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  1. Supdawg

    Let’s talk about our newbies

    Thought this belonged here:
  2. Supdawg

    We can beat anybody. We can lose to anybody

    People said the same thing after the Jags/Pats game earlier... Pump the brakes. NE was tired and looking toward the bye. We wanted it more yesterday.
  3. Supdawg

    Titans are 4-1 against the Top 10 scoring defenses

    Or are those defenses top 10 because they played the Titans??? 😕 Cool stat
  4. Supdawg

    Marcus is an enigma

    I noticed that too. He consciously stood in the pocket instead of bailing.
  5. Supdawg

    Trade Hypotheticals

    Honestly, I can't even vote knowing this is hypothetical. I wouldn't trade for any of them for all different reasons. Edit: I'd give up a 2nd for any of them, though.
  6. Supdawg

    Beddingfield: Davis’s ceiling is a good #2

    For the record, he liked Davis, just not at 5. Thought he should have been a low 1st rounder/high 2nd rounder. I disagree with him on that. I don't like that he disappears at times for no apparent reason.
  7. Supdawg


    BTC can vanish if you have it held online in an exchange somewhere and it was hacked. If you hold it in a hardware cold wallet and you keep your private keys safely hidden offline it absolutely cannot be hacked or stolen. Just a quick update. Looks like Bitcoin and the alt-markets have formed a rounded bottom and are absolutely poised to go up. BAKTT is launching in November with an ETF. Not sure how fast or how hard Bitcoin will go up. We could make it to 9K by end of year or maybe 12K. Those of you who are interested in investing in crypto, there is still time to get in close to the bottom right now, with a 10 month bear market nearing a close.
  8. Supdawg

    Quick thought on the game.

    Not sure if scheme or personnel? I'd lean on personnel myself. Our interior line is not athletic at all. The Shannahan zone running game is tried and true.
  9. Supdawg

    Rashaan got some things to say...

    Agree with this, but it's hard to have a sense of urgency when you don't feel comfortable with what you are seeing and not sure of yourself. Beddingfield has told everyone that Evans isn't the brightest bulb (and he's a Bama guy). Unfortunately for us we desperately missed Woodyard yesterday. Can't believe how much our run game suffered without him. Not ready to give up on Evans yet but it's frustrating.
  10. Supdawg

    Rashan Evans

    Hes getting better every week... coming out party on Sunday???
  11. We should offer him an extension and huge raise but make him sign a deal where he cant leave for 3 years. So impressed with him.
  12. Supdawg

    Bills Week

    Good news is that defense usually travels well. Our defense will keep us in the game regardless of whether our offense shits the bed.
  13. Agree... Josh Gordon is about as ripped as I have seen a NFL player before. I'd guess he's probably 7-8% here:
  14. Did I say it was ? All I said is that Henry clearly has enough fat on his body that he could lose 10 15 lbs to make him quicker.