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  1. I have a hard time thinking he is as old and slow and washed up as some make him out to be. I'm sure he could contribute if he bought in. But a 1 yr deal makes me wonder does he think he is gonna prove something and sign a bigger deal somewhere else next yr....seems like he will get antsy playing the role of a #3 WR. Of course if Matthews or Davis gets injured it's Tajae...that's pretty scary to me and I'm not sure at that point I wouldn't be happy with Dez on the team.
  2. I think the defense will be the reason we make the playoffs and if the offense can get it going later in the season then we may make some noise.
  3. bizzyeddie

    Mariota consulted with a former MLB pitcher

    so would a pitcher that arm slot changes from pitch to pitch...would that be bad mechanics? and in no way was I trying to say mechanics don't matter...but if your Chris Sale...or Matt Scherzer then perfect mechanics are not absolutely necessary as you stated. Debating the idea that there is only one way to go about obtaining success seems to me to be an argument for the lower grades as you put it. What grade are you in?
  4. bizzyeddie

    Mariota consulted with a former MLB pitcher

    It's necessary for some but not all. Elbows blow out on all sorts of pitchers and it's mostly based on over use generally at a young age....even the ones with great mechanics. Raw talent trumps all and being born with a rubber arm also helps.
  5. bizzyeddie

    around the NFL offseason talk

    I saw the segment. Considering they have to boot out 5 teams the Titans of course are gonna make that list. Also the NFC teams were in general better teams than the AFC so they kicked out 3 AFC teams. And then when you go to fill those vacancies you really don't have much to choose from. The Chargers and Ravens were the only 2 teams that had a winning record last year. The rest really didn't even sniff 8-8...Bengals the closest at 7-9. The 4-12 Texans get in of course because they are getting back maybe the greatest QB to play the game. All and all they were pretty neutral on the Titans mostly indicating that they gotta get rid of somebody so might as well be the Titans.
  6. bizzyeddie

    AFC weak spots by Greg Rosenthal

    7.5 last I saw...coaching change may matter some but Vegas looks at everything and it really doesn't have much to do with public perception. I would say the coaching change is pretty low down the list because it's really not something you can predict. The schedule and teams they will be playing have much more to do with it.
  7. bizzyeddie

    Another Press Conference!

    Good info with just the right amount of disgust with the media
  8. bizzyeddie

    OTA Updates

    well I'm pretty sure if he shows up healthy and looks good in TC and PS you will give a shit if the Titans just cut him becasue he missed a voluntary camp in early June.
  9. bizzyeddie

    CAA Don't Play

  10. bizzyeddie

    OTA Updates

    I hate the idea that we should just cut him because he skipped something that was voluntary. I get it doesn't look good but he's got plenty of time to show what he can do or cant do. I hope he make the team too and we get something out of him as opposed to nothing.
  11. bizzyeddie

    OTA Updates

    Oman and some others have made it clear that they expect Lewis to be the starter and that is what he was brought here to do. Henry will basically fill the same role he filled last yr and thats backing up and spelling Lewis occasionally. The bet is something different.
  12. bizzyeddie

    Trump disinvited Eagles from White House visit

    the players have made it clear what they are protesting...do people actually think that they are lying?
  13. bizzyeddie

    Trump disinvited Eagles from White House visit

    unemotional protest...is there such a thing?
  14. bizzyeddie

    Trump disinvited Eagles from White House visit

    It takes attention away from the real decisions he is making that impact our country. The actual things that matter. I'm not trying to debate if what he is doing is right or wrong but it's a shady path that he takes. He plays the people of this country to further his agenda. It is pathetic IMO.
  15. bizzyeddie

    Trump disinvited Eagles from White House visit

    I have no idea if Trump is a rasicst. I truly believe he does what he must to gain approval from what he sees as his base. This is just another one of his smokescreens.