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  1. MIKE75

    Mike Vrabel Press Conference today

    I hear jokes all the time about Fisher about how bad a coach he was and how dumb the Titans were for keeping him all those years. These fans of other teams and even some media think they know everything and its the exact opposite. If Fisher went 7-9 and 8-8 for five/six years at a pop there is no way he would've lasted from '99 through '10 which was 12 years and even when he left it was by his own accord he wasn't fired he could've lasted here a good while as long as he won games. I had idiots mainly Jaguar dummies telling me that historically since they arrived in '99 through the present day the Titans were as bad as Detroit,Oakland,Buffalo,Jax so i went to Pro Football Reference and put in overall records of all teams including the Titans over the last 19 years from '99 through '17. I was surprised myself when the results popped up and the Titans were nowhere near Lions,Bills,Jags those teams were ranked 28,29,30th and we were actually closer in record to the Giants,Vikings,Falcons and ranked 13th with 155 wins overall. Also the Titans are only 3 wins from the top ten as Dallas have 158 wins and are 10th overall. If the Titans play well enough in 2018 they have the chance to possibly be in the top ten in wins overall in their first 20 years as the Titans thats very impressive. A lot of publications put the Titans overall record and include the Houston years when they actually look better overall when compared to the rest of the league based on their time as the Tennessee Titans. Even though the Ravens kept the Browns players like the Titans kept the Oilers players the difference is the Ravens gave all the history back to the city of Cleveland so the Ravens are looked at as a seperate entity. For instance if you do all of the NFL teams overall records in the Super Bowl era that starts in the mid to late 1960's around 50 years ago although some teams joined the league later like the Bucs and Seahawks in 1976,the Jags and Panthers in '95,Ravens in '96 and if you include the Titans strictly based on their record since '99 they would be in the top half of the standings on winning percentage. Below are the overall records of all teams since '99. Oh and before anything is said i know this was brought up before however i was showing how ignorant other fans are concerning opposing teams and knowledge of their overall history. NFL Teams Overall Records From '99 Through '17 1. New England-222-82------26 playoff victories 2. Pittsburgh-194-109-1-----15 playoff victories 3. Indianapolis-193-111-----12 playoff victories 4. Green Bay-186-117-1------12 playoff victories 5. Philadelphia -177-126-1-----11 playoff victories 6. Denver-175-129-------7 playoff victories 7. Baltimore -174-130-----15 playoff victories 8. Seattle-170-133-1--------13 playoff victories 9. New Orleans-160-144---------8 playoff victories 10. Dallas Cowboys—158-146--------0 playoff victories 11. Minnesota—157-146-1--------5 playoff victories 12. NY Giants—156-148----------10 playoff victories **13. Tennessee—155-149**------------6 playoff victories 14. Atlanta—155-148-1---------------6 playoff victories 15. L. A. Chargers—153-151-----------4 playoff victories 16. Carolina—153-150-1----------------8 playoff victories 17. Kansas City—151-153----------0 playoff victories 18. Miami–146-158---------------2 playoff victories 19. NY Jets—145-159----------------------6 playoff victories 20. Chicago—143-161-------------------3 playoff victories 21. Cincinnati—141-160-3--------------0 playoff victories 22. Tampa Bay—137-167-------------------4 playoff victories 23. LA Rams—135-168-1------------------6 playoff victories 24. Arizona—135-168-1------------------5 playoff victories 25. San Francisco—135-168-1--------------6 playoff victories 26. Buffalo—132-172--------------------------0 playoff victories 27. Washington—132-171-1--------------2 playoff victories 28. Jacksonville—130-174-----------------4 playoff victories 29. Oakland—122-182-------------------------4 playoff victories 30. Detroit—113-191-----------------------0 playoff victories 31. Houston-110-146----------------------3 playoff victories 32. Cleveland-88-216------------------0 playoff victories
  2. MIKE75

