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  1. You guys love my posts right? Imagine being together at a game sometime a group of us all shooting the breeze i can dominate a conversation and have long in depth discussions wouldn't that be a load of fun
  2. I think Prescott is gonna have a rude awakening in 2017. Prescott had everything and i mean everything go right last year from the offensive line,the run game,the passing game all parts of the Dallas offense were A-1. The worst thing that can happen to a real young QB is fast sudden success especially prolonged. So i am curious how its gonna affect Prescott when the run game sputters without Zeke for several games,the offensive line has several new guys because one retired and i think another one got hurt. So defenses might go for the knockout blow and if only one thing is working like the passing game defenses will take that away too. I think he is gonna have the 'ol sophomore slump. As far as Wentz we'll have to see. I do think Wentz will fare better than Goff. One thing i'd love to see is Carr/Mariota become great QB's and the Raiders/Titans be like the Patriots/Colts games always down to the wire. There have already been two straight games that weren't decided until the last minute.
  3. Cutler had a really good year in 2015 with Gase: 4 fourth quarter comebacks and 4 game winning drives If he can control the game and not commit mistakes that combined with the weapons on offense and the good defense we all could see a rejuvinated Cutler. No one wants to say it but the last two times he faced the Titans he killed us..... 2007, in a MNF Game. Cutler posted a career-second-best 137.0 passer rating in a 34–20 victory. He was the first Broncos quarterback since Elway in 1995 to throw two 40+ yard touchdowns in a game (of the team's franchise-record four 40+ yard touchdowns that night), and the 5–5 Broncos moved into a tie with San Diego atop the AFC West. 2012-Cutler had a 3-TD-0-INT game with a rating of 138.1 in a 51–20 blowout of Tennessee, bringing the Bears to 7–1 on the season, and Cutler's personal record in games with a 100+ QB rating to 25–0.
  4. 2006--Denver was 9-7 and Cutler went 81-of-137 for 1,001 yards, 9 touchdowns and 5 interceptions, earning a franchise rookie record passer rating of 88.5. He posted the second-highest TD percentage (6.6) and third-highest TD-to-INT ratio (1.8) among NFL rookies since 1970 with at least 125 passing attempts Cutler became the first rookie QB in NFL history to throw for at least two touchdowns in each of his first four games played. He also became the second rookie in league history (fifth player overall) to throw at least two touchdown passes in each of his first four starts. In his first game, he threw a memorable 71-yard touchdown to fellow-rookie Brandon MarshallI was one of the longest TD passes for a debut in NFL history and was also the second-longest pass play between two rookies in Broncos history. 2007-Cutler started all 16 games, completing 297-of-467 passes (63.6%) for 3,497 yards, 20 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. He was the NFL’s 12th-ranked passer (88.1) and also had the tenth-most passing yards (3,497). Furthermore, Cutler was the league’s ninth-best third-down passer, with a 92.1 passer rating (73-of-125 for 901 yards, 8 TD and 3 INT). It was the seventh most passing yards in Broncos history, and third-best completion percentage. In Week 10, the 4-5 Broncos faced the 6-3 Tennessee Titans (and fellow 2006 draftee Vince Young for the first time) in a MNF Game. Cutler posted a career-second-best 137.0 passer rating in a 34–20 victory. He was the first Broncos quarterback since Elway in 1995 to throw two 40+ yard touchdowns in a game (of the team's franchise-record four 40+ yard touchdowns that night). Cutler had 2 fourth quarter comebacks and 3 game winning drives in 2007. 