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  1. I was pretty much 100% (- chance I was completely wrong about everything) convinced they would go WR with their first pick last year. I'm 90% confident first pick this year will be an OLB. I called Sam Hubbard four and a half weeks ago, and I haven't seen reason to change my mind yet.
  2. Hubbard was my "five weeks out" call, and I'm sticking with him until he's gone or they take somebody else.
  3. I'm doubting Ito Smith is the only RB they've had in, though I strongly doubt they go there early.
  4. Big Trades Coming?

    KC. What would they have given up, another future #1 in addition to what they did? And if that happened, how would J-Rob have gotten back up to pick a receiver?
  5. Big Trades Coming?

    I still want to know the terms of the trade we had in place for #5 last year if Trubisky was there.
  6. Current personnel side Titans employees who have been here since 2015 draft season: Brian Gardner (pro scouting), Jon Salge, Brandon Taylor. Canary Trap time, J-Rob.
  7. Armstrong was a private workout. They basically only have 2 SAF on the roster right now (any defensive snaps Trawick plays are likely a bonus), so they'll definitely be adding a third. Wouldn't surprise me if that's what they hit in the second round. PDF link to the revised By-Law on player visits (relevant provision starts on p.12, WKU listed as a Titans school on p.20): https://nflcommunications.com/Documents/2018 Offseason/Approved Rules Proposals.pdf
  8. The addition of non-counter schools was related to a by-law passed at the most recent league meetings in Orlando. I'm guessing it was to benefit teams that, unlike the Titans, don't have FBS schools in their local area. I'll pull up the language and a link later.
  9. Even though they don't count against the 30 limit, I would include Vandy LB Oren Burks and Tennessee CB/S Rashaan Gaulden on the list because they brought them in separate and apart from the local pro day. Under the NFL's rules, Yelder is also potentially a player who doesn't count against the 30 max if all they did on the visit was meet with him and give him a physical exam and didn't work him out. Every team gets 3 schools, 1 FBS and 2 other, for that purpose, and WKU was assigned to the Titans (the other two are Vandy and MTSU, who fall within the broader local area exception).
  10. I didn't have this one on my list.
  11. I've been waiting for a report linking us to Hamilton.
  12. YMMV, but Beard and I believe James and Bonds are just invited to the local pro day for area players. I wouldn't put them on the visit list, since there are normally a decent number of players there. If we have serious interest in any of them, we'll bring them in separately (like we did Burks) or have a private workout with them (like we did Byard, if he was at local pro day, not sure). Given J-Rob's extremely need-focused draft history, I'd say it's a 90% chance the first pick, whether at 25 or elsewhere, is an OLB.
  13. CSU QB, worked out for us with Michael Gallup.
  14. Report was we'd be having a private workout. Unless we get a more specific visit report, I'm not counting this as one of those.
  15. The only source for the Leonard "visit" I'd seen was Josh's tweet, and I never thought he was referring to a 30 visit. I was going to ask him at some point just to confirm, but hadn't done so yet.