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  1. I don't expect Murray to be cut until the End of August. He is under contract and cost them nothing until September. I expect the titans to draft a Running back at some point in time.
  2. The Titans are desperate!

  3. Am I the Only One?

    I am with you
  4. Sony Michel

    I hope we wait until the 3rd to take a RB. Too many goods ones not to be patient
  5. Play-off Bound GIF Celebration Thread

    this is the Funniest quote of the year
  6. Jaguars are not resting any starters.

    When Bartles gets hurt somebody is getting fired. You cant rest to many starters you only have 46 players up on Sunday. They will be playing to not get hurt period./
  7. Brice McCain

    Our Corners were not the problem on Sunday
  8. You guys ready to thank Trump yet?

    Save your energy
  9. This board is a friggin joke

    The thing that drives me crazy is this call to get rid of the players we have. right now we are a team of 53. Murray is our running back. You can not switch players mid year. Let's hope we stay healthy and play late into January
  10. The one thing you learn on the Titans Report is that there are plenty of people who have terrible opinions. Expand the market size of opinions ( to all titans fans) you will see quickly how nasty people are to others today. I am a Sticks and Stones kind of guy ( That's why I love you all) . Delanie is right if you can't handle a few players doing whatever see you later. More room at the table for all of us
  11. Marcus Can't Pass Right

    My hope is that Davis and Taylor are different ways to attack a defense. I think Davis is early Kenny Britt and Taylor is Kendall Wright if he did not fall down all the time. That's what I like about this team Young upcoming QB Check 2 Running Backs check All pro TE who likes to block Check A Rookie TE that looks like his clone check Matthews who is close to being a number 1 receiver I even like decker for what he is the 4th WR 2 different Rook WR OL who love their job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come December you will see Davis in this offense.
  12. Marcus Can't Pass Right

    Blah Blah Blah. We have our team. No way we wait until the 3rd round to pick Taylor as our first WR taken
  13. The Jonnu Smith TD had so much going on

    Come December We are going to be crazy happy C Davis is wearing two tone blue