2008-He finished September first in the AFC in completions (102), passing yards (1,275), and attempts (157), second in yards per attempt (8.12), third in passing touchdowns (9) and quarterback rating (98.6), and fifth in completion percentage (65.0%), winning AFC Offensive Player of the Month honors for the first time in his career. In game 9, the Broncos found themselves down 23-10 at Cleveland, but in the 4th quarter Cutler threw a career-long 93-yard touchdown to Eddie Royal,followed by a touchdown passes to Daniel Graham and the game-winner to Brandon Marshall with 1:14 left. Cutler finished the game going 24-of-42 with 447 yards (career-high), three touchdowns and one interception,and received AFC Offensive Player of the Week honors for the first time in his career. The next week, Cutler threw another late 4th quarter touchdown to Daniel Graham for a 24-20 win at Atlanta. Cutler began December completing a season high 80% of his 40 passes for 286 yards, 2 TDs and 1 Int in a 24-17 win over the Chiefs.The win came via a 95-yard drive and go-ahead touchdown pass to Brandon Marshall for Cutler's fourth rally of the season. Cutler finished the season with career-highs in passing completions (384), passing attempts (616), passing yards (4,526), passing touchdowns (25), interceptions (18), rushing attempts (57) and rushing touchdowns (2).[58] At the time, his passing yards, completions and attempts were all single-season franchise records for the Broncos. He also had the most 300-yard passing games (8) in team history. For the season, Cutler ranked third in the NFL in completions (first in the AFC), second in passing attempts (first in the AFC), third in passing yards (first in the AFC) and seventh in passing touchdowns (third in the AFC).[60] He was selected as the FedEx Air Player of the Week for his performances during Weeks 10, 13 and 14. He finished third in fan voting for AFC quarterbacks in the 2009 Pro Bowl,and was selected as a reserve. Cutler had 3 fourth quarter comebacks and 4 game winning drives in 2008. 2009- Cutler finished the season with 27 TDs 3,666 yards passing had 2 fourth quarter comebacks and 4 game winning drives in 2009 2010- The Bears finished with an 11–5 record, an NFC North title, and a first-round bye. Despite taking a league-leading 52 sacks, Cutler finished the season with 3,274 passing yards, 23 touchdowns, 16 interceptions, 232 rushing yards, and 4 comeback victories and 4 game winning drives. 2011--Cutler finished the season with 13 TDs,7 INT 2,319 yards passing and 1 comeback victory and 1 game winning drive. 2012-- The Bears finished with an 10–6 record,lead the league in fourth-quarter passer rating with 114.7. In just four seasons, he was already the Bears all-time team leader in passer rating (81.9) and completions (1,034), and second in yards (12,292), touchdowns (82), and completion percentage (59.6%) 2013-Cutler had 3 fourth quarter comebacks and 3 game winning drives 2014-Cutler accrued 3,812 passing yards, a career-high 28 passing touchdowns and career best 64 percent of his passes were completed. 2015-Cutler had 4 fourth quarter comebacks and 4 game winning drives with Adam Gase. Week 4 against Oakland, throwing two first half touchdowns, and drove 48 yards in the last 2:05 to set-up a game-winning field goal. In Week 5, Cutler threw two touchdowns in the final 3:05 for a dramatic 18–17 victory over the Chiefs and a tie of Jim McMahon's record for the most wins in team history. In Week 6, Cutler was just short of a third consecutive comeback: despite a season-best 353 yards, a 4th quarter TD and 2-point conversion, followed by a 69-yard drive in 17 seconds for a game-tying field goal, the Bears