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  1. Dan Orlovsky draws McFleur plays

    It’s not agenda. He’s never been able to understand anythIng other than black and white results. Its too much effort for him to think about variables and reasons behind things.
  2. Jim Wyatt dropping hints on the uniforms?

    Even so without color... look at the logo lines sharpness, and shading lines, and line breaks. I’ve never seen that logo I don’t think. Have you? The lines make it look more like an oil derrick. The light blue is pretty perfect. AAS said it wasn’t changing and I’m inclined to believe her... HOWEVER… Changing a logo, rebranding really, can be a multi-million dollar endeavor for a large billion dollar corporation. The cost of that locker room logo light thing is probably in the 50 grand range. That light is not going to hold back the entire rebranding or developing a new logo, if it’s what they wanted to do.
  3. This is pretty damn dumb. Maybe be he’s worth it eventually but he had 3 games under billicheck - who makes everyone look good.... and then he had 6 games in San Fran where he threw for 7 tds and 5 interceptions. Seems a a bit premature. Great agent
  4. How can anyone feel sorry for Jeff? He’s his own undoing. He he wasn’t a great coach. He he was lucky to be in the league as long as he was... and he got there not because of coaching but politics. People he thought were his friends bashed him because he was a lying sniveling prick this article is stupid. He had to pay off this fab reporter for a sob story... and it’s not even sad. Just damn funny. What a pos
  5. Good lord the awesome news just keeps pouring in and drowning the colts. Hillarious.
  6. i bet indy gets in a bidding war with them now.
  7. Browns 0-16 lowlights

    if you look at it... the patriots have actually been a better team than the browns have been a bad team
  8. Thoughts on Nick Foles

    Then they messed around with the system to do things that made him feel comfortable and voila!!.. TR posters think he’s a top 5 QB. Reh-tards
  9. you guys are fickle idiots. if there was one more week and foles stunk it up you'd say it was a fluke and his pocket presence was average. theres about 5 QBs in history that are good regardless of system... not great, just good in any system. foles is not a good QB on his own. he’s a very average QB who is a great QB when put in position to succeed. he'd fail in mularkeys old system.. brady would have failed in mularkeys old system. the disconnect and conclusions you make in your brains is comical watching from the outside.
  10. most of these guys' #1 goal isnt to win a superbowl... it's to retain their jobs. thats where the conservative play comes in. then you try and win a superbowl when youve got your best of best roster but you dont know how to play aggressive then because you never did before.
  11. Post staff, Senior Bowl mock

    cyp sticks around i bet. dont care for the QB or RB in the draft if thats our FA above it. We need pass rushers and front 7 guys as much or maore than anywhere... so i think we need to find talent there and thats likely first two rounds. then oline to make the zone switch... and to make up for a slow start by our RT (probably get another vet swing guy here).. but we can get an interior guy rnd 3-5
  12. Whose our backup QB in ‘18?

    Orvlosky! haha
  13. Titans To Unveil New Uniforms In April

    i was thinking the ring around the TN symbol and maybe the facemask. id need to play a bit in photoshop to see.