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  1. 2018 is the Titans 20th season overall and if the Titans can get more wins this year than the Giants,Vikings and Cowboys there is a good chance the team could land in the top ten in wins overall during the teams first 20 seasons when compared with other NFL franchises during this span. Looking back the Titans first two decades of existence were fun in my opinion i wouldn't trade it for anything. We are right outside the top ten in total wins with 155 wins compared with all other franchises during the same time span. We went to a Super Bowl. We were close to going to a second Super Bowl when we faced Oakland in 2002. We played in 2 AFC Championship games. We won 7 playoff games. We had 3 seperate 13 win seasons no team had more except New England and Indy. We had 9 winning seasons,We clinched postseason 7 different seasons. Even had seasons that were fun going down to the wire like 2006 and 2009 both years VY led the Titans on long winning streaks to help the team hit .500 both times and also in 2009 CJ set the all purpose yardage record and also should have the rush record but he was cheated by Hoculi crooked ass official. The only time that was hard was what i call the Locker/Webster/Nightmare years from 2012 through 2015 4 straight losing seasons due to these fumbledicks. Out of the ashes of that shitpile arose Mariota/JRob like a phoenix through fire. However looking back i honestly thought we had hell long term with those 4 years and i was so wrong,lol. Imagine going 18 years with only two 9-7 seasons and no playoffs(Bills) 15 years from 2003 through 2017 with only 1 winning season/playoff berth(Raiders) 10 straight losing years no playoffs from 2001 through 2010(Lions) Nearly 10 straight losing years from 2008 through 2017 finally had winning season/playoffs in 2017(Jags) 13 straight years from 2004 through 2016 no winning seasons/playoffs(Rams) Since 2002 has been 16 years and has only made postseason 2 times(Miami) 2008 through 2017 this team has went 10 straight years of no playoffs(Tampa) Our little 4 years of misery was pretty quick compared to the decade plus clusterfuck these fans of the teams above dealt with. Browns,Bills,Raiders,Lions,Jags,Rams,Dolphins and Bucs now those fans went through very long periods of HELL. I would gladly take our team and things we did and so would a lot of fans of other teams that didn't do jack shit the last 20 years like the Browns,Bills,Lions,Redskins,Bengals,Jaguars,Dolphins,etc. We were good enough the last 20 years to be 3 wins from the top 10 overall in wins. JRob is gonna make sure we lift that gotdamn Lombardi trophy i can't wait to see Mariota rub that sonofabitch and kiss it before taking it home on the plane. 1. New England-222-82 2. Pittsburgh-194-109-1 3. Indianapolis-193-111 4. Green Bay-186-117-1 5. Philadelphia -177-126-1 6. Denver-175-129 7. Baltimore -174-130 8. Seattle-170-133-1 9. New Orleans-160-144 10. Dallas Cowboys—158-146 11. Minnesota—157-146-1 12. NY Giants—156-148 **13. Tennessee—155-149** 14. Atlanta—155-148-1 15. L. A. Chargers—153-151 16. Carolina—153-150-1
  2. 1980’s Music

    ??? Shit i'm 43 and remember Guns N Roses,Motley Crue,Def Leppard and had really long ass hair the bulk of my teen years and if you were into that music you'll remember lots of gals were too. The best place back in the day for a lot of pussy in one spot was a Poison concert. More ass there than an exxon toilet seat. Never mock it if ya didn't live it. 80's were a fun time way better than this shit nowadays,lol.
  3. I like Mariota the thing i thought sucked was Cassel. Gabbert isn't perfect but way better option at this juncture. I have always thought the backup QB spot was important.
  4. Gimme a perfect album

    Damn i'm getting old,lol.
  5. Gimme a perfect album

    Classic,that whole first album smokes.
  6. Who is your guy at 25?

    We once had a real good player on defense Vanden Bosch now we have a Vander Esch!!
  7. Who is your guy at 25?

    I think the guy below is gonna be really good. Another Urlacher, so my pick is.......... Pro Football Focus‏Verified account @PFF 1h1 hour ago No linebacker in this draft class racked up more tackles against the run for two yards or less than @BroncoSportsFB standout Leighton Vander Esch
  8. Shame that Marino doesn't have any rings he was really good. The first Super Bowls i ever watched were in '84-'85 the 49ers beat Dolphins and the next year the Bears killed the Patriots. You have about 2 decades on me and i was wondering how do you see Unitas? Out of all the pre 1970's QB's that started out in the 50's/60's i think he would be in the top 10 or top 20 all time he was pretty good and got hardware at a time when it was way harder to be an NFL QB.
