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  1. I think going TE/WR would be wise as well as great for the team as it basically furnishes the team with what is needed to pretty much complete the offense. So we now would have the best offensive line in the league,a stout two headed running game as well as multiple targets for Mariota to throw to. Defenses will have a long day trying to stop us. So going with TE/WR in the first takes care of the last needs on offense and it leaves TN the whole rest of the draft to bolster the defense. After the first i would try and draft at least two cornerbacks,another edge rusher as well as an inside and outside linebacker.
  2. Yep forgot about 'ol Cam Scam
  3. All i can really say about this is thankfully it isn't us any longer trying to find a QB We got the wrong guy in 2011 and had to deal with the consequences for too damn long. I don't envy these teams at all and i bet most will make the wrong choice. I'll never forget 2011 all these QB Gabbert,Ponder,Locker,Mallett,Stanzi,Yates,McElroy,etc. were busts Only Dalton,Kap and Taylor have had any type of success. And Cam.
  4. This year's class of draft-eligible quarterbacks has been savaged from the start by evaluators. "I really don't like any of them," one team executive told Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "Maybe two will go in the first round because of need but they all have holes. ... It's one of the worst groups I've watched in a long time." Plenty of draftniks agree, but will anything stop quarterback-needy teams from desperately reaching in the draft? Reports have circulated for weeks that the Browns -- as NFL Network's Michael Silver put it -- have "differing viewpoints within the building" on how to use the No. 1 overall pick, with some still considering North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky over "no-brainer" pass-rushing terror Myles Garrett. Even the 49ers are considering a passer at No. 2, with NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reporting that "those who know coach Kyle Shanahan well insist ... Trubisky would best fit what he does on offense." All this fuss over a quarterback who was described by one scout as having a "ceiling to be a solid starter like Alex Smith." Beyond Trubisky, Texas Tech's Patrick Mahomes has reportedly caught the eye of the Cardinals and Chiefs amid whispers that Texans coach Bill O'Brien "absolutely loves" the strong-armed signal-caller. "I may be crazy but when I watch (Mahomes') tape, just as a scout, I get excited," one personnel man told McGinn before another warned: "He has the best arm of the group, but he plays crazy. I don't even think 'gunslinger' is the right word. He's reckless. ... Mahomes might have 20 plays in a game where you go, 'What are you doing?'" None of these quarterbacks suggest the second coming of Joe Montana, but teams with burning needs will ensure, once again, that unpolished arms go long before they should in the draft. It's fair to wonder if this is 2011 all over again -- minus the presence of a Cam Newton-level headliner. That class was equally bereft of plug-and-play starting passers, but that didn't stop the likes of Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder all finding homes by the twelfth pick of the draft. With the Browns, Niners, Jets, Bills, Cardinals and Chiefs all potentially seeking quarterback talent, will the NFL overvalue this year's crop of quarterbacks in a way that would make even Gabbert turn red? It sure feels like it. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000802502/article/draft-buzz-will-qbneedy-teams-suffer-2011-relapse
  5. We without a doubt need to draft a TE because if Delanie goes down then we got issues. Best way to keep that in check is by bringing in and drafting a TE. I'd be very happy with Howard at 5 or at 10 in a trade down. Here is what I would do if I were running the draft as GM..... I'm getting TE Howard with our first pick in the 1st,With our second pick i'm getting WR Corey Davis. With a trade down from 5 we snagged a second round pick i'd use that on....CB Kevin King Now you tell me how happy you'd be with Howard,Davis and King...... Me i'd be happier than pigs in shit.
  6. I do think Humphrey will bust BUT if we do draft him i hope i'll be wrong about him like i was regarding Henry. I did think Henry would have problems excelling but i gladly ate crow in the end.
  7. We should've been in the postseason last season. We had the Vikes game in the bag if not for two big plays the Mariota fumble that went for TD and the kick return for a TD two flukey plays that changed the momentum. The Raiders game we had the momentum going in for the score then Lewan with his damn temper cost us a chance to score and possibly win. We could've been 11-5 but we wouldn't go far in the postseason without Mariota.
