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  1. titanruss

    Fluelen update.

    it looked like he heard or felt something and just gave up. no pain on his face. i think he's probably close to 100% and was just scared so they sit him a week or two to avoid the shame.
  2. titanruss

    Mariota is finally telling LaFleur “No”

    cunty cunt cunt
  3. titanruss

    LaFleur is likely a goner

    Yes St louis Titan.. or TLGC... or whatever that other guys name was. .. we are all here just because we want to hate on black people and ignore the plight of the black man in todays society... and thats why this entire board exists... to worry about you and hate on you. fuck football!! amirite???? we think about you all day and how we can be as super racist as possible. hell, i cant sleep at night without trying to upset you and as many black folk as possible. missing one just drives me crazy. cant imagine how the mods must feel i meant, they dedicate soooo much time to inequality... shit.. what are you still doing here?!?! they are being lazy white bastards!!!
  4. titanruss

    2018 AFC SOUTH Division Race

    10-6 should get it done pretty easily, especially if the win is against the texans
  5. Go the Chinese vpn route and it’s significantly cheaper
  6. titanruss

    “Good guy with a gun”

    ... or just cops don’t immediatley shoot as soon as they see a gun. Giant pussies.
  7. More like 300 million in cash and a few hundred million in assets. He didnt need the mob ties. If the idiot had just left the money in the DOW for 45 years he would have more mo ey than he does today.
  8. titanruss

    Mariota is finally telling LaFleur “No”

    Improved record every year. From number 1 draft pick and a mid season coach firing to a playoff win in 2 years. Winnig season 3 of 4 years. Dont be a retard
  9. titanruss

    Mariota is finally telling LaFleur “No”

    Wtf? He went waaayyyyy overboard killing the franchise pussy johnny manziel starter kit needs to be in an rg3 offense ... there’s hundreds just as bad
  10. titanruss

    LaFleur is likely a goner

    What I’m gaining from this thread is that Oman admits he thinks mariota sucks and will fail. While ILf is getting a little overboard giddy here... Oman HAS said before that he’s not really a fan, more just appreciates the game and studying the moves involved. That could easily indicate he cares more about MM failing than the team winning.
  11. titanruss

    2018 AFC SOUTH Division Race

    colts and Texans beat mostly shit teams.
  12. titanruss

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    - He was moving the ball against the dolphins before the injury - he came into Jacksonville and exposed their defense (comeback) - he ran up the score on philly (comeback) - he came back on the bills and made the plays to win - bad bad team game In Baltimore... yet he still had a 90 rating - great against the chargers , came back and the coaches blew the call - great against the cowboys - great against the patriots this bs narrative needs to stop. Hes had to deal with more adversity than any qb in the league. THIS YEAR... and since he’s come into the league. Everyone stated it would take a minimum of 8 games to get going... but more likely 18 months No other QB comes into the season and immediately loses his top two receiving threats and gets an injury where they can’t grip/ throw. THE MAN COULD NOT GRIP A FOOTBALL What the fu k is so hard to understand???
  13. titanruss

    Mariota is finally telling LaFleur “No”

    Pretty much exactly how manning and Brady would do it. Without the weird sexual assault of the athletic trainer, throwing teammates under the bus, and rumors of multiple babies around the country.
  14. titanruss

    Our only chance to beat the Patriots

    Now now “big” ... you definitely got your rocks off to conversations the new staff had about playbook and running certain schemes. You liked plenty of posts discussing these things and how the old staff was fine. It’s ok. You you sick at evaluation and you need attention. Its ok it’s... o... kaaayyyyyyyy...
  15. titanruss

    Mariota is finally telling LaFleur “No”

    I’ve got a feeling that LaFleur is much easier to talk with than Mularkey/Robiskie ... who are old extremely stubborn ultrasensative asshats that publicly states they wanted to turn Marcus into Kordell Stewart. And these fools here still can’t figure out what’s wrong with the offense most of the last two years. Its like they didnt even watch the first half of the guys rookie season or after the game 5 adjustment of the offense in year 2. .. or the Seattle/ colts /Balt/San Fran games last year. When end we spread it out and throw, he’s always been money. When end we slow it down, max protect ,and don’t give him options he fails... mostly because his time in the league he’s only been OK going off-script. Not the same as college. But even that looks to be coming back under the new staff. Damn, if only we’d have been doing this for 2 years then imagine how far his development would be right now.