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  1. Are Shaq and Gronk dating?

    I don't think so!
  2. Will be awesome watching Rodgers at 44
  3. Titans 2018 FA Signings

    Great f in free agency And even more shocking my O's sign Cobb after already signing cashner Yes
  4. Lewis vs Henry

    only way to tell would be to let every RB play half a season with TB as their QB
  5. Lewis vs Henry

    It will be obvious who the lead back is if we have one It will be obvious if it's a running back by committee if that's the case We have a new first time HC and a OC whos calling his own plays for the first time so we are all just guessing what they think of Henry. I have a hard time believing they have no faith in Henry unless they really just don't see him as a fit for the new offense. My guess is they will start the game with Henry the lead back and Lewis the 3rd down back...look for more Lewis in the middle and hopefully close it out with Henry. Lewis will lead in touches...and if you take away Henry's touches in the fourth with a lead it will be a landslide for Lewis. Need to change that stipulation to a 2 score lead in the 4th to even it up some. As far as the Henry bashers go I think if he bounced it outside and picked up 4 yards you'd still throw something at the TV in disgust but if he ran it up the middle for 2 it's all good Just like when he takes a screen pass and literally runs away from the defense (at his size) ..means nothing He should have turned around and hit somebody damnit
  6. Lewis vs Henry

    Guess that makes em both cry babies
  7. we just need to get him to look into JRob's eyes
  8. Butler and Lewis Intro to Media

    most definantly...most definantly
  9. Henry vs. Stacked Defenses.

    That's what I think also. I was responding originally to people saying he would be the lead back. I did go back and watch our playoff game vs NE to see exactly how they used Lewis and he was the main guy with White coming in on 3rd downs and Lewis did a good job. So I don't think it's as far fetched as it seemed that they want Lewis to be the main guy. we do have a new coach and OC so maybe Henry isn't what they are looking for. that's what got me thinking that Henry would not really be a good fit if Dion was the lead back
  10. Henry vs. Stacked Defenses.

    I'm not trying to sell anybody on Hyde. I just think that type of back (bell cow 3 down back) makes more sense with Henry on the team. Just like last yr with Murray. Henry could spell Murray but Murray was still there for 3rd downs (and I'm not trying to sell anybody on Murray). Henry still got a decent amount of carries. If Lewis is your lead back then I think it would be wise to go get a 3rd down back cause Henry isn't that guy and I don't think you want to put that many carries on Lewis. In that scenario I think Henry becomes your #3 back and spends most of his time on the sidelines. Not a good use of that spot on the roster.
  11. Henry vs. Stacked Defenses.

    Still was a 3.9 per carry. but my main point is he carried the ball 240 times and had 59 receptions compared to Lewis (180 and 32) Hyde is a bell cow and 3 down back. Hyde carrying the load and Henry backing him up and finding a shifty change of pace guy to be your 3rd RB makes sense to me. If Lewis is the lead back (handling most of the 1st and 2nd downs) then I think we still need another decent back to handle 3rd downs and then Henry becomes the #3 back on the roster to occasionally spell Lewis? If that's the case trade away Henry (he still has some value) and try and pick up an extra 3rd rounder to draft a back that fits what your looking for. I do agree that Hyde is probably not the type of back they want and he lacks speed which is why he's out in SF but the makeup of the position with Hyde and Henry involved would make more sense to me.
  12. Henry vs. Stacked Defenses.

    If they simply want Henry to do what he did last yr than Hyde would have probably been a better signing.
  13. Henry vs. Stacked Defenses.

    but do they blame that on henry or the previous coaching staff? that to me is what makes things hard to figure out going into next yr.
  14. Henry vs. Stacked Defenses.

    I"ll put it this way. I think that Lewis was signed to compliment Henry. I think some think he was brought in to replace Henry or that the Titans have doubts about Henry. He will get significant touches and probably used in a lot of ways. I think if you want to use the term "lead back" it will apply more to Henry but at the same time it will be more of a 2 headed backfield. I just don't think that Lewis is going to come in and be a "lead back" unless Henry just sucks it up.