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  1. When he came back they didn't draft a DB in the 1st round over 10 years. Looks like if he does have say in the drafts they listened because he is known for not wanting DB in the first and they went over a decade without picking one that early. As far as Troy who knows.
  2. Went back the last few years Lebeau was in Pittsburgh lets look at where they drafted DB.... Might be a decent one in there somewhere. Last few years secondary doesn't look like a strong suit 2014.....5th round...Shaqille Richardson 2013.....4th round....Shamarko Thomas. ..5th round...Terry Hawthorne 2012.....7th round.....Terrence Frederick 2011.....3rd round....Curtis Brown. .. 4th round....Cortez Allen 2010....5th round...Crezdon Butler.
  3. I really like Lebeau and all but some of his methods like making a defensive rookie sit a year and not drafting defensive backs in the first doesn't make sense. SO.......In 2003 the Steelers drafted a DB Troy Polamalu in the first round and he was a HOF and one of the best defensive players they ever had. But Dick Lebeau was not in Pittsburgh in 2003 he arrived in 2004. Pittsburgh might have never known the talents of Polamalu if Lebeau would've been around. Like i said some of the stuff like not drafting defensive backs in the first i don't understand.
  4. Watt had a strong debut to open the 2016 season with an impressive game against LSU. That set the tone for an excellent junior year, and Watt decided to skip his senior campaign to enter the 2017 NFL Draft. He is a good edge rusher who also is very tough at setting the edge in the ground game. Watt would be a perfect fit as a 3-4 outside linebacker in the NFL. In 2016, Watt recorded 63 tackles with 15.5 tackles for a loss, 11.5 sacks, four passes batted, and two forced fumbles. In 2015, he was a backup who totaled eight tackles with three passes broken up. He is the younger brother of J.J. Watt. http://walterfootball.com/draft2017ILB.php Looks like impressive stats. I hope like hell someone besides Houston picks this guy. Come to think of it wouldn't it be cool if we drafted JJ's brother and he ended up being as good as him. JJ has already peaked BUT the last thing we need is to deal with his bro too.
  5. I'd love to get Bouye and Jefferson safety from AZ in free agency. Then in the draft get another corner Tankersly/Lattimore in the first followed by Williams/Davis at WR Or they could draft a good LB early Foster and still draft a good corner later in the second(if they get one) or third round.
  6. Jim Wyatt ✔ @jwyattsports .@MelKiperESPN on @Titans: "I don’t think they’re going to draft one (DB). I think they’re going to draft 2 or 3 over the 7 rounds of draft.”
  7. THIS is what we need to do next season. Quit giving Murray the bulk of the carries. Give Henry half damnit.
  8. Team Cap Space: $66,744,839 You are correct. http://overthecap.com/salary-cap/tennessee-titans/
  9. Humphrey will be another Miliner i'm willing to bet anything. Hope JRob stays far away. I do like Lattimore,Tankersly,Jones,Wilson. Adoree Jackson i like because of his killer return ability,2 KR and 2 PR for TD's.
  10. I liked the challenging games especially ones that took a little time. Castlevania was definitely one of the tougher ones.
  11. 13. Tennessee Titans Top overall grade: DE Jurrell Casey, 85.4 Lowest overall grade: LB Avery Williamson, 76.5 Dick LeBeau brought his aggressive style of defense to the Titans this year, and while they may not have had the talent to make it work on the back end, the front-seven did its part. The Titans pressured opposing quarterbacks at the eighth-highest rate in the NFL, and saw Jurrell Casey, Karl Klug, Brian Orakpo, and Derrick Morgan all finish with top-30 pass-rushing grades at their respective positions. https://www.profootballfocus.com/pro-ranking-all-32-defensive-front-sevens-this-season/
  12. Chris Wesseling ‏@ChrisWesseling 16h16 hours ago #Steelers LB @RyanShazier has an INT in 4 straight games, tied for longest streak by a linebacker since 1970 merger, per @NFLResearch
  13. I got my first Nintendo in '87 or '88 i was around 13 or so. My favorite games were Zelda,Metroid,Castlevania II and Mega Man sequels. Hardest as well as all time favorite is Zelda it took me months to beat it.
  14. Sorry for the mixup. These teams are known for having good offenses. No i'm saying to draft defense once we get our offense looking good which we just about have done except for a number 1 WR.