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  1. Fuming Mariota Signals Need for Change in Offense

    God damn. You’re insufferable. I truly wish we could just get a perm ban on you. Since we can’t, looks like you’re going on ignore. I’m done reading you’re drivel.
  2. How ridiculously disappointing. I didnt expect anything less.
  3. They were winning in spite of Mariota

    I meant with your constant defense of the coaching staff.
  4. They were winning in spite of Mariota

    I sometimes can’t tell if it’s Scotty or Mularkey posting.
  5. Very frustrated they went away from Henry when he was proving he was pretty damn good in the early go around.
  6. I was right about Mariota/METT

    I think that’s a stretch. Jake was in the chat yesterday and was on the same level of BK.
  7. I was right about Mariota/METT

    Using the ignore feature only helps so much. Just like Jake, he is bringing down the quality of the board. Dude agreed to a bet, lost, disappeared for a while, then came back. His word is worthless, his drivel is maniacal, and he offers zero to the board. He deserves to be banned. For the record, I’ve put him on ignore.
  8. 20 sacks in the last 3 games.....

    The defense has been alright, but they crumble against decent-to-good QBs.
  9. It could be worse, we could have taken John Ross

    Yeah, I don’t understand the narrative that he was a raw project. Of the top three, he was the most pro ready.
  10. JRob shaking up the scouting department

    WR are not easy to find if you are TN. Quit allowing your hatred to fuel your analysis.
  11. Browns release Kenny Britt

    After chastising others in the other thread, you have zero right to say anything about Shazier.
  12. JRob shaking up the scouting department

    And a few of us aren’t emotional and reactionary.
  13. Cmon guys...

    I don’t know if a suspension deletes the posts in the thread or not, but it was mostly spawned from the Gronk dirty hit thread. He was being blatantly racist.
  14. It could be worse, we could have taken John Ross

    JFC. Learn some fucking patience. You lose credibility when you say a player is a bust this shortly into their career. You can have concerns over ther play (which I’m sure most are), but to call someone a bust this soon is ridiculous. Quit acting like some football genius.