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  1. nine

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    This argument has absolutely zero merit. I’ve already pointed out that Henry has gained positive yardage on 87% of his carries this year....which is a very good number for any RB. He’s also consistently getting 3-4 yards after contact...which is exactly what you hope for from a 250 pound RB. The problem is, he’s consistent getting hit or avoiding tacklers 2-3 yards behind the LOS....so Henry’s 3-4 yards after contact is only a net gain of 1-2 yards. Lewis is having the exact same problem...but he doesn’t have Henry’s size. When Lewis gets hit in the backfield, the play is over...which is why almost 30% of Lewis’ carries are for zero/minus yards.
  2. nine

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    Agreed. But this applies to both guys fairly equally. All told, 64% of Henry's carries have been for 3 yards or less, compared to 56% of Lewis' carries. Slight advantage to Lewis, but not a huge difference. 31% of Lewis' carries have gone for 5+ yards, compared to 26% for Henry. Again...slight advantage to Lewis. A couple bigger differences: 28% of Lewis' carries have gone for zero/minus yards, compared to 13% for Henry. That's a fairly significant difference in Henry's favor....particularly in short yardage/goal line situations, where negative plays really hurt. This year, Henry has been very good at avoiding negative plays and has converted five out of six attempts in __ & 1 situations...which is excellent by any standard. Meanwhile, Lewis has gone 1-for-4 in those same situations. Lewis has gained 10+ yards on 8.5% of his carries, compared to 4.8% for Henry. That's pretty significant. But it's also worth noting that in games where Lewis has gotten hot, the coaching staff had fed him the ball and given him opportunities to make big plays. in games where Lewis was ineffective and Henry started heating up and getting chunk plays...they took Henry off the field and sent Lewis back out there to struggle some more. I know I sound like a Henry homer.... I'm not. I'm simply stating the facts. Lewis is the more well-rounded player overall...but there are situations and even entire games where Henry has proven to be more effective....and of course, it's common knowledge that he has historically played his best football in the fourth quarter. He's also extremely good with ball security....he's fumbled only once in his career and has never lost one. (In fact, on his one-and-only fumble, he actually caught it before it hit the ground....but he lost the handle momentarily, so it still goes down as a fumble). I'm not trying to argue that Henry is a franchise-caliber RB....but he does have value. In the past, we've seen him become absolutely dominant at times and completely take over games in the second half. Not just once or twice.....he's done this multiple times throughout his career. But for whatever reason, the coaching staff has shown absolutely zero faith in him. I just don't get it.
  3. nine

    Meanwhile in Jax...

    We need to start a write-in letter campaign to express our undying support for Bortles and exhorting the Jags to keep him as their starting QB for as long as possible.
  4. nine

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    In 2017, people constantly hammered on Henry for being a boom-or-bust runner who had too many negative runs and whose stats were padded by a few isolated big plays. He was also crucified for his struggles in pass protection. This year, Lewis is maintaining a higher percentage of negative runs than Henry has ever had at any point in his career. He's had two plays that account for 25% of his rushing yards this season. Lewis has also been utterly ineffective in pass protection with multiple sacks allowed. And nobody is saying a word about any of it. Just wanted to point out the hypocrisy.
  5. nine

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    For what it's worth...here's a high-level overview of Henry's carries and Lewis' carries through the first seven weeks of the season. I can't remember how to paste a spreadsheet into a readable and user-friendly format, so it's just a picture.
  6. nine

    Meanwhile in Jax...

    I suspect it might have something to do with having two WRs who are capable of catching virtually anything that is thrown anywhere in their general vicinity,.
  7. nine

    It's Time

    Do not be deceived by your eyes or by game film. It might appear on film that Henry has reliable hands and the ability to make plays after the catch....and during the game broadcast, it might have sounded like Bruce Arians was quite complimentary of Henry's ability as a receiver out of the backfield.....these things are but an illusion. I have been assured by members of this very forum that Henry is a no-talent hack who doesn't belong on an NFL field.
  8. Here’s another photo, taken an instant before the aforementioned picture. You can see Mariota’s head still turned toward Lewis and Ingram is clearly retreating. Lewis gets wide open 3-4 steps later because Ingram lets him go as soon as Marcus moves off the read.
  9. Anyone wonder why Melvin Ingram is standing a good 2-3 yards away from Conkin? I suggest people back and watch the the actual play.....watch Marcus' head as the play progresses and watch Ingram's reaction. When the ball is snapped, Marcus looks to his right and Lewis is the primary read. OLB Ingram spies Lewis headed to the flat and stops his pass rush to shadow him. Seeing Ingram's reaction, Marcus moves on to his next read in the middle of the field. When he sees Marcus look away, Ingram releases Lewis and goes back into pass rush mode....which is when the above still shot was taken. This photo is taken an instant after Ingram released Lewis and started moving toward the QB, leaving Lewis wide open in the flat. What the still shot doesn't show is that 2-3 steps before this photo, Ingram was moving to cover Lewis.....Mariota saw this and moved on to his next read.
  10. nine

    4th Quarter Mariota

    For what it's worth: Mariota's 4th quarter stats: 7/10, 53 yards, 1 TD, 115.8 passer rating (updated for accuracy)
  11. nine

    4th Quarter Mariota

    Personally, I'd prefer that the defense play better in the first half instead of allowing the opposing team to score 2- 3 times.
  12. nine

    It's Time

    As I just pointed out in another thread: Derrick Henry has converted 5 out of 6 rushing attempts on ___ &1 this year, which equates to an 83% success rate.
  13. nine

    Inexcusable by Vrabel

    In 2018.... Marcus Mariota has had three rushing attempts on "__ & 1" situations and has converted all three. Success rate: 100% Marcus' 2-yard TD run vs. the Eagles was his only rushing attempt in a goal-to-go situation. Derrick Henry has had six runs on "__ & 1" situations and has converted five of them. Success rate: 83% Deon Lewis has successfully converted one out of four "__&1" attempts. Success rate: 25% Mariota had just completed the TD pass to Stocker, but prior to that play, the team had not attempted to pass from the 1-yard line this year. On passes inside the opposing team's five yard line, Mariota was 1/4 for 1 yard.....2/5 for 2 yards if you include the Stocker TD. Success rate: 25% or 40%, depending on how you judge it. Just sayin'.....
  14. nine

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    In today's gameplan, LaFleur did a tremendous job of giving both guys touches and providing each guy with opportunities. Lewis had 19 touches for 155 yards with six first downs. Henry had 14 touches for 65 yards with three first downs and a TD. Both players were productive; as Lewis got heated up, LaFleur got him more touches....which is exactly as it should be. It ain't that freaking complicated: if one guy steps up and is playing better, you find ways to get him the ball. Today that guy was Lewis. But we've also seen games where Lewis was utterly ineffective and Henry was the more productive player. It's happened more than once, and it's gonna happen again at some point. And when it does happen, I just hope the coaches are willing to go with it.
  15. nine

    Marcus is a one read QB

    Last week, you were upset because wouldn't stand in the pocket and wait for a receiver to come open. Now you're upset because he's not leaving the pocket quickly enough?