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  1. S

    What's wrong with smoking pot?
  2. S

    I was just playing devil's advocate. I do get tired of the narrative that people are acting like we only have one draft pick in the offseason. Haha. Let me clarify my stance: I want us to stay at #5 and draft the best defensive player available. I'd be okay with trading down with the #18 pick to recoup a 2nd. The draft is pretty deep at positions we need, and I trust J rob to do what is needed. All I was saying is that the whole team needs to be upgraded, but we absolutely need to give Mariota more weapons. He isn't ready to carry the team.
  3. S

    My only issue with Scotty's line of thinking is that it's putting a ton of pressure on Mariota to make his receivers better way more consistently. He is coming back off injury, so the chances of a slow start are huge. I'd rather he have reliable, much improved weapons to throw to than just counting on him to raise their level of play himself. He is going to continue to progress into a damn good QB, but asking him to basically start off on a tear like he did for that stretch last year is asking a bit much.
  4. S

    I sure wish every team would follow your strategy. Clearly, you've unlocked the secret to winning he super bowl every year.
  5. S

    Call me what you will; I still get plenty of pussy. (: chicks love beard rides.
  6. S

    Not if the beard is well-maintained and looks good.
  7. S

    I guess it's a good thing mine is blonde. Honestly, some dudes pull off the look better than when they are shaven.
  8. S

    Yes, because having a beard instantly makes you a hipster
  9. S

    Mine is super light in color, so I have to grow my stache out to make it look presentable. How long is your beard?
  10. S

    Cruz didn't just fall off the map, he plummeted to his hypothetical death.
  11. S

    I just saw it. Pretty accurate. Soup is a fucking nightmare.
  12. All I ever see OBJ run are deep crossing routes and 9 routes. Haha.
  13. S

    Yeah lol. I'm short and have a big beard.
  14. S

    Grew it in less than two years, at that! I catch flack for it all the time. Im only 5'9" and over a foot of me is beard. Haha.
  15. S

    Jake apparently doesn't know beards. Sometimes, your beard doesn't connect. He is still young and his facial hair is still in a puberty-like stage. I also got to the barber weekly. My beard is a little over a foot long, and that mother fucker is hard to maintain.