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  1. I wasn't a fan at first either but i'll eat crow now. So glad Webster was firm about drafting Mariota otherwise Whisenhunt would've had us taking Amari Cooper and we all know Mett is weak minded and would've imploded. There has been a few times the game has been on the line and Mariota never panicked and brought us back including twice at Arrowhead a very tough place to play. I'm all in on Mariota and JRob, the two main people responsible for bringing us out of the abyss and to winning games again.
  2. MIKE75

    GMFB: Titans

    Schottimhiemer was a really good coach. He never made it to the Super Bowl but coached 20 seasons and out of all those years he only had one losing season. One of the best coaches the Browns and Chiefs ever had. He turned both of those teams around.
  3. MIKE75

    GMFB: Titans

    I know a couple fans of the Chargers and they too have said the Spanos are the main reason the team has always fallen short even when they had Super Bowl talent. One of the dumbest moves in NFL history was trading Rodney Harrison because had they kept him that team with Rivers,Tomlinson,Gates,Merriman,Harrison they were on the cusp of winning it all. Instead Harrison would help New England win a title. Anyway with this trading of Harrison they robbed their defense of a great playmaker who could've later helped them win a title. The crazy thing is this wasn't the first time the Chargers organization traded a defensive playmaker who would later help another team win a title. Back in 1979 the Chargers traded Fred Dean their best defensive player who could've helped them win a title but instead would help the 49ers win their first title. The Chargers have a history of bad ownership. In the late 70's/early 80's the San Diego Chargers dominated the NFL and had a killer offense that was number one in points/yards for a five year period with QB Dan Fouts he was the Drew Brees of his era. Anyway Fouts was the first QB with a 4,000 yard season and the first QB with two then three straight 4,000 yard seasons from 1979 to 1981 and during that time they won the AFC West division title three straight years and went to a pair of consecutive AFC championship games but fell short both times. The reason they fell short is lack of a defense because they traded Fred Dean. The 1979 Chargers would beat both Super Bowl patrticipants that year by over 20 plus points as they beat the Rams 40-16 and best the Steelers 35-7. The Steelers and Rams played each other in the Super Bowl that same year. Crazy how good the Chargers were.
  4. MIKE75

