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  1. We always seemed to underachieve when we were at our best and worst. Starting in '99 we get all the way to the Super Bowl and had one yard to go and time ran out. Then in '00 we had the best record and defense in the NFL only to make two costly mistakes in postseason that led to Raven points and our loss. In '02 we are one step away from another Super Bowl and we fumble twice,screw up a punt,punt from the Raiders 32 instead of kicking a FG and we led in the second quarter but the miscues cost us. In '03 we were a dropped Drew Bennett pass from going to the AFC Championship. In '08 best record in the NFL and a top five defense we meet the Ratbirds again and just like in the first game we dominate everywhere but the scoreboard letting two red zone turnovers fuck us out of a Super Bowl. In '09 we were two Mouton fumbles away from making the postseason. In '11 we were a Bironas FG from the postseason. In '16 we were a Randy Bullock FG from the postseason. We've had our share of success since the Titans first season in '99 but always seemed to be some sort of tough luck as well through the years. I think things might be starting to change and luck on our side because any number of things could've happened in 2014 and we would've won just one more game we would've lost out on Mariota. We lost by one to the Browns when we were once up by twenty or more points. We were winning by one point going into the fourth against the Jets but lost by five points. The Browns and Jets are still in QB purgatory. We were also able to get the number one pick the very next year and turn that into multiple picks after a trade down with another QB starved team the Rams and then they picked the wrong one. I think in '17 we finally get the monkey off our back and get a Colts victory. I also think we could sweep one of our division opponents. We had two close losses in two straight years to Raiders and that will end as well opening day.
  2. https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/06/27/vince-young-cfl-saskatchewan-finances-bankruptcy-titans An 8 minute interview with VY and his family. These people are delusional. They talk about how disappointed he was that Houston didn't draft him. Then they kept on and on talking about how none of the teams after Tennessee gave him a fair chance. Even his pastor was there and was talking about how Fisher didn't like VY tried to bring him down. Young’s pastor describe Fisher as “jealous” and “envious” of the QB. “I’m going to expose his ass,” he says of Fisher, who he claims stripped all the fun from football, pushing Young until he broke. Young says he would sometimes arrive early for a meeting, only to learn it had been canceled, unannounced, and that the coach was out fishing with Collins.
  3. VY couldnt even make it in Canada.
  4. Young -- 755 of 1304 passes completed, 57.9%, 8,964 yards, 46TD and 51 INT, 74.4 Pass rating List of awards and honors 2006 NFL Rookie of the Week Awards (four separate weekly awards) 2006 NFL AP Offensive Rookie of the Year 2006 Diet Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year 2007 Pro Bowl Cover of Madden NFL 08 2010 Pro Bowl Fitzpatrick-- 2315 of 3876 passes completed, 59.7%, 25,888 yards, 166TD and 133 INT, 79.7 Pass rating List of awards and honors NFL Rookie of The Week (Week 12, 2005) AFC Offensive Player of the Month (September 2011) 4× AFC Offensive Player of the Week (Week 13, 2014; Week 14; Week 16, 2015, Week 2, 2016) NFC Offensive Player of the Week (Week 12, 2005) FedEx Air NFL Player of the Week (Week 13, 2014) Castrol Edge Clutch Performer of the Week (Week 16, 2015) Ed Block Courage Award (2015) NFL records Most consecutive regular season games with at least two touchdown passes in one stadium during one season: 9 (MetLife Stadium, 2015) First Quarterback to throw four touchdown passes in a single game with four different teams (Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans, Houston Texans, New York Jets) Buffalo Bills franchise records Longest touchdown pass in a single game: 98 yards (against Jacksonville Jaguars on November 22, 2009) Houston Texans franchise records Most passing touchdown passes in a single game: 6 (against Tennessee Titans on November 30, 2014) New York Jets franchise records Most passing touchdowns in a single season - 31 (2015) Fitz could easily sit back and make loot as the best backup QB in the league. You could easily win with him short term a few games especially with a decent defense. Fitz has been offensive player of the week four seperate times and been offensive player of the month once. His first five years in the league he played a few games for the Rams and Bengals but didn't play full time until 2010. 2010 through 2016 his numbers from then as he played for the Bills,Titans,Texans and Jets are....1,900 of 3,140 passes completed,60% comp rate, 145 TD and 105INT As for his recent numbers 2014 he had a 95.3 passer rating for the year barely missing the top ten. He also 8 yards per throw as well and completed 63 percent of passes. 2015 he threw for nearly 4,000 yards as well as threw 31TD and 15INT. Those are starting QB numbers. 2016 his numbers dipped playing for a bad Jets team. If Winston gets injured Tampa will be in good hands as long as Fitz doesn't play over four or five games. In 2014 his Texans were 9-7 and in 2015 his Jets were 10-6.
