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  1. Titans WR Depth For 2018

    Marvin Harrison & Reggie Wayne were a pretty good combo for a long time.
  2. How will Gruden's 2nd run go?

    Jeff Fisher with more of a tough-guy attitude. I don't see it ending well.
  3. A friend of mine is in a similar predicament with his neighbor's pine trees hanging over his property and dumping needles everywhere. The neighbor has shown no inclination to keep the trees trimmed, so my friend did some digging to see what his options are. Apparently he's not allowed to cut down the trees, but anything over the property line is fair game. Since the trees are just a couple feet from the property line, he could basically cut off all the branches from one side of the tree, which would almost certainly end up killing the tree. But if the tree dies, he end up with dead 80-foot tree about 50 feet from his house; if and when it eventually falls, it could potentially take out his back porch, his pool, and his kitchen and/or master bedroom. Not wanting to risk it, he just grits his teeth and puts up with the pine needles.
  4. I happened to be in NYC during the draft a few years ago and stopped by on day 3 to check it out. Apparently fan interest/attendance drops off dramatically after Day 1. On days 2 & 3 , tickets are readily available at the door and free to anyone who walks up. It was interesting walking around and seeing everything up close and in person...but it also felt very impersonal, like a corporate convention with the NFL draft playing on the big screen in the background and a pick being announced every few minutes. (I happened to be there there when the Titans' pick came up...Brian Schwenke was the pick.) Within 15-20 minutes I'd seen everything I needed to see and left. Personally, I wouldn't make a special trip to see it again, and I certainly wouldn't make it the focal point of any vacation plans...but if I happened to be in the area while it's going on, I'd probably stop by.
  5. LaFleur Article by Glennon

    It's a valid point: the Titans would have had more success last year with an all-world first-ballot HOF QB....a player who is utterly devoid of limitations and who possesses the ability to execute at a consistently high level regardless of scheme or gameplan. There are maybe five QBs in the world who possess such talent. Marcus isn't one of them....not by a long shot. Like most other players, Marcus has strengths and weaknesses. It's the coaching staff's job to develop a scheme that emphasizes his strengths while downplaying or working around his limitations. Personally, I felt the coaching staff did a terrible job of this last year. Rather than building around players' individual strengths, Mularkey and Robiskie drew up the scheme based on their vision for the offense...and expected players to conform. It didn't work. The offense was bogged down and stuck in the mud for most of the year...and not once in sixteen games did they put together a strong, consistent effort for all four quarters. By season's end, players were talking to the media and taking thinly veiled shots at the offense and the coaching staff. When the staff was eventually fired, not a single player spoke out or came to their defense . Not one. Say what you will about the poor play of Marcus or any other member of the offense; virtually every guy out there had a down year, so there's plenty of blame to go around. But I've always believed that when one or two players struggle...that's on the players. When an entire group (or multiple groups) struggle...that falls on the coaching staff. And apparently JRob agrees...because most of those players still have jobs and will be back next year. The same cannot be said for the coaching staff.
  6. LaFleur Article by Glennon

    It's not like LeFluer is looking to cure cancer. All NFL offenses play by the same rules and they have the same fundamental plays for 95% of the playbook; what sets them apart is the playcalling and play selection. My biggest beef last year was Robiskie's failure to call plays that put players in a position to play to their strengths. Marcus is exceptionally good on plays with clearly defined reads and progressions...plays that demand a high degree of timing and accuracy from the QB. These are the plays where he truly shines. But on plays where Marcus is asked to stand in the pocket and scan the field for an open target, he's noticeably less comfortable and his execution becomes somewhat erratic. Not that he's incapable of doing this...but he's not to the point where he can do it consistently for four quarters. Last year, Robiskie's playcalling leaned heavily on the latter approach...and Marcus often struggled as a result. If LeFleur will simply do a better job of mixing up playcalling and incorporating both approaches, he'll provide more opportunities that play to Marcus' strengths...and the offense as a whole will be significantly more productive.
  7. Yep...it's gotta be one or the other. No chance that JRob and DLB both liked Byard.
  8. LaFleur Article by Glennon

    LeFleur will be an upgrade just by avoiding poorly conceived or straight up dumb plays that have zero chance of working. "Hey, Davis is a fast, explosive guy...and Decker is kinda slow but a pretty good blocker, right? Lets throw a bubble screen to Decker with Davis clearing the way! And if it gets blown up and doesn't work the first time....I'll keep calling it every week until it does!"
  9. The Dalton Scale

    I have every confidence that Marcus will be universally regarded as one of the league's elite QBs over the next 3-5 years. Let's face it: last year's offensive scheme was poorly conceived and ill-suited to the talent on the roster....and nowhere was this more evident than Marcus' performance. Week after week after week, Robiskie's playcalling leaned heavily on areas where Marcus tends to be inconsistent and largely ignored the areas where Marcus truly shines.....and as a result, Marcus often struggled and looked bad. In situations where Marcus was allowed to call the plays and run the offense, his performance and comfort level improved dramatically and the offense as a whole was far more productive. I suspect LeFleur will do a much better job of tailoring the offense and playcalling around Marcus' strengths and putting him in a position to do what he does best. And in a couple years, we'll look back on these comparisons to Dalton and laugh our asses off.
  10. Titans signed Evans

    UN-BEE- LIEVABLE!!! i don't think they've ever gotten a first round pick under contract in JUNE, let alone May. This organization has dragged its feet on signing its first-round picks for as long as I can remember. This is a complete 180...a very unexpected but WELCOME departure from the organization's history of nickel-and-diming during rookie contract negotiations.
  11. This. The team is in pretty good shape at PR/KR...and they don't need another #5-6 WR who may or may not be active on Sundays. If another WR is brought in, I'm guessing it's an "experienced veteran presence" type.
  12. I'm optimistic about the offseason acquisitions and it's hardly unreasonable to expect wholesale improvement in all three phases....but this is all just offseason fluff. I've become jaded after having the rug pulled out from under me year after year after year for the past decade.....I'm not getting excited until we start seeing wins pile up.
  13. Those folks need to brace themselves, because they're going to be pissed off all over again. I'd bet money the Titans won't start contract negotiations with Rashaan Evans before the fourth week of July.
  14. I don't even think is so much a matter of being awkward; he's just never gotten many reps. As a Titan, Henry has been targeted about once per game...and he only had 17 career receptions at Alabama, due Saban's schemes that rarely utilize the RB in the passing game. He's caught about 50 passes total over the past five years. Henry has shown that he has pretty good hands, and he's highly effective when he gets the ball in space. It's just a matter of doing it more often.