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  1. I'm back (well sort of)

    Then what the hell were you doing getting out when you knew that the market would almost definitely grow in the long-term?
  2. I think Arizona will surprise everyone

    I'd be surprised if Arizona wins even 6 games. The NFC is tough and the Cardinals look to be a distant 4th in their division. I'm pretty sure Vegas has them with the lowest over/under in the NFC.
  3. How will Gruden's 2nd run go?

    They feel like the Raiders of old, meaning before 2015.
  4. The Dalton Scale

    The article I read made it sound like they wanted to give Smith/Webb some time and gave McAdoo the green light to bench him because of that. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2017/11/29/giants-co-owner-john-mara-talks-about-benching-eli-manning/108138992/ This sounds like it was more Mara, then Reese with McAdoo a distant 3rd in the decision making process.
  5. The Dalton Scale

    I think they fired McAdoo for other reasons. But there's no way in hell that Mara would have allowed Manning to be benched without being a party to it. Supposedly Mara met with Manning and asked him if he wanted to start the game and then leave to keep the starting streak alive and Manning declined. At least that's what I heard.
  6. The Dalton Scale

    That wasn't McAdoo's decision.
  7. LaFleur Article by Glennon

    I don't think anyone is really thinking that. At least people who understand that style of offense.
  8. The Dalton Scale

    The 2 are incredibly similar.
  9. LaFleur Article by Glennon

    In other words......everything will be 180 degrees different.
  10. The Dalton Scale

    I wouldn't call him a choker. The first 2 playoff losses were the first 2 years of his career. And in the other 2 they were blown out. Sure he didn't play well but it's not like they'd have won either game if he played better. And he was hurt for the 5th game. I'd say it was more a combination of things why they lost so many playoff games and haven't won a playoff game with him under center than anything else.
  11. I'm probably going to pick the 49ers to win the west. I feel like the Rams may be one of those teams with high expectations that crashes. There's a lot of 2011 Eagles in them.
  12. LaFleur Article by Glennon

    Base sets and 2 TE's are fine. That's wasn't the issue. I think you know that too.
  13. The Dalton Scale

    I'm not sure there are many starting qbs I'd take Flacco over, assuming that the 4 high picks will start soon. Maybe Bortles? Tannehill? Keenum? There really aren't many. The Ravens didn't take Jackson for no reason.
  14. The Dalton Scale

    That was in 2012-2013. It is now 2018.
  15. The Dalton Scale

    At this point I think Dalton is better. Flacco is flat out bad. He hasn't even had a good year since the super bowl season. At least Dalton has been consistently decent. Or above average. You can't say the same for Flacco.