  5. Yeah Vince but Fitz gets out there and works every offseason and in addition to that has to learn different playbooks each time he goes to a new team as well. Not to mention that Fitz also listens to his coaches and does everything they ask him to do including watch film which is something you never seemed to want to do otherwise your ass would've still been in Tennessee after Fish left. Which brings up another interesting point which is the fact that we here in Tennessee would've never had to call Fitz to come here back in 2013 had you done the right things and worked out regularly,studied your playbook and watched film. Thing was you were arrogant enough to think you could get by like you did in college but the pros is a whole different ball game. And Vince before we leave you all of us Titan fans now have Marcus Mariota a player who works hard,studies and does everything to win something we mistakenly thought we had in you but we were unfortunately proven wrong about. Last but not least you made us sit through four wasted years of Jake Locker and your buddy Fitz as well as bad football before we were able to correct course and get back on the right track. Do i feel sorry for your whiny ass? I think i speak for all of Titans Nation when i say Hell No.
  6. I love almost everything JRob has done but i do wish we would've brought in one more CB. We have Logan Ryan who was like a number two guy in New England. Then you have Sims who is a second year corner and Adoree Jackson a rookie. There corner position is very young based on the players starting.
  7. There are three things that Robinson did that sort of bothered me regarding the defense. Sylvester Williams-I have chatted with numerous Denver fans and the feeling is pretty much unanimous that they are glad this dude isn't on their roster anymore. Most of them used one word to describe him. Weak. I didn't like the signing before but after the opinions i heard i don't really see what JRob saw. We will regret not spending a couple million more and getting the Giants Hankins who Indy got. Saving--I get that we have players to pay later and i understand. However i hope the time doesn't come where we regret not spending a bit more like i mentioned above in regards to Williams and Hankins. I am ok with Logan Ryan but i do catch myself wondering what if we got Bouye and Hankins. Secondary--As far as Cyprien i have read where he is good on run D but is not good at all when it comes to pass defense. I was hoping we would've drafted one more cornerback in a draft littered with them. I would've spent a sixth/seventh on another corner instead of an offensive lineman. The Jags got CB Jalen Myrick in the seventh round i can't help but feel they got a steal similar to when we got Finnegan.
  8. Wow i was 15 as well and also watched this with my older brother who was and still is a huge boxing fanatic. I can remember before this fight that we would watch Tyson destroy opponents in mere seconds it was crazy. I've never before or since seen a boxer as good as Tyson in his prime. Was quite shocked when Tyson lost this fight against Douglas.
  9. NOTSportsCenter‏ @NOTSportsCenter Eric Decker on going from Fitzpatrick to Mariota: "It's like wrecking a Honda Accord and the insurance company replacing it with a Ferrari."