  9. Sam Darnold**, QB, USC Height: 6-3. Weight: 221. Hand: 9.88. 40 Time: 4.85. 4/7/18: Darnold is the safest quarterback prospect in the 2018 NFL Draft. He didn't throw at the NFL Scouting Combine, but he interviewed well with teams showing good recall and football IQ. At his pro day, Darnold put on a clinic, throwing accurate passes in the rain with excellent timing and anticipation. Of the top quarterback prospects, Darnold had the best pro-day performance. In 2017, Darnold completed 63 percent of his passes for 4,143 yards with 26 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. He had an up-and-down season with too many turnovers - fumbles were a particular issue beyond the interceptions. Darnold also made some beautiful anticipatory throws with excellent accuracy in just about every game. Darnold needs to improve his decision-making, eye movement, and confidence. He admitted that confidence was an issue for him in 2017. Earlier in the day of the Trojans' upset loss to Washington State, a scout who was doing tape study of USC quarterback Sam Darnold texted me that they thought Darnold was a good prospect and should end up being a quality starter in the NFL, but he thought Darnold was being overhyped as a "can't miss" elite-quarterback prospect. They felt that Darnold was not better on tape in 2017 than Mitch Trubisky or Deshaun Watson were in 2016. 7/17/17: Darnold was very impressive as a redshirt freshman in 2016. Sources say that while they haven't studied Darnold extensively, he jumped out at them as being a potentially special quarterback. Darnold completed 67 percent of his passes in 2016 for 3,086 yards with 31 touchdowns and nine interceptions. He has size, a strong-enough arm and accuracy, plus led USC on a nine-game winning streak to end last season. There is buzz of him being a No. 1-overall talent at the position. Team sources say that the early feedback is that Darnold has good intangibles as well. Read more at http://walterfootball.com/draft2018QB.php#QbIg8xCbC722yA06.99 Josh Rosen*, QB, UCLA Height: 6-4. Weight: 210. Hand: 9.88. 40 Time: 4.85. 4/7/18: Of the top quarterback prospects for the 2018 NFL Draft, Rosen has the best mechanics and is the most natural pocket passer. He throws a tremendous ball and can really spin it. Rosen's tight spiral helps him to get his passes through small windows and beat good coverage. He has serious arm talent along with field vision and pocket presence. Rosen also worked under center, which has been rare to see with college quarterbacks in recent years. Teams also have some concerns about his intangibles and durability. They question his conduct off the field and worry about him being too much of a partier. His leadership skills and being a good teammate are areas of concern across the league. However, he interviewed well at the combine, showing good play recall and football IQ. Rosen is a unique individual, which could cause some teams to prefer Sam Darnold and Josh Allen. In 2017, Rosen completed 63 percent of his passes for 3,717 yards with 26 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Rosen had two concussions during his final season at UCLA. He led a legendary one of the greatest comeback wins in college football history in Week 1 versus Texas A&M. UCLA was down 44-10 in the third quarter before Rosen led the Bruins back to a 45-44 victory over Texas A&M. WalterFootball.com was first to report that Rosen would enter the 2018 NFL Draft, and he announced his intention after the season. 7/17/17: Rosen completed 59 percent of his passes for 1,915 yards with 10 touchdowns and five interceptions over his six games of 2016 before being sidelined by shoulder surgery. Rosen is a pocket passer, but there is already talk that his character and leadership are lacking. Some team sources have told me that Rosen is disliked by a lot of teammates. Rosen had an impressive debut as a freshman, completing 60 percent of his passes for 3,670 yards with 23 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. He showed off a powerful arm and the ability to be an NFL pocket passer. While Rosen has gotten a ton of hype, the same thing happened with Christian Hackenberg after his freshman season. Thus, Rosen still has more to prove as a junior to be a high first-rounder. Read more at http://walterfootball.com/draft2018QB.php#QbIg8xCbC722yA06.99 Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma Height: 6-0. Weight: 216. Hand: 9.25. 40 Time: 4.84. 