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  1. The problem this year and knowing jrob thoughts last year they made it clear that keeping Marcus from being hit was job one. This year jrob has not stated the goal (outside of the generic gm speak). He might want to fix the secondary. He might want to upgrade the weapons. On draft night when he drafts Barnett or whoever at 5 I am good with it Same with 18. I don't think it's going to be easy to move down
  2. I was always puzzled by his fielding the punt on the 1 yard line. His lack of recognition on the colts fake punt where the punter threw it to his man cost us the second colt game. Good riddence
  3. I have no idea what jrob is thinking
  4. The jags struggle with qb and ol. Good luck. The titans signed 6 additions and several of there own fa
  5. One of the problems with over paying is upsetting the pecking order.
  6. The nfl had 32 teams fighting for players. You can't win every battle. You will run out of cap room or space in the depth charts. The Titans have to be careful because they have many players on team friendly contracts. You can't pay a nose tackle more than Casey. Casey naturally wants more. That is part of the equation keeping current players happy
  7. I think it will be 1 offense and 1 defense
  8. Titans fans are not worst then most teams. Unrealistic plans are not new to TR
  9. They are losing a CB and a ILB named Hightower today
  10. You have to find partners which is not always easy. I don't think you can take Howard at 5 but maybe
  11. Best draft in years. Trade themselves out of 1 and 2 for Cooks and Ealy. I would be pissed if I were a Pats fan