  10. (RNN) - Drug overdoses now kill more young Americans than anything else, the New York Times reported. One reason is a new drug so deadly it's considered a weapon of mass destruction. Its street name is serial killer. Carfenatil, which mostly comes to the U.S. from China, has started its killing spree as an ingredient that dealers mix with heroin to increase profits. The synthetic opiate can be used legally by specialized veterinarians - one dose can drop a 10,000-pound elephant. It was legal for any lab in China to manufacture with almost no supervision until a new law went into effect on March 1. Before then it was churned out by tens of thousands of illicit labs and sold to Americans on the dark web, delivered by the U.S. Post Office, the easiest way to avoid detection. The Chinese government's regulation of the dangerous drug is a welcome development, but whether it will slow the flow of carfentanil, and its less-powerful but still deadly cousin fentanyl remains to be seen. More than 160,000 Chinese companies have for years made carfentinil with few restrictions, AP reported. There's no telling how much of the drug is already in the U.S. and Canada, where it's also a growing problem. One Chinese chemist said illegal manufacture and shipping of the drug would be easy. Last year, Xu Loquin, who worked for Hangzhou Reward Technology, said her company could produce carfentanil to order, which was legal at the time. She said she's in in favor of restricting production of dangerous, synthetic opioids, But a ban on production would be hard to enforce because there is so little oversight to begin with, and carfentanil is not difficult to produce quickly in small quantities, she told AP. “The government should impose very serious limits,” she said in October 2016, “but in reality, in China, it’s so difficult to control because if I produce one or two kilograms, how will anyone know?” she said. “They cannot control you, so many products, so many labs.” China is the source of most heroin and synthetic opioids, including fentanyl, which is only 50 times stronger than heroin, and which has caused thousands of deaths in the U.S., among them, actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman and music icon Prince. There are known instances of the raw materials being shipped to Mexico, where they are converted into carfentanil in makeshift labs, then smuggled into the U.S. Overdose deaths increasing uncontrollably The Times conducted an exhaustive examination of state-by-state statistics and found that the surge in deaths from prescription painkillers, heroin, fentanyl and its many analogues caused between 58,000 and 65,000 deaths in 2016, making overdose the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50. The Times is not the first news source or government agency to reach that conclusion - though the official Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report will not be ready until December because their strict methods of categorization slow down the process. CDC statistics since 1999 show that prescription drug abuse is the leading killer among those who die from an overdose, but the number of heroin-related deaths has quadrupled since 2010, and from 2014 to 2015 deaths from synthetic opioids (excluding methadone) shot up from 5,500 to almost 9,600. As tighter restrictions make prescription painkillers harder to get, many addicts have turned to heroin or bootleg pills that contain deadly ingredients. Synthetic opioids usually come in the form of a white powder. They are indistinguishable from heroin, cocaine, meth and dozens of other street drugs, but they are far more deadly. They are pressed into pills that have the markings and coloration of prescription medications like Xanax, Oxycontin, Demerol and other painkillers. Anybody who takes a full strength counterfeit is highly likely to die - but if it is broken up and sold in bits, it could kill far more. A single pill resembling a 30mg OxyContin tablet is enough to kill 60 people if it’s made of fentanyl, and possibly thousands if it’s carfentanil. Carfentanil, fentanyl's most powerful analogue, is legally marketed to specialized veterinary practices under the brand name Wildnil, and is used to tranquilize elephants and other large animals. African elephants range from 5,000 to 14,000 pounds, and a dart full of carfentanil will bring them down in minutes. The average American man weighs 195.5, and if he touches or inhales an amount the size of a grain of salt, he could die, with or without medical intervention. According to some reports, uncut carfentenil is an astonishing 5,000 times more powerful than heroin, which makes it a dream come true for drug-runners and dealers.One kilo of carfentenil, small enough to fit in a shoebox with room to spare, is the equivalent of 5 metric tons of heroin. That same kilo would cost between $8,000 and $25,000 according to a 2016 investigation by Fast Company. On the street, Fast Company found, heroin sells for between $90 and $120 a gram. Adding carfentanil to heroin is a low-cost way to increase its value exponentially, and add the kick that addicts crave – provided it doesn’t kill them. A speck of carfentanil that would fit inside Roosevelt’s ear on the dime is a fatal dose. Retail-level dealers don’t have the sort of precision scales to measure such tiny amounts, and they aren't all that careful, anyway. When a dealer has a supply with a strong kick, word spreads by word of mouth in the community of addicts. Dealers can afford to kill a few customers who take too