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  1. Same here. I think JRob needs to draft Adams if he is there when we pick. Adams/Byard means we are set at safety with a very young and talented tandem for years to come.
  2. Agreed a hundred percent. If we had never taken Marcus and had a top 5 pick Watson is our guy absolutely. Coughlin is a smart man. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see him draft Watson and give Bortles next year to put up or shut up. I hate the Jags and all BUT if i'm coming in as GM i pick Watson and tell Bortles 2017 is his year to prove he belongs and if he doesn't you have your new QB already on board.
  3. I think Watson will be successful. My main wish is that we get a big offer to move down from 5. Of course it won't be as big as last year but i would love for JRob to shake a team down like he did the Rams last year.
  4. The reason i ask this question is because..... RB Demarco Murray was drafted in 2011 in the third round by the Dallas Cowboys and his first two years was splitting carries then in 2013 and 2014 Murray became the lead back in Dallas. In 2015 his role shrunk once again gaining only seven hundred yards that year. In Murray's first five years he only had two seasons 2013/2014 of what would be considered a full season worth of work. The other three seasons he didn't. In 2011 he started 7 games and gained 897 yards on 164 carries. 2012 he started 10 games and gained 663 yards on 161 carries. 2015 he started 8 games and gained 702 yards on 193 carries. So when Murray arrived in Tennessee this past season he in my eyes was still considered a younger back that was used sparingly his first five years except two seasons. Some have said Murray could be winding down in the next season or two but i'm not so sure. So if Murray remains successful who is to say that the Titans don't keep Henry in the same role he was in for 2016? Last year Murray had 293 carries for a 4.4 average and 1,300 yards and 9TD’s Henry had 110 carries for 490 yards for a 4.5 average per carry and 5TD's Don't get me wrong i like both but i think Henry needs a bigger role and can be a more dynamic back. I just hope that Henry doesn't eventually get disgruntled and force his way out. I would love to see Murray and Henry split carries pretty evenly. Just got through reading that Atlanta plan on using this same plan with Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman who had the most rushing yardage of any team in the league with Freeman/Coleman in 2016. I'm hoping that Henry is eventually the full time back. Mariota/Henry could very well give McNair/George a run for their money.
  5. I've seen Buffalo a few times,Cleveland mentioned once or twice,Kansas City could be a surprise destination..... So where do you think he could end up landing?
  6. I think it is incredible that he has played just two seasons and has already done the things he has... In a mere 27 games he has 9 games or a third where he has a 100 passer rating or greater. Only three QB's in history within first two years had 9 or more games with 100 plus pass rating all made Super Bowls. Only Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have a higher TD rate than Mariota since he joined the NFL. It only took Mariota two years to break the record for most TD passes in a season by a Titan. Throws for a perfect passer rating and four TD's in his very first game. Mariota already has one season with the longest run from scrimmage and second longest in history by QB. Only QB in history to have 6 four TD pass games in a short period of less than two seasons. (22 games) In his first two seasons already has four 4th quarter comebacks three of which were on the road. In his very first season set franchise records for most touchdowns,completions,passing yards and passing attempts. Scored 47 points vs. Packers the most a QB has had in 30 years since the Phil Simms led Giants scored 55 in 1986. Was the first player in 32 years to have a TD of 40 yards plus passing,receiving and rushing. Only QB with 3 or more games with 70.0+ completion %, at least 4 TD passes and no INTs in his first 2 seasons. INCREDIBLE
  7. Agreed. I hope we get a playmaking WR maybe Corey Davis,Zay Jones,etc. that takes the NFL by storm. Mariota will look awesome with a number one caliber WR. With a great running game and pass game as well our offense will be unstoppable.
  8. I honestly believe if Mariota can start playing sixteen games a year on a regular basis its not a matter of if but of when this team makes a championship game. I wholeheartedly believe he has what it takes to make it far if he can stay healthy. As much as i like McNair i think we have finally got lucky enough to land someone just as good.
  9. I have no doubt whatsoever that if our GM gets more weapons on offense like a number 1 WR and the secondary gets fixed then this team will be looked at as a contender. I think if Mariota is able to stay healthy and doesn't miss anymore games i will bet everything i own this team will be in a Super Bowl.
