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  1. One addition, two deletions yesterday. Two additions, one deletion today. They'll have to make another move to add a quarterback, which seems like good news for Marcus. Then again, that's the same thing Saturday's transaction report told me, so we'll see.
  2. NewsToTom

    Old Titans Games/Content

    Both are unavailable for me, due to NFL blocking them on copyright grounds.
  3. Scrambles on pass plays for 0 yards are sacks, because that's how the NFL does things.
  4. NewsToTom

    Old Titans Games on VHS

    1. Never had a Betamax, but apparently it was hugely popular in football coaching until pretty recently. 2. DVR limitations that are too boring to detail here, mostly. After I decided I was serious about saving copies of games, I got a DVD Recorder in 2008.
  5. NewsToTom

    Old Titans Games on VHS

    Mods, move elsewhere or zap if you want. Anybody have any interest in VHS tapes of old Titans games? I don't have a working VCR and am not going to pay for the conversion to a usable format. Tapes go 2006, win @ Eagles and home win v Giants 2006, home win v Colts and OT win @ Texans 2006, home win v Jags and win @ Bills 2006, loss v Patriots 2007, home win v Falcons and road loss @ Bucs 2007, road win @ Texans and home win v Raiders 2007, home win v Panthers and home loss v Jaguars 2007, loss @ Broncos and home win v Texans 2007, home loss v Chargers and road win @ Chiefs (have to admit I don't remember this game at all) 2007, playoff loss @ Chargers I haven't watched any of these tapes in probably 10+ years, so I have no idea if they're any good. But since the alternative is throwing them away, I thought I'd see if anybody wants any or all of them. Not looking for anything more than shipping. Let me know if you're interested, here or via PM.
  6. NewsToTom

    Thoughts on offense

    Titans actually threw a fair amount on 1st downs in normal situations last year, 10th-highest pass rate in league (Rams were higher, 49ers very slightly behind TEN), but more than made up for it with by far lowest pass rate on 2nd downs (2nd-ranked team closer to #19 than TEN). Rams had higher pass rate on 1st downs (Eagles highest), 49ers very slightly behind Titans. Rams and 49ers both middle of the pack by 2nd down pass rate.
  7. Guessing the Titans saw problems with the knee when they gave him his physical, and let him take the risk rather than flunking him. Pelon cleared waivers today and is now a free agent.
  8. Okay, official transaction wire says Pelon was waived with an injury waiver. With the Jets earlier in the offseason, he was IR'd and released with an injury settlement. I'd guess whatever happened to him was a recurrence of that pre-existing injury, and that per his contract the Titans are not obligated to cover him.
  9. Smith is done for the year, I'd guess. Only way he could return to the team was with an injury settlement and eventually re-sign him. Ditto Pelon. interesting that Wyatt's article on the moves had Sims at 4 and then lists Reed with the young guys of Gafford, Este, and Carter. May mean something, may not.
  10. NewsToTom

    Thoughts on offense

    Brought it up on here before, I think, but in the regular season, Rams were 24th in the league in run pct in normal situations (1st and 2nd downs, 1st-3rd qtr, excluding at/inside 1H 2MW). Titans were 4th in run pct in same situation. For additional context, Kyle Shanahan's 49ers were 22nd in run pct.
  11. As long as part of the team is for sale, the Titans will appear on lists of teams that could be sold.
  12. NewsToTom

    Titans doing their own version of Hard Knocks

    For those who don't click through to tweets, Ep 4 had plenty of Ryan with the #1's, and there are plenty of innocuous explanations for why Ryan might be practicing with the 2's one day (seeing what Reed looks like in the slot if injury happens, setting examples for the 2's, etc). But the depth chart made it through their filters, and I noticed it, and that really stood out. File away for bringing up again later if warranted.
  13. When Beddingfield was on Midday180 last year, he said early in the draft process Whiz wanted to stick with Mett and draft Amari Cooper.
  14. We discussed this on The Podcast That Didn't Record, and noted that because the team facility was a safe zone and we know he was in Nashville due to his documented visit to Vandy's football camp that week, there should be no effect on the game.