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  1. My wet dream is to get one of the defensive studs plus C. Davis.... Give me Hooker, Allen, Adams, Foster + Davis and I can die a happy man.
  2. I say we leave it all here in this forum. I really am lazy
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    Does no one understand a cash problem when you have a billion dollar evaluation. Most businesses have to operate off of credit. The value of an nfl franchise is not operating cash. It's appreciation of the business. Cash is not a problem for any nfl team because any bank will loan them money.
  4. Well I for one am a NFL guy through and through.... It's hard for me to watch college sometimes because they are so many mistakes. When I see college kids with NFL skills, it immediately jumps off the screen at me to be honest.
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    I'd definitely be okay with Barnett at 5. He's a great football player. I do not like Ross at 18 and would make me sick to lose out on Davis 2 spots in front of him to be honest.
  6. S

    LOL, perhaps we can gain some Ex-Charger fans from this ordeal. I think we made a few on the St. Louis move.
  7. He reminds me of Ray Lewis.... off the charts instincts.
  8. S

    What's everyone's expectations on what Foster will run? Is he a 4.4 guy? His play and instincts remind me of Ray Lewis.
  9. S

    Sounds like a good deal to have in his back pocket. As long as we don't drop too far down, we still can get a blue chip player.
  10. To quote the SI article about him earlier this year - "Fleck’s best player is his polar opposite from a personality standpoint. During Fleck’s speech, Davis sat in the front row, silent. Nearly everyone in and around the program describes Davis as shy. He spent all summer at campus. In the fall, if he’s not at class or at the football building for organized activities, he’s at the football building. Simon has often arrived at his office to find Davis already there, scrolling through plays on the coach’s laptop. “It’s not like he works to be seen,” Simon says. “Like, ‘Hey I'm working over here!’ He wants to work in silence and he wants to work quite literally when nobody is watching.” "When scouts visit campuses to do recon on prospects, they’ll often ask: Does the player love football? Davis shows without telling, by staying after every practice to shag balls. Sometimes he’ll do distraction drills, implemented by Fleck and Simon: They’ll run through more than 100 ball drills, sometimes using cut-open footballs, other times lacrosse or tennis balls. This perhaps explains why drops are rare for Davis. According to Pro Football Focus, Davis had just 15 drops on 183 catchable passes through last year." “At first Corey didn't want to lead,” Simon says. “He wanted to do his job and do it the very best he could. But he developed the mindset: If I do it and just tell someone else they should, they’ll do it.” This guy sounds like a Jon Robinson guy. I want him bad.
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    I think this is a very good idea to maximize multiple coverages and blitzers.
  12. S

    On the reddit page, some guy posted a thread worried about Williams being gone by #5... I called him retarded. LOL
  13. If he falls to us, lets take him, but no way to move up.
  14. S

    I dont think so, but I would be ecstatic if he did.