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  1. No. Take the money. Never know when you might get injured. The Browns have a lot of draft capital this year. If they use it properly, the new QB could grow with these young talents into a good team. And the Browns only need to be average to be a HUGE jump in quality. In other words, that QB will, almost by definition, improve the team. So, he'll be seen as an upgrade.
  2. I want James, to complete our defensive backfield. I think we'd be amazing in the secondary at that point. But, I'm honestly fine with sticking where we are and grabbing a highly rated interior LB or interior OL (presumably guard). Some think Wynn will still be on the board at our pick. That would be super tempting and help out run game a bit while keeping the pocket clean, too. I don't like our interior OL right now. An upgrade would be nice, though it could wait until 2nd or 3rd round, most likely.
  3. Hahaha. Welcome to the boards
  4. Are you being serious? Or joking? The article is quoting Weis. The guy is IN coaching circles, and he says this doesn't happen...not like this went down. I'll trust his words on it.
  5. Wait...just caught up a bit. So, the coordinators were hired on the premise of McDaniels, and they are already set, even though it won't be McDaniels??? That is hilarious. McDaniels will never get a HC offer from another franchise, so he better hope the Patriots honor whatever deal of succession they must have offered him.
  6. I think this is right. As the process continued and people reminded me of his time in Denver, I started to get nervous that we might hire him. I'm glad we didn't, and I think all that happened showed that JRob never intended to go after him. The Colts look bad; McDaniels looks bad. Whoever they hire now will obviously not be their first choice. Yuck. As a Titans fan, though?
  7. Titans hire OLine, Dline, RBs Coach

    So glad we are keeping Watterson. I would miss seeing 10 hamstrings snap each year if he were to leave.
  8. Mariota in LaFleur's Offense

    I hear you, but now imagine that same issue but in an offense that requires some tight throws. Think about the throws he made in the Chiefs playoff game. Or really all year. When his footwork was bad, he was off target bad, and got some picks. There were some communication issues too. But if you simplify his reads, and get him confident in all of it....could be magic.
  9. Dodd makes me sad. He was very good his senior year, and I was hoping he was on the verge of breaking out. I liked the value of where he was picked too. But injuries derailed his rookie year, and he's never really bounced back. I don't have much hope for him. He's just a step too slow, which doesn't work in the NFL. I'd TRY him at DE in the training camp, but I don't hold out much hope. I think he could be a decent edge run guy in a 4-3, but I don't think he works for our defense. Shame, really. But our OLBs need decent backups. How's Wallace doing? Was he on injured reserve this year?
  10. Dean Pees Possible DC

    So, way younger than our last DC. Practically a Spring Chicken. I'd be fine with him. The Ravens were great on defense, though they did choke a few leads. But that was on the offense too. Their offense stinks.
  11. Senior Bowl

    Cyprien had some bad games, but also some good ones. A healthy offseason of practice would do him a world of good. I'd draft a S in the 2nd or 3rd that is rawish and can be coached up to take over for Cyprien down the road.
  12. I'm not enjoying this

    Hahaha. No one really wants Mularkey back. But there really are people who are already panicking over a coaching hire that hasn't even had a chance to start coaching yet.
  13. I'm not enjoying this

    Titans fans hate life. There's a reason for this....life has shit upon them in mighty waves of fecal tides. Fear of everything is a classic abuse survivor response. You can't overcome it with reasoning.
  14. Vrabel and Robison discuss OC position

    It is, but Vrabel just did it. He was only DC for one year. But I'm not sure we should choose our OC based on worries that he might do 'too well' and thus become a HC somewhere.
  15. LeBeau OUT as DC

    I don't think the system was the problem. I think it was the playcalling and adjustments. If I'm right, a new coach with the same system could still do a lot of good.