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  1. The Walking Dead Thread

    gave up about 3-4 seasons ago... and before i gave up i was downloading episodes and watching them on double speed to see what happens.. nothing ever fucking happened.
  2. we knew this would happen. the coaches promised him carries when they signed him. murray looked terrible for the last half of the season. ... still got carries. henry looked better.. murray still got the carries. the coaches said he'd still be getting the lead back carries all offseason.. he looks even worse than the end of last year... still getting carries. mularkey did this at other stops too. he forces the lead back until the lead back has got nothing left... then he continues to force him until the season is over and he has time to sit and think about possibly making changes. the changes rarely come as long as the back is under contract. we will be lucky in this regard next season.
  3. Mueller requesting more documents...

    dumb as his avatar picture? you think he's the emperor from star wars?
  4. He knows the offense. Thats probably the most important thing since its apparently the most complicate scheme in the history of football.
  5. Collin Cowherd on Mariota

    you keep saying this. when does his contract expire? was it a 4 or 5 year deal? i cant find it anywhere. 4 years is the end of this season... then we may as well go and find a new guy and keep paying 2 coaches for one more year. if its 5 years... then yeah, that makes a bit of sense there. 3 HC coaches on one tally for next year could be something that holds them back. edit: ah I found it.. "The Titans were very financially aggressive," Werder said. "Overly aggressive, I'm told. Most coaches, who are new hires, get a four-year contract. He got a contract that exceeds that, that's fully guaranteed."" so it could be 5 or even 6 years.
  6. its also not protecting the QB when you bring everyone who wants to hit him closer and in more confusing defensive alignments.
  7. Dick LeBeau gotta go

    that may be the most understated etc in the history of et cetera's
  8. Tajae > corey

    if you triple davis stats its about the same as sharpe. a little better on receptions, a little worse on yards. if davis doesnt fumble that TD then he'd average out more TDs davis also made more highlight grabs in one game than sharpe did his whole season. sharpe wasnt injured, davis was. next year i dont think the stats will be close. way in Davis' favor.
  9. The titans are not adding and big WR talent in the offseason... maaaaayyyybe a guy to replace decker/douglas but i doubt it. they probably re-sign them on the cheap and hope both are better and healthier a year after injury. Hopefully they find a 3rd down type RB that can play in the slot some too... we've been asking for that guy for a near decade.
  10. this could help some. it was needed more before davis went down. but it should help some.
  11. so this still doesnt clear much up. is he able to change it TO ANY play or just change ANY play to the coordinating run or pass? also.. mularkey has been known to be very stubborn and unwavering in the past. a lot to him maybe isnt much to others.
  12. mularkey said he doesnt like to run hurry up more than 1x per half... and that he wont run it again if it doesnt score a TD.,, not just a FG... a TD.
  13. he had enough of an offseason not to regress. he partially participated in OTAs.. and was a near full go for training camp. He worked on footwork and studied film. He even threw with his recievers. he's regressed in this offense and to many many people here, he hasnt looked as comfortable since preseason game #1 of last season. he looked more relaxed as a rookie when dropping back. maybe not more relaxed when making plays by navigating the pocket or by throwing deep.. but more relaxed when scanning the field and finding the open man... and throwing that man open.
  14. Collin Cowherd on Mariota

    you want to come here and say that houston game should count?
  15. around the NFL today

    crazy what a new coach can do to a team... its like the players just all decided to play better for no reason at all.. weird.