4/7/18: Team sources said that Mayfield impressed them at the combine in the field work with how he threw the ball. He also did well in the interview room showing good play recall and football IQ. Mayfield had a solid week of practice at the Senior Bowl. In 2017, he completed 71 percent of his passes in 2017 for 4,627 yards with 43 touchdowns and six interceptions, plus rushed for five touchdowns. Mayfield led Oklahoma to an impressive road win at Ohio State, lost a shootout at home to Iowa State, and led the Sooners to an epic win over Oklahoma State, in which Mayfield threw for 598 yards on the Cowboys. There is a lot to like about Mayfield's play for the NFL. He is a gritty gunslinger quarterback who has an "it factor" to his game. Mayfield doesn't have a strong arm, but it is good enough to make the throws required in the NFL. One of Mayfield's most impressive strengths as a passer is being able to locate the ball well and throw receivers open. He is very good with his timing and trajectory on passes to hit receivers on the run and set them up for lots of yards after the catch. Mayfield is very skilled to loft in touch passes downfield and throws a very catchable ball. He can be an accurate passer with superb ball placement. Mayfield has excellent mobility to dodge sacks, escape pressure, extend plays with his feet, and throws well on the run. He also can pick up critical yards on the ground and adds the value of being a dangerous threat on third-and-short or third-and-manageable. Mayfield is undersized for the NFL with just average arm strength. He can have issues reading defenses because of his height, throwing into tight windows, and will have a big adjustment in learning to work under center, call plays, and operate a pro-style offense. One big area of improvement for Mayfield is his footwork as he gets happy feet in the pocket. One college scouting director told me that Mayfield's feet are terrible. In speaking to multiple teams, they had second-day grades on Mayfield, but he is likely to be a top-10 pick out of the thin supply of quarterbacks and huge demand for them. There are too many teams that are desperate for a quarterback for Mayfield not to go in the top half of the first round. 7/17/17: In 2016, Mayfield completed 71 percent of his passes for 3,965 yards with 40 touchdowns and eight interceptions. He picked up six rushing touchdowns as well. Improving his field vision, feel, and pocket passing are necessary for Mayfield to have any chance of being an early round prospect. He is a good college quarterback, but not a pro-caliber signal-caller. Mayfield stepped up in 2015 and carried the Sooners late in the season as they earned a spot in the college playoff. He was a Heisman finalist as he completed 68 percent of his passes for 3,700 yards with 36 touchdowns and seven interceptions. Mayfield also ran for 405 yards with seven scores. Read more at http://walterfootball.com/draft2018QB.php#QbIg8xCbC722yA06.99 Lamar Jackson*, QB, Louisville Height: 6-2. Weight: 216. Hand: 9.5. Projected 40 Time: 4.53. 4/7/18: At the combine, Jackson did well in the interview room with his play recall and football IQ. He had a mixed workout in the field drills and illustrated that he has a lot of progress to make with his footwork and with throwing from the lower half of his body. Those improvements would make Jackson more accurate. At his pro day, the same example was presented in that Jackson threw the ball pretty well, but illustrated that he needs to revamp his footwork to make him more accurate. It made headlines when NFL Network's Mike Mayock reported that NFL teams were having a hard time getting private visits and workouts set up with Jackson. Jackson's mother is said to be handling those requests as they did not hire an agent. According to team sources, that was a big mistake. Team sources say there are a list of self-inflicted problems from not having an agent that Jackson has had. One, he wasn't prepared for the wonderlic test, and he had a low score in part from not practicing the test. An agent wold have had Allen prepared with practice tests before the combine. Two, he didn't run the 40 or jump at his pro day, so teams don't have those numbers to evaluate. An agent would have recommended he do it at either the combine or his pro day, if not both. Three, his pro day was underwhelming according to scouts who were there. While he threw the ball okay, they said the workout was not organized in the passing script and did not feature quality receivers for him to throw to. Evaluators said it hurt Jackson that he did not prepare for the pro day with a pre-draft quarterback tutor like Jordan Palmer. Teams that have met with Jackson and worked him out also said that it was an odyssey of changes and very disorganized. For teams that are on the bubble about Jackson, these issues are hurting him, which has caused a dampening in the buzz about him. Jackson has an amazing skill set with a powerful arm that allows him to make throws off platform that many NFL quarterbacks couldn't even dream of making. He is tough in the pocket, knew Bobby Petrino's scheme well, and has amazing athleticism and speed as a runner. Jackson looks like a taller and right-handed version of Michael Vick. Many team sources feel that Jackson is being undervalued similarly to Deshaun Watson a year ago. In speaking with a general manager who scouted Jackson this season said, "[The Cardinals] depend on him too much, and he's trying to do it all. I think he has a learning curve. He will need the right system and right coach, but he's super-talented. [Jackson] suffers with accuracy issues." In 2017, Jackson completed 59 percent of his passes for 3,660 yards with 27 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He averaged 6.9 yards per carry on the ground on his way to 1,601 yards and 18 rushing touchdowns. 