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  1. Except, it was obvious at the middle-to-end of the year he was slowing way down. He wasn't near as effective. With how much we want to run, he needs to be spelled.
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    I'm sure that, even if we draft OJH at 5 and he turns into an all-pro/pro bowl caliber player, people will still bitch about reaching.
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    It's also a sticky situation. I'd be okay with Howard because he would potentially turn our offense lethal. My preference is a defensive stud, but so many red flags have me concerned. It almost seems like #5 is an awful spot to be in.
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    There were many jokes last year about Mariota and Walker being the fastest players on the team, and they are at positions you wouldn't think would hold the fastest 40 times.
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    Who doesn't like Butt stuff?
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    I think TR is a great place because the unfiltered nature. I'm filtered in so many other aspects of life that talking football and shit without being mandated or regulated is absolutely freeing.
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    What @gaskill15 is probably getting at is that TR is almost completely unfiltered. It takes an Internet thick skin to stick around here. Those who take things too personally shouldn't stick around. I like poking fun at other posters, and most of it is all in good fun. Ive seen you around for a number of years, @charleytolar. It's surprising to me that you make the overall feel of TR seem like news to you. I mean, I still will always wish death upon @OILERMAN, but I agree with him on a lot of different things. Find the balance!
  8. I still think Tajae's ceiling is probably #2. That said, we need someone who can fit the number one mold, and as much as I like Zay, he looks to be a career number 2. I could be wrong, but that's just what I see.
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    Agreed. I feel like it's almost off base to say the defense is one or two players from elite. Stats aside, what I saw last year was our guys getting manhandled for a majority of the game and stepping up near the end. Pass rush disappeared for periods of time. Corners looked awful.
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    Our pass rush disappeared too many times to be considered "very good" last year. It was okay most of the time. I wasn't nearly as high on our defense last year as a lot of others were.
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    I was wondering why a thread on signing quality depth had jumped over 10 pages. Just the usual bitching and moaning.
  12. Someone clearly hasn't gotten the proper amount of anal in a while.
  13. Without looking at statistics, I'd venture to say we threw one or two deep balls a game. I could be mistaken, but I definitely felt we aired it out at least once a game. Besides, Ross would be used for way more than just the deep ball. His RAC ability is pretty damn good as well.
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    New England is also manned by the GOAT QB/HC combo. At this point, New England is an outlier.