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  1. If we traded Mariota for a few high round picks and went in a diff direction. I would want the staff to sign Flacco to a 4 year deal and sign a WR and OG to pair. Bring in Flacco and Brown at WR and sign a solid OG or C and put Levin at the other spot. Retain Morgan, and Vaccaro defensively Use the the draft to nail down a RB like Love in 1 and defense the rest of the way or pass rusher in 1 with a RB like Anderson from Oklahoma in 2 and defense the rest of the way.
  2. Kyle021

    How to turn it around

    And STOP playing man to man with one single high safety. If we are playing man to man we need to be playing with two high safeties. Kendrick Lewis was dreadful today. Vaccarro wouldn’t have allowed none of that Shit
  3. Kyle021

    How to turn it around

    Ship a 3rd to Denver for Emmanuel Sanders Incorporate Sanders into the starting rotation over the next two weeks and come out in an up tempo offense that consists of Davis, Sanders, Sharpe, Smith, Lewis. We get Vaccaro back and after Dallas Morgan. Emmanuel Sanders would really add a new element to this offense. He would work the field deep, and intermediate and give us a great screen player outside of Lewis. It it would bump Taylor to the 4th receiver role but we can win with this team. We also may get Spain back by then. Also I work Levin into the starting C job or RG job depending on Kline’s health. Someone has to be replaced. It’s not Spain. Hell... maybe have Kelly step in at RG & Levin at C over the break. Levin looks way better than Jones and knows the system just as well. Kelly is a better run blocker than Kline and I would think he is as good at pass pro in the scheme as Kline. Shake up the interior OL, obtain Sanders and speed the offense up. Sanders has 3-4 more years of solid play with I would guess 2-3 years of top play for his game. That’s worth a 3rd. The guy we draft in round 3 most likely doesn’t contribute next year like Sanders would and def wouldn’t contribute this year for obvious reasons. I would love to say “trade for a RB” but there isn’t a better option out there than what we have. I would start giving Fluellen some reps and use Henry more as a pass catcher. He is damn good as a receiver. He’s slow hitting the hole but when he gets moving he is something else. That’s why he is so good catching. Feature him that way and run Lewis and Flu
  4. Kyle021

    Around the NFL today

    Wentz and Goff but that’s it. They’re more pocket passers with more polish coming out and both have the same damn coaches, a run game, abundance of playmakers and top defenses. We we have a decent defense, no run game, shit OL play, and missing our #1 option in the pass game and top 2-3 TE overall and everyone outside of Davis and Sharpe consistently drop things. Im going to post later. I am actually encouraged by this game
  5. Kyle021

    Meanwhile in Jax...

    How is Houston atop ththe division? They’re 2-1 in it and we are 2-0...
  6. Kyle021

    It's Time

    I was blasted for not understanding and hating the Henry pick. This is why. Michael Thomas would be nice about now.
  7. Kyle021

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    He is the #2 back. Lewis took the job today. Also Levin played really good. Hopefully he becomes starter at C or RG during bye week. Kline can backup both as well
  8. Kyle021

    Tajae Sharpe Is The Best WR On This Team

    Move Taylor to RB. He has vision and speed and agility. Can he block?
  9. Kyle021

    The good news is...

    Noah Fant or Caleb Wilson Future Titans. We we will spend money on a C in Fa, cut Kline and start Levin at RG and retain Spain and Pamphile and draft another OG in mid rounds. First 3 rounds will be pass rusher, TE and RB
  10. Kyle021

    The good news is...

    No. Adoree is better we should have drafted Kittle in 3 over Smith. Problem solved.
  11. Kyle021

    The good news is...

    Marcus was perfect today. Sanders would elevate this offense. I also trade Henry and play Fluellen and Lewis
  12. Kyle021

    The good news is...

    This. Trade for Sanders stat and he has two weeks to learn no brainer
  13. Kyle021

    Hyde to Jacksonville

  14. Kyle021

    Rhianna turns down halftime show

    Best performer in the business