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  1. I believe they had the 3rd best record in the league from 1987-2003. Maybe even the 2nd best. And 10 of those seasons were played in Houston while 12 played as the Oilers. Only 5 were played as the Titans.
  2. Actually yes I do. That made no logical sense why they made the Ravens like they were an expansion franchise.
  3. One of the greatest? There are 2 words out of those 4 that don't belong.
  4. Gil Brandt is a POS

    You're playing with fire creating threads like this.
  5. Gil Brandt is a POS

    I really hope you don't regret making this thread.
  6. I honesty have no idea how anyone can watch that game and call Mariota "ineffective." I mean what exactly could he have done differently to be considered "effective?"
  7. TNF Raiders vs Chiefs

    The refs are doing a great job in deciding this one.
  8. TNF Raiders vs Chiefs

    That was blatant OPI. I think the refs didn't call it because the game is in Oakland and they didn't want to get booed and wipe the play out.
  9. Big win

    Well yeah I know the answer. I just want to see him say it.
  10. Big win

    Answer my question
  11. Big win

    The Titans scored 36 points. Marcus Mariota was 6 of 6 in the 4th quarter and was nearly perfect in the 2nd half after the INT (which, by the way, was not his fault). I don't know what more you want. What would you be saying if the Titans won the exact same game in, say, 2007 and Young had the same numbers?
  12. Big win

    There are ones that still like him because of 30-17 but they've been much quieter lately.
  13. Big win

    I think he's the only one at this point still defending him.
  14. Big win

    When the Titans win it's a team stat for tez. He credited the defense after the game, not Mariota. When they lose it's Mariota's fault.