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  1. Kanye + Blink 182 is also solid.
  2. I personally have always been an advocate for fewer subforums. But recently I've been asked several times about this and, ultimately, this place is about you guys. I can understand the reasoning for wanting it and will do whatever the poll lands on. Will close the after 50 votes or after 24 hours. Possible reasons for Politics Subforum: We need one in order to open the Off-Topic Forum up to a more diverse set of topics. The divisiveness and vitriol has gotten out of hand. Give it its own place for people who enjoy that. Possible reasons against Politics Subforum: Politics ARE already off-topic on a football forum. Without political discussion the amount of discussion in the Off-Topic Forum would drop significantly. This current wave of dominance by political discussion will pass.
  3. Restricted usernames to all standard English characters. OzTitan pointed out that if someone wanted to use Unicode characters to make a new account with what appeared to be the same name as someone else, even though it wouldn't be, they could. They would have no access to each others information but a troll could potentially abuse it. For example, someone could have created an account with the name OILERMAN and replaced one or more of the letters with its Unicode equivalent and may have been allowed the name for about five minutes before ultimately being given a Stone Cold Stunner by Scotty. Also reduced the allowed length of usernames to 20 from 26. Why? Because its supposed to be a name and not a thesis and your long ass thesis name thing is breaking the layout. PHP version upgraded to latest. Board software upgraded. Functional upgrade. No security fixes required with this one.
  4. It's called the Barium Meal Test, but is better know as the Canary Trap since Tom Clancy gave it that name.
  5. Extreme vetting. Tremendous vetting. People say it's the best vetting.
  6. The real story is the investigation that comes after this.
  7. Wow. Another source: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/13/us/politics/donald-trump-national-security-adviser-michael-flynn.html
  8. I like Smith-Schuster a lot.
  9. Just make it safer with design. The only tech that should be added are things like impact sensors to report back to the sidelines. Helmets are meant to protect. That's it. Anything else added to it that does more than that shouldn't be allowed. Displaying anything to the player shouldn't be allowed.
  10. My barber is legit better than this. My hair looks like someone used a gradient tool on my head when he's done. Me: 1 Mariota: 73,826
  11. That's cool. What was the technique you used? I'm guessing you used some tablet of some kind, right? I have an old Wacom tablet that I've had for quite a few years but I could never get used to it. I think something like the Surface Pro could be really cool for that, though.
  12. We've had quite a few do the podcast including Wyatt, McClain, Hutton, and Kuharsky. Would be really cool do go back and ask for Q and A sessions. I think it would likely need to be a moderated one where we could filter out duplicate questions and keep the chatter down to where their answers weren't lost.
  13. Was trying to come up with a quick technique to do this since the image rights I have require that I add commentary I believe. They fall under editorial use only which is defined as: The Editorial Use Only license means that the image cannot be used for commercial advertising purposes. An Editorial Use Only image can be used: In a newspaper or magazine article. On a blog or website for descriptive purposes. I was wanting to add rosters and depth charts but am worried that my license rights won't allow for the images to be used that way so I needed to come up with a solution. My solution was to created vector art based on their team headshots which I would hold all rights of. My method was pretty fast, but is still unscalable to the whole team. I'll need to figure something out. Might just be creating a library of heads, hair, and facial features and using them as needed to create likenesses. I'm way more comfortable in Photoshop but you can't get the crisp edges and scalability that vectors give. I'm not a professional or that good by any means.