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  1. More meetings with foreign countries

    -The sheets are a little dirty. -Baby now shits all over the sheets making them too dirty for him to survive without getting a disease. -mommy comes and replaces the sheets. - @JakePATitan says “wow what a genius baby! Please let me diddle that babycock!”
  2. How will Gruden's 2nd run go?

    I expect him to do great the first 2 years because the NFL needs them to do great and when that happens, teams win. Weird huh? Them em I expect him to be very average at best. Probably because he’s just not a good coach and also because he’s in LV and the gangsters will get to his players.
  3. LaFleur Article by Glennon

    #1a and #1b were robiskies playcalling and mularkeys predictable scheme. Personel and formation told the defense what what we were doing 95% of the time... AND THEY WERE FINE WITH THAT.... because it meant a better chance at a big play 1-2 times per game.
  4. LaFleur Article by Glennon

    We will be able to tell immediately. It took 2 drives during the 2016 preseason for me to say out loud “Marcus doesn’t look comfortable at all in this offense” this continued all of that year up until the Denver game.. where even though his stats didn’t show it, he played lights out. Discomfort continued this this past season except the Indy game. He wears his confidence in his gait, drop back, and posture... you’ll be able to tell in his first couple of passes.
  5. LaFleur Article by Glennon

    But coaching doesn’t matter? Make up your damn mind haha
  6. LaFleur Article by Glennon

    Remember when the same qb went from fisher to mcvay? Fishers rams to the eagles? To to call out or compare anyone to manning -especially Tim Tebow - is borderline retarded. Of course manning is going to be good. Manning on the pats is better than Brady. That staff had Tim Tebow looking good. They wanted to replace him because they couldn’t run a typical offense.. but the staff got everything they could out of him. Stop being so dense.
  7. LaFleur Article by Glennon

    Yet they forgot how to run play action last year... the staff was apalling. You sound drunk. The reports were he didn’t have full control on an individual play, but when we went into hurry up, he has control. And the lefleur thing is scary... let’s hope it’s not true and was just a mcvay thing.
  8. Cryptocurrency

    dont be so dense. of course theres fraud... of course theres people wanting to make a quick buck off a trend. no one is validating ALL cryptos as legit. No one ever has.. and everyone as said many are shitcoins. Doesnt meant there arent legitimate ones out there or that the top 1-200 are worth trading on.
  9. LaFleur Article by Glennon

    terrible idea if so.
  10. LaFleur Article by Glennon

    This is the main argument in the thread and its resolved in the first 3 posts. It shows several posters here are retards who cover their ears and yell when you prove them wrong. .. it also shows how terrible and lazy our local media guys are that they cant dive past certain stats to understand whats going on. maybe they dont deserve locker room access
  11. Titans for Sale?

    yeah but "national" does not equal "accurate" there has to be some sort of history with scoops and accuracy... this guy really has none. Neither does the other guy. 2 poops dont make a steak.
  12. The Dalton Scale

    we also forget that marcus td% those first 2 years was 5.4 and wentz was at 4.7 the only place where wentz actually beats marcus is interception rate 2.0 to 2.3.. which equates to 1 interception every 9 games - nothing really.. but even then, wentz fumble rate makes it a wash.
  13. The Dalton Scale

    yeah you have to give him 2 years. looks like a good deal.
  14. The Dalton Scale

    Wentz - 23 fumbles Marcus - 19 fumbles wentz - 449 rushing yards....110 attempts....4.1 average... 2tds marcus - 601 rushing yards... 94 attempts... 6.4 average... 4 tds... wents - 2 4th Q comebacks .. 2 game winning drives marcus - 4 4th Q comebacks... 4 game winning drives. marcus in philly would make foles and wentz look like dalton
  15. The Dalton Scale

    i'd need to see the contract really. it should be a no-brainer that its incentive laiden, money upfront, and easy -to-cut ties it it fails. but yes... they pretty much had their hand forced.