7/17/17: Jackson set college football on fire in 2016 while winning the Heisman Trophy. He was a massive point-producer for the Cardinals. Jackson completed 56 percent of his passes for 3,543 yards with 30 touchdowns and nine interceptions on the year. He also ran for 21 touchdowns and 1,571 yards while averaging six yards per carry. Jackson has a good athletic skill set, but will need to show more accuracy and pocket-passing skills in 2017. He also faces some size concerns and needs to add weight. Teams do feel that Jackson has a ton of athletic ability and upside to grow. He also has gotten good early reviews for his character, leadership and toughness. Read more at http://walterfootball.com/draft2018QB.php#QbIg8xCbC722yA06.99 Josh Allen*, QB, Wyoming Height: 6-4. Weight: 237. Arm: 33.5. Hand: 10.13. 40 Time: 4.75. 4/7/18: Allen is the quarterback that has won the offseason. It started with a strong showing at the Senior Bowl. During his time in Mobile, he displayed his big skill set and powerful arm while making some improvements in accuracy and his ability to throw touch passes over his three practice sessions. Team sources also said that Allen interviewed well, and they gave him good marks for his character. As team sources predicted in our Senior Bowl Rumormill, Allen blew up the combine with a great workout and a strong showing in the interview room. He led all of the top quarterback prospects on the wonderlic test and finished off his excellent offseason with a quality pro day. His accuracy still needs a lot of work for the NFL, but there is no denying that Allen has a top of the draft skill set. In 2017, Allen completed 56 percent of his passes for 1,812 yards with 16 touchdowns and six interceptions. He notched five rushing touchdowns as well. Allen missed Wyoming's last two regular-season games with a shoulder injury. WalterFootball.com was first to report that Allen would enter the 2018 NFL Draft, and he announced his intent to declare after Wyoming's bowl game. Allen will probably be a high pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, but some of his performances in 2017 indicate that he could be a work in progress who will need some developmental time. His completion percentage and interception total from 2016 provide evidence for that assessment, too. Allen has a great skill set, but he needs a lot of grooming for the NFL. Prior to a three-touchdown game against Texas State, Allen had his third ugly game of the season, even though Wyoming beat Hawaii. He was only 9-of-19 for 92 yards with a touchdown against the Rainbow Warriors. In Week 3 versus Oregon, Allen completed only 9-of-24 passes for 64 yards with an interception. He completed 22-of-32 passes for 328 yards with two touchdowns and zero interceptions against Gardner-Webb. Allen was running for his life all day against Iowa to open the season. The Wyoming offensive line was dominated by the Hawkeyes, and Allen got no help from his supporting cast. He also made mistakes of his own accord, including two ugly interceptions, and there easily could have been at least one more interception that was dropped by Iowa linebacker Josey Jewell. Allen ended up completing 23-of-40 passes for 174 yards with two interceptions and zero touchdowns. Overall, Allen showed his big skill set with size, toughness, athleticism and a strong arm. There were plays where he looked like a young Ben Roethlisberger. There were other plays where Allen showed bad decision-making and inaccuracy. 7/17/17: Allen became a discussed prospect late in the 2016 season, but he wisely decided to return to Wyoming. He has a good skill set, and some draft analysts were projecting him high in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, but one general manager told WalterFootball.com that he had Allen as a third-day prospect and thought Allen should improve before going pro. Scouts from other teams say they think Allen is a top-of-the-draft prospect and compare him to Ben Roethlisberger, so Allen could end up being a love/hate prospect. There is no doubt that he has superb physical talent to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. In 2016, Allen completed 56 percent of his passes for 3,203 yards with 28 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. Read more at http://walterfootball.com/draft2018QB.php#QbIg8xCbC722yA06.99
  10. From SI..... “Does he win? Does he have accuracy? Does he have a strong arm? Can he throw the ball in the red zone and in tight windows? Can he drive the ball? At the end of the game, does he win? That is kind of what I look for.” —Cleveland GM John Dorsey, in discussing the quarterback-preference factors at his draft news conference Tuesday. Darnold was 20-4 as a college starter, Allen 16-9 (at a lower level of competition). My point: Look for clues in what Dorsey says during press conferences at your own risk.