  10. I'm a big boy if someone didn't read the entire post then thats certainly within their rights. Let me guess i bet 'ol wiscotitansfan read the whole thing
  11. I admit i thought at the time the best thing to do was stick with Mett at QB and draft Leonard Williams on the defense. Looking back as many dumb decisions as Webster made in the draft that when it all came down to the most important draft pick of all he made the right choice and took Mariota. If this team would've whiffed on that pick and drafted someone else we very well might've continued having three wins a year and being looked at as laughingstock. I'm glad it all worked out and there were many of us who didn't want to draft Mariota at the time but are now very glad we did.
  12. I think he'd be a lot better than Osweiler. I liked Garoppolo a lot coming out of the small Illinois college he played at which is the same college Tony Romo went to. If you go back and look at Garoppolo's college highlights he looked really good. In fact i liked Carr,Garoppolo and Mett most out of the prospects. I think he would be a good QB especially somewhere like Arizona with weapons.
  13. 2018 will mark the 20th anniversary of the Tennessee Titans. Looking back over the first 20 years as a fan i think things went well overall. During that long multi year stretch the team has a total record of 146 wins and 142 losses from '99 through the 2016 season. From 1999 through 2011 the team had seven winning seasons,six postseason appearances,three division titles,twice league best record,two AFC title appearances,one super bowl appearance. The team however hit a rough stretch from 2012 through 2015 mainly due to bad decisions at not only GM but QB as well and that cost the team four down years. However things started looking better in 2015 with the arrival of QB Marcus Mariota in the draft along with a new GM Jon Robinson. There are two main things a successful team has to have to maintain a winning organization and that is a good GM and QB. Mariota and Robinson both come from winning establishments with Mariota going 36-4 at Oregon and Robinson winning a pair of Super Bowls scouting in New England. Their first year together the Titans had a winning record,tied first place in the division and they were able to get the team back on track. That bodes well for the future. The team went from 3 wins in 2015 to 9 wins and winning record during 2016 Mariota and Robinson's first year together. Robinson made sure to upgrade the offensive side of the ball in 2016 in free agency/draft bringing in RB's Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry,WR's Rishard Matthews and Tajae Sharpe,OL Ben Jones,Josh Kline,Dennis Kelly. The offense went from being ranked 30th in 2015 to top ten unit in 2016 and the line was much better as well. With a number one caliber WR being the only big need on offense i think the Titan's main focus should be its pass defense because the secondary ranked 30th in 2016. If the team can get a WR1 and a top notch CB and S they will be much stronger. Tennessee has around 67 million dollars in cap room and even after a share of that goes to resigning our own players there is still plenty to spend on players in free agency. The word is Mariota should be ready in time for training camp. Also Darren Sproles had the same injury and didn't lose any speed plus he played an additional decade after the injury which happened back in 2006. As far as i'm concerned Mariota shouldn't think about running as much anyway since he is a good pocket passing QB. Besides the AFC South is there for the taking since the other three teams all have their various issues and Tennessee look to be good enough without any major weaknesses once they restock the secondary. As for the schedule Titans have Baltimore,Cincy,L.A. Rams,Seattle,Oakland,Houston,Indy,Jax at home and Arizona,San Francisco,Miami,Cleveland,Pittsburgh,Houston,Indy and Jax away. **Marcus Mariota's record breaking,record setting,top ten accomplishments** Mariota was the first rookie in NFL History to throw a perfect game in his first game and also the youngest ever to throw 4 TD’s in a game as well. Also had four games with three or more touchdowns tied Peyton Manning as the most ever by a rookie signal-caller. The first QB in modern NFL history with six four-TD performances in his first 22 career games. No other QB had more to start a career. Has 9 games with 100 passer rating/multiple TD’s only Dan Marino,Russell Wilson and Kurt Warner had more in their first 2 seasons at QB. Mariota is also the first QB in NFL history to have 3 games with 70.0+ completion %, at least 4 TD passes and no INTs in his first 2 seasons. He is a stud in the red zone as well. 33 TDs and 0 Ints in red zone first two seasons