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  1. efus50

    Phil Bredesen

    He is not a moderate. I like him voted for him once. Realize that Al Gore lost Tennessee and because of that he lost out at being President. Cant imagine Phil does much better
  2. Jrob seems like a guy who never plans
  3. It's always surprising to me that people are amazed that the Titans actual thought about a game plan and then worked the plan.
  4. efus50

    Paul Manafort Trial starting right now

    I am not defending anyone. I am saying that the only reason this is news is Trump. The press and to some degree Mueller use Manafort to keep this story goin
  5. efus50

    Paul Manafort Trial starting right now

    Do you pay every penny. I doubt it. It's human nature to add miles that you drove or over value your donation to Goodwill or forget to report a $50.00 cash receipt.
  6. efus50

    Paul Manafort Trial starting right now

    They already knew about the crimes. I don't care shit about Manafort, It's in the news because he knew Trump. You would not know his name for any other reason
  7. efus50

    Paul Manafort Trial starting right now

    Some guy cheats on his taxes and lives beyond his means. That probably collects a crap load of the American population
  8. efus50

    Paul Manafort Trial starting right now

    The only bullshit in this case is that Mueller decided to bring Manafort to trial because he had a short stint as Trump campaign manager. This trial has zero to do with Russia and Zero to do with Trump. I would imagine that Manafort was taking money that was not his like a butt load of people do. Most people are not put in solitary confinement. Not sure why this is news
  9. efus50

    Training Camp Discussion

    This is stupid. Marcus not throwing is not an option. Who cares. Hopefully Jackson gets some picks this year
  10. efus50

    Dodd Released

    Too much has been written about this nothing burger
  11. Seriously starting a topic on Titans report whether your are liberal or conservative has to be the dumbest thing ever. Nobody is changing anybody's mind EVER
  12. efus50

    Maga: this says it all.

    This is not true. If Trump was not pushing his ideas or the wrong ideas his support would drop like a rock The fact that he has minded fucked the left is house money
  13. efus50

    Lebron James greatest of all time

    You need to go back and refresh yourself on Michael Jordan. Lebron is great but he is not Jordan