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  1. I actually understand and like the moves made to bolster the special teams units that would get a solid grade in my book. The Logan Ryan signing was a very solid move.... However i agree with the following from Walter Football about NT Sylvester Williams This is from Walter Football..... Titans sign NT Sylvester Williams (3 years, $16.5M; $7.25M guaranteed): D Grade I like what the Titans have done this offseason, but this signing makes very little sense to me. The money isn't big enough to warrant a Millen grade, but it's close. Sylvester Williams is not a good football player. He's a nose tackle who sucks at stopping the run. That's pretty much all you need to know about him. He also has 5.5 career sacks, so he's not very good in the pass-rushing department either. This signing gets an easy "D" grade. Williams isn't even young enough to be deemed a reclamation project, as he turns 29 in November. He should've been obtained for something closer to the veteran minimum. The Titans are overpaying for no reason. Read more at http://walterfootball.com/freeagentsigninggrades.php#DwwE9C2f15Xfk6QQ.99
  2. Went back and looked at all the NFL teams from 1999 (Cleveland,Tennessee both joined that year) through the present 2016 season. What it is basically is a look at each teams win/loss record from the millenium through right now. So from right about the turn of the century until recently this is how everything looks as far as how each franchise has fared. However any team could get hot for an extended period and start climbing the ranks. Besides putting overall record from millennium through the present i also put the most recent record of that team as well....... Teams with a winning record overall through the millennium until now are in bold. 1. New England Patriots---209-79 OVERALL / 14-2 last year 2. Indianapolis Colts---189-99 OVERALL / 8-8 last year 3. Pittsburgh Steelers---181-106-1 OVERALL / 11-5 last year 4. Green Bay Packers---179-108-1 OVERALL / 10-6 last year 5. Baltimore Ravens---165-123 OVERALL / 8-8 last year 6. Philadelphia Eagles---164-123-1 OVERALL / 7-9 last year 7. Seattle Seahawks---161-126-1 OVERALL / 10-5-1 last year 8. Denver Broncos---160-128 OVERALL / 9-7 last year 9. New York Giants---153-135 OVERALL / 11-5 last year 10. Dallas Cowboys---149-139 OVERALL / 13-3 last year 11. New Orleans Saints---149-139 OVERALL / 7-9 last year 12. Tennessee Titans---146-142 OVERALL / 9-7 last year 13. Atlanta Falcons---145-142-1 OVERALL / 11-5 last year 14. Minnesota Vikings---144-143-1 OVERALL / 8-8 last year 15. Los Angles Chargers---144-144 OVERALL / 5-11 last year 16. Carolina Panthers---142-145-1 OVERALL / 6-10 last year 17. Kansas City Chiefs---141-147 OVERALL / 12-4 last year 18. Miami Dolphins--140-148 OVERALL / 10-6 last year 19. New York Jets---140-148 OVERALL / 5-11 last year 20. Chicago Bears---138-150 OVERALL / 3-13 last year 21. Cincinnati Bengals---134-151-3 OVERALL / 6-9-1 last year 22. Tampa Bay Bucs---132-156 OVERALL / 9-7 last year 23. San Francisco 49ers---129-158-1 OVERALL / 2-14 last year 24. Arizona Cardinals---127-160-1 OVERALL / 7-8-1 last year 25. Washington Redskins---125-162-1 OVERALL / 8-7-1 last year 26. Los Angeles Rams---124-163-1 OVERALL / 4-12 last year 27. Buffalo Bills---123-165 OVERALL / 7-9 last year 28. Jacksonville Jaguars---120-168 OVERALL / 3-13 last year 29. Oakland Raiders---116-172 OVERALL / 12-4 last year 30. Houston Texans---106-134 OVERALL / 9-7 last year 31. Detroit Lions---104-184 OVERALL / 9-7 last year 32. Cleveland Browns---88-200 OVERALL / 1-15 last year What is surprising to me is since joining the league through the present the Tennessee Titans have the 12th best record in the NFL.... The Titans also have a winning record overall one in only fourteen that were able to do so.
  3. Good riddance
  4. I would be fine with Foster he can channel that anger at offensive opponents. As far as this Allen i hope someone else picks this player. IF JRob trades down we will be A-OK. Extra picks and i guarantee he'll find a good player.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. I hope we pass. We better pick someone different or we will be very disappointed. Book it.
