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to change the K-12 education system and force certain textbooks and curriculum that teach children to think a certain way. They are also trying to resegregate schools. And no one besides hard right republicans were worried about an open border. That’s not how immigration works, and no president was just going to open the borders. It’s all fear based propaganda meant to make you think a certain way. Jake must have missed all of the torch wielding nazis with MAGA hats and riot gear on killing someone at one of their rallies.
  10. Imo he will be going BDPA in round 1. He even said as much in an interview earlier in the week.
  11. The Comey memos released.

  12. Titans 2018 Schedule

    Lol duh. How did I miss that
  13. Titans 2018 Schedule

    Dallas is coming off a Bye before our MNF game
  14. Titans 2018 Schedule

    Full NFL schedule in 1 image if anyone wants to dig deeper into our matchups.