lost in overtime to the Lions. After the bye, in Week 8 Cutler again scored a go-ahead touchdown late in the 4th quarter, but the Vikings rallied for two late scores and a 23–20 win. In Week 9 against San Diego, Cutler threw yet another late 4th quarter touchdown, which both won the game 22–19, and set the Bears franchise record .In Week 10, Cutler had a stellar performance in a 37–13 win St. Louis, going 19-for-24 for 258 yards, 3 TDs (two of them for 80+ yards for the only time in franchise history) and 0 INTs; his 151.0 passer rating was a career-best, and the best by a Bears QB since 1980. 2017- Headed to Miami to be starting QB for HC Adam Gase. Just two years earlier he had one of his best years with Gase. From 2007 through 2015 Cutler had 21 4th quarter comebacks and 25 game winning drives and personal record in games with 100+ QB rating was 25–0 through 2012. Awards,honors and records Pro Bowl selection (2008) AFC passing yards leader (2008) AFC Offensive Player of the Month (September 2008) AFC Offensive Player of the Week – Week 10 (2008) NFC Offensive Player of the Week – Week 16 (2009) FedEx Air Player of the Week – Week 16 (2009) Most Game Winning Drives in a Single Season: 4 (2009 and 2010) Most 4th Quarter Comeback Wins in a Single Season: 4 (2010) Most Career 4th Quarter Comeback Wins Bears: 11 (2009–2014) Most Career Game Winning Drives Bears: 13 (2009–2014) Highest Completion Percentage in a Single Season: 66.0% (2014)
  5. Anyone think Cutler could have a late career renaissance with the Dolphins? He is on a team with a good defense and also has some weapons on offense
  6. Wow you could definitely be right. I didn't think of that but i could see Coughlin going after Smith especially since they have a good roster and all thats needed is a decent QB. Some teams seem to do better getting free agent QB's than drafting. Arizona is a good example of this as they have only had success with free agent QB's Warner/Palmer.
  7. The QB's that are youngest and already proven they can play well and stick around long term are..... Carr(Raiders),Mariota(Titans),Winston(Bucs),Prescott(Cowboys) and Wentz(Eagles). Russell Wilson is still young 28 and going into his 6th season but i think he still has a big future as well as he has led the Seahawks to the postseason every season so far as well as at least ten wins or more. 56-23-1 and a playoff record of 8 wins/4 losses that includes two straight Super Bowl appearances winning one and losing the other barely. Right now these teams have the best chance of building long term success.
  8. In regards to Kansas City i am gonna make a bold prediction. I expect Mahomes to take the starting job from Alex Smith at some point this season. Next season not only will Kirk Cousins be looking for another team but Alex Smith will as well. I think Alex Smith will land with the N.Y. Jets as they will sign him to groom the QB they draft next season. As for Cousins many have said he will most likely go to San Francisco they have the cap room and Cousins will be back with Shanny again.
  9. Logan Ryan

    What i'd love to see is Sims,Reed and Jackson all kept on the roster long term and McCain as well as Ryan be stopgaps. Like i said earlier the first three above are all JRob draft picks and would be great having them play through their rookie deals. Thats how teams stay successful after paying their QB's big contracts is being good consistently at drafting talent. After all once you dole out those big money deals you have to watch your cap room and have to depend more on the draft because there is less to spend on free agents. The biggest mistake i could see JRob making at this point is cutting Reed or something similar like keeping McCain and cutting Reed that would be a real dumb move in my view.