  6. An NFL franchise has four important spots owner,head coach,general manager,starting QB that shape how a team operates. The two that do the most that affect the franchise overall is the GM and the other is the starting QB. In my opinion those are the two that have the most to do with if a team succeeds or not because the general manager picks all the players that will either win or lose together as a group and a starting QB will also play with this same group of players and how well the QB plays will determine the outcome of the game. So..... In 2011 the team drafts a QB Jake Locker. There were already red flags with Locker. Bottom line Locker couldn't hit the broad side of a barn if his life depended on it. Then around the same time the team hired Ruston Webster. Bottom line Webster couldn't pick a roster worthy player if his life depended on it. And that my friends is the 2012 through 2015 era of Locker playing games and Webster picking players. During that span the Titans won 18 games lost 46 games. Before either one showed up from 1999-2011 the team only had 4 losing seasons in 13 years. As soon as both left the Titans went right back to having winning seasons. At least so far. That is why having a QB that can play well and GM that can draft well is so critical because when you pick the wrong people to assist in these important roles you can easily lose a good 4 years or more in the process.
  7. Thats awesome that you worked for the Oilers as an intern especially the year Matuszack was drafted. When i first got into football in the eighties i chose the Raiders as my favorite team. Of course by '85 the team wasn't as good as they were in their glory days with Stabler,Matuszack,Henericks,etc. Your wife's aunt should be proud to live in a city that was just voted into the top five best cities in America. I asked a few posters here a year or so ago that lived there how it was like there and what areas are good/bad. Seems like a really cool area to live.
  8. The draft and free agency are always fun to me not to mention some years are much funner than others. I'll never forget the last Super Bowl the Titans had i was a few weeks from turning 25 and childless. Yesterday i turned 42 years young and every year free agency is my birthday gift from the NFL plus whatever i get from my soon to be teenaged daughter and son.
  9. I will sit back chill and let JRob work his magic..... After all he is.....
  10. I know sorry knee jerk reaction. I really wanted Bouye.
  11. I will go ahead and say now that Titans new GM Jon Robinson knocked it out of the park last offseason. He brought in Demarco Murray,Rishard Matthews,Ben Jones in free agency as well as drafting Jack Conklin at RT,Henry at RB and Tajae Sharpe at WR after making one of the best trades in draft history. JRob rebuilt the Titans offense in one offseason basically all they need now is a top caliber WR. Something bothers me though he doesn't seem to have quite the same knack on the defensive side of the ball at least not that i've seen so far. Agree? Last offseason the defensive side of the ball in free agency seemed to me to be looking for deals or bargains bringing in players like CB Brice McCain,CB Antwon Blake,FS Rashad Johnson,ILB Sean Spence. We also brought in the draft LB Kevin Dodd,DT Austin Johnson as well as CB's Leshuan Sims and Kalan Reed. Only S Kevin Byard really seemed to show a lot. I'm not down on JRob i just hope he does better on the defensive side of things and can't afford a down year in FA/Draft. Seeing Jax close in on Bouye made me sick. Coughlin is gonna be aggressive and try and build a winner. Out of all the teams in the AFC South i would say Jax poses the biggest threat. Jax is slowly building a really good defense. Defense wins games. I really do hope we don't end up with a bunch of mid tier signings on defense again because guys like McCain,Blake,Johnson,etc. aren't scaring anyone. More of the same...... Just saw that we signed Cyprien at safety i don't like this move at all. Maybe its just me but defense not looking like JRob's forte. We need to do better this year on early picks defensively it has been forever since this team drafted good defensive players early in the draft. We haven't drafted a defensive player in the first round since 2010. The second/third rounders we drafted like Zach Brown,Akeem Ayers,Mike Martin,Blidi Wreh Wilson,Zaviar Gooden are all gone and made minimal impact. The latest second rounders Dodd and Johnson haven't done much at all yet. I really do hope we sign some impact defenders this offseason in free agency for once. Anyone else a bit concerned as far as the defensive side of the ball?
  12. I'm fine with Cooks or Pryor at least they are proven.
  13. Belichick is nuts. He is just seeing if someone is desperate enough to pull the trigger.
  14. If i am JRob i do everything i can to get as much speed as possible on offense. That side of the ball is just about complete all thats needed is a couple speedsters either Cooks,Pryor or someone in the draft. When it comes to WR i would rather bring in someone proven because receivers drafted early are a gamble. Here is my philosophy. First FA Sign Cooks. We have the damn money and he has experience. That way we don't have to draft a WR. Cooks/Matthews will make a great one two punch at WR. Sign LB Hightower &... CB Kirkpatrick. Draft a corner in the second(if you get it) or third round. Plus you have Sims as well. Now the corner spot is taken care. In the first round draft a guy early like Adams at safety now you have Adams/Byard as your tandem for years. Then later in first draft McCaffery. So now you have Murray/Henry/McCaffery. All JRob has to do is play his cards right and we will have one hell of a roster in '17.
  15. Wonder if the Jets have interest in Cutler?