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  1. Gimme a perfect album

    That was my first concert in Cincinnati
  2. Gimme a perfect album

    Boston's first album. Amazing sound
  3. Titans possible trade partner

    The difference between a player at 25 and 33 is all we are talking about here. To then pick up another low 2 high 3
  4. Titans possible trade partner

    And then it praying that JRob hits on 82 and 89 in the 3rd and 117 and 125 in the 4th.
  5. Titans possible trade partner

    I am good with 25 for 34 and 66 That would give us 34 57 66 89 125 162 199 I am ok with trade 57 for a mid 3rd and a mid 4th if we traded with the lions That would give us 34 66 82 89 117 125 162 199 I am ok with 162 and 199 being traded for Capital next year
  6. Jrob does not waste a penny

    I had originally put in Calvin Ridley but then realize he was not available and edited to Guice

    I hope the Titans trade with the Browns for 33 and 65.

    Not so sure the Titans don't take Derrius Guice here
  10. Here comes quid pro quo

    I think this time they have trump Willey E Coyote
  11. Here comes quid pro quo

  12. It could be that we are the only team with real cap space and a reasonable chance to win
  13. LeShaun Sims and Tye Smith: DB Depth (Any starters?)

    It’s kalen Reed time
  14. I don't expect Murray to be cut until the End of August. He is under contract and cost them nothing until September. I expect the titans to draft a Running back at some point in time.