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  1. Titans @ Cardinals Game Thread

    Mariota is shit under pressure now. If you pressure him, he’s done. Even if you miss the play is over.
  2. Titans @ Cardinals Game Thread

    Mularkey likes JAZZ fusion. SqueedeleeDOPP-adee!
  3. Titans @ Cardinals Game Thread

    Terrible. Looks like a miscommunication. Either that or it was an inconceivably bad thrown
  4. Titans @ Cardinals Game Thread

    Lol @ Peterson stopping DURING the play to complain to the official after he gave up the pass.
  5. Titans @ Cardinals Game Thread

    Yes. Same with the slow outside run before it.
  6. I started following this at first because it was sad to see this kid recounting his experience at school. Shortly after it was posted, some local Knoxville area people started stepping up. People associated with the Vols, the local D1 training facility, and then some TV folks. People from football players to MMA fighters in the area were offering to go to lunch with him. (I encourage you to click into those tweets and see the response they’re getting.) Bernice King (daughter of MLK) got involved: Now Delanie Walker is stepping up: Anyway, while I’m sure this place won’t be able to help themselves from giving it the Titans Report treatment, it makes me very proud to see Tennesseans step up and help this kid.
  7. Please get this thread back on track if possible. Jake has been suspended from posting and, while we try to moderate as little as possible, this board does not condone or tolerate the use of slurs. Thank you.
  8. Nobody used it so I linked it to that site, which has netted in zero sales in like three years either. I probably should just remove that, too. I’d say people can just post them here until there are more than a few a season and there is an actual need to segment them. Then we can make a combined thread or bring back the forum at that point for them.
  9. How to stream the game on Fox right now

    Sign up for a trial of Sling or Hulu Live TV or whatever they call it. Then just cancel.
  10. http://www.nfl.com/m/share?p=%2Fvideos%2Fnfl-game-highlights%2F0ap3000000865811%2FThis-is-how-bad-the-fog-was-at-Gillette-Stadium-for-SNF
  11. I was jealous of Colts' fans going from Manning to Luck for a few years. Sort of feel bad for them now but I'm not going to act like I don't recognized how much this helps us.
  12. Mariota Mariota!

  13. New reactions needed?

    Sorry, @patsplat and @Titans279. I have been on the road a lot and somehow missed this. I'll see if I can find something that fits.
  14. They're not really for you.