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    Did anyone catch the part in the article when Fisher told Young that he was being given the keys to the hummer when he was initially named the starter in 2006 and Young was confused because he didn't see a hummer? That was hysterical.
  2. I honestly don't think that at the time many Titans fans thought that there was a major gap in talent. In fact there were several of us, including me, who preferred Mettenberger to either guy. But I think most of us certainly understood that if they felt that Mariota was even slightly better that they had to take him. However, it became apparent after just one practice with the 2 of them throwing side by side that they made the right move. And obviously they were able to see the difference during the entire process.
  3. I just hope he doesn't play the company line and is willing to be controversial like Kuharsky is.
  4. No one is better than Kuharsky.
  5. Good point. I do think that played a role.
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    I don't believe that's true. Locker would be on an NFL team today if he wanted to be. Look at some of the clowns who are backups today. Even guys like Josh McCown and Brian Hoyer have starting jobs! Locker's heart just wasn't into it. I don't think he loved playing QB and it doesn't sound like he really wanted to play elsewhere. It was either back up Mariota or retire. I give him all the credit in the world for what he did. He passed on what would have been millions to live a happy and quiet lifestyle. In 4 years he made more money than he'll ever need anyways.
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    I think Locker physically did all he could. However, I don't think he was a student of the game. I don't think he really worked hard at getting better as a QB. Maybe that's one of the reasons why he retired to open a gym. Physical fitness was more exciting to him than playing the QB position. Because if Locker wanted to he'd still be playing today somewhere, backing up someone. If Blaine Gabbert can get a job then so can Locker.
  8. Honestly the only game he was REALLY bad in was the 2nd Jacksonville game. That was easily the worst game he had a pro, ratings be damned. Against KC he certainly wasn't good all game but he was great when it counted. And against Denver I felt like he just wasn't given a chance to do anything. The numbers stunk but if you watched that game he wasn't the liability that the numbers would suggest. As far as weeks 3 and 4, those were his 2nd and 3rd worst games of the year. He was inaccurate and just off. Against Oakland, though, he had that one real good drive at the end that should have resulted in a game tying TD. I also remember him making some big throws against the Texans. Both those games certainly weren't good but neither was close to as bad as Jacksonville.
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    I never felt he was some outright bust like others have said. That's been my point the entire time. His career didn't go well but he wasn't Jamarcus Russell, Matt Leinart, Akili Smith, Ryan Leaf, etc. I mean he had some decent moments.
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    No doubt that's who he'd have wanted.
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    Japan, you don't happen to dislike Vince Young, do you?
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    I think Fisher is an arrogant prick. He didn't get his way so he did what he could to make Young's life miserable. Clearly Young is immature and hasn't grown up and likely never will. I don't see him as a bad guy, however. Fisher to me seems like a backstabbing asshole.
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    I'm sure that Young isn't completely blameless but I definitely think the stuff he was saying about Fisher is true.
  14. It's an insider article but here it is http://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/story/_/id/19711822/ranking-rosters-all-32-nfl-teams-2017-pro-football-focus
  15. Yeah I have some issues with this list. They don't spend enough time on depth first of all. And the Mariota rating is just ridiculous. They ranked Cody Kessler above Mariota, for example. But regardless of all that the fact that they're rated so high, even for all of PFF's faults shows that they really should be a contender this year.