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  1. When Beddingfield was on Midday180 last year, he said early in the draft process Whiz wanted to stick with Mett and draft Amari Cooper.
  2. We discussed this on The Podcast That Didn't Record, and noted that because the team facility was a safe zone and we know he was in Nashville due to his documented visit to Vandy's football camp that week, there should be no effect on the game.
  3. NewsToTom

    Lewan holding out and not attending mini camp.

    The complicating factor is Lewan's under contract for 9.34 million this year, and the Titans can franchise tag him for probably around 14.7 million next year. Those help set the baseline for any extension. Deals are normally negotiated off what happens with no new contract, so in a vacuum a Lewan deal would likely run about 6 years, 83 million. Realistically, you'd slightly exceed the Martin deal (6/84, 40 gtd), so maybe 6/85 with 41 guaranteed. That doesn't get you to Solder's 15.5M Average Per Year, even taking this year as a baseline (1/9.34 + 5/76 [15.2] extension), so you have to pay him more or get creative. Joel Corry*, a cap guy who knows his stuff, was on 102.5 The Game this week and suggested a deal like the one Solder got that made him a free agent this year. Lewan would get something like 42M over the next three years (option + tag*2), plus the Titans would not be allowed to use the franchise tag on him again. That's how Solder made it to free agency, and (several GMs ago) the Titans gave Haynesworth a conditional no-tag deal. I hadn't thought about this until Corry suggested it, but it's an option if they can't reach a long-term deal. *-Corry in his hit also suggested J-Rob made a mistake paying Casey last offseason and waiting on Lewan. I think I have an idea where he's coming from, and would agree that J-Rob likely took a calculated risk that has not paid off with the Solder deal resetting the LT market and (as yet) no Donald mega-deal resetting the DT market.
  4. NewsToTom

    Titans sign WR Brandon Shippen

    I'm more interested in the move that creates the roster spot for him.
  5. NewsToTom

    the WR group feels like a disaster waiting to happen

    It's probably not quite as bad as cornerback was in 2014, but it's in the same ballpark.
  6. Injury has not been reported, that I've seen. IR means he's out for the year, i.e. until next March (basically). The Titans can get him off IR, by giving him an injury settlement that compensates him until he is healthy or by waiting for him to get healthy enough to pass a physical and releasing him. Theus, the guy they waived Woods to pick up, was IR'd by the Saints earlier this offseason and waived from there once he was healthy. You can re-sign a guy you placed on IR and then got off it later that same season, but there's a waiting period before you can. I want to say it's 3 weeks after the end of the settlement period for guys who get a settlement, but don't hold me to that, and I don't know what the offseason rule is.
  7. FYI, Woods cleared waivers and is now on IR with the Titans.
  8. NewsToTom

    LaFleur Article by Glennon

    This stat was 100% an artifact of game situations. Ballparking "normal" situations, which I define as 1st and 2nd downs in first 3 quarters, except inside 1H 2MW, 2017 Rams had 8th-highest pass rate (Titans fourth-lowest).
  9. Correct. If unclaimed, he goes on IR with the Titans and is out for the year.
  10. NewsToTom

    Panthers Release WR Russell Shepard

    I don't see how you'd keep both him and Campanaro up on a weekly basis, unless they see Campanaro as a 3 who plays teams instead of a teams guy who's a good 4/5.
  11. I know DVOA for those years, either the ranking exactly (2000 was 1st), or at least in the ballpark. Don't always exactly agree with it, but it's in my head. The 1999 Rams played the single easiest schedule of opposing defenses in DVOA history, and it's not even close. The second-easiest schedule of the past 32 years is closer to the 21st-easiest schedule than it is to the Rams schedule. Great offense, not as great as you'd think it was just watching them. Pass D DVOA in 1999 was a clear improvement from pass D in 1998, but 1998 was really bad. The Kearse effect shows up a lot more in adjusted sack rate, where they went from close to the bottom to top ten. 2000 was when everything really came together.
  12. If the league is decided by playing every team home-and-away... 2000 wins the league by at least 5 games. 2003 and 2008 are championship contenders but may fall out of the top 5. 1999 finishes like 5th, but well back from the top. 2002 leaves us lamenting the start of the season preventing us from being real contenders like we looked late.
  13. NewsToTom

    Voch Lombardi Breakdown of Harold Landry: Tactician

    This is all the detail I've seen in terms of medicals beyond 2017's ankle injury.
  14. I was pretty much 100% (- chance I was completely wrong about everything) convinced they would go WR with their first pick last year. I'm 90% confident first pick this year will be an OLB. I called Sam Hubbard four and a half weeks ago, and I haven't seen reason to change my mind yet.
  15. Hubbard was my "five weeks out" call, and I'm sticking with him until he's gone or they take somebody else.