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  1. Will Trump finish his first term?

    I think he dies in his first term while eating a bucket of KFC, on the shitter, and tweeting about how he and Martin Luther King are great friends.
  2. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    Oh, I agree. That is why Trump is so much worse.
  3. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    Hell, Trump is a worse version of 1992 Ross Perot who won.
  4. Another shooting today!!

    Your side is demonizing a whole people. Murderers, rapists.....build a wall! Your side has the biggest stage in the world, the POTUS, who talks political rhetoric (hate) every minute. I can't believe you are comparing "throwing rocks through windows and burning cars and destroying city parks and consuming police resources" to the malicious attack on an entire people. One last thing. It was obvious to most that the story of him training with a white supremacist was fake immediately. He shot up a "white" school. Duh. You were also duped as no one knows if he was a registered democrat. It was fake. "A story on the Gateway Pundit site reported the shooter was a registered Democrat, tying the political affiliation with an incorrect name."
  5. Another shooting today!!

    You are ignoring half the issue. Your side of the political platform. In your mind, it is all the Liberal's fault. Simply not true. Hate is on both sides as seen by the sane people. Klonopin then.
  6. Another shooting today!!

    Dude, take a fucking Xanax. Both sides are equally angry period.
  7. Pat Robertson and God Have Falling Out

    Islam is the trend worldwide and projected to overtake all forms of Christianity by 2030.
  8. Another shooting today!!

    Obviously, anyone too slow to dodge incoming fire deserves to die. /sarcasm
  9. Pat Robertson and God Have Falling Out

    I believe this is misleading. As long as a public school is run by city, county, or state government, the school can not organize prayer in schools. Students can pray by themselves or in a group as long as it is not organized by the school. An example of how religion in schools is bad. My nieces were students at Beech HS in Hendersonville, TN. They are Catholic. Beech HS was infiltrated by Long Hollow Baptist Church with a goal to bring all students into their community. This caused major problems between the students who were not Baptists and the students who were, not to mention the parents. Now, imagine your Evangelical children attending a public school that was infiltrated by lets say, St. Mary's Catholic, with the same intent. Do you approve of that?
  10. Another shooting today!!

    HELL NO!!! Leave my porn alone buddy
  11. Another shooting today!!

    It seems that "mentally challenged" people with a gun clearly have a better plan than a responsible gun owner. They are kicking ass.
  12. Obviously Roy Moore ran for Senate in the wrong state.
  13. Susan Rice E-mail/Flynn

    I do it as a time stamp.
  14. Pat Robertson and God Have Falling Out

    It is a fact that a god (Jesus in this case) is a stolen story from centuries earlier. Died and rose 3 days layer. Plagiarism. Several years ago as a Catholic, I gave up Jesus for Lent. Best decision I ever made.
  15. Conservative Press is Junk News

    You are missing the point Trump voter. The media does not have to convince anyone that Trump is a liar. It is already so fucking obvious. At least half the voters just do not want to admit Trump lies, too stupid to realize he lies, or know he lies and don't care. The media is simply reporting on the POTUS. If Trump says one thing today and then denies it tomorrow.....it is a lie. Period. The media simply reports it. Trump wants all the attention, so he gets all the attention. When things are reported bad for Trump, like a lie, his distraction is to point at the media and yell fake news, even though all the evidence is there. Then you Duckie buy into it hook , line, and sinker. It is not relevant whether the media hid Obama's lies and Hillary's lies today. And, it did not set a precedent like you wished it did. Showing a video clip of Trump saying one thing today and then another video clip the next day of Trump saying he never said what he said yesterday does not make the media the liars. It makes Trump the liar. At this point, all you red fucking elephants do is point and yell "fake news," "but Hillary," "What about Obama?" Now, stop lying. You voted for Trump.