  10. Written by Mike75 There is definitely a big change coming in the future at the QB position. Peyton Manning considered by many to be one of the greatest ever has already retired. That change is already being felt in Denver as the team is struggling to stay above .500 as well as find their QBOF as both Trevor Seimen and Paxton Lynch fight for the starting job. In the coming future more teams will experience these growing pains moving on from long time starters many Super Bowl winners or if they don't have rings good enough to spend many years with one team. Unless you are lucky like Dallas and nab someone like Dak Prescott one year removed from losing their long time starter Tony Romo who just retired as well or lucky like New England where Tom Brady wants to play until he is fifty. The only reason Denver was barely able to stay above .500 was their league best defense otherwise things would've been worse. Soon several franchises used to usually winning and having a long time staple at QB will see things from a different view. Pittsburgh is already gearing up for Roethlisberger to bid farewell as he goes season to season. The N.Y. Giants offense was mediocre most of last season and the team has seen Manning's play as erratic one year to the next. In 2013 he led the NFL in interceptions with 27 then in 2015 led the NFL in touchdowns with 35. Both have won two rings apiece. Two QB's i consider top 10 easily are Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers but both have been stuck on middling teams the past few years as Brees Saints have only made the postseason once in the past five years and Rivers Chargers have only made it once in the past six years. Carson Palmer started in Cincy but has enjoyed some late career success in Arizona. Brees has a ring,Palmer made it to the NFC championship a couple seasons ago and Rivers made it to the AFC championship in 2007. So we already see Denver struggling some post Manning. Sooner rather later we will also be seeing Pittsburgh,Arizona,New Orleans,L.A. Chargers and N.Y. Giants all dealing with this same situation. I think New England will at some point as well. There will also be the rare times vet QB's change franchises which we will see after this year with Washington's Kirk Cousins and we could very well see it with Kansas City's Alex Smith too especially if Mahomes is the real deal and i'm betting he is. So teams fortunes will rise and fall with these QB's. Some are set for a good while longer like Atlanta,Seattle,Green Bay,Detroit,Carolina,Indy,etc. You also have some that are just starting that have many years left like Oakland,Tennessee,Tampa Bay,Dallas and Philly. Minnesota,Miami,Buffalo and Washington are teams that either had a QB injured or going year to year. Which leaves teams that are about to let a QB go,just drafted one last year or two or gonna draft one later this includes Houston,Chicago,Jacksonville,Cleveland,N.Y. Jets,San Francisco,Washington,Denver and L.A. Rams. I put Washington twice even though they are going year to year with Cousins its pretty much a given he is leaving for a new team in 2018 so the Redskins will be drafting again which is one of the dumbest things Snyder has ever done and he has done tons of dumb shit. Cousins has proven he can play in this league consistently putting up top 5 and top 10 numbers i'd pay him and try to win instead of starting all over at square one where no one knows what will happen with a new QB. Expect many angry fans in 2018 in D.C. That isn't the only dumb thing Snyder has done as he also let go of ex GM Scot McCloughan who was a great drafter mainly because of Bruce Allen who was envious of McCloughan. NFL QB’s from oldest to youngest........ New England–Tom Brady….40 years old/18th season New Orleans—–Drew Brees…38 years old/17th season N.Y. Jets— Josh McCown….38 years old/16th season Arizona—–Carson Palmer…. 37 years old/15th season NY Giants—-Eli Manning… 36 years old/14th season Pittsburgh—Ben Roethlisberger….35 years old/14th season San Diego—-Phillip Rivers….. 35 years old/13th season Kansas City—-Alex Smith….33 years old/13th season Green Bay—-Aaron Rodgers… .33 years old/12th season Atlanta—–Matt Ryan….32 years old/10th season Baltimore— Joe Flacco….32 years old/10th season San Francisco—- Brian Hoyer…..31 years old/9th season Detroit—–Matt Stafford…29 years old/9th season Minnesota—Sam Bradford….29 years old/8th season Cincy— Andy Dalton……29 years old/7th season Washington—Kirk Cousins….29 years old/6th season Miami—Ryan Tannehill….29 years old/6th season Buffalo–Tyrod Taylor…28 years old/7th season Carolina—–Cam Newton…28 years old/7th season Indy—Andrew Luck…28 years old/6th season Seattle——-Russell Wilson……28 years old/6th season Chicago—-Mike Glennon…27 years old/5th season Houston— Tom Savage…..27 years old/4th season Oakland—–Derek Carr……26 years old/4th season Denver—Trevor Siemian…..26 years old/3rd season Jax—-Blake Bortles….25 years old/4th season Philly——Carson Wentz…..24 years old/2nd season Dallas—Dak Prescott…..24 years old/2nd season Cleveland— Cody Kessler……24 years old/2nd season Tennessee—-Marcus Mariota….23 years old/3rd season Tampa Bay—–Jameis Winston…23 years old/3rd season L.A. Rams—Jared Goff……22 years old/2nd season
  11. Logan Ryan