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  1. Would be amazing, but sounds too good to ever be true.
  2. Definitely would be okay with taking him at 18 depending on who is left on the board.
  3. Add that into the fact he's a perfect fit for our team. I am so torn between wanting him and a defensive guy.
  4. S

    Honestly, just watching those videos - he does not play with elite speed. When you watch CJ's videos in college, he was blowing people's angles away. This guy is fast, but he doesn't have elite speed on the field.
  5. S

    The falcons don't have anyone on staff with play calling experience
  6. Beast... I do have a man crush on him... But I do like Adams too.
  7. He's not good enough talent to play in the nfl... and I've seen almost every game he's played.
  8. Serious question, how would BHop know that?
  9. S

    Yeah we would have no problem hosting it. Plenty of hotels and things to do.
  10. S

    Davis. Has better hands. Catches the ball amazingly well. YAC. High character guy. Physical. Insane production even against higher level competition.
  11. My wet dream is to get one of the defensive studs plus C. Davis.... Give me Hooker, Allen, Adams, Foster + Davis and I can die a happy man.
  12. I say we leave it all here in this forum. I really am lazy