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  1. Jrob's Drafts - Wyatt Write-up

    Be careful with what you say. The tard twins have arrived to disclaim J Rob and Mariota. J Rob is building a fierce roster. His picks have mostly looks great thus far.
  2. preseason week 3 against the Bears

    I mean, I'd rather them practice precaution with him, but fuck... I'd really like to see him play.
  3. preseason week 3 against the Bears

    No CD, most likely?
  4. Told you this wasn't going anywhere...

    I'm just frustrated to see TGLC still has not figured out the proper "you're" to use.
  5. Told you this wasn't going anywhere...

    That's a load of bull shit. I'm a white dude and I care.
  6. Told you this wasn't going anywhere...

    I don't disagree, I just don't like the platform being used on this site. That's my only issue. Haha.
  7. Marcus Mariota is Better Than Jameis Winston

    I wouldn't expect anything less, Scotty.
  8. Told you this wasn't going anywhere...

    In regards to your second paragraph: that's kinda where I'm at. At some point, they have to weigh his talent vs. fan/revenue lost, and I can almost guarantee that fan/revenue has won (for now). I think you and I are on the same page, for the most part. You're one of my favorites around here, so that's refreshing. Haha.
  9. I'd rather them not. I don't want to take any more chances than needed.
  10. I feel like that's a nod to most of the starters not playing week 4.
  11. I am a bit upset.......so here goes.

    I hope he sees more significant snaps this next game. He has been great against backups, but he needs to be tested. After what hat we had last year, I'd willingly accept having too many good corners.
  12. Told you this wasn't going anywhere...

    I already said why I was asking you. It's a valid question, considering almost every thread I've ever seen you a part of has strictly been/become political in entirety. I will say that I am not a detractor from your cause, but I still believe you are using the wrong platform. I am under a similar mindset as oldschool - your platform isn't ideal and the way you are going about addressing issues isn't the best for getting people to back your cause. My biggest suggestion is to not act like such a condescending ass when you are trying to convey a message, and to maybe think a little more clearly about what platform you are using. I'm out. I'm tired of seeing this shit pop up.
  13. Told you this wasn't going anywhere...

    You said you were boycotting the NFL, so I was curious as to when the last time you watched a game was. Just trying to validate your arguments and reasoning for possibly baiting politics in the NFL talk forum.
  14. Told you this wasn't going anywhere...

    Less distracting is still a distraction, which is basically the point of the argument. Also, Curtis - when was the last time you watched football?