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  1. I'll spin this up when work calms down a bit.
  2. I prefer to not merge everything. I don't think they should be forced into the draft forum and to just let them stay in the main forum. I'm a bit more flexible on the last one. Thats my vote for now at least.
  3. There is a really interesting read on the subject here: https://www.amazon.com/Perfect-Swarm-Science-Complexity-Everyday/dp/0465020240 Here is a podcast talking about it:
  4. It's always the ones you least expect.
  5. If it didn't require surgery he could be participating in non contact practices in that timeframe. @Bongo59 isn't wrong about that. Obviously it was more severe than that but less severe than that NFL doc who was talking about the tendons on Twitter said. Whatever the case, I'm glad he should be back at 100% for next year.
  6. I thought someone did a more in depth one with players' yardage broken out into their own polls but I can't find that one. Someone please bump that if you remember it. Curious to see how we all did with that one.
  7. Giving this a week 17 bump. Looks like I just need the Titans to win to complete the sweep.
  8. Get the win so I can be right about all of my choices from the preseason predictions thread this year. That's what matters.
  9. Rob has proven nothing. Rex has. Still, I can see how his style isn't for everyone.
  10. Subtle. I like it.
  11. I'm in the camp with people who say if Dick Lebeau hangs it up, which I haven't seen any indication of and is only a possibility due to his age, I'd be ALL for bringing in Rex. We'd have to have the inside track and I don't see anyone offering him a head coaching job this year. The guy can coach defense. He was good enough at it to get two head coaching jobs. You almost always see guys like this do well when they go back to a coordinator role. Just look at what Romeo Crennel and Wade Phillips after failing as head coaches and going back to coaching defenses. Rex Ryan is every bit of the same ilk.
  12. Rob Ryan also let go.
  13. I need Dez to sit or play a shortened game because the Cowboys have home field locked up and Tate to give me 12.