    Opinions On CB Malcolm Butler

    I will give him a chance. Hope he proves me wrong.
  5. MIKE75

    Opinions On CB Malcolm Butler

    I like Butler and hope he proves me wrong.
  6. I want to start out by saying i didnt like the Butler signing at all. If i am wrong i'll eat crow but he gets burned too much for my taste esp. last year So was last year just a blip or a sign of things to come? Now the last few days i hear he is getting toasted a lot by our WR and the Bucs too...... Yes i know Logan Ryan did this last camp but this seems different. Good thing we have Sims esp. if this joker starts costing us games.
  7. Thats who i have always thought ManningEnvy was. 🤔
  8. ESPN recently did a power rankings poll for all NFL teams best to worst and they had 32 surprise players to watch this preseason that are supposedly fighting for roster spots or on the bubble. A group of more than 80 writers, editors and TV personalities -- evaluated how all 32 teams stack up, with a look at players who could be surprising contributors or veterans who are in danger of being left off the roster. 14. Tennessee Titans 2017 record: 9-7 CB LeShaun Sims. The acquisition of Malcolm Butler has not stopped Sims from pushing for a spot in the CB rotation. The third-year corner drew praise from coach Mike Vrabel for his pass defense against the Packers in the preseason opener. All of the attention is going to Butler, Adoree' Jackson and Logan Ryan, but Sims is in the mix as well. -- Turron Davenport
  9. Agreed. I like Butler but i think he gets beat too much at times. Sims is definitely a luxury esp. if we have an injury or someone slumping.
  10. *Mariota was the first QB in NFL history to attain a perfect passer rating in his first regular season game. Also the first QB in NFL history to throw four touchdown passes in the first half of his NFL debut. He is also the youngest QB to reach the perfect passer rating in his first game as well. *First QB in NFL history to record 6 total TD passes within the first two games of his career and 8 total TD passes within the first three games of his career. *The first rookie QB in NFL history to have two games with four TDs and no interceptions. Four games with three or more TDs tied Peyton Manning (1998) as the most ever by a rookie QB. *First QB NFL history with 250+ pass yds, 100+ rush yds & 3 TD passes in a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 13. *Mariota’s 87 yard run for TD against Jax in Week 13 was the longest run by any player for the 2015 season. *First NFL player since Walter Payton in 1983 to pass for a touchdown, rush for a touchdown and catch a touchdown pass of at least 40 yards. Became the first quarterback in franchise history to catch a touchdown reception. There would be more TD receptions afterward including one he threw to himself. *Awarded AFC Player of the Week honors for Week One and Week Nine For 2015 Season *Was ranked in the top ten for Yards/Pass Attempts, Yards/Pass Completed for 2015 season *Named AFC Offensive Player of the Month for November 2016 and AFC Player of the Week for Week Ten 2016. *Had 16 games with at least two touchdown passes in his first two NFL seasons (tied with Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson) *Had 9 games with 100 passer rating/multiple TD’s (only Dan Marino,Russell Wilson and Kurt Warner had more in their first 2 seasons at QB.) *As of November 24,2016 Thanksgiving Day, Mariota is the first QB in modern NFL history with six 4-TD performances in his first 22 career games. No other QB had more to start a career. *Led Titans to 35 points in one half against Green Bay the most scored in one half in 2016 by any team *In 2015 in Mariota's very first game he led the Titans to 35 points in one half against the Bucs, not sure but that could be the most scored in one half for 2015 as well. *Led the Titans to number one ranking in red zone for 2016 season *Was ranked in the top ten for passer rating, passing TD, passing TD %, Yds/Pass Attempts, Yds/Pass Completed for 2016 season. *Marcus Mariota is 1 of 5 QBs in NFL history with 9,000-plus pass yards (9,476) and 900-plus rush yards (913) in first three seasons. *Led Titans to a 7-1 record in games decided by 3 points or less last two seasons. The .875 winning % in games decided by 3 or fewer points during that stretch is tied with Steelers for the best in the league. *Led the NFL with four 4th quarter comebacks and five game winning drives the most of any NFL QB in 2017. *In his three year career has eight 4th quarter comebacks and nine game winning drives. *Was voted #50 in the NFL Top 100 Players Of 2017….. *Has thrown 40+ TD and 0 INT in red zone his first three seasons….. *During a wild card playoff game at Kansas City, Mariota became the first QB in NFL playoff history to catch his own pass for a touchdown after it was batted back to him by a defender. *First player to have both a receiving and passing touchdown in a playoff game. *Led biggest NFL road playoff comeback win ever for a QB at Kansas City coming back from 18 down winning 22-21. *Mariota also has led the Titans to a better record every year in each of his first three seasons. For a QB first three seasons i think Mariota did very well. Whats nuts is in his worst season statistically it ended up being the best season of his in regards to how far the Titans got one game from the AFC Championship.
  11. MIKE75

    Around the NFL: preseason

    Bill Parcells once said it He also coined the phrase about shopping for groceries that was an unforgetable one as well.
  12. LOL, I have lived in Memphis for a long time and there are two things i NEVER do they are..... 1. Go on foot at night in Memphis 2. Anywhere alone at night in Memphis At night I have to park my car right by my window and my 'alarm' is my living room light and the neighbors loud chihuahua that barks throughout the night, Luckily i am almost legally deaf from working in recording studios and loud heavy metal since i was around 5 years old. What other 5 year old in 1980 asked Santa Claus for KISS concert tickets and two blonde groupies. Besides music beautiful voluptuous women are another weakness.
  13. My main wish and biggest hope is..... QB Marcus Mariota 1st round 2015 & RB Derrick Henry 2nd round 2016 is that these two Titans can one day become as big as QB Steve McNair 1st round 1995 and RB Eddie George 1st round 1996