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  1. 8 percent better. Cut down the silly fumbles. Hopefully we have additions by subtraction No p cox. Or k wright or a Blake. That alone will help him large
  2. I wonder why Jrob throws nickels around like they are manhole covers
  3. My guess is that brown won't even dress for the first 6 weeks. Long term project at best
  4. E

    I don't remember ever thinking the titans need to throw the ball to Kendall last year
  5. Stop driving your dam car stop running your Air Conditioner
  6. E

    Hoping for a little more. How about what Kendall should have been
  7. E

    Hopefully we are drafting in the 20's for a while
  8. Remember last year everyone was picking the jags. Enjoy the process. No guarantee of success
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    Welcome to Smashville
  10. E

    Titans Ticket office or ticketmaster. The games have not went on sale so you can get what you want