much or have a lower tolerance, and still attract enough new business to keep the cash flowing. Carfentanil can become even more dangerous Before the drug kingpins discovered carfentanil, it was sold for years over the internet as a weapon. It’s ideal for a single assassination, and terrifyingly suited to an attack on any enclosed area where people gather. In 2002, Russian special forces broke a siege when they pumped carfentanil gas into a Moscow theater where Chechen rebels had held between 800 hostages for 57 hours. The narcotic knocked everyone unconscious and neutralized the rebels, but 120 hostages died, too. A survivor recalled watching a plume descend in the theater. People knelt or got close to the ground, but eventually lost consciousness. She remembered somebody saying “She’s alive." Later, she woke up on a bus, still groggy and sick. “It was such a horror just to look at it,” she said of the scene on the bus where the hostages were held. “Nobody was moving. They put the people there like dolls.” She said she felt nauseated, and started to throw up for a long time after she was given tea after arriving at the hospital. She said the period of unconsciousness was like sleep without memory. Last May, a police officer in East Liverpool, OH, collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital after he brushed a speck of fentanyl off his uniform. The drug entered his body through the skin on his hand and he quickly lost his faculties, then collapsed. The officer had made a drug bust earlier in the day where the suspects spilled the powdered drug on the floorboards of their car, and it got into the air. It got all over the floor, their shoes and clothes. Though the arresting officer obeyed the protocol for collection of an unknown drug, a tiny crumb got on his uniform. Officer Chris Green was OK during the arrest because he wore gloves. But he wiped the speck of powder off with his bare hand. He said he felt weird, becoming more and more detached from reality. He could hear his fellow officers talking but he could not respond. They recognized that he was suffering an overdose and called paramedics, who gave him a shot of Narcan, which reverses the effects of opioids, and rushed him to the hospital. He was given more naloxone, the scientific name for Narcan, before he began to pull out of it. That's another effect of fentanyl and carfentanyl, it takes a lot more naxalone to neutralize the effects of overdose which has placed a financial burden on police forces to buy enough to deal with the exploding epidemic. Green's chief was appalled to see with his own eyes how truly dangerous these drugs are. "This is scary," East Liverpool Police Chief John Lane told CNN. "He could have walked out of the building and left and he could have passed out while he was driving. You don't even know it's there on his clothes. "His wife, kids, and his dog could be confronted with it and boom, they're dead. This could never end," he said. And this was fentanyl - 100 times weaker than carfentanil. It's easy to imagine either being used as a weapon that could kill hundreds of people in an instant, and create an environment where police and paramedics could not get to the victims to help without gearing up in full hazmat gear. Carfentanil has been banned as a battlefield weapon for those very reasons. It would create chaos, and would kill all it touched indiscriminately. It would leave behind a toxic landscape that would be all but impossible to clean up. "If you really think about it, these drugs could be used as weapons of mass destruction," East Liverpool Police Capt. Patrick Wright said. "All you have to do is walk into any room, flip it in the air, and people are going to start dropping out."
  11. “It is looking good, man,’’ “I am really excited. I feel like the team is definitely taking a step forward. I feel like we have matured as a group, and I feel like we know what we have to do now. We know the system a lot better. “It is night and day from what it used to be. When I first got here, everybody was more selfish, there was a lot more selfishness on the team. Now I feel like everybody is willing to pay the price to be great.” “I know the coaches have a lot of faith in me, and seeing that it shows they know I can get the job done and that makes me feel really good,’’ Williamson said. “And the feel around the team, everybody has been good, man. Everybody comes to work ready to go. Everybody has a positive attitude and that is what it takes to have a successful team. You have to have guys who are on the same page and want to put the time in.” “I want to have more splash plays this year,’’ Williamson said. “I have been working on making sure I solidify the plays, and I am comfortable out there now. So now it is maybe taking chances more, going ahead and doing things, and not being scared to make those big plays. I want to make more game-changing plays.” http://www.titansonline.com/news/article-4/Avery-Williamson-Wants-to-Make-More-“Splash-Plays”-in-2017/d35dd847-c7fe-4dd4-83ca-1a16f4c52ee3
  12. Yep Chef its rough here...... In Memphis, there were 7,653 reported aggravated assaults in 2015, or 1,163 per 100,000 people, the highest such rate of any other city. Like many violent cities, Memphis’s economy is in poor shape. More than a quarter of city residents live below the poverty line, and the 7.3% unemployment rate in 2015 was 2 percentage points higher than national unemployment rate. Whats crazy is this..... > Poverty rate: 27.4% Thats close to 1 out 3 people being in poverty.