  11. Rank In Order Who YOU Think Are The Best Of The Top 5 QB Prospects MYSELF.......... 1---Sam Darnold---USC 2---Josh Rosen----UCLA 3---Baker Mayfield---OKLAHOMA 4---Lamar Jackson----LOUISVILLE 5---Josh Allen----WYOMING
  12. Titans 2018 Schedule

    TENNESSEE TITANS Sept. 9 at Miami Dolphins, 1 p.m. (FOX)--W Sept. 16 vs. Houston Texans, 1 p.m. (CBS)---W Sept. 23 at Jacksonville Jaguars, 1 p.m. (CBS)---L Sept. 30 vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 1 p.m. (FOX)---W Oct. 7 at Buffalo Bills, 1 p.m. (CBS)---W Oct. 14 vs. Baltimore Ravens, 4:25 p.m. (CBS)---W Oct. 21 at Los Angeles Chargers (London), 9:30 a.m. (CBS)---L Oct. 28 -- BYE Nov. 5 at Dallas Cowboys, 8:15 p.m. (ESPN)---W Nov. 11 vs. New England Patriots, 1 p.m. (CBS)---L Nov. 18 at Indianapolis Colts, 1 p.m. (CBS)---L Nov. 26 at Houston Texans, 8:15 PM (ESPN)---L Dec. 2 vs. New York Jets, 4:05 p.m. (CBS)--W Dec. 6 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars, 8:20 p.m. (FOX/NFLN)---W Dec. 16 at New York Giants, 1 p.m. (CBS)----W Dec. 22 or 23 vs. Washington Redskins, TBD (TBD)---W Dec. 30 vs. Indianapolis Colts, 1 p.m. (CBS)----W 11-5
  13. Why Jake Locker Walked Away

    Another thing to be very wary of and QB is the main position where this happens is prospective ranking/projected round where a QB is supposedly ranked to go. Its all bullshit and many times the analysts/experts that do these rankings with draft prospects are dead wrong with one of the biggest examples being Jake Locker. In 2011 there were certain can't miss prospects projected to go early one was Jake Locker and to this day i don't understand how Locker got projected above Andy Dalton as Locker was never an accurate thrower,injured a lot,lost more games than he won meanwhile Dalton won most of his games,was nationally ranked in the top ten most of his time playing,won major bowl games,etc. Look below......... Dalton had a career completion percentage of 62%,Locker had a career completion percentage of 53% Dalton career record of 42 wins/8 losses at TCU,Locker career record of 16 wins/34 losses at Washington Dalton went to 4 bowl games. Locker went to 1 bowl game Dalton was nationally ranked 7th in '08, 6th in '09 and 2nd in '10, Locker was never ranked Locker had injuries to his neck,thumb,hamstring in college, Dalton was never injured in college Now you tell me how the hell Jake Locker ended up having a better prospective ranking/projected round than Andy Dalton in 2011 NFL Draft????????? It does not make sense how a QB can be worse in every damn category and have subpar rankings yet end up being projected better and drafted earlier. BUT in the end who was the better NFL QB Locker or Dalton???? Locker won 9 games and lost 14 games never going to the playoffs and completed 57% of passes, 4900 yards,27TD & 22INT with a 79 pass rating. Dalton won 63 games and lost 44 going to playoffs 4 different seasons, completed 62% of passes, 25,000 yards,167TD & 93INT with an 89 pass rating. Just like in college Dalton was better than Locker in the NFL. No surprise to anyone but the dumbass experts.