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  1. Your link only works by downloading the app.
  2. Tebow gonna go pro!
  3. Tweet has been deleted dammit
  4. Maybe he drives a Denali.
  5. Wally World here in the south
  6. Just started reading it. That's a long ass thread so I'm gonna finish it later. Pretty interesting so far
  7. Trying to bring awareness to the fucked up student loan industry
  8. Decisions like being poor and going to college to try and better yourself for the future?
  9. Probably cost half the money of what PK was costing considering he's only like 24.
  10. Class act. He also spoke out on how terrible the Student Loan industry is.
  11. They probably meant to call you Homo and not Homie.
  12. I still can't take him seriously. Wheelchair Jimmy is all I see. Plus his song started from the bottom is complete bullshit. "Started from the bottom now we here!" Uhhh no drake you didn't start from the bottom. You grew up in the Toronto suburbs and became a tv star at age 15. You were on Degrassi for like 7-8 seasons and made plenty of money before you started rapping. Fucking poser.
  13. Wasn't he about to opt out of his contract? Seems like a stupid trade for the rockets.
  14. Seems kind of silly to grade it that way considering the NFL is a "what have you done for me lately" kind of league.