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  1. He got to perfect his craft and build his roster because of Brady. He had the guts to it when other coaches wouldn't, not saying he isn't great and didn't maximize his opportunity but he got players to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, take below market value contracts, put in extra time etc when these players would not have done any of that if Brady wasn't there being the greatest and making the same sacrifices. People talk about Manning being a field general, but Brady is the type of player to scare his own offensive coordinators, there were years he didn't even have a coordinator at all. You can't put that on the system or Belicheck.
  2. I like Ridley a bunch and think he can be a star at the next level. My only concern and for us it could be a big one, is he is a terrible blocker. But he is an outstanding route runner and has everything else you want in a WR. I'd love him as the pick
  3. I think Watson throwing him the ball definitely elevated his draft stock but he clearly is a talented guy
  4. Honestly a lot of it is a matter of preference and slower big body catchers just aren't preferred as much nowadays in these new systems. That said there is still value in these prospects, and I think the biggest difference between a Sutton or Mike Williams and a Simmie Cobbs or Daeshon Hamilton is the QB or offensive focus. I'd say that Cobbs and Hamilton are even better route runners than Sutton. Personally there is more value to guys like Ridley, Anthony Miller, DJ Moore because the separation creates bigger and cleaner windows but there is ALWAYS a good use for a big bodied WR. Those types of guys are great in the red zone and great on 3rd down when the DB is blanketing and pressing. Most would think it's overkill but I'd like to see 2 WRs drafted this year, one of the speedy quick YAC guys and one big bodied guy so we'd be set at WR for the next few years with versatility. Really feel like Taylor was a need pick and a reach pick. There are great route runners in this draft.
  5. Yeah my expectation is to see you blow by college guys to have a chance at any kind of separation in the pros. I still like him as a prospect but I can see why he'd fall to later rounds. Those contested catches could become blanketed incompletions. Guys like this are players who could become something special if they transition but the likelihood is somewhat less expected so you don't want to risk a high pick. Mike Williams was like this and a reason I was leery of taking him. Very glad we took Corey Davis bc I wasn't super impressed with Williams or Ross.
  6. That was my bad I got your and tomacheck replies mixed up, disregard the comment about separation, lol.
  7. Mythos maybe this film will help showcase his ability in spite of limitations at QB. You have to see what a guy is doing all the time to get a better feel of what he brings to the table instead of just the highlights. I see a guy whose route running and nuance is better than many many current NFL starters. He looks so fluid smooth and precise. He makes DBs look silly.
  8. I can see that. But to me that's on the QB, Hurst is talented but placing those well timed deep balls isn't his thing
  9. Why do you think he's soft? Is it being soft that makes him not fit our mentality? I guess I haven't seen soft in his game. He is slight of build I see that one, but for me his build hasn't stopped him from doing anything so it's no big deal to me. I do think Sutton could be an absolute beast in the redzone.
  10. Why? I like the other 2 prospects but I can't find on tape any holes in Ridley's game. He looks as good or better than Amari did coming out.
  11. I'm very torn. Every time I watch one or the other I like the one better. Ultimately both look amazing to me though. Both fast and quick with great separation and route running. Ridley's route running looks so good it's robotic though, while Moore is such a dynamic return man. Either one would be incredible. I really hope we don't overreach in the first round for a middling player like Hubbard and miss out on a special player like one of these guys.
  12. Yeah Simmie Cobb's has come out of nowhere for me. Never heard of him until I started digging deeper into the draft class. He's a guy who could really surprise at the next level. There is some concern with him and Jaleel Cool in regard to their amount of separation, but Sutton doesn't get great separation either and some call him the best WR in the class. He definitely looks like a stud though and especially if he falls in the draft he'd be a great option and an improvement over Taylor.
  13. I like Daesean Hamilton actually. I left him off the list because of concerns of how his athleticism may translate to the next level - he doesn't get a lot of separation so that's a bit of a concern against NFL DBs. He also doesn't have the stats but Penn State isn't know to be a powerhouse offense. He certainly shows more polish and nuance to his game than Taylor does already.
  14. That's like saying the QB class is bad so QBs are being overpaid. WRs are overpaid because the position is now at a premium. A vet in the hand is worth 2 rookies in the bush considering even the best roomies need adjustment time. It's not a knock on this year's draft class.
  15. Cryptic tweet from Delanie

    *clinches buttcheeks* "Is he homophobic??" *loosens buttcheeks* "Is he gay??"