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  1. Well, the option I want to choose isn't even an option. And I'm not sure everyone else shares your heavy skepticism that's riding with your vote.
  2. Because I was just mocking you. And your agenda is clear as day. Kimmy. That's cute. Haha. Don't get so emotional, Scotty.
  3. Okay, Bongo. I mean, I really don't give a shit if others agree or disagree with me. I've already stated why I think there is more to prove with an unproven coaching staff than there is with Mariota.
  4. Nah, it’s really not. I will say that I think the top two “groups” with a lot to prove are both coaching staff and Mariota. Everyone knows Mariota isn’t a finished product. I’m just calling out how ridiculous you sound in pushing your narrative. Right now, you’re almost as bad as Bongo when pushing his “Corey Davis sucks/Taywan Taylor is the man” narrative. The coaching staff also stunk last year, which in turn didn’t help Mariota (or any of the team, in that case). And you cant deny having an agenda when it’s plastered all over this board.
  5. I haven’t even looked at the voting. Im not with the 26, but I don’t have an agenda. Im looking at it from multiple viewpoints. Mariota does have a lot to prove, but with the expectations going into this season, I think the coaching staff has more to prove. We can all assume we know what we will get, but we have no idea.
  6. StephenIsLegend

    Jeff Fisher. Fox Gameday Analyst?

    I’m done with you. You sound like tez (can’t make out half of what you are saying) and you’re delusional. Fucking moron.
  7. I’d say the coaching staff as a whole. The reality is the team is coming off a playoff win, overhauled the staff, and have high expectations. The roster looks pretty well-loaded. They have more to prove as a group than anyone else. Its laughable anyone thinks it’s far and away Mariota because he is the QB. It’s pretty close for a lot of players and coaches because we have no idea what we are going to see when the season rolls out. For once, let’s put the agenda/narrative train to the side and actually think.
  8. StephenIsLegend

    Jeff Fisher. Fox Gameday Analyst?

    Yeah, I’m sure when the agents are negotiating contracts, they don’t give a fuck about an extra million or so. Get real.
  9. StephenIsLegend

    Jeff Fisher. Fox Gameday Analyst?

    You DO realize 6 is less than 8, right? Pitiful troll attempt.
  10. StephenIsLegend

    Jeff Fisher. Fox Gameday Analyst?

    Yeah, you must be right... I mean, it’s not like players opt to take less money to go to a SB contender or anything like that ever, right? This might be one of the dumbest statements made.
  11. StephenIsLegend

    Murray to retire

    He probably should have been more vocal about his inability
  12. StephenIsLegend

    La’el Collins. What could have been.

    Hey, retard: it can be both fact and opinion. If I were you, I'd stop while I could still keep some semblance of respectability. I'm starting to question your state of mind at this point.
  13. StephenIsLegend

    If we at some point win the SB...

    How retarded do you have to be to believe the shit you're spewing? You can absolutely be wrong about an opinion. Seriously. Use your brain before retorting.
  14. He did look uncomfortable in that archaic offense.