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  1. nine

    Thoughts on offense

    Ummmm.....I'm pretty sure we were assured that last year's offense was fine and no changes were needed.
  2. I specifically watched Levin for a few plays....kid looked great. Granted, it was a preseason game facing opposing backups....but he won his matchup (often decisively) on every play I watched him.
  3. nine

    Is it time to panic?

    Y'know, that sounds about right. I don't remember what year that happened...but I would think good ol' TNThunder should be coming up for parole pretty soon.
  4. nine

    Is it time to panic?

    Yup.....season's over. Might as well shift our focus to the 2019 draft.
  5. Not throwing to Decker, they didn't. The WR screens to Decker are a perfect example of Robiskie calling a flawed play over and over again thinking that it would eventually "pop"....but it never worked. Not even once.
  6. I disagree with your assertion that Mularkey would recognize and acknowledge something that is readily apparent to the rest of the world.
  7. nine

    Chris Warren III

    Javon Ringer and Quinton Ganther were absolutely dominant runners in the second half of preseason games.
  8. nine

    Uniforms - Poll

    I like the dark blue, but I wish the columbia blue trim was more prominent. I don't like the way they did the sword on the shoulder.....it's too blocky and cartoonish. I'd probably like it better if the sword looked more like an actual sword instead of Hagar the Horrible.
  9. We obviously haven't seen "the system", so to speak...but I think we're already seeing some of the foundation and core philosophy.
  10. nine

    Uniforms - Poll

    I like them overall.....but I'm closer to "meh" than "Love 'em".
  11. LeFleur appears to be doing a very good job of designing and calling plays that emphasize players' individual strengths. He's calling plays that get the ball out quickly....putting the ball into the hands of his playmakers and letting them do what they do best. It's also worth noting that Delanie Walker or Rishard Matthews have yet to play in preseason, but both will have very significant roles in the offense. Here we are, talking about the big picture and trying to figure out how the whole puzzle fits together....and we know for a fact that two huge pieces are missing.
  12. nine

    Is it time to panic?

    Preseason is nothing more than a formal scrimmage. I wouldn't even call it a dress rehearsal. Anything that happens after halftime is completely meaningless. 95% of those players will be on the street in two weeks. The small handful of guys who do make an NFL roster won't play or have any impact whatsoever during the season.
  13. In an internet pissing match, everyone involved automatically takes the L just for participating.
  14. nine


    Except for balls thrown by Marcus Mariota, which instantly turn defenders into Jerry freaking Rice. Even a freaking DE like John Simon suddenly has hands of glue.