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  1. Brian Norfleet or something. He was also a rapper I think. Edit: Keith Norfleet. Just googled it.
  2. TitansGuru

    Titans Report Message Board

    This is something I worked on a while back but didn’t implement. I could finish it in a day. Hell, I could even give people the option to opt in to seeing all posts.
  3. TitansGuru

    Cut that dude

  4. I fixed the Twitter feed about a month ago after someone @mentioned me. Just have been really busy with work. So much so that my September vacation got delayed until this month. Still, I have been working on a design refresh in any spare time I have that includes a lot of fixes. I'll see what's up with the upload limit thing @heyitsmeallen.
  5. TitansGuru

    How does Vrabel fit his balls in pants!?

    From Twitter:
  6. TitansGuru

    So. Maroita didn't start because......

    For me I would still feel it tingle and and occasionally get numb months later but it really didn’t impact me much on a daily basis after maybe a month. In my case there were times where I would move it the wrong way and it would come back for a day or two even after that.
  7. TitansGuru

    So. Maroita didn't start because......

    This is nitpicking IMO. Mariota still hasn't recovered and Gabbert showed enough last week to allow the team the freedom to not rush Mariota back. I've dealt with something similar to Mariota and it can get better and then worse again. Coaching choices have played a role in two divisional wins in back-to-back weeks against good defenses. Let's not make drama when it's not there.
  8. TitansGuru

    2-0 in the AFC South!

    Good coaches make a difference.
  9. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/21/us/politics/rod-rosenstein-wear-wire-25th-amendment.html
  10. TitansGuru

    Tweet updates under Happening Now

    Should be fixed now.
  11. TitansGuru

    Tweet updates under Happening Now

    I’ll check on it right now.
  12. TitansGuru

    Vrabel Mic’d Up Vs Texans

    Also, it’s obvious that he has the respect of this team and he seems to respect them right back. Cool to see Byard thank him for trusting in him and then to see Taylor say that touchdown was for him.
  13. TitansGuru

    Vrabel Mic’d Up Vs Texans

    To me that sounds like knowing what you’re supposed to be doing enough to where it becomes instinctual and then completely trusting those instincts. Smart decisions made quickly with commitment.
  14. TitansGuru

    Who thinks Marcus is a bust?

    When he was drafted I wasn't completely onboard (I was a Leonard Williams guy) and was proven wrong. I think it's reasonable to be concerned at this point, but I don't think you can call him a bust. He's had two years with a 90+ rating and two years over 3,000 yards. Not star level, but nowhere near bust level. His knocks are that he's a bit injury prone and has been slow to develop. He's also played under Mularkey for a large chunk of his career, so that could be partially responsible for his development.
  15. TitansGuru

    The Evidence of Collusion is Clear

    This post: the movie