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  1. newschool

    Cian Fahey reviews all 11 sacks. Who is at fault?

    You did it again. Allison ran a 4.67 but Valdes ran a 4.37 but keep cherry picking the parts you like, not to mention guys running a 4.6 have been known to stretch the field (Fitzgerald, Hopkins, Rice). Throw the whole conversation away.
  2. We are very used to WRs who can't get open
  3. newschool

    Cian Fahey reviews all 11 sacks. Who is at fault?

    You're taking one point you don't like and trying to make my whole argument out of it. My point is that teams stack at WR and have better talent there - that's it. You point out GB and ignore all my other examples and try to downplay the teams talent like you can really compare Jonnu Smith to Jimmy Graham. Can you give me a break? My point is I'd take Valdes or Allison over what we have bc they have the talent to beat a 1 on 1 and can catch passes. More talented WRs across the league are buried on depth charts while we start a guy who last year couldn't even line up right. We didn't even try to sign John Brown or Crabtree or Desean Jackson the year before that. My point doesn't take away from your Mariota complaints, chill broskie
  4. newschool

    Cian Fahey reviews all 11 sacks. Who is at fault?

    Also my point wasn't to prop up Mariota but to say our WRs suck, which they do. I could easily list 40-50 WRs I'd rather have than Sharpe and Taylor.
  5. newschool

    Cian Fahey reviews all 11 sacks. Who is at fault?

    Coutee, Valdes, and Allison weren't with Hou or GB last season. Edit: correction, Valdes and Coutee weren't, Allison was there but buried behind Davante Adams, Randall Cobb, and Jordy Nelson last year.
  6. newschool

    Cian Fahey reviews all 11 sacks. Who is at fault?

    Could it be this franchise is terrible at scouting and picking WRs and has been as along as anyone can remember? That in our division alone I'd take Chester Rogers, Ryan Grant, Dede Westbrook, Keke Coutee all 2nd and 3rd WR over ours; that Mike Williams is the 3rd WR and John Ross is 4th on their respective teams bc they are stacked at WR while Corey Davis is our only one that can maybe win a matchup 1vs1 let alone beat double coverage? So many teams where the 3rd WR is much better than our 2? You see packers last night, I'd take valdes scantling over our guys and he's only out there because Geronimo Allison was hurt this week. Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon are fighting for the 2nd and 3rd WR spot in NE and we have tajae sharpe and TT. Sanu? Ridley? The list goes on and on. Our WRs suck dude.
  7. Sounds like one of the classic bad fantasy trades
  8. newschool

    Reid kneels for Anthem

    If people stop being upset about it it would go away. You can tell the rage fatigue is starting to set in though.
  9. newschool

    The passing game/Mariota

    I love Lewis and think he can be a premier type of back, but look at his 2017 highlights and the huge holes he's running through. Even the best RBs need holes to run through to make their man miss or run him over. Great RBs maximize potential yards, it's a myth that they create them. Truth is the running game will suck until the pass game makes them pay. Pass game won't work until the OL holds up. OL is pressured badly in run and pass game now and they should possibly consider playing Levin at one of the interior spots.
  10. newschool

    HELP! I'm in love with the WR draft class

    Wouldn't you?
  11. newschool

    HELP! I'm in love with the WR draft class

    We should have drafted Ridley or Coutee or even Anthony Miller. Any of those 3 would be huge upgrades at WR2 and be contributing now.
  12. newschool

    The passing game/Mariota

    I was banging the drum hard for WR, there were so many good options in this draft. I know culture is important and WRs are prima donnas, but Robinson neglecting FA WRs over the years has been one of my critiques. Would have loved to see us push for Desean Jackson when he was a FA.
  13. newschool

    Thoughts vs Bills

    Yeah, but you do that on defense first where catching on and contributing is easier early on. He signed big contract DBs and neglected WR in FA and in draft this year when there was a need and we knew Taylor wasn't ready to contribute significantly yet.
  14. newschool

    The passing game/Mariota

    It's known that this offense takes time to be learned, we lost our veterans, and behind them we have babies in NFL terms. Can't expect to look like a well oiled machine marching down the field especially against good defenses. I swear every post game is an overreaction to something.