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  1. Zero chance Supernaw remains TE2
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    2nd behind the Pats
  3. Lol, what a fucking idiot. He will definitely eat those words.
  4. The season can't get here fast enough. So freaking excited.
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    I'm sure it will suck as all national Titans coverage does. But thanks for posting.
  6. My initial thoughts on Decker were that we didn't need him and he would take time away from the rooks. But I see the upside of this deal. It's a low risk deal that helps to offset relying on the rookies too much. Best case the rooks dominate and we have a very talented 4th WR with #1 WR upside in case one of them gets hurt.
  7. I'd like to do a comparison between this poll right now and the one we typically do close to the end of training camp to see how the narrative changes. I personally can get a really good feel of the team for the year on how they play in preseason. A lot of people downplay the preseason, but I do not. Let's vote on the 2017 Titans Record now and later. For the record, I am extremely high on the Titans right now. As long as we stay relatively healthy I think we dominate this year.
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    All we need is that deep post season run to compel the city to get back behind the team like in 99. That one run created a generation of fans. So many transplants have embraced the Preds because they didn't have hockey allegiances prior. Most already have football teams.
  9. As I catch the buzz around the rookies in OTA's, they all seem genuinely impressive. Even more so than in years past by far. I know its extremely early. But the buzz around this rookie class is off the charts. What are the chances that we hit a homerun on all of our top picks? Who do you think has the greatest chance to disappoint?
  10. Stage ready body builders are typically 4%. Id be willing to bet that sproles is around 10-12% body fat. I saw a few pics of him in the 15% range clearly by lack of definition in his arms. This pic he clearly is not <10% and I'm 100% sure of that.
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    "but he is practically immortal as a pocket passer."