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  1. You guys take bait so easily. Jesus CHrist.
  2. Apparently, you don't understand context. I said "pretty much saying." That's not a direct quote. Quit acting like such a bitch boy over someone talking about your username. Jfc.
  3. Cause our defense was a pretender.
  4. Nah, not even close. It's just not worth my time to debate with someone over a thread that's pretty much saying "LEAVE BAMA PLAYERS ALONE. THEY GOOD ALL BY THEMSELVES!!"
  5. I couldn't give two fucks. I'm just making an assertion based on your username.
  6. Yeah, I'm nowhere close to being a redneck. I hope your evaluation of players is better than your assumptions on other posters.
  7. If you were a homer? Dude, your username is fucking Rolltide. You have a big ass target on your back that says "Bama homer." No matter what you do under that username, you're a fucking homer.
  8. There's holding on practically every play.
  9. This thread is gay.
  10. What is kind of funny is how a lot of people seem to be forgetting just how often our defense looked bad and the pass rush became abysmal. For the most part, they feasted on weaker QBs and o-lines.
  11. Smokescreen.
  12. Yo, hop off Henry's nuts.
  13. Not to dog on you (not yet, at least), but it doesn't seem like you were watching the same Marcus as everyone else this past year.
  14. I've been fucking up a lot of quotes lately. My tv show/movie quote retention game is not strong right now.
  15. Props for the GOT reference. I can't wait for it to come back on. KING OF THE NORTH!