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  1. 2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    Antonio Callaway
  2. Two Tone Crew Podcast Update

    @Jonboy, thank you for being a reliable and driving force behind one of the things I am most proud of about this place. In addition to being a steady, knowledgeable, and reliable Titans voice who, along with Scotty and Jamal, have put in a ton of hard work and brought credibility to the podcast. On top of that, you're just a good freaking dude. For those who don't know, Jonboy typically is the one who puts the final video up online. He's in the East Coast time zone, meaning it keeps him up late sometimes with work the next day. Luckily, we cut the editing down to basically nothing. I remember the first few seasons we would spend hours editing it. Thank goodness we stopped that, but there were nights that it kept us (usually Jonboy) up until 2:00am or later. He comes from a journalism background and put in time with Titans Radio as an intern. He's the real deal, and I thought I would only have him for a year or two before some company hired him away to do radio or print. So, if any of you are reading this and have a position available at a real company (bloggers and fan sites stay away...Jonboy deserves a step up) I invite you to click the podcast tab and check him out. He's the one who sounds like he really belongs. You continue to be a driving force behind the discussions here, and I know that will remain the same. Regarding the podcast, it will not die. It will live on and will evolve. Hopefully some new ideas will get you hooked back in some regular capacity. The four of us will figure out next steps. Meanwhile, if anyone has an idea for the show or would consider stepping in as part of the team on one-time or ongoing basis, send a PM to all four of us: @Jonboy @Jamalisms @OILERMAN and @TitansGuru. Again, thank you @Jonboy, @OILERMAN, @Jamalisms, and everyone who listens. We'll keep this thing going. Joshua
  3. Titans Sign KR Michael Campanaro

    You mean is he a “scrappy”, “high motor type” who is “sneaky athletic”. Someone who mixes “strong fundamentals” in with his “gritty”, “heady” play? Someone who “plays the game the right way” and with a “high football IQ”...a true “lunch pail guy”? Someone who is a “gym rat” and “gets the most out of his athletic ability”? A “Wes Walker/Jordy Nelson/Eric Decker/Julien Edelman type” (even if they are not the same type) of player? Yeah, he’s totally white. He might even “play with a lot of heart”.
  4. I’m just curious about how they’re going to totally screw up the color arrangement on the away jersey now.
  5. The poster deleted his account. LOL
  6. Here is the away uniform based on the Reddit rumor. Not sure if I like it.
  7. Group deal on new jerseys

    Tweeted it out again.
  8. I know e-commerce. I know DAM. I know data scraping. Nike seems to use Adobe Scene 7 for their DAM. I did a scrape for three levels in the code for images and was able to get a ton of images. None of these are the new uniform. I tried using the URL pattern for the jersey type and incrementing it a bunch of times and nothing. I looked within the code and nothing. Typically, you would have the products living in a PIM or staging environment or something else and not being exported to your e-commerce platform. Maybe Nike does it differently, but who knows? I am inclined to believe him, but how he did it was not clear based on about twenty minutes of looking.
  9. Dude. You got a legit LOL out of me in public.
  10. I was surprised how much I liked the Color Rush design. It's the perfect blend of old and new. I'm hoping we get it.
  11. Best I could do I think. Someone better might be able to work it.