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  1. I don’t think there’s much wrong with Henry but I think if Henry has an easy fix to get better ( other than pad level) it would be to keep his feet moving. High knees sometimes but really it’s about keeping his feet moving through tackles. Watch some more early Eddie George tape or something. His is balance isn’t great and he’s got tiny legs for his size. Those are the weaknesses he will always have to work on.
  2. titanruss

    Uniforms - Poll

    I like em. I wish the sword details were changed a bit. Decent change though.
  3. Yeah you have to assume that based on practice reports and the other shanny systems. So far here, no rollouts really, very little play action. Most passes from shotgun. No pistol. Ran hurry up in the first quarter. Lois more like the old manning colts offense at this point. They are just using the game to practice things and put some stuff on tape.
  4. how come you don't ever see a dude that looks normal blowing a flame ball? its always some skinny fat guy with a greasy ponytail and leather vests.. just so gay.
  5. Yeah I think the intros of both weeks was pretty chummy but the rest of the content was top notch. i will say that it’s pretty difficult to follow the specific plays on the interceptions early in this podcast without visual aid. Maybe link to those MCM posts. Really good stuff though.
  6. titanruss

    Add Brennan to the list.

    top secret clearance in the patent office isnt the same thing...
  7. titanruss

    Echos of Watergate

    by supporting the guy who illegally evicts poor people from his properties? who lets their homes rot so that the government will condemn them? supporting the guy who has cheated on every one of his wives a litany of times. sexually assaulted women. thinks his daughter is sexy. lies daily. supporting the guy who lied about being a christian? dont be a retard.
  8. i've never been a twitter fan. shit like this bothers me. the other thing that annoys me is people linking to a tweet that is just a link to an article/video/etc. why dont you just use the original link? why the middle man?copy/paste is even easier to do.
  9. Gif does not sound better than jif watch a movie quick? Watch it in a jiffy? Watch it in a jif... giant, giraffe, George, cage, rage,age, Germany,... etc etc etc theres plenty of precedence for the soft g it still works for the acronym it has the double entendre with jiffy It rolls off the tongue better and the creator made it that way. Fuck off, gay ass giffers
  10. titanruss

    Training Camp Discussion

    I see that. TO is thicker and crazier. But CD runs better routes at this stage
  11. Which is why they had to change things up, open it up more and give the qb more options to find the open guy... not constantly try and scheme single players open. But it they turtle headed up and reacted the exact opposite way they should have. They made it very hard on themselves.
  12. titanruss

    Jalen Ramsey has some things to say...

    I read it as: He said mariota was good for us... then said Taylor was basically a poor mans version.
  13. titanruss

    Training Camp Discussion

    You absolutely can. He set the production record in college and his main knock was losing concentration and dropping Easy balls. But it none of that matters as your I are still trying to argue you were right when you were obviously and completely wrong. Corey Davis does and always has made a fuck ton of splash plays. Big time plays. Game winning circus catches where he breaks multiple kinds of tackles plays. It’s who he is. You saud aid he wasn’t that type... and then made a shitty comparison to Marvin Harrison solely on an idea of number of catches. hes the furthest thing from Marvin Harrison. More chad ocho cinco or Andre Johnson... even Julio. Not marvin.
  14. titanruss

    Training Camp Discussion

    He’s never been that guy. He’s always struggled with consistency on easy catches and always made big plays and spectacular catches. The only part you got right was volume.