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  1. Loyalty or Pragmatics

    12 team 3 keeper league. I had 2 solid RBs and WRs at that point and Delanie was the highest TE available because a lot of other guys were keepers and I wasn't picking for a while after that. I figured pull the trigger on the TE I wanted.
  2. Loyalty or Pragmatics

    Marcus was one of my 3 keepers(Mainly becaue my team sucked last year and It was hard to choose anyone else,my other 2 were WR) I drafted Delanie in the 3rd round, Decker in the 8th round.
  3. Ever heard of the Vietnam war?
  4. Why do that when he doesn't have the Support to go to war with Syria, and we already have 8,400 Troops in Afghan? He gets to re-escalate a conflict and reverse an Obama Era decision to withdrawal at the same time(we just completed the Withdrawl of troops in December 2016) This is a move to try and get some of his Repub support back.
  5. Super NES Classic live on Amazon

    I'll be looking at Walmart today. That would be awesome if you were right and we could all snag one.
  6. Told you this wasn't going anywhere...

    I think the Way the Titans players protested was way better than the kneeing revolution Kaep started. During the National Anthem Everyone is standing in solidarity with their fists in the air. To me it seems like they are saying "We Are America, We are One, deal with it" Vs. During the National Anthem some people Kneel others stand. This comes across as "Some of us hate America, Others don't, deal with it."
  7. Approval ratings are in the shitter. #1 thing every president does in this situation..... escalate a conflict.
  8. Allen's 2017 TitansReport fantasy league thread.

    I'm open to making the draft Saturday or Sunday if it's easier for everyone. I'm fine with Friday at 10pm but if that won't work we can move it. Need a final decision today or tomorrow though
  9. FYI they do this for every team every year... So don't get your panties in a wad.
  10. There is def a lot of the offense being held out in the preseason. They just want to run a vanilla scheme to get guys used to game speed again.
  11. Iirc Matthews complained when Andre Johnson was getting targets and he wasn't.
  12. Well I mean there are white people in Africa. So it doesn't necessarily mean he has black in him.
  13. Trump Continues to Commit Political Suicide

    I personally know at least 20 Democrats who didn't even go vote because they hated both options. And know a hand full more that voted for Trump because they couldn't stand Hillary. To say that Trump would have won no matter what is a complete lie. The Dems completely blew the election by slanting the primaries to Hillary and not giving any other cantidate a legit chance at winning the nomination. That is what won it for Trump. Trump's entire campaign was based on "lock her up", "Muslim ban" and "build the wall". Without Hillary the only people that would have voted for him are the far right racists that feel Trump is their voice to "taking the country back" and the Dems would have probably showed up at the polls instead of staying home or voting for Trump because he wasn't Hillary.
  14. Titans vs Raiders pulled CBS' #1 crew

    Thank god I'll be there!