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  1. Anquan Boldin HoF?

    No, hell no.
  2. That one tip might have been the best play a lb has made for the titans in years.
  3. Wanted to bump this thread. This could be the class that puts us as a Superbowl contender for the next 5 years.
  4. AxJax return (for those who missed it)

    I hate to agree with Kyle, but honestly during the return I also thought to myself he didn't look as fast as I'd think he would look. But definitely shifty and elusive for sure. It was an impressive return. Super excited.
  5. Start by Reddit link. Trick is doing his play by play:
  6. To be fair, he visited with the team during training camp just a week or two ago... I am sure Mularky was in his ear.
  7. I disagree. Spain was pretty darn good last year.
  8. Logan Ryan

    Not hitting the panic button yet, but I am a bit concerned. I do believe that the Jets may have game planned a bit to make them appear better to their fans.
  9. Tanney's Performance. Backup QB Spot

    Just watched the game this morning. Tanney looked lost like last years Easter egg. Made me realize he doesn't belong in the NFL. Saw a guy just play terrible. Missed throws, missed protections, no awareness, poor accuracy.
  10. Was about to post this article. Amazing article.
  11. Honestly ask yourself do you need the car, or do you want it? 7% interest is absolutely terrible for a new car loan. IT would be a bad financial decision to purchase it. I'd spend the next year or so getting your credit better before buying a new car. You can improve your credit score considerably in a year if you know what you are doing. Buying a new card with a high interest rate (because of bad credit) is indicative of someone who can't manage their money. Wait a year, save up a larger down payment, improve your credit and it will save you thousands of dollars over the loan and it will help you with improving your self discipline.
  12. Love this place and many others do as well. Thanks for spending your time and energy on this place @TitansGuru. One day I hope this place can make you some money, but I don't want to lose what makes it great. Which is freedom and self moderation.