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  1. Cryptocurrency

    Yes I have realized gains in btc, but the vast amount of money is in the alt coin market. Yes when it comes time to cash I will sell to bitcoin and convert to fiat. To answer your question you control the dollar amount of what you sell for. You can market sell or you can limit sell. When you limit sell you set the price of the sell in use. There are no tricks. Just sell at the price you want. Just like stocks.
  2. Cryptocurrency

    What ? That makes no sense. The price you sell at is the price you receive less fees which are small. Not sure I understand the statement .
  3. Cryptocurrency

    And for those who cry about the "gambling" of bitcoin, see exhibit A: Looks like a sure win "gamble" to me.
  4. Cryptocurrency

  5. Cryptocurrency

    Yep, ETF's are about to be approved too. I am genuinely trying to help my fellow Titans fans. This is a once in a lifetime chance to get in on the ground floor of transformational industry. I am beyond bullish about crypto. Literally, the people bashing it simply don't want to or are incapable of understanding why it has value.
  6. Cryptocurrency

    I guess they are happy with their 8% gains and low standard deviation.
  7. Cryptocurrency

    Strap in fellas. Shits going parabolic real soon! Damn, up $1,000 in an hour, LOL.
  8. Vrabel start of OTA's Press Conference

    Pees had a contract extension on the table. He turned it down. Don't spread lies.
  9. Cryptocurrency

    Invest in bitcoin today. You will triple your money within 3 months.
  10. Cryptocurrency

    Last chance to get cheap bitcoin guys.... Should be hitting the bottom pretty soon. Then it's rockets.
  11. Cryptocurrency

  12. Cryptocurrency

    Where do you think these start ups get their funds from? They get them from ICO's, who give them typically (Eth). They then turn that ETH into fiat to finance the operation, or perhaps if the startup is promising enough, any partner accepts that token or coin to finance the operation. Investing in crypto absolutely fuels the adoption/technology. Without these ICO's these startup blockchain companies don't exist.
  13. Cryptocurrency

    You have to zoom out. It has went up year over year. It has an off the chart standard deviation. But demonstrated history of year over year growth.
  14. Cryptocurrency

    Love how everyone here is quiet when things are good, price is moving up. As soon as it goes down everyone here says "I told you so!", it's quite funny to be honest. I am as bullish as I have ever been about cryptocurrency. It (blockchain technology) absolutely will disrupt almost every industry in the world over the next 5 years. Every single day we grow closer to mainstream adoption. It's just a matter of time.