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  1. He'd also improve if he loosened up a little.
  2. newschool

    Titans doing their own version of Hard Knocks

    Henry looks good.
  3. If this isn't proof that football IQ is it's own type of intelligence, I don't know what is.
  4. newschool

    Adoree was on GMFB this morning.

    Smith is right. He really does have a high ceiling
  5. newschool

    Guys I want signed prior to TC

    I liked Walden's play last year, but it was basically between Dodd and Walden on the team. Although Walden outplayed Dodd last year, Robinson is going to choose his picks over a free agent. He wants to see what Caraway, Wallace, and especially Dodd can do. you know what you have with Walden, but these new guys can now live up to their potential with experience in the league.
  6. Not surprising considering we are a small market team that hadn't been to the playoffs in a decade.
  7. newschool

    Gil Brandt's Greatest NFL QB's of all time

    Wrong link! Mind updating?
  8. newschool

    OTA Updates

    Carrie Williams never got a shot here and was cut and went on to start and win a super bowl for the Ravens.
  9. newschool

    Mike Vrabel Press Conference today

    As time passes I've become more sympathetic to Whiz. That roster was as bad as those 04 and 05 rosters.
  10. newschool

    OTA Updates

    Me too. I like Reid a lot, not sure if he's developed or not though. I like Sims a lot too, though.
  11. newschool

    OTA Updates

    I know the QB is most important but these narratives are killing me. Apparently RB isn't important, WR isn't important, G, C, and RT isn't either. What the actual fuck is?
  12. newschool

    The last time LeBron wasn’t in the NBA Finals

    Steph Curry makes Reggie Miller look like JR Smith. Durant is the best pure shooter since Jordan. Stockton and Malone are one of the best duos in all of basketball history and I still take Curry and Durant without blinking. If they stay together they have to be considered up there with the best all time duos, possibly the best. And they have a career 20 ppg player in Klay Thompson. Unbelievable team.
  13. newschool

    The last time LeBron wasn’t in the NBA Finals

    He'd be number 5 but nope. And that's not a knock on him, let's be real if you have a top 10 or even 15 the differences are marginal - so many absolutely amazing, deserving players. But it's like the difference between a 4.2 and a 4.3 40, that little bit makes more of a difference the more elite you go and thought there are about 4-5 more players I could throw in there those 4 are simply overwhelming and undeniable and I can't think of a legitimate argument against any of them vs the other greats.
  14. newschool

    The last time LeBron wasn’t in the NBA Finals

    Bill Russel isn't in the convo for me, though I can't sit here and act like I've watched a lot of his play. I don't care how good defensively you are, career 17ppg isn't cutting it as the greatest of all time. 22rpg is stupid impressive, but Will had the 22rpg and 30ppg and was on inferior teams. That Boston squad was stacked so of course they won a million championships. To me it comes down to Jordan, Wilt, James, and Jerry West. I couldn't leave any of them off the list and sleep at night. Also trying to pick one gives me the fits, so that's the Mt. Rushmore for me