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    Hate him and the organization all you want, but he is the greatest I've ever seen play. He is a surgeon on the field. As long as he plays, he and A-Rod are the best.
  2. S

    I have a feeling it will be close until halftime, then someone will start pulling away. I'd bet the Pats. They are doing great things on offense without Gronk. That's impressive. That defense isn't too shabby either. The better defense wins that game.
  3. S

    It's going to be a great game. I would love to see the falcons win, but I don't know that will happen. The Pats are the cream of the crop.
  4. S

    You usually don't bet against A-Rod, but that is as stacked an offense as you'll see, and the GB defense is awful.
  5. S

    I actually feel badly for Rodgers. He is on such a shit show of a team.
  6. S

    Ryan just has so many weapons. Give Rodgers the skill players Ryan has and Green Bay easily wins this. Ryan is great, but Rodgers is in another league. As scotty said, it's tough when you are literally willing your team. The GB defensive backs are getting rocked.
  7. Outside of the top 2 (who are still in question), none of the receivers really stand out to me for what we are looking for. Most seem like solid complimentary guys. I mean, they could become the greatest WR draft class in history. Who knows?
  8. WIth all the depth at TE and the weak class for WR (outside of Corey Davis and Mike Williams), it's looking (at least, to me) like we have a better chance of going WR in the first and waiting for a TE.
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  10. S

    I like Atlanta and NE, but wouldn't be the least bit surprised by GB.
  11. S

    I really liked the Johnson signing in your mock. I didn't even think about him. The only thing I would question is LaFell. He just seems so unspectacular and would go against what we are looking for. Plus, he wouldn't be much better than what we already have. Pure speculation. Great ideas, though.
  12. S

    I wasn't wrong. I liked his moves. I thought he did a good job in evaluating what we had and turning weaknesses into (relative) strengths. Again, the issue at hand - which you are being blasted for - is the heavy dose of backpedaling. Scotty brought proof (thanks for looking that up, by the way. I'm lazy af) and you're still not convinced of what you were saying. In the spirit of respect, I'm going to drop calling you out on this thread. You did a good job on this mock and I'm not going to demean the work you did. In the future, I suggest you go ahead and take the "L".
  13. S

    That's not it. Last year, he was clearly upset about what J Rob was doing in free agency. Because of that, he started using the term dumpster diving. He had a negative connotation on it. This year, he is backpedaling so hard, he is tripping over himself and likely now believes he never said it. This whole situation would be avoided if he would just admit what everyone knows.
  14. S

    You just don't get it. Everyone has seen it and multiple people have called you out on it. Just own it. Haha.
  15. I'd just change the pants. The white pants with the powder blue is my favorite, by far.