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  1. Still planning on going to the Raiders game. Trying to convince my buddy to go with.
  2. I just wanna know how many Titans tattoos @Titanstattoo25 has.
  3. JFC. You guys are acting like a bunch of fucking children.
  4. Damn. The window is closing!
  5. Quit taking this jackass's bait. The QB he clamors for has never even won a game.
  6. I guess you truly can't fix stupid (or ignorant). Good luck getting your point across.
  7. This is the last thing I'm going to say about this. If it isn't blatantly obvious by now, then it should be: an online message board, where the MAIN FOCUS of the sub-forum this thread is posted in is FOOTBALL talk, is probably not the greatest stage to try and get your point across. It may have more effect if discussed in the political or off-topic forum. If you are getting pissed off more people aren't batting an eye, then you are just being ignorant. This is a FOOTBALL TALK message board. I can't believe I'm even having to make this known, but here I am. Haha.
  8. I mean, the only person calling out racially derogatory terms is the one claiming others are doing it, so... in other news, Kaep still sucks.
  9. This video is excellent. If the girl wasn't portrayed as such a dumb ass, she would be way hotter (than she already is).
  10. I'm honestly just hoping this heated discussion continues overnight. I like a good drama to wake up to.
  11. Kaep is shit because of his poor football play.
  12. I mean, they couldn't be more annoying than 90 percent of your posts on this threa.
  13. Yo, shut the hell up. This shit is getting old as fuck. JFC = Jesus fucking Christ
  14. I'm down for OpGrammar. That would help in a lot f the misrepresentations!
  15. Man, you need that nonexistent historical figure who allegedly walked on water, wrote that best-seller, and feeds the hungry.