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  1. Looks like the entire aircraft
  2. You cant be the no1fan and think like this
  3. E

    Let's trade like a mother fuck Thursday
  4. E

    I like him. Gone in 2nd round
  5. I have several but the number 1 only happens in the county I live in. You are at an intercession and you are looking to turn left and you are first in line and you allow the light to go from green to red without turning because you want to wait for a green arrow. Madness. WTF, How is this possible. It happens all the time. I am 3 cars back thinking I can make it and you don't go. It's been happening for years now. I don't understand what it is. It use to be only moms with kids with nothing pressing time wise but now its all the time. This bullshit where the city puts up a no turn on red sign. Obviously for the weak again. I go any way. I have started to run red lights where it makes sense. Cracks up people who are riding with me.
  6. How have you been validated. He has yet to play a snap
  7. E

    I know people who work for the Titans and they never give opinions on players current or possible future. It drives me crazy because you know there is office chit chat. You will get common knowledge and you will get past history.
  8. Ultimate the decision depends on JRob. He has yet to make a mistake. If he takes a qb at 5 I am in. I like at 12 and someone will drop. The problem is what if someone does not
  9. I worry about moving to 12 a missing a potential all pro. We need difference makers more than numbers. We are in a spot to get one of the top 5 players. Don't over think it. Adams would be amazing. I trust jrob. I don't see him moving for fair value. I think he wants more. Fix the d
  10. QB helps us like crazy