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  1. Kyle021

    Chris Warren III

    Blount 2.0 or Foster 2.0?
  2. Kyle021

    Titans Final 53 (SWAGGY)

    Williams may start in slot if Matthews doesn’t get back on the field soon. Davis and Taylor are locked as the 1&2 but Taylor will be bumped to 3 if Matthews comes back. WR actually looks strong on the field compared to paper. Scheme has a lot to do with it but let’s not forget how insane talented Davis and Taylor are and Williams looks like a reliable keeper as a slot guy. Williams reminds me of Bobby Wade
  3. Kyle021

    Taywan Taylor

    Dion Lewis is going to be huge too. That dump off he took and juked two defenders out of their socks was legit
  4. Kyle021

    Taywan Taylor

    Looked like a budding star against TB. I said it the moment we drafted him that he is an Emanuel Sanders clone and he looked exactly the part last night. He may have a bigger year than Davis
  5. This is really funny to be honest
  6. Lol how have I not realized that @Jonboy is the only person who can start a game thread?
  7. Expectations? I want to see Jackson ball and Landry terrorize Also no injuries Kalan Reed will be a guy I keep my eye on
  8. That’s what I said. He needs to beat our Spain and I don’t think he’s there yet. We will see in time. The plan is for him to take over eventually I bet
  9. He fits the offensive scheme to a “T” when it comes to everything LaFleur will look at from his interior OL. Spain is the obvious guy to start initially and hopefully the whole year due to continuity and known quantity during a run, but Levin is on his heels already
  10. I figured this kid would get a shot at the LG spot or C spot in time. He has the skill set athletically and production collegiately just not the power/strength yet for the nfl and didn’t face big time competition alot. A year of experience and strength/weight conditioning under his belt, scheme change to fit and going against top DL weekly for a year and a half definitely improved him. He still has more to prove but wouldn’t get shocked if we see him getting time with the first team in the 4th preseason game or even a series’s in the third. I see him getting a lot of time at LG and C the next three weeks but don’t expect him to take away the job from Spain right away and not Jones at all. I do see him challenging for LG by mid season if Spain is below average and Levin offers below average play with better pass pro and pull on runs and screens. Fully expect him to be LG or C in ‘19 as a starter which may be why we kept Spain on a 1 year deal. Jones seems to be playing his best Titan football yet in camp. This scheme change is OL friendly and we have extremely athletic OL. Lewan is incredibly athletically gifted and Levin has athleticism that would make Spain a top 5 OG if he had it. If he can grapple close to Spain’s strength and ability to move a pile watch out. Levin is exactly the kind of OG we used to draft late and turn into high quality interior OL. We would draft athletic OT who wouldn’t have the length and height to play OT, groom them for a year or two and kick them inside and watch them take flight. Could be exactly what we are doing. He may may not be Levitre elite when he got paid but he could be Levitre good before he got paid and had a monster year in Buffalo. *could be
  11. Kyle021

    Training Camp Discussion

    Adoree will a prime year
  12. Kyle021

    Training Camp Discussion

    Stop! Walker and Jackson injuries. Time to call it a day. Ive never seen so many titans hurt in TC
  13. Kyle021

    Opinions On CB Malcolm Butler

    I’m not worried at all Butler is a high risk guy. He will get burned for a few big gains and a few touchdowns for sure he will also stop a few dozen first downs via run or pass and come away with 5-6 picks. He is a gambler and teams will avoid him when we put him and Byard on one side and leave Jackson on an island and Ryan taking the nickel. Everything is as vanilla as they come right now. When they scheme for an opposition and throw in a game plan Butler is going to take away a 1/3 of the field
  14. Kyle021

    Training Camp Discussion

    They aren’t scheming and part of it has to do with the injuries sustained in secondary so I feel they may be telling them to go 80% and just know where you’re supposed to be. Theyll turn it up 3rd and 4th preseason game
  15. I apologize too evwn though I feel yours may have been sarcasm, I’ll still take it