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  1. Day 13 Joint Practice Discussion

    Yeah. He should move over there. I heard they welcome r/The_Donald types there.
  2. Guru, put me down for $200 bucks.. I don't have  PayPal, so give me a call and I'll give you the creditt card #.. mitch schwaber .. AKA Nash.. 615 3907923 tomorrow during lunch works .. 

  3. Patron stuff

    It was for the first goal. We've since hit all three.
  4. 8/9/17 Training Camp Discussion

    Mularkey post practice.
  5. Eventually, yes. Will take a huge it in SEO to make it happen, though. Probably in the next few months.
  6. I want to avoid calling too many people out for their contributions because everything helps and goes towards our goals. However, I do want to recognize a few who went well above and beyond. I don't know the best way to determine what the threshold should be so I am just going with $100. $100 Donors: @Starkiller @ManningEnvy @FRT $200 Donor: @chef Finally, this morning I was surprised by a donation at a level I never expected to receive. Someone donated the full hosting goal amount of $527.76. That person was: @Oilertattoo Thank you to everyone!
  7. From the current web host, speaking to the recent DDoS attcks.
  8. Really appreciate it, Oz. For those who don't know, Oz has been passing me security tips and doing mini security audits over the years. Things which I have actually put in place.
  9. Working, but I will update the thread and the status bar as soon as I get the chance this morning. Some generous donations came in last night and a big one this morning.
  10. One thing I knew but keep forgetting to point out for people who aren't aware. If you ever paste an image and it is too big, hold down CTRL and right click the image. It causes a box to pop up that lets you edit the image. How to: Result: Orginal Resized
  11. I really appreciate it, man. It means 61% to the $527. If we hit that I will start one for the next goal.
  12. Now is a good time as ever to point out that donations help pay for upgrades that come with new features. New features such as the WTF and Bird reactions for people like...Jamal. I kid. I kid.