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  1. We need elite players more than numbers of players. Pick at 5 unless someone is offering an unbelievable amount of picks.
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    No reason you can't do both
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    You have not watched him play. The kids been a beast every year. I don't think we need him vs others but 3 years of production in the sec screams
  4. If we could get Jrob to come back from Vacation maybe he could see the obvious
  5. The better news is hopefully he keeps on making the correct decisions. If he does it again we will be in fat city
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    The Titans are not carrying 6 cb's I am ok with Blake being the last on the depth charts
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    Same is True at Corner 1. Not on Roster 2. Not on Roster 3. Brice Mccain 4. L Sims 5. K Reed 6. V Blake That makes sense. Upgrade across the board
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    I think getting a true slot receiver and then a true Number 1 receiver would do wonders for this team. Wide Receiver 1. Not on Roster 2. Rishard Matthews Slot Not on Roster 4. Tajae Sharpe 5. Not on Roster
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    Amy was happy that every time she talked with him he sounded grown up instead of like webster
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    First off truth on Titans intentions will not happen on 104.5. General thoughts only Who ever they pick realize that he has thought about every other option and choose this as the direction
  11. I actually think it is the other way. J Robinson has set the standard and I think MM knows that J Robinson wants a Super Bowl. Hurdle the Weak Trample the dead is from Robinson. I think if the Titans are 8 and 8 next year that MM will be on the hot seat. I love it. I think Amy understands that Marcus is a gift and the time is now. I actually think they will be more aggressive this off season spending Cap Capital. I think Robinson understands that he is an elite d from a super bowl or deep playoff run.
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    I am hoping JRob can work his magic. I remember last year when D Murray was brought in such a surprise and so many TV types said the Titans were idiots. Who is laughing now. Same when they doubled down and draft D Henry. Nobody's laughing. I am sure JRob will get somebody that so cap tight team or some new organized team wants to get off the books. Lets hope