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  1. TitansGuru

    Spam Prevention (New Members)

    @Bink @AussieTitanFan08 @Number9 @TitanLegend @Denali @heyitsmeallen Completely unintentional. My apologies.
  2. TitansGuru

    Spam Prevention (New Members)

    Fixed for now. I'll keep an eye on it. I'm really sorry for not getting to it sooner, but I have been away.
  3. TitansGuru

    Spam Prevention (New Members)

    Oh crap. Looks like everyone got moved to the New group. Let me fix it.
  4. TitansGuru

    Why is TR not a secure website?

    Yeah, it isn't really necessary for a place like this. However, it's something that I intend to enact. With Google making the push for SSL sites, I was hoping they would adopt a less SEO killing path for those wanting to adopt SSL but it seems like it is not to be. So, I'll just have to take the big SEO hit and basically start out as a new site with a permanent redirect. I've been really busy with work including lots of travel but am going to take a vacation in September. If I don't have a chance to do it before then I will do it when I have that time.
  5. TitansGuru

    Notice: No Omarosa post by Libs

    You'll also notice that when a Democrat gets busted for doing something unethical or illegal, the members of the party don't try to justify the actions in some way. It's more like "Hey, glad they caught him/her. Clean it up."
  6. I am going to put this out as a trial, knowing full well there is potential for abuse. We have always been about letting the members of this community help steer it. Usually in ways I agree with, but not always. In this spirit, I am going to allow for you all to have a piece in moderating its content. So, how does it work? When you see something that doesn't belong here, you may report it. This is nothing new, but what happens next is where this feature happens. When you go to report a post, you will be given several options to choose from. This will assign the report to a category from a list that has been created based on past reports: Right now these categories are limited to spam, hate speech, fake news, piracy, and threats. We should not have too many of these categories based on what happens behind the scenes to make this feature work. I think most of the problems will fit under here, but there is also an option to write something in. For the predefined categories, once a post reaches a minimum threshold of reports (I am purposely withholding some details here to not enable abuse of the system) it will automatically be hidden. The moderation team and I will also get notifications for these reports as we always have. If something has been hidden, it will be reviewed for abuse of the feature and be left hidden or set back to visible. Every report, regardless of whether or not it triggers this feature is logged, and those who abuse the system will be blocked from participating in it. The following actions are among those that qualify as abuse of the feature: Repeated reporting non-violations. Maliciously targeting a user with the feature. Reporting from different accounts to game the feature. (Brigading with sock puppet accounts, etc.) Thank you!
  7. TitansGuru

    Spam Prevention (New Members)

    Since we've seen an uptick in spam registrations and a severe uptick in attempted spam registrations according to the log, I have implemented a new policy to help cut down on potential posts being made from the spammers: New registrations will be added to a "New Members" group People in this "New Members" group may reply to topics but may not create new topics or report members. After 24 hours, people in this group will be automatically promoted to the "Members" group, where they will have normal privileges. Also, new registrations now require email verification. This is both to prevent spam and to prevent people from losing access to their account. By not having email verification in the past, I have had to manual reset passwords quite a bit due to people either putting in some random email they don't have access to or making a typo when entering their email, preventing them from using the lost password tool. This isn't retroactive, so if you get locked out of your account I will still help you after some verification and a wait period since I take every step to ensure that it is the correct account owner before resetting anything.
  8. TitansGuru

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    Okay. I’ll do it this weekend.
  9. TitansGuru


  10. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2018/07/05/embattled-epa-chief-scott-pruitt-resigns/ His swampy deputy takes over for now.
  11. TitansGuru

    Mueller Putting It All Together. Closing in on Stone.

    Well, since nobody else is calling out this obvious bullshit post from a “hyperpartisan Facebook page”... https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/maxine-waters-illegal-immigrant-supreme-court/ How is it possible that right wingers almost always believe this stuff? Here is a little tip: If something sounds like it just might be a little out there, save yourself the embarrassment and protect your credibility by doing some basic research or fact checking before buying into it or sharing it.
  12. I think you hover over it and click a small icon over it to select download or you can open it and hit the download icon. Not in front of the computer but I think that’s how.
  13. TitansGuru

    Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy resigns

    I wonder what happens when Mueller indicts Trump for obstruction and collusion in July/August...