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  1. S

    Good stuff @Jonboy , well done sir! Feel like we could easily do a v2 and v3.
  2. Dude, he will be 3x the player Morgan is. I am not a UT homer, but I watch most of their games. He flat out dominated games. Virtually unblockable at times ala 08 Haynesworth. He will be a 12+ sack guy from the start IMO>
  3. He's defintely a dark horse candidate for the Titans.... He absolutely ticks every box as a J-Rob guy and would not surprise me at all @ 5...
  4. S

    Yeah, when he was told the news, he said, Eff you, I'm not coming to Bristol to do the pick.
  5. S

    Corey Davis' favorite QB is Mariota... @Jonboy Source: Source: [http://es.pn/2pbo6dh] @17:49
  6. S

    Absolutely dominant at times. I would be happy with him as a Titan.
  7. S

    More than likely if we can get pick 33, we can trade down again in the 2nd round and pick up a 1st next year!
  8. Give me OJ Howard and Davis... That combo seems like a wet dream. Imagine a 2 TE set, OJ & DW + Mathews & Davis...
  9. S

    Definitely a man among boys. Good chance (>60% IMO) he'll be there at 18. Would be stoked to get him and Adams..... Or him and Howard... Offense would be straight fucking BEAST MODE!
  10. S

    One thing you can't discount is that Mularky is a TE coach at heart and our base offense is TE heavy. This is a pick that makes so much logical sense from the perspective of Howard can create some serious matchup nightmares. I do also agree that 5 is a little rich for him giving the both strength of the defensive players in this draft as well as Howard's obvious lack of production in college. To be fair, this wasn't his fault.
  11. S

    I'm on the Adams train as well. The versatility he could bring to our defense makes me feel all warm inside. If Byard continues to develop, we could literally have two pro bowl safeties on our roster which would be unheard of.
  12. Although he was such a universally well liked player and leader, perhaps there are no concerns with him so they felt good checking that box.
  13. Man this is exciting. What are the inputs into the model ? What software package ? Tell me more.