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  1. bizzyeddie

    Inexcusable by Vrabel

    if your gonna coach bold should have gone for the 2 pt conversion after the Henry TD to make it a 3 pt game. JMO...do it at times when you still can make up for it not working
  2. bizzyeddie

    Tajae Sharpe Is The Best WR On This Team

    I have seen a few plays where Davis was looking a little lazy out there. It was hard to tell at times but after watching that I'm leaning that way.
  3. Nice but I feel like we are blouses
  4. bizzyeddie

    Chargers Week

    chargers are starting to get attention now...heard talk of Rivers for MVP
  5. bizzyeddie

    Moving Forward

    If it turns out that Mularkey was a better coach than Vrabel so be it. Vrabel is the only one of the two that will determine that. Mularkey is done and gone. Personally I think that if you were pro-mularkey last year you need to accept the fact that you may have been wrong about him. We will never really know as fans exactly what happened and why he was fired after actually winning a playoff game but obviously there were reasons for it. These types of arguments just need to be considered settled. Quit clogging up the board with this shit. If Mariota is gone after this year and the team replaces him than the pro-mariota guys need to do the same. Admit defeat or at least just shut up about it. maybe Vrabel does have more talent but he's also a first time HC with a new staff and system...sooo I think they kinda cancel each other out. supposedly a better OC?? we hope we have a better OC but you cant just assume he's better to support your argument. We don't know if he's better or not. and a QB that you consider hot garbage is somehow now supposed to be better after another year and a new system. He was the reason Mularkey failed but somehow that doesn't apply to Vrabel. Time to move on from this shit
  6. bizzyeddie

    The offensive line needs to go to a brothel...

    blame always falls on more than one person but it was shocking watching how much time and room Flacco had compared to Mariota.
  7. bizzyeddie

    Vrabel's Monday Presser (Ravens Loss)

    well technically I thought they were the better team in Buff but just kept turning the ball over. yesterday they looked totally out classed.
  8. bizzyeddie

    Moving Forward

    my point is quit bringing up Mularkey Vrabel may suck...that's not gonna make what Mularkey did any better. It's over..he got fired and probably deserved it.
  9. bizzyeddie

    Vrabel's Monday Presser (Ravens Loss)

    no...like I said before..we are in first place cause we beat Jax and Houston....not luck
  10. bizzyeddie

    Vrabel's Monday Presser (Ravens Loss)

    I know im in the minority but yesterday may end up being a blessing in disguise. I have seen teams get the shit kicked out of em and be written off only to turn it around. Happens in the NFL. I still have hope in this team to do something this year. A lot of that is based on the fact that our division sucks and we still sit on top so the possibility is there.
  11. bizzyeddie

    Jalen Ramsey is ridiculous

    Jalen should have stuck with the flaming gay shit. I liked him better then.
  12. bizzyeddie

    Moving Forward

    we were 8-4 and the only game Mularkey won the rest of the way was against a Jax team that had nothing to play for. LOL at talking about being robbed of an int. against Gabbert no less. just stfu up about Mularkey...Vrabel has us in 1st place in the division 6 games in.
  13. bizzyeddie

    Week 6: Ravens @ Titans Game Thread

    Is it just me or should we get receivers that actually extend their arms and hands towards the football should've drafted the guy with one hand to play receiver...at least then I could have felt like we did something charitable
  14. bizzyeddie

    2018 TR Survivor Pool II Week 6 OPEN TO ALL

    would like to change my pic from chicago to the rams so now you know chicago is a lock and the rams will surely lose but yeah...I'm taking the rams