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  1. Anyone having Sunday Ticket issues?

    They’re on to your cheap ass
  2. What is Derrick Henry?

    I think Weber, Jones, Michel will be a Titan. & don’t rule out Mr. Hyde.
  3. Every Mariota Interception.

    He reminds me a lot of Tannehill
  4. Robiskie needs to be replaced

    AAS will fire Robinson before Mularkey. I didnt know Mularkey has complete control of the offense. Can that be confirmed? It looks as if Robiskie calls all shots
  5. The overreaction is totally laughable

    @OILERMAN in your free time take 20 minutes and watch Ronald Jones from USC, Royce Freeman from Oregon, Chubb or Michel from Georgia or Weber from Ohio State. We get get one of them and upgrade Spain/Kline and we are a dominant running team again. Jones reminds me of Kamara with more speed. Freeman looks like a young Murray. Michel may be my favorite. I have him as the 2nd best RB in the draft. If if you want to watch a mean, nasty SS look at Ronnie Harrison from Bama or if you want to see a Byard clone Deshon Elliot from Texas. Another guy you may not know about is the edge Dorance Armstrong... he is legit. If if you want to see a game changing ILB look no further than Roquan Smith from Georgia or Mikah Kizer. Another kid to watch is Jerome Baker from Ohio State... he could be special but we have a guy like him in Brown... Malik Jefferson could be a special EDGE guy from Texas or a 3 down ILB. He’s just not a fit at Texas
  6. The overreaction is totally laughable

    I think we are seeing why we showed so much interest in Kamars, McCaffrey and Cook... they knew Murray was on his last leg and Henry just isn’t ready or won’t be the guy
  7. The overreaction is totally laughable

    I tried to be reasonable in my reaction which lets sum it up. The offense is fine when when it works. Actually it’s deadly. The problem is this offense is centered around a dominant RB which we don’t have. Murray left 80-100 yards on the field literally. He could have gained a few 20+ runs on a few carries but decided to stop cut and run into a lineman or defender instead of running through green pastures. Henry just isn’t the kind of back that can be relied on. He’s not a feature back. Short yardage back sure, but never will he be a 3 down back. He hesitates like Murray and doesn’t have a quick first step into the hole (major knock coming out) but when he does get that first step and gets going he is tough to bring down. It’s just far and few between. Matthews is legit. Walker is legit. Decker is a solid #4 and Davis is nowhere near ready although he shows flashes of brilliance. Taylor is being held back bc of Matthews being a stud, Mularkey choosing a vet over a rookie and Davis being a high prized investment who must start and play due to his unnatural potential. Smith is a decent Recieving option but he is nowhere near ready to replace Fasano as the #2 we will have games like Seattle where we fire on all cylinders and Jacksonville and Cincy we will have games where WRs don’t fight for the ball which leads to a pic (Davis) Mariota doesn’t step into his throw and throwing it high (first pick) and Walker dropping a wide open TD (Like Matthews vs Cincy) if those three plays plays don’t happen then this may be a different game. It could be a W as that would be a 17 point swing in both directions. Mix in the blocked FG and the refs fucking up on the Brown fumble and voila We will be a lot like last year. Same in some areas like pass protection, pass rushing and stuffing the run. Better at defending the pass but the most detriment thing is not being able to run the ball. Murray is looking like EG out there. It’s time to move on. We we just can’t switch to Henry bc he isn’t an upgrade overall. We we will make the postseason and make an investment at RB via draft and add a solid OG in FA and another vet CB in FA. I also expect them to sign a vet WR in FA like Landry. The draft aft needs to be all about defense. I would love to see a true SS next to Byard and a legit pass rusher behind Orakpo/Morgan. We really miss Wallace and Dodd might be better off at DE or just trade him for a late pick or RB or OG idk. Its hard for me to say get rid of Robiskie. It’s obvious this offense can be lethal we are just so young and inexperienced and we are lacking the RB needed to execute this offense. I don’t even think it needs to be a power back type. I think a guy like Ronald Jones would be dynamic or we can stay in that power back style but one with speed and agility and pass catching + protection like Sony Michel, Chubb or Freeman. Ronald Jones may be the best RB after Barkley however... I’m not sure on Guice... he reminds me a lot of Henry anyway. We failed to execute and our inexperience showed and our top pick cost us a huge pic and Walker dropping a TD was crucial
  8. Robiskie needs to be replaced

    Agree. We we need a new OC McDaniels would be awesome... however he would have to be the HC and I’m fine with Mularkey as the HC as long as we get a McDaniels like OC to run the offense and Mularkey just manages the team and gets players attention. The players love Mularkey. Firing him wouldn’t be ideal. Getting a savvy OC to design and run this offense and the same on defense is the best option.
  9. It’s time

    The sky cam tonight may be a blessing in disguise. It showed so many yards Murray avoided. I honestly say he left 80-100 yards on the field. I think on the the first series or second? He had a hole huge as fuck he was running thru and had all day to his left. Keep in mind he was already in the hole and going. He stopped and turned right and ran into a lineman. Right then I knew it’s bad. He leaves so much on the field it’s gross. He did it again and the announcers were calling out how atrocious it was. There me is no way he’s back. I wish we we gave up a 4th for Ajayi...
  10. It’s time

    This is not Mariotas “offense” this is the “offense he is being forced to run” and it’s hit or miss. It it would be fine if we had a run game like last year and if Davis knew how to play football
  11. It’s time

    I think the coaches have done a fine job growing a Mariota. I think jts it’s time for a new coach to “unleash” Mariota and the players around him so to speak. Mularkey can stay HC but we need a sharp OC with a plan and idea that will suit Mariota to his strengths. We also need a run game... what was was our biggest strength last year is our biggest weakness this year. The run run game is pitiful and it’s nothing to do with the OL... Murray left 100 yards on the field that a shifty and younger back would have gotten. Henry has no clue what to do. I hated that pick, then thought maybe he could be the guy. My my instinct was right. Henry is just a guy
  12. It’s time

    To move from murray as the primary back he is holding this team back big time. We we need to go out and run Henry 15+ a game and see what we have down the stretch of this season. Its not not like we are out of the playoff race. Far from it. However if we want a run game it isn’t with Murray at this stage and it’s tome to switch to our high investment in Henry. If he doesn’t produce I’m looking at Ronald Jones, Sony Michel, Nick Chubb, Royce Freeman, or Mike Weber considering Barkley will be out of reach or Carlos Hyde in FA... i wouldnt mind seeing us grabbing Hyde and CB in FA and go SS, OLB, DE, OG in first four rounds. Kline is decent and Spain is solid but we need a dominant OG in there. Mark my words. This 10 day stretch will feature a shift in the offense to Henry at TB come next game. Davis needs to get his head out of his ass and make plays. He may even need to hit the bench. I actually would prefer Sharpe out there over Davis right now. Too bad he’s on IR despite the major investments at WR in the off-season we are in worse position than last year in the passing game.
  13. I’m starting to lean this way... should have been Adams and Jackson at 5&18 and Godwin/Taylor in the 3rd followed by Kittle in 4 if Kittle was available in 4th?