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  1. Dodd is far from a bust
  2. I am a bit upset.......so here goes.

    You kinda sound like one of these parents who thinks their kid should be playing more. The Titans are trying to go 16-0. They don't care within reason what group it takes to reach this goal. They tape everything and they look at everything. I trust Jrob period.
  3. Thought on Preseason Game #2

    I don't think the titans minded the call. It's what Marcus does. They put him in a safe play with plenty of blockers. He Slid.
  4. AxJax return (for those who missed it)

    Flipping the field almost every week is a turnover.
  5. AxJax return (for those who missed it)

    I think the problem is he made it look easy. Basically he ran up the middle untouched. In Indy Houston and Jacksonville the front office folks just shit a brick
  6. Thought on Preseason Game #2

    Zero reason to question Jrob at all. Zero reason to look at next years draft class. Let Jrob do his thing
  7. AxJax return (for those who missed it)

    That was too easy
  8. AxJax return (for those who missed it)

    dumbest post of the day
  9. Kalen Reed

    No doubt you called him at the beginning
  10. Unraveling in Jax

    I wont feel comfortable until we beat them twice
  11. Has one one seen video from Saturday on Adoree returning kick
  12. Titans training camp discussion

    Hired JRob. Enough said
  13. Buh... bweh... AHBortles!

    It's because the jags d is so awesome wink wink wink please extend now
  14. Titans training camp discussion

    Go next week when they go to centennial high school. Plenty of parking