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  1. MIKE75


    We could've had Bouye for the money we paid Butler. I had a bad feeling about Butler from the get go especially after hearing multiple Patriots fans saying he got burnt often. I still like Robinson but there are certain choices that are head scratchers.
  2. 1999 through the present---Tennessee Titans Going by that we had McNair as far as a good franchise QB and not much else Jury still out on Mariota.
  3. You hit the nail on the head. Since starting in '99 i dont think there has ever been an extended period where we had a good passing game at all.
  4. We've done a lot better than many teams over the past 20 years. In fact right now we rank 12th in wins compared with all NFL teams from 1999 through week 6 of the 2018 season. So we are a couple wins outside the top 10 in total wins over the past 20 seasons. Not bad at all. Our worst streak was 4 straight losing season from 2012 thru 2015. Sure 4 years is a long time but there have been a few other teams that have done way worse. When i look below at other teams that have went 10 or sometimes 15 years with no playoffs and barely any winning seasons i see that we have had it a lot better than many teams have. In fact save for a couple years and a couple there we usually have fielded competitive teams. Couldnt imagine going 2000 thru 2017 with two winning seasons and 1 playoff appearance like Bills, The Raiders who will most likely have a losing year has had one winning year/playoff appearance in the past 16 seasons 2003 thru 2018, The Browns from '99 thru the present of the past 20 seasons have two winning seasons and 1 playoff appearance. The Rams went 2004 thru 2017 a 14 year stretch with 1 winning season and 2 postseason appearances, The Jags went a full decade or 10 years of losing seasons since 2008 and had 12 or more losses in half of those. Since the year 2002 the last 16 seasons Miami had 2 playoff appearances in 2008 and 2016 and finally the Tampa Bay Bucs since 2007 have had 11 straight years with no playoff appearances and a couple winning seasons. We've caught some bad breaks here and there but overall we have it had pretty good compared to a lot of other teams fans who have went through way longer periods of losing and other BS. 1999 THRU WEEK SIX OF 2018 1. New England 226 wins 2. Pittsburgh 197 wins 3. Indy 194 wins 4. Green Bay 188 wins 5. Philly 180 wins 6. Baltimore 178 wins 7. Denver 177 wins 8. Seattle 173 wins 9. New Orleans 165 wins 10. Dallas 161 wins 11. Minnesota 160 wins 12. Tennessee 158 wins 13. NY Giants 157 wins 14. Atlanta 157 wins 15. Kansas City 157 wins 16. Carolina 156 wins
  5. Another thing like someone pointed out earlier is that being a fan of this team is not easy,lol. We went from beating Philly and Jax and i as well as others were most likely very excited. Then we lay fucking eggs vs Buffalo and Baltimore. Its emotionally taxing at times no doubt Been a fan since day one and been here through the really good and really bad. Almost like being married to a woman that is bipolar One minute she loves you so deeply its unlike anything in the world then the next moment for no reason you get smacked around.
  6. We need to fix the O line Get the run game fixed Draft and sign some better WR next offseason.
  7. Mariota does things sometimes that i'm like wow like coming from behind to win the KC playoff game and the way ge put the team on his shoulders in the last game of the year vs Jax and KO'd Barry Church and willed us into the postseason. I think Mariota can be a good QB its just maddening the inconsistency.
  8. Just pissed after yesterday. I really do hope we get this fixed i do think we could win this division. This is literally the worst i've ever seen our offense and thats bad when you consider some of the Locker years.
  9. I still am. Just frustrated. I know Mariota has it in him to overcome this and play better.
  10. I love Steve McNair like all the rest of you but there is only one Steve. After losing him we should've started looking for pocket passers BUT..... Vince Young,Jake Locker and Marcus Mariota are all dual threat QB's and frankly i am tired of this trend. I would love to get someone like Mahomes,Wentz,etc. someone who can throw a damn pass and has accuracy.
  11. MIKE75

    Per Sharpe, Titans signing Roger Lewis Jr

    Lewis signed with Bowling Green. His impact was swift, earning first-team All-MAC honors after catching 73 passes for 1,093 and seven scores. Lewis dominated the MAC again as a sophomore, grabbing 85 balls for 1,544 yards (which ranked second in the FBS) and 16 touchdowns. Lewis made the most of his second chance, and after leaving school early, is in prime condition to achieve his dream of playing in the NFL. Pro Day Results 40-yard dash: 4.46 seconds Vertical: 36 inches Broad jump: 10 feet, 5 inches Short shuttle: 4.45 seconds 3-cone: 7.5 seconds Half of his 16 touchdown catches were for 45 yards or more.
  12. MIKE75

    Per Sharpe, Titans signing Roger Lewis Jr

    Giants will end up regretting waiving Roger Lewis as season approaches...... Roger Lewis has not contributed a ton to the New York Giants, but is still a solid enough to merit some respect. I do believe that he is a better player than Russell Shepard, Kaelin Clay, and Cody Latimer and they all made the team. https://empirewritesback.com/2018/09/07/new-york-giants-giants-will-end-regretting-waiving-roger-lewis-season-approaches/
  13. MIKE75

    Per Sharpe, Titans signing Roger Lewis Jr

    Not what i had in mind. If i am GM we try and trade for a decent caliber WR. Forget some other teams sloppy seconds.....