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  1. Impossible to argue this. Part of why why I was so glad he bit the bulletin on giving up picks this year and not next for moving up. If we are picking in the mid late 20’s... it would be worth it to give up a future first and multiple seconds to get up to the spot Oliver is at. He wont make it past pick 2-3 though
  2. After going defense in the draft and offseason I come away with the notion next draft will be a mixture of the two but offense will be high on the list. I think WR will be addressed rounds 2-3 with a major FA signee the guy in the draft we target is going to be Bryce Love in my opinion. He’s a Devontae Freeman clone in my eyes and is explosive as can be. He’s got burst, breakaway speed, catching and blocking and is a premier back. Another guy i see is Rodney Harrison the RB from OU who reminds me of prime DeMarco Murray. The guy is legit and was a star last year after finally being healthy. He could be a Heisman candidate this season. He doesn’t have the breakaway speed Love has, but he has the brute power we wish Henry did with sub 4.5 speed and patience that will do him wonders in a zone scheme. All of this is contingent on how good Henry/Lewis are. If Lewis is the guy and Henry is hit and miss then a top tier RB will be high on the list. If Henry breaks out then you can erase all of what I wrote above and take it to the bank that we are major players by moving up into the top 5 with the draft in our back yard to take Ed Oliver, or Nick Bosa. Who do you like next year? We will have one starting spots open at OLB after this year with Landry taking over Orakpo and will also have a void at ILB that can be plugged in the mid rounds. TE will be high on the list with Delano and Stocker gone as will WR with Matthews gone and Sharpe in his last year
  3. Kyle021

    Gimme a perfect album

    I’m talking now. He is head and shoulders the top artist out. Have you listened to his music? Not the hits on the radio, but any song in his albums? My my favorite album is his new one. Gives the 90’s feel. It’s perfect. Unorthodox Jukebox is an incredible album too. Go to youtube and watch any live performance and it’s easy to see where I come from. Kanye no. His early stuff was a work of art but since then. No. I think 808&Heartbreaks was his best album
  4. Kyle021

    OTA Updates

    Quit trolling. The new offense is designed to get receivers open but he is throwing to guys like Sharpe and Taylor and Jennings and Veasy against Butler, Jackson, Ryan and Sims its obvious who wins that.
  5. We clearly have a big need at WR and they aren’t happy after Davis/Matthews Do you see JR pulling off a trade and throwing a team a few 2nd round picks for a stud WR entering a contract year? I’m calling it now. That is what we do come soon.
  6. Kyle021

    Lewan holding out and not attending mini camp.

    I have no issue with this. JR said they want to get a deal done and will get deal done and is fine with Lewan missing camp until it is done. That tells me they're close
  7. Amazing content
  8. Kyle021

    Patriots about to make a big move?

    Maybe we offered Taylor and Smith for Gronk
  9. Kyle021

    Mariota vs. Winston 2015 - 2017

    Only QB I take over MM out of them is Wentz. Garropolo needs to show more before I make that argument. I see the top QBs in 5 years as Wentz Mariota Goff Trubisky Garropolo Carr Rosen Darnold Winston Wilson Newton Cousins with the top 3 as Wentz Wilson Mariota Rosgers, Brees, Brady, Rothelisberger, etc will be retired.
  10. Looking back we probably had Kevin Dodd and a 4th rounder in play with a conditional 4th in 2020 for Gronk and a 6th Hell... Coulda been Dodd, Falk and a 5th
  11. Walker and Orakpo for Gronkowski?
  12. They’ll let him walk and get a comp 3rd
  13. He said this on air two weeks ago when they were doing a Hidden Gem special on XM i called and said Cruikshank and he went on about him then proceeded to spend about 7-8 minutes raving about our roster top to bottom and is a big Vrabel believer
  14. No shit we are going to run the ball. We have two #1 RBs and for any offense to succeed you need to run. Atlanta, LA, NO are all running teams but their passing game is top notch bc of the run and players and scheme. No no longer will defenses look at our formation and without a doubt know we are running. Same look. Different play. 50/50 balance with a more diverse approach to gaining yards