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  1. Titanjuicy

    Fact or Fiction?

    Oh sox.....you love me. So sweet!
  2. Titanjuicy

    Fact or Fiction?

  3. Titanjuicy

    False Equivalence Though.....

    OK, fair enough. I would never ever support a president(s) immigration policy that supported kidnapping. Do you support it?
  4. Titanjuicy

    False Equivalence Though.....

    Yes, we can blame other presidents for not being tough enough on immigration. I totally agree. With that said, none of those other presidents had a policy where kidnapping was legal.
  5. Titanjuicy

    So that IG report we keep hearing about

    I will go and do that just as soon as you read the IG report. Fucking liar!
  6. Titanjuicy

    So that IG report we keep hearing about

    I didn't listen to Wray's speech, read it, or hear about it. But you didn't read the IG report. You are a fucking liar.
  7. Titanjuicy

    So that IG report we keep hearing about

    You didn't read it. If you did, you may be the biggest nerd in history. But, you didn't read it and it is obvious. I didn't read a single line and still know you didn't read it.
  8. Titanjuicy

    So that IG report we keep hearing about

    Thor, IG does not stand for instagram. Stop pretending you read it. It was your instagram feed you are referring to. If you actually did, give us the cliff notes version. Did the report have little emojis after every sentence?
  9. Titanjuicy

    Maga: this says it all.

    No! Look for yourself. I am not here to educate you.
  10. Titanjuicy

    Maga: this says it all.

    Correction......both hands
  11. Titanjuicy

    Trump violating the Presidential Records Act

    Why are you fucking Trump loving conservative bitches so scared of Hillary?
  12. Titanjuicy

    Maga: this says it all.

    All right Jake. This is about the 20th post in three weeks where you have misspelled this word. It is no longer a typo. Do you not have a version of spell check on your phone, your computer, or your Crayon box? GUARANTEE! Memorize this.
  13. Titanjuicy

    Obama Gave Iran Full Access To US Financial System

    Wrong color. This was a white guy named Reagan that did all these things excluding ISIS.
  14. Titanjuicy

    Trump wants to pardon Putin

    Trump just said in his time with reporters that he wants Russia to rejoin what is now the G7 and return it to the G8. Another interesting tidbit from his presser. He knows that the NFL players kneeling were not protesting the flag nor the anthem. Trump wants to speak to these players about the injustices they are protesting.
  15. Titanjuicy

    White Supremacy Is Locked

    We are!!!