  8. Me too. Have you noticed all the corners that were projected early have some sort of issue. Lattimore its the injury,Conley now has the rape allegations hanging over his head,Sidney Jones ended up having an injury. Those are literally like the top 3 guys so who does that leave? Humphrey, i really do hope that we dodge that bullet because you know as well as i do he is another Milliner. Milliner was also a corner from Bama and he went around the top ten to the Jets and was a stone cold bust.
  9. Instead of bath salts the thing JRob needs to do Thursday morning is bang his bitch and pop a couple oxycodone and drink a mountain dew the breakfast of champions. I'll be honest there is only one surefire player i've honed in on as a bust and thats CB Humphrey from Bama. Pray we don't draft him because if he got treated like a bitch and left in the dust routinely in college then the pro guys are gonna smoke him outta his shoes. The only way i'll go nuclear is if we pick Hump-free. Knowing my luck we will pick the bastard,lol.
  10. Kill me and get it over with. Why can't this non talented jackoff Humphrey catch a charge
  11. Since the Titans first year in Nashville in '99 they've had some hard luck but overall things could've actually been a lot worse than they were. From the moment they came into the league until now they are actually 12th in winning percentage out of 32 teams overall. They've been to Super Bowls,had playoff victories,winning seasons,exciting players,etc. Since the year 1999 only three teams have three or more seasons with at least 13 wins they are the Patriots,Colts and Titans. From '99 through '11 the Titans only had three or four losing seasons. We had the league Co MVP in 2003,Rookie of the Year 2006,Offensive Player of the Year 2009 Had our share of exciting players McNair,George,Mason,Rolle,Kearse,PacMan,KVB,VY,CJ,Bulluck,Haynesworth,Finnegan,etc. The only hard extended non winning period this team has had to endure was 2012 through 2015 due to Webster and Locker. Other than that they've been competitive. 2016 the team was back to winning again a hair away from the postseason. Now that we have JRob and Mariota we are going places. Exciting times to be a fan. The team has two first round draft picks. It could be much different and worse, Sure we aren't the best team in the league but we are far from the worst. I couldn't imagine being a Browns fan. Since '99 just one playoff appearance and fourteen seasons with ten or more losses. Or a Jags fan. Since 2000 they've been to the postseason twice and have had six straight years with eleven losses or more. Or Bills fan no postseason since 2000 and stuck in a cycle of mediocrity 6-10 and 7-9 nearly every year. Or Lions only three postseason appearances since 2000 and ten or more seasons with ten losses or more. Or Rams since 2004 the worst team in the league besides the Browns with multiple losing seasons. The 49ers have also been one of the league's worst since 2003 with the exception of 2011,2012,2013 now they're back in the dump. There are few others headed nowhere as well. I'll gladly take what we have already had and have now anyday. If Mariota stays healthy and JRob keeps doing well in the draft we will be sitting pretty the next decade plus.
  12. I'm over Ross. Didn't Justin Hunter run a 4.33 or something similar? Best thing to do is draft Williams or Davis. Is it just me or is everyone of these frickin CB have some type of issue. Lattimore is medical,Conley just had something come up,Sidney Jones is hurt,Humphrey can't cover to save his life so i'd wait until the third to start drafting corners still good ones left.
  13. I know what a reach is. Bad choice of words on my part.
  14. JRob can't hit 'em all but out of ten picks last year he did pretty damn good with Conklin,Henry and Sharpe all contributing on offense and Tretola in the wings for the guard position. Defense we had Byard,Sims and Wallace playing well with Austin Johnson due to step up at nose tackle this year. The only players we really haven't seen or heard much of are Dodd and Reed. Last years draft was a big success. Free agency was as well with Murray,Jones,Matthews. He rebuilt a big part of the team last year and got rid of the dead weight like Hunter,Sankey,DGB,etc. He saw problems with special teams after the season so he attacked that in free agency. If he does well in this draft and Mariota stays healthy all year we are gonna be a dangerous team.
  15. Sorry but i feel the same way it looks like we got another Glass Joe on our hands. Someone we reached for thats going to produce very little in return. I never liked the pick anyway. Good thing JRob nailed most of the other picks. I am wanting to see how Austin Johnson and Sebastian Tretola do this year.