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  1. Higher average, higher DVOA, higher everything except carries and yards (and if the carries were close, he'd be higher in yards. I don't see how anyone wouldn't say that Henry has been better this year. I think they should use Henry in the passing game more (as a catcher, I mean).
  2. What is Derrick Henry?

    Of course. I didn't say he was BETTER than any of those guys. I'm saying he's not a bust. I think he should get a shot at being the guy before anyone can say he's a bust.
  3. Reminder: Mariota broke his leg at the end of last season. He didn't get an offseason. He was in therapy. He's 23. He shows flashes of absolute brilliance, of the sort we haven't seen in a long time around here (since McNair). And then he's inconsistent. Again, he's 23, playing with receivers that he didn't get to gel with in the offseason. I'm NOT worried about Mariota.
  4. If we miss the playoffs, what will happen?

    But our record doesn't, and that's what matters. You play to win the game. Look, I get the worries. We aren't dominating even bad teams, really. But we are winning games, and that's the goal. If we make the playoffs, it's better than last year.
  5. What is Derrick Henry?

    Come on. Henry is a bust? He's averaging 4.4 a carry. Ties him with Gurley. His average is higher than Fournette, and higher than Hyde, who everyone thinks we should replace him with. http://www.espn.com/nfl/statistics/player/_/stat/rushing/sort/yardsPerRushAttempt Let's not overstate things here.
  6. Dick LeBeau gotta go

    I would have loved Adams, but I agree with Tomachek. Our secondary looks pretty good, overall. The pass rush is not good enough. It's the biggest problem on defense. On offense, our receivers need to be better, and the run game, of course!
  7. If we miss the playoffs, what will happen?

    Damn, one loss really changes everything around here, doesn't it? We are still 6-4, tied for lead in the division if Jags lose today...and control our destiny either way. Tough room.
  8. What is Derrick Henry?

    He's got a great stiff arm and is really good when able to bounce it outside. But I agree that he should be much better at going up the middle, based on his frame. He trusts his speed and stiff arm too much. Both are good, but not good enough. He needs to bust it up the gut.
  9. Dick LeBeau gotta go

    This is what kills me. He leaves our DBs 10 yards off the obvious hot read. If you want to trick a QB into making that throw, you can't make it so damn easy.
  10. IDK what was up, but Murray's vision was terrible last night. Must be driving coaches crazy. OL too. They are getting hammered for run blocking, but they actually played OK. Murray let them down.
  11. Yeah, receivers keep dropping the ball while wide open for a TD...it's just not a smart system, really. We should do one where the receivers DON'T drop the ball instead of scoring. Any thoughts??
  12. Thoughts on game and big picture

    It's really hard to remember how young we are at key positions. Mariota is 23. There are rookie QBs the same age. He's going to get better, and he's pretty good already, just inconsistent. Jackson looks great. He's cocky, in a good way. Love him. Davis is flashing big time, and it's a real shame that he missed so much this year. Still, he flashed big time, and he'll be better next year. Jonnu looks good. Taylor will get more PT next year. Lots of good youth on this team. Oh, I didn't even mention Jayon Brown, who is good. But we are playing a bit above our ability (in terms of record, not execution). I think we are an 8-8 team, who is looking 10-6 right now, due to schedule. That's fine! Let's get some playoff experience. Can't hurt! But I don't get why people are doom and gloom after losing to a Pitt team that is still in their SB window. Ours is opening...just opening. We should enjoy the damn ride.
  13. Has Brown over taken Williamson?

    I still like Johnson. Sometimes it's scheme; I think he'll still have a role on this team, and I think he'll have some plays in the back end of the season. You need guys like him in the rotation.
  14. Key stats from yesterday

    Still, Matthews had that TD, and then the Davis Touchback....painful. But for some reason I never truly wondered if we would win. Just felt like we were way better, whatever the score said. If the Titans put together a complete game, without silly mistakes, they can beat the Steelers, who barely beat the Colts.