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  1. Ereck Flowers on the trade block

    Patriot fans were up in arms about Ryan then Butler. Thats how how I know we got some legit corners. This may may be the best secondary we ever fielded Finny, Pac-Man, Griffin, Hope, Fuller were damn good though - wait. That never happened... what could’ve been...
  2. Whose your surprise top 10 pick?

    It’s bad when this dude buries you. I may delete my handle and come and come back as SprayPainterJoe
  3. Whose your surprise top 10 pick?

    I don’t see Smith as a top 10 surprise really... He is better than Foster coming out and had Foster been as clean as Smith off the field he goes too 5-7 McGlinchey... I can see that but only if the team views him as a RT. I’m afraid people will make him a LT and if so I don’t think he’ll fair well
  4. ***TF's Official NFL 2018 Mock Draft***

    There were some passes he dropped he could’ve picked off. If I recall there were 2-3 and a few more he was in position to intercept but we batted them down. Kid is going to be a turnover machine. We said the same about Byard after rookie year and a lot of people wanted to keep him as SS because he is so damn good blitzing and against run. Thankfully we let him centerfield Adoree also caused 2 turnovers and 3 forced fumbles
  5. Cryptic tweet from Delanie

    No. I see both sides but no. Our receiving core is banking on Davis blooming as a #1 and Matthews regaining ‘16 form and Taylor also blooming and Sharpe coming back from a foot injury as well as Smith advancing. Too many variables at stake to take to take away the one constant. A 4th round pick is not worth more than Delanie
  6. Every year there is the guy who was a late first but ends up top 10 I am going with either DJ Moore or Derrius Guice. Possibly Kolton Miller who reminds me of Ryan Ramzyck
  7. Vrabel OTA press conference

    Fully backing Vrabel He’s the leader of the pack and will let his coordinators coordinate how they see fit. He brought in guys who will do a bang up job. Davis will be used properly. MM too. I expect Taylor to be a catch machine in the slot and Matthews and Walker our third down guys. Tomorrow we get an impact defender. Friday we get two guys preferably on each side of the ball who can start and contribute right away. I would like to see a WR in 3 im really hoping Nwosu is a Titan after this draft
  8. ***TF's Official NFL 2018 Mock Draft***

    I wish. I really do That Roquan Smith drops to us. I think Vander Esch will be a Kuechly clone, but injuries will hinder him in a similar fashion. Roquan Smith reminds me a lot of Danny Trevathan
  9. ***TF's Official NFL 2018 Mock Draft***

    Where’s rest of the draft?
  10. I have high hopes for Taylor even though I really wanted Godwin
  11. DaeSean Hamilton. He’s a stufstud
  12. NFL Nation Mock Draft

    If we took Hubbard over Payne/Ridley/Reid I would lose my shit
  13. NFL Nation Mock Draft

    I think it’s safe to say one of the 5 will absolutely be a Titan Josh Sweat Dorance Armstrong Justin Reid Sam Hubbard Rashaan Evans
  14. Cryptic tweet from Delanie

    Mark Andrews could be steal of the draft Isiah Oliver as well
  15. Cryptic tweet from Delanie

    I think he is trying to be inspirational. why use #TitanUp if it was aimed at Tn?