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  1. Some teeth should be knocked out

    Mother fucking head coach
  2. http://www.titansonline.com/news/article-4/RB-Derrick-Henry-Ready-for-More-with-Titans/a056608a-7dda-4408-b098-f64d9453021c RB Derrick Henry Ready for More with Titans
  3. Luck endures setback, been shutdown

    To take a page out of Oilerman's book...... I was hoping maybe he died,lol.
  4. Luck endures setback, been shutdown

    I hope he doesn't recover. Not being an asshole but at the end of the day you want your team to gain any advantage neccessary in order to come out ahead of the opposition. Colts fans have led a charmed existance for nearly 20 straight years and sans 2011 have only had two starters the last two decades that brought them a shitload of division titles,double digit wins nearly every year,in the postseason annually,etc. Since 1998 no team in football has won more games than Indy except New England but for all the good QB play they enjoyed the crazy thing is they only have one ring to show for it. Will be interesting to see how Indy do if Luck isn't ever the same. I won't be wishing them any goodwill.
  5. I'd love to see them start Henry and then bring Murray in as the game wears on and defenses get tired. In the third and fourth quarter with a fresh Murray grinding defenses down.
  6. Luck endures setback, been shutdown

    Same here. I hate those fucking bastards. There are two teams i despise and hate Indy and Baltimore. Joe 'Flaccid Dick' Flacco is looking like one of the worst QB's in the league the last couple years and prone to throw picks so we better pick that sonofabitch off multiple times when we face him. Dolt fans can look on the bright side if Luck can't play anymore they have their new starter in Brissett. As a Titans fan i have no problem facing him twice a year the next decade plus Indy could be looking at three straight 8-8 seasons. Fuck Peyton Manning,Fuck Andrew Luck and best of all Fuck the Colts .....Big Al please don't kill me i have a wife and kids ........Kyle go easy on my shoulder ......brace for impact motherfucker ....Will i survive? .....another sack ........and stay down cocksucker
  7. Demarco Murray isn't the same as he has been hampered with hamstring issues not sure how he will be going forward but it could be time to reverse the ball distribution and give Derrick Henry the majority of carries and let Murray come in later to wear defenses down. I think our running game can be really good if the coaches pay attention and realize that Murray can still be effective but keep him from wearing down too much by giving Henry the majority of carries. After all Henry is much younger,has way more tread and at this point the better running back. Murray has over 1,100 carries the last 4 years including 400 carries in 2014 with Dallas. The surprising thing though is after six weeks Henry is leading the Titans in rushing yardage although Murray has more carries. Henry has 62 carries for 318 yards with a 5 yard rushing average and 2 TD's. Murray has 68 carries for 313 yards with a 4.6 rushing average and 2 TD's Henry is looking good with his 5 yard rushing average. What impressed me though is on one of the last plays of the Colts game for once instead of letting the foot off the gas we stomped firmly into the ground the punk ass bitches with the horseshoe up their ass as Henry ran 72 yards for a TD putting any chance of a comeback completely out of reach. All year Murray has started every game but at some point Henry needs to get the nod. He has earned it. Jax might have Fournette but we got someone just as good of not better in Henry. Down below look at the yards after contact for Henry and then Murray. Big difference..... Pro Football Focus‏ @PFF Oct 16 Best RB duo in the NFL?
  8. Browns Predictions & Poll

    My mistake,was thinking of 2015
  9. Titans vs Browns: Official Game Day Thread

    This game scares the hell out of me.
  10. Browns Predictions & Poll

    Same here. They have a stout run defense led by Shelton and roughed up Mariota pretty good last time these two teams played and the Browns won when our defense let Manziel look like Montana.
  11. I like Brown and Byard they are doing very well. As for Cyprien he is crap plain and simple.
  12. Last night when they showed highlights of where the smashmouth originated from (Pittsburgh 2001-2003) i wanted to fucking barf. I know many Steelers fans and a high percentage were very glad when Mularkey left and the team moved on to a more traditional offense and drafted Roethlisberger. Mularkey needs to step up and be the one to give Lebeau his walking papers. Our team is 31st in the NFL in points allowed.
  13. AFC SOUTH:Road To The Division Crown

    Yeah that would help us by setting Jax back another div. game and loss.
  14. Thoughts from Inside Nissan Stadium

    If Cassel played of course we lose. ANYONE who thinks we have a chance to win with Cassel as our backup is probably part of a small very minute section of the fanbase as in less than one percent......
  15. AFC SOUTH:Road To The Division Crown

    Texans look to have the toughest 4 game stretch traveling to Seattle and Los Angeles and plsying Indy who might eventually have Luck back.