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  1. Alcibiades

    CAA Don't Play

    Don't we have some extra cap room right now? Front load a deal for him. I like Lewan, but he's not elite. He's good, and that's valuable, but I think his leadership is more important to this team than his play. He's a bit overrated, here and elsewhere.
  2. Alcibiades

    OTA Updates

    Sharpe has to make the team before he can claim the slot. He might do it. He'll get a chance. But so will the UDFAs. Lot of TC ahead to decide this stuff. I like the idea of Taylor outside, though. Rotate Matthews, Davis, and Taylor, and we could have some good weapons outside...if they gel with Mariota well and the new offense.
  3. Alcibiades

    OTA Updates

    I think the fallacy of vividness does work against Henry. People remember his big misses in blocking and weigh it disproportionately against him. But also, Murray was a better 3rd down back. He offered more versatility and was a smart blocker. Henry could still be good at it, without being AS good as Murray was. I think he'll be given the chance. But I also think Lewis is a better 3rd down choice because of his pass catching (Henry is good at this; Lewis is better, IMO) and Lewis's speed for the draw play. The in no way means Lewis should start over Henry or that Henry couldn't stay in during 3rd down situations (especially third and short, of course!).
  4. Alcibiades

    Donnie Nickey - Future Titans Coach?

    Well, Nickey was slow, with no burst, no leaping ability....basically the definition of limited athletically. But he made it to the NFL, which means he must be smart or know something about football. He actually had decent read ability, but his body couldn't get him to the spot. Plus, he's clearly aware of how to use taboo photos in order to blackmail authority figures, which is a kind of skill, I guess.
  5. Alcibiades

    Henry or Lewis POLL

    I voted Henry, but I flipped a few times first. I think they have different strengths and are just about perfect complements to each other. I would let Henry carry most of the load and wear out the defenses, but Lewis is more versatile for sure. Henry on first and second down, and Lewis on third is deadly. OTOH, a gameplan where you let Lewis carry the rock for three quarters and then put Henry in to finish the game would be mighty interesting. He'd be fresh and hungry and the defense wouldn't like to see that late in the game!
  6. Alcibiades

    Barkley's Numbers this year

    1200 yards rushing, 300 receiving, with around 10 TDs. A good year, but defenses will rightly try to stop him.
  7. Davis came in injured and got hurt again. With an offseason to gel with Mariota, he should really break out this year. If he's healthy, I see 900+ yards from him, with 6-8 TDs, minimum. He's a very good player in terms of upside. All that said, he has to prove it. If he becomes what he could become, our WRs are top 10. If he doesn't, then yeah, near the bottom. Taylor needs to prove he can lock down the slot, too. They were rookies, and I think people forget how hard it is to produce at WR as a rookie. A few good rookie WRs make us think that's the norm, but it isn't. Even players like Terrell Owens took a bit of time to get going in the league. Davis is a big guy who needs to learn to use that in the NFL. He's also sneaky fast. I think he'll be a good player for us, but he has to prove it before analysts will start giving our WRs any credit. I'm worried about when Walker will start his decline, too. If it's this year, we better hope Smith is learning fast!
  8. Alcibiades

    But…But…But…Trump Hates Women….Right?

    Does he also have a black friend?? Anyway, wrong forum.
  9. Alcibiades

    Changes to kick off

    Good point. I think like most changes, we won't really know all the effects until it is put into practice.
  10. Alcibiades

    Changes to kick off

    The third change, where you can't cross the 45 as the receiving team, should make onside kicks MORE effective. I think we'll see more of them this year due to that. But we'll see.
  11. Alcibiades

    Should We Be Interested in Richie Incognito?

    I'd be interested in seeing him in jail, but not in a Titans uniform.
  12. Alcibiades

    OTA Updates

    Japan was arming kids and old people near the end of the war. Or maybe one of the older people on the island recruited him. Let's beat the shit out of this metaphor, shall we??
  13. Alcibiades

    Official UDFA Tracker Thread

    Wow. I like Webb, but I didn't know he graded that well. So why didn't he get drafted? Top school, top stats. Just his slow 40? 4.62 isn't great, but it doesn't seem THAT bad.
  14. Alcibiades

    Harold Landry vs Myles Garrett

    Right, but Evans IS a pass rusher too. He'll give Pees an inside rush option for blitzing. In fact, I think they could put Rak, Morgan, Evans, and Landry out there at the same time on third and long and just confuse the hell out of offenses. Who is coming? Who is dropping back? DC's dream. Or maybe 2nd and long. Evans has the ability to play the run on his way to the QB, which opens up some nice options, too.
  15. That is, in fact my argument. 100 million is a LONG way from a billion. A very long way. I don't think the NFL will exist in 30 years, which is about how long it would take to reach that point, and the money will decline before the end. Viewership is down already. I'm not happy about it, obviously. But I have to admit I sometimes feel guilty for being an NFL fan. I don't want to get into an argument about CTE and whether these guys in their early 20s know what they are doing. I'm just saying how I feel, and I'm not alone in it.