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  1. And having an injured QB had absolutely nothing to do with it.
  2. Quite possibly, no certainly, the lamest comeback in the history of this board. You suck the hind teat scumbag. Enjoy the cellar.
  3. Maybe Marrone will be unsuccessful in an onside kick attempt to start the game. That should quell any emotion in the stadium for the Jaguars.
  4. Was referring to "most anticipated" by Titans fans.
  5. In the most anticipated opener in years, the coach took the amped up, electified crowd right out of the game. Having said that, shame on the crowd for quitting after one play. I just replayed the onside kick. Not sure if Tye Smith even saw the football. Very poor execution of an onside kick. On to Jacksonville.
  6. Jags Predictions

    Sadly Jags 28 , Titans 19. I hope to god I am wrong.
  7. Observations from attending...

    The crowd was electric prior to the game. It was really like a playoff atmosphere. The minute we lost the onside kick, it was like a tire that was slowly losing air and deflating. By the time the Raiders scored the initial TD, the tire was out of air. I don't have a huge problem with the call, but I don't believe Mularkey gauged how deflating it would be to the crowd if unsuccessful. We wait an entire offseason for regular season football, then on the VERY FIRST play we take all that energy and hand it to the Raiders.
  8. 2017 TR Survivor Pool

    Arizona Cardinals
  9. I'm in. Thanks for setting it up.
  10. Around the NFL - Notable Trades/Cuts

    He would even push Cassel IMO. They need to pull the trigger and upgrade a 3rd QB.
  11. Raider game predictions

    Titans 21 Raiders 20 Game of the Week.
  12. Lengths. I think you meant to say "great lengths"
  13. Per Jim Wyatt, Mularkey has already said Taywan Taylor will get extra reps which indicates to me that this could be serious. Or maybe that means "if" the injury is serious, Taywan gets the extra reps.
  14. I wonder if Henry has hit that "proverbial wall" that is always mentioned for rookies, usually around week 12 or 13. His play doesn't indicate that, but we don't know what's going on behind the scenes. Hope not He should get more carries in Chicago provided we can get a nice lead.