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  1. Does Jim wyatt run the Titans twitter account? I didn't know that. And I doubt they are tipping anything either. Just a question to generate convo.
  2. Could they be tipping their hand? Or just giving him pub because he went to Tennessee.
  3. Interesting that the Titans tweeted this.
  4. Damn that's cool. Titans going all in on bringing back fan support.
  5. Running list of the layoffs. Seems like they are only targeting people who have been there 5 years or more. A few people that were less than 5 but not many.
  6. We will still have 2 first rounders. Whoever is trying to trade up will have to give us their pick plus a second and probably some more.
  7. I just retweeted that. So on point. He should have been the first one to go.
  8. Haha pretty good.
  9. They pretty much only talk about basketball 365 days a year. With alittle of everything else sprinkled in.
  10. They also laid off half of their NHL broadcasters in the middle of the playoffs.
  11. They are cutting anyone who makes a decent salary. ESPN has become the farm team for sports journalist. Hiring a bunch of cheap people straight out of broadcast school who stumble over every 5th word from the TelePrompTer.
  12. They keep cutting the expensive talent and bringing in these young fresh out of broadcast school people and it just makes the network seem 3rd tier. they aren't going to save the network by hiring the C team. People will just watch the quality shows. Espn has been in a freefall for about 5 or more years now. It's sad to see because I grew up watching it all the damn time and now I can't even barely watch it.
  13. Yeah they are calling it the "bloodbath in Bristol" Disney is behind all of the layoffs to try and show better numbers before the quarter ends may 9th
  14. JROB gonna parlay that Rams pick for more loot!
  15. Lynch could def put them over the top.