    Mariota vs. Winston 2015 - 2017

    Mariota Had 9 games with 100 passer rating/multiple TD’s only Marino,Wilson & Warner had more first 2 seasons at QB. As of Thanksgiving '16, Mariota is first QB in modern NFL history with six 4-TD performances in first 22 career games. No other QB had more to start career. First QB NFL history with 250+ pass yds, 100+ rush yds & 3 TD passes in a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 13. 2015 87 yard run for TD against Jax in Week 13 was the longest run by any player for 2015.
  3. MIKE75

    Mariota vs. Winston 2015 - 2017

    Mariota has led the Titans to a better record every year including two straight winning seasons and also the playoffs and a playoff win. Winston has actually gotten worse going by the Bucs record 5 wins last year is least since Winston arrived. Also no playoffs either.
  4. MIKE75

    Mariota vs. Winston 2015 - 2017

    For '16 & '17 Bucs was 6-9 in games decided by 6 points or less. Titans was 12-4 in games decided by 6 points or less.
  5. MIKE75

    Mariota vs. Winston 2015 - 2017

    Who is clutch who isn't???? Winston has second-most interceptions (44) and most fumbles (15) since 2015,and has turned the ball over 59 times in 45 games. Mariota led the NFL with four 4th quarter comebacks and five game winning drives the most of any NFL QB in 2017 including biggest road comeback win in playoff history at K.C.
  6. I know one thing i am sick and fucking tired of hearing about it. It dominates the news,pretty much everything now it has overtones to it. I'm sick of hearing about it i just want everyone to be happy and cool with each other and i'm not just talking about here i am talking about the American people period. Whats crazy is that terrorists are not destroying this country at all. Its the media behind the scenes fanning the flames of anything race related thats causing this deep divide we are seeing happen.
  7. In the link above even in Mariota.Winston debates these Jags fans try to talk shit but i shut them up with the facts like this one below..... Jags fans talking smack, Mariota .... First QB NFL history with 250+ pass yds, 100+ rush yds & 3 TD passes in a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 13. 2015 87 yard run for TD against Jax in Week 13 was the longest run by any player for 2015. Beat you x2 in 2017.
  8. Yep. I was a huge Bird fan as a kid in the 1980's. Still think Jordan is the G.O.A.T.
  9. MIKE75

    Hunter Henry tore his ACL

    Sad but true.
  10. Two things. 1. Incognito is a pro bowl level guard 2. The man is nuts and not worth all the extra unwanted attention not to mention he has repeatedly been called out by players for saying provoking things including race related stuff. Not worth upsetting team chemistry. Guys like this can turn a locker room upside down quickly with his nonsense.
  11. I had a really bad feeling about Winston all the way through the draft process and literally prayed that the Bucs would be stupid enough to listen to all the dumbass critics that said Winston was more pro ready and had more potential than Mariota. They did and drafted Winston. Some football fans might disagree and i am not being a homer here but if you look at accomplishments,who has gotten better each year,made the playoffs,had more clutch games and comebacks Mariota blows Winston out of the water. Also since he joined the league Winston has had issues with turnovers. He has the most fumbles and second in interceptions. To say i am glad we didn't draft Winston well lets just say its the understatement of the century.......
  12. Can you guess who QB-A is and QB-B????? A. He's thrown the second-most interceptions (44) since 2015, when he entered the league, and has turned the ball over 59 times in 45 games. His 15 lost fumbles are also the most of any player during that span. Has played three seasons and his latest season is his teams worst one yet. Has yet to lead his team to the playoffs in three seasons. His team lost six games by five points or less in 2017. B. Led his team to a 7-1 record in games decided by 3 points or less last two seasons. Led the NFL with 5 fourth quarter comebacks and game winning drives the most of any NFL QB in 2017. Led his team to the playoffs and then led his team to the biggest postseason comeback in NFL history for a road team. Led his team every year to a better record than the year before. A is Winston and......B. is Mariota
  13. Thats a good way to look at it. Definitely a lot of idiots out there.
  14. Your right. they see the lack of postseason and think what they think.