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  1. Rewatching the drafts on NFLN

    He needs to earn those chances by keeping his head straight and grasping the playbook. i want the kid to succeed because he is a Titan.
  2. Brady has the hardware. The one QB who consistently gave me nightmares was Peyton.
  3. Rewatching the drafts on NFLN

    Taylor was a non factor for a majority. If you are riding anyone’s ass, it should be his. That’s your fucking boy.
  4. Record low draft ratings this year?

    You’re an angry little elf when it comes to moviegoing. I mean, I’ll probably do both: watch the draft AND the movie. Haha.
  5. Rewatching the drafts on NFLN

    I’m seriously baffled by the incompetence of a lot of you. Davis was injured, but it was clear as day he was improving as he was returning from injury. Some of you retards are so feast or famine, it’s unreal.
  6. Kevin Byard may be a top 5 S

    He will call you a racist for that remark.
  7. Rewatching the drafts on NFLN

    I prefer NFL network over espn all day, every day. ESPN guys are just boring.
  8. Rewatching the drafts on NFLN

    That one that improved as the year went on? Yeah. I was pretty stoked on that one as well.
  9. Titans 2018 Schedule

    Does anyone have the graphic for the Titans schedule that floats social media and is a fit for the iPhone background?
  10. Kevin Byard may be a top 5 S

    Simple Jake can't even admit he got demolished. Amazing how wrong a single person can be.
  11. Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    The team was carrying VY to wind. In his limited action, Locker was more impressive. Worst debate ever.
  12. Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    It’s laughable Righteous is trying to defend VY over Locker right now. VY was a cancerous quitter.
  13. Titans 2018 Schedule

    I’m still in awe of how awesome our jerseys look.