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  1. Colts @ Titans MNF Gameday Thread

    Let's get this thing started.
  2. Oh yeah. We're in really good shape. Thanks, Tex!
  3. Everyone, I give you...the motherload: https://web.archive.org/web/20100616165505/http://www.titanscentral.net:80/forums/index.php I'll create a special page on this site that links to it as well.
  4. I've found some more: NFL Draft: http://titanscentral.forumchitchat.com/?forum=69010 2005 NFL Draft: http://titanscentral.forumchitchat.com/?forum=16970 Fantasy Football: http://titanscentral.forumchitchat.com/?forum=31215 Titans Pics and Banners: http://titanscentral.forumchitchat.com/?forum=54061 College Football: http://titanscentral.forumchitchat.com/?forum=68998 VY: (Yes, he had his own category) http://titanscentral.forumchitchat.com/?forum=125840
  5. Titans Talk Zone: http://titanscentral.forumchitchat.com/?forum=5672 Politics/Religion: http://titanscentral.forumchitchat.com/?forum=5671 Archives: http://titanscentral.forumchitchat.com/?forum=5673
  6. We all remember that April day when, after an increasing frequency of downtime periods, Titans Central was taken by the dark side. That was a really bad day for many of us who had grown close, or at the very least familiar, to the people who made up this truly unique community. At first we didn't know what was happening, which led to the creation of this place as sort of a refugee camp until it ultimately came back online like it had so many times over those last few months. Of course, it never did. Titans Central was sold out to a big media company and, after some internet Braveheart meets internet 300 back and forth with the new owners and members of the forum, Titans Report was born. For about a year, titanscentral.net redirected to the people who bought the old site. After that, the domain was discarded. Every year since then I have tried to get the old domain. Being that it was a domain that was used for some years with some traffic, it wasn't easy. A company in China bought it and basically sat on it for the last half decade, wanting thousands of dollars to sell it. Well, today I checked again and...they had let it lapse. So, with that said, I am very proud to announce that about ten minutes ago I purchased titanscentral.net! Okay, so this is completely meaningless. We are still going to be Titans Report. At the moment I have no plans for it and it may stay this way. But at least now you can type in titanscentral.net and it will take you here to the home where everyone ended up. Note: DNS propagation takes some time. It varies by ISP, but it should be working for everyone within the next couple of days. Let's go Titans. Beat the Colts tonight!
  7. Bill Barnwell Talks Titans with PK

    Between Barnwell's voice and the bad connection, this is unfortunately one to pass on.
  8. Jamalisms

    Shoot me the post. I can see when anyone edits anything.
  9. Jamalisms

    It was still Jamal.
  10. Bill Polian - Mariota is too valuable

    I got my Sirius activated yesterday and this was the first thing I heard.