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  1. If you have quality internet Reddit Nfl streams will have every game. But if you won’t have quality internet it will buffer and be annoying. Just bite the bullet and get directv. It’s worth it.
  2. heyitsmeallen

    Panthers Waive CJ Anderson

    He had a good season last year and hasn’t gotten a chance this year.
  3. heyitsmeallen

    Why didnt they go hard after Butler?

    Because he wasn’t guarding their #1 wr
  4. Why saying No is paying off for Tennessee Titans QB Marcus Mariota some good stuff in here.
  5. heyitsmeallen

    LaFleur is likely a goner

    He is def getting a HC job if he wants one, but I don’t think it will be this year.
  6. heyitsmeallen

    Week 10: Patriots @ Titans Game Thread

    Imo they need to keep at least 1 for depth. I think Morgan will be the keeper.
  7. heyitsmeallen

    Week 10: Patriots @ Titans Game Thread

    Yeah he was a steal.
  8. heyitsmeallen

    Week 10: Patriots @ Titans Game Thread

    gonna be some good plays in this series.
  9. heyitsmeallen

    Harbaugh and Baltimore to part ways??

    Hopefully this helps our wildcard chances if we don’t win the division
  10. Did you start a thread when trump was filmed trying to sing god bless America? He didn’t know a single word.
  11. Yeah, pretty weird. Get over it ruskie
  12. heyitsmeallen

    Week 10: Patriots @ Titans Game Thread

    This is what a well coached football team looks like. And thank god there is no more corny ass singing after wins.
  13. heyitsmeallen

    Do you have wet dreams?

    He is 1000% full of shit.