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  1. This board is a friggin joke

    The thing that drives me crazy is this call to get rid of the players we have. right now we are a team of 53. Murray is our running back. You can not switch players mid year. Let's hope we stay healthy and play late into January
  2. The one thing you learn on the Titans Report is that there are plenty of people who have terrible opinions. Expand the market size of opinions ( to all titans fans) you will see quickly how nasty people are to others today. I am a Sticks and Stones kind of guy ( That's why I love you all) . Delanie is right if you can't handle a few players doing whatever see you later. More room at the table for all of us
  3. Marcus Can't Pass Right

    My hope is that Davis and Taylor are different ways to attack a defense. I think Davis is early Kenny Britt and Taylor is Kendall Wright if he did not fall down all the time. That's what I like about this team Young upcoming QB Check 2 Running Backs check All pro TE who likes to block Check A Rookie TE that looks like his clone check Matthews who is close to being a number 1 receiver I even like decker for what he is the 4th WR 2 different Rook WR OL who love their job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come December you will see Davis in this offense.
  4. Marcus Can't Pass Right

    Blah Blah Blah. We have our team. No way we wait until the 3rd round to pick Taylor as our first WR taken
  5. The Jonnu Smith TD had so much going on

    Come December We are going to be crazy happy C Davis is wearing two tone blue
  6. The Jonnu Smith TD had so much going on

    Winning changes everything
  7. The Jonnu Smith TD had so much going on

    Next year there is no reason to follow the draft. JRob has this handled
  8. Texans, Dolphins, Colts. Browns

    I just want to beat Houston.
  9. First off people are so quick to suckered in to the Trump troll machine. Let the man have his say and move on. I think Trump is pissed by the lack of respect these players show him by not coming to the White House when they have been invited. I see no problem if so one sits or kneel for the national anathem its free speech and we need more free speech not less. Hopefully the Titans are concentrating on beating the Seahawks.
  10. We need D Murray to rush for 700 yards plus. We will need D Henry come January. I don't understand this either or with D Murray and D Henry. I am rooting like crazy that D Murray starts light up Defenses. This is a very long year going 20 games. I am rooting for D Murray to be successful. The same is true for C Davis. We need him to be successful. This Bongo bullshit where he is actively rooting against a player so he can prove a point on Titans Report is silly. I hope all of our Corners play lights out. You can have 5 good corners.
  11. Jimmy Graham Uncertain for Sunday

    J on Brown baby
  12. quickest way to make sure we are not playoff bound
  13. What Did Greg Cosell Have To Say Today?

    The tackle he missed on 4 and 1 probably cost us the game
  14. Titans 1st quarter of the season

    I am just worried about the Jags. Let us get a win. Let us get a win, Let us get a win