  13. If the Redskins don't sign QB Kirk Cousins to a long term extension by July 15th,2017 then this upcoming season will be the last one in Washington for Cousins. If the Skins do not plan on keeping Cousins after 2017 then they are gonna put themselves out of the QB race in the 2018 draft because they will be competitive and win too many games. I personally think Cousins is a good QB and they would have to start all over looking for a QB if they don't sign him which is crazy because its not easy to find a good QB just ask Cleveland,NY Jets,Houston,San Francisco,Chicago,L.A. Rams,etc. The Redskins were 7-25 in 2013 and 2014 with RG3 as the leading QB. Cousins takes over in 2015 and 2016 and the team makes the postseason and went 17-14-1. A 10 game improvement. Some will say Cousins is not that good of a QB but the results speak for themselves...... 2016 categories and how Cousins fared..... – 4,917 yards were 3rd most in the NFL. – 406 completions was the 3rd most in the NFL. – 307.3 Yards/game was the 3rd most in the NFL. – 97.2 Quarterback rating was the 7th best Also he led the NFL completing 70% of his passes in 2015. In 2015/2016 Cousins stats were 785 of 1150 good for 68.5% completion rate,9083 yards, 54TD and 23 INT, 99.4 QB rating The above 2015/2016 numbers above are top ten numbers for a QB so the Skins in all honesty would be crazy to let him walk. IF they do let him go Cousins will very likely end up being with the 49ers in 2018. I've been watching pro football since 1985 which is thirty two years ago. I've seen a lot and i can tell when teams get a new head coach/GM and a reboot whether or not the starting over will work out or not. The San Francisco 49ers in my opinion are heading in the right direction and it won't be long before they are a force. Their former HC Chip Kelly/GM Trent Baalke were replaced by Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch. You could not ask for a better start than the one Shanahan and Lynch have had, Lynch has told the story of originally wanting Reuben Foster as their pick at #2 and they decided to draft DE Solomon Thomas instead. Then toward the end of the first round Lynch couldn't believe his great fortune and luck that Foster was still available so Lynch worked the phones to find a way to trade up and they did with Seattle so with that pick they selected Reuben Foster. Lynch was already happy from an earlier trade having traded down just one single spot from #2 to #3 in the process gaining an extra 2017 third and fourth round pick as well as a 2018 third round pick. Also the 49ers brought in QB Brian Hoyer who was having his best season as a pro in Chicago the year before along with WR Pierre Garcon as well as LB Elvis Dumervil on defense. If the Skins let Cousins go the 49ers will have him in 2018 rather than them having to draft a new QB. My gut feeling is the 49ers will end up signing Cousins and he will be reunited with Shanahan who is outstanding when it comes to offenses. After all his last gig with Atlanta ended at the Super Bowl. Six out of nine years Shanahan offenses were top ten in either points or yardage so thats impressive. If Shanahan lands Cousins there is no doubt the two together will put up high numbers.
  14. Yeah having unlimited finances will eventually wear a person down because they never take a break from the drugs thats why Belushi's wife would regularly have him go through dry out spells where he couldn't get access to them. They even had a guard who they hired whose sole purpose was to keep him sober at all costs. In the end he was on a binge and thats what eventually killed him he was only 33 years old. As far as your friend getting addicted to opiates and it eventually killing him it us definitely tough to kick opiates. I know from experience just how tough it can be.