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  1. Mularkey's Total Silence Still Surprises Me

    Nah, man. My life is actually pretty great away from TR. You actually would probably be better off with my life for a year, rather than your own.
  2. Mularkey's Total Silence Still Surprises Me

    I dare say Mularkey was:is as delusional as simple Jake.
  3. Dan Orlovsky draws McFleur plays

    Scotty is still frustrated Mariota ruined Mularkey
  4. Brian Cushing to be released

    Is every one of your posts going to have a mini-mock until the draft?
  5. Dan Orlovsky draws McFleur plays

    He looks silly right now. Mariota wasn’t bad all year, like some are claiming he was.
  6. Dan Orlovsky draws McFleur plays

    National took the blame any chance he got, even when he WASNT to blame. It’s sometimes blows my mind what agenda you try to push, Scotty.
  7. Anyone who watched Jimmy G this year, even in limited time, can tell he is/is going to be an absolute stud. Sometimes, stats don’t tell the whole story.
  8. Vikings to sign DeFilippo as OC

    God damn, @Soxcat You sound like such a cry baby bitch right now. Just because you haven’t heard about someone doesn’t mean others haven’t. He comes with a pretty good pedigree. I think you you need to hop off some nutsacks, homie.
  9. Jason Kelce gives it to Michael Lombardi in his SB parade speech

    Man. That’s what I’m fucking talking about it.
  10. Maybe JR loves Cyprien because

    I’m definitely willing to wait and see how Cyprien does when fully healthy. Like ILF has said, he came on a bit and did well toward the end of the season. Its also just as asinine to take DLB’s word/opinion as gospel when it comes to evaluation of a player after the defense underperformed a good bit throughout the year.
  11. Thoughts on Nick Foles

    I feel as if just a 1 wouldn’t be near enough.
  12. Thoughts on Nick Foles

    This. Dude just lit up the Patriots to win the Super Bowl. I’d say this is the highest his stock will ever be.
  13. My thoughts on the Patriots Super Bowl run

    I do understand Vrabels, though!
  14. My thoughts on the Patriots Super Bowl run

    @chef has said more with his analysis than you have in this entire thread. I dont even think you know what you’re talking about.

    Brady is throwing some god awful passes.