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  1. Stop hiding Marcus

    I have always defended marcus.. not today. He was really bad. I do not remember him ever playing so poorly.
  2. Stop hiding Marcus

    Marcus may have played his worse game as a pro today.
  3. No matter what we need good players on both sides of the ball. Way more than could have been filled in one draft. We need another strong draft to be truly elite
  4. Hopefully he retires so we don't have to embarrass him. I just think his system is not good for the modern NFL. QB's & offenses are too smart to be tricked into making bad plays 99% of the time and the athleticism of the modern QB really negates it as well. It's just an outdated system IMO. No doubt we need a better pass rush.
  5. It's clear to me that Lebeau is a problem and needs to go. The game has passed him by. We are clearly underperforming our talent level. That is 100% on the coaches.
  6. Browns Predictions & Poll

    Damn I can't believe I'm leading the pack! Titans win 34-17
  7. Luck endures setback, been shutdown

    This fuck the colts
  8. Good thing he is a fudge-packer?? Da duh dun!
  9. Corey Davis: WTF

    I'd love to have Davis back too. But we're being overly cautious with him this week because we simply do not need him this week to win. I fully expect him to be a full participant in practice after the bye.
  10. lack of DLine depth has become a real issue

    I don't recall a single "play" from the DLINE tonight. We have a group of above average players, but no one elite who can make a play when we need one.
  11. Taylor Lewan Changed the Game Again

    He has for sure regressed this year.... No where near elite.
  12. Colin Kaepernick

    Well, regardless of his stances on anything. The BOTTOM line is that if he was good enough on the field to be a starter he would be employed. Forget everything else. His play is the reason he doesn't have a job. Employers can deal with a lot of bullshit if an employee has a very unique and profitable skillset. KP does NOT have a profitable skillset both in terms of on the field play as well as potential loss of sponsorship dollars, ticket sales, merchandise, etc. Meaning it's a simple math problem for an employer. Risk/Reward. Not enough reward to overcome the risk. It's not collusion, it's capitalism.
  13. Aaron Rodgers injured

    Broken Collarbone. could be done for the year.