in his short career. Mariota and Titan’s have the NFL’s best red-zone offense. They score a TD 75 percent of the time they get inside the 20. Out of the top 25 games by a QB in 2015 Mariota had three of those games. The only other QB in the league that had that many was Russell Wilson who also had three. Mariota had more top 25 games than any QB in the NFL with Wilson the exception who tied with Mariota. Mariota’s 87-yard touchdown run against was the longest run in the NFL in 2015 and the second-longest run by an NFL quarterback in NFL history. Prior to Marcus Mariota, the last player to record TDs of at least 40 yds passing, rushing & receiving in same season was Walter Payton in 1983. Set franchise records for most touchdowns (19), completions (230), passing yards (2,818) and passing attempts (370) in his first NFL season despite missing four games. Passer rating of 95.6 was 10th best in the NFL for the 2016 season. Yards per attempt of 7.6 was ranked 9th best. TD percentage Mariota's 5.8 ranked 4th best and TD/INT ratio of 2.9 was ranked 8th best. Third down yards per attempt Mariota's 8.6 was ranked 3rd best. Third down completion percentage Mariota 61.3 was ranked 10th. On passes of 20+ yards in 2016 Mariota had 41 completions of 20-plus yards. Only Atlanta’s Matt Ryan and New Orleans’ Drew Brees had more. Mariota set a new franchise record with seven consecutive games with multiple TD passes. Mariota set a new Titans franchise record with 25 TD passes in a season breaking Steve McNair’s former record of 24. Mariota led Titans to 35 points in one half against Green Bay the most scored in one half by any team in 2016 and to 47 total points the most scored against Green Bay in over two decades. Only Tom Brady 6.1 and Aaron Rodgers 6.0 have a higher TD rate than Mariota (5.5%) since he entered the NFL in 2015. **Mariota's games where passer rating is 100.0 or greater** His very first game at Tampa he had a perfect passer rating 158.3 completing nearly all his passes 13 of 15,86.7%, for 209 yards along with 4TD and 0INT as the Titans beat fellow rookie QB Jameis Winston and the Bucs 42-14. In week nine at New Orleans he completed 28 of 39 passes,71.8%,for 371 yards along with 4TD and 0INT with a 135.7 passer rating as he lead a comeback 34-28 overtime win. In a 42-39 win at home against Jax he completed 20 of 29 passes,69.0%,for 268 yards along with 3TD and 1INT with a 118.2 passer rating. Mariota also had an 87 yard run which was the longest run of the year by any player and second longest by a QB in NFL history. In the second game of 2016 Mariota pulled off a come from behind victory throwing a pass in the red zone to WR Andre Johnson to win at Detroit 16-15. Mariota completed 25 of 33 passes,75.8%,238 yards,2TD and 1INT along with a 102.8 passer rating. At Miami he completed 20 of 29, 69.0%, with 3TD and 0INT in a 30-17 win with a 117.5 passer rating. At home vs. Cleveland he completed 17 of 24, 70.8%,285 yards,3TD and 1INT with a 132.6 passer rating in a 28-26 win. In a 36-22 home win vs. Jax Mariota completed 18 of 22, 81.8%,270 yards,2TD and 0INT with a 148.1 passer rating. In a 47-25 home win vs. Packers Mariota completed 19 of 26, 73.1%,295 yards,4 TD and 0INT with a 149.8 passer rating. In a 27-21 win at Chicago he completed 15 of 23, 65.2%,226 yards,2TD and 0INT with a 126.4 passer rating. **Mariota's fourth quarter comebacks and games winning drives** In his career Mariota has had 4 fourth quarter comebacks and games winning drives. 3 out of 4 were on the road. (1) At New Orleans the Saints were winning 28-20 in the 4th quarter when Mariota led the Titans to a tie game by throwing an 8 yard TD pass then in OT Mariota threw a 5 yard TD to Anthony Fasano to win. (2) At home against Jax the Jaguars led 32-28 in the 4th quarter when Mariota ran for an 87 yard TD to take the lead 35-32 and eventual win 42-39. (3) At Detroit with one minute left in the game the Lions were winning 15-10 when Mariota completed a game winning 9 yard pass to Andre Johnson and the Titans won the game 16-15. (4) At Kansas City the Chiefs were winning the whole entire game and in the last minute of regulation Mariota led the Titans far enough so that with a couple seconds left Ryan Succop booted a 53 yard FG to win the game 19-17.
  14. I agree wholeheartedly with what you are saying. The secondary has to be fixed. The reason Jax AND Houston have both beat Indy two straight years?? Because Jax AND Houston both have top 5 secondaries. The reason Titans haven't beat Indy lately... Bottom 5 secondary.... You'll never beat Luck and Indy with a shitty secondary he'll pick you apart like the vultures.
  15. I'm not good at photoshopping but i would love to see someone put JRob's head on Bruce Lee's body doing that kick.