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  1. Including me apparently.
  2. It's gotta be Arizona.
  3. scine09

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    Disney's okay for a couple of days. But it's so overpriced. Have you ever seen the prices for their cruises? Wow.
  4. scine09

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    There’s no way Hawaii is as expensive as Disney World. Other than getting there maybe.
  5. scine09

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    Better than it is where you live.
  6. Yes. I was saying if you looked at it directly behind the play. I think we both know exactly where the play happened.
  7. It depends on your vantage point. I was basing it on the point of view behind the end zone. If you're watching on TV it would have been the far side of the front of the end zone on the right.
  8. I remember the day they got Moss there was some sort of record for people signed on to Titans Central.
  9. Mike Martin? He was never any good. How about the LB that played real well at the end of 2009? I can't think of his name. He basically flamed out after that. He was a rookie that year I believe. He was the guy who ended up in financial difficulty or depressed or something that John Glennon I think wrote an article about. Leroy Harris was a tough one to figure out. He looked like he was going to be a long-term starter.
  10. @Face, that collapse was not something that could have been predicted. If someone was to say immediately after that Johnson run (probably the best run of his career in all honesty) to go up 19-7 that not only would the Titans lose the game but go on to win just one more game, including losing at home to Washington and Jacksonville and get shutout at Houston, you'd have called them crazy. And this was before they got Randy Moss. The ironic thing about that season is they ended up 6-10 and out of first by 4 games. Well the 2 games of those that they should have won were against the Colts. The first one was one when they moved the ball the entire night and had some bad turnovers. And that was the night that Fisher punted with like 5 minutes or so left inside the 50 on 4th and 1. And of course the Colts ended up scoring and that was that. And the other one the Titans actually had a chance at the winning FG and Collins had a bad exchange on a handoff and they went on to lose at the end. But had they won those 2 games they actually would have won the division as they, the Colts and Jaguars would have all been 8-8 and the Titans would have won the division. Fisher would have come back and they wouldn't have been in position to take Locker because Minnesota likely would have taken him. Who knows what would have happened. My guess is they'd have gone defense, taken a QB the following year and Collins would have come back. And Fisher would have left after 2011 which would have been a disaster with Collins. Fisher had a bad year, easily his worst with the organization. From completely botching the Colts game to managing the Denver game like an amateur, it was bad. Who knows what happened with Vince Young, I don't think we'll ever know the whole story, but regardless it was time for him to go.
  11. No.....front right corner. If you’re looking on the side of the field that it was on. Front left I guess if you’re looking at the field from where the QB threw it. I think we’re both right on this as it’s based on the perspective of how you’re looking at it.
  12. You’re right. I fixed it.
  13. scine09

    Matthews Unlikely to Play in 2018

    I wouldn't be surprised if he never plays again. He's a diva and not good enough to put up with.
  14. Yeah. Front right corner of the end zone. Pretty ridiculous call. It was like they were looking to call a penalty on Moss.