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  1. The Times Union is calling on the Bucs to release him. Here's the actual Times Union article: http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bucs/2018/06/21/next-move-is-simple-for-the-bucs-get-rid-of-jameis-winston/
  2. Jonboy

    Titans doing their own version of Hard Knocks

    Ha. Didn't catch that one. Been out of the loop lately.
  3. Getting a little dusty in my office this morning... http://www.titansonline.com/video/videos/Tim-Shaw-A-Titan-for-Life/618a57f8-b8b0-416b-a2f1-6ece859ba5a4 Shaw, diagnosed with ALS in 2014, signed a contract with the Titans in an emotional team meeting. He’ll remain on the roster for a day before going on the team’s Reserve/Retired list. The move came as a surprise to the players, who sprung from their seats when Shaw entered the room from a side door. “He’s going to be a Titan for life,’’ Titans coach Mike Mularkey said to cheers.
  4. Some big names left Nashville this offseason, but their on-field production wasn’t close to their reputation at this point in their careers. Eric Decker and DeMarco Murray managed grades of 72.5 and 71.2 this past season respectively. A fully healthy Corey Davis and the addition of Dion Lewis (89.4 overall grade) should help mitigate such losses. The big addition for the Titans here is cornerback Butler, who despite getting benched in the Super Bowl, is still an incredibly talented player. His 81.0 overall grade this past season was actually his lowest as a starter in his career. The Titans nickel corner was an issue a season ago, and we’ve seen in our data how much of an impact that can have on a defense. Now the Titans go three deep and added two serious pass-rush threats in Rashaan Evans and Harold Landry to aid the pass defense. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-most-improved-nfl-team-in-each-division
  5. Hello all. Haven't visited the board much as of late because of 1) a new baby in the house (!) and 2) I've been putting a lot of work into getting a Twitch channel up and running. It's also at the low point of the offseason so...not much going on in Titans land. As for Twitch, I've been streaming for the past couple of months, mainly Fortnite and occasionally some Super Mario Odyssey. Really I've been trying to get all of the technical stuff straight, but also wanted to see how I would enjoy it. I've been having a great time and have decided it's something I'd like to continue doing. The first step to making it a regular thing is to become a Twitch Affiliate (not too hard) and eventually a Twitch Partner (quite a bit more difficult to reach). Once you hit Affiliate though, you can have people subscribe, donate bits, etc. The only milestone I have left to becoming an affiliate is I need to reach 50 followers (still a ways to go as I'm only at 22 right now). So if you are on Twitch, consider helping me out with a follow! And if you aren't on Twitch (and you like watching people play video games), then you can sign-up and follow for free. To follow, you need to find the little heart icon once you are at my channel. On desktop, the heart is located in the top right above the video section. During the Titans season, I'm thinking about doing some Titans-centric streams where we can talk about the latest game and news around the team. Here's the link to the channel: https://www.twitch.tv/retroraconteur So aside from the shameless plug, do any of you enjoy watching Twitch? Who are your favorite streamers? Any of you actually stream as well? How insane has Ninja's rise been? Love watching that guy play Fortnite. Edit: Also, hopefully rule #1 won't keep you from following @NashvilleNinja 😜
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    Streaming on Twitch

    And thanks for all the follows, guys. Only 21 more to go to reach affiliate.
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    Streaming on Twitch

    That would be cool. Believe I have several TR folks on my PSN list.
  8. This one is a little surprising to me. I'm not even that high on Vrabel, but several of the critiques here seem bizarre. Insider only article, but here are the high points: - C+ grade (ranks 21st) - Grade low bc Titans traded up twice and came away with league-low, 4 draft selections - Should you attempt to outsmart the league at the expense of a baseline number of picks? I understand these arguments, but as long as you aren't doing it every year and already have a pretty solid roster in place, I don't mind it. - Hired an unproven HC I agree here. - Should be better equipped to maximize Mariota Yep, and speaking of this...isn't this the single most important aspect of the offseason anyway? That alone should give them a higher grade. - Signed "small" CB in Butler and a "small" RB in Lewis; exec here says he isn't a big fan "especially for a team that wants to be a power team." Does this exec know Mularkey is gone? Have Vrabel or LaFleur said we want to be a "power" team? - Exec is interested to see if Vrabel is a better HC than DC - Should have nice depth in secondary - Like Luke Falk pick; exec feels he has potential to be a solid #2 Colts and Jags both had better grades. They actually gave the Colts a B-, which is hilarious to me. To be fair, the paragraphs on Indy sound much more harsh than ours despite the higher grade. http://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/story/_/id/23696198/nfl-offseason-grades-all-32-teams-nfl-executives
  9. Apparently, he's "real close" to being ready. How long has it been now? Not sure I've seen anything quite like this before.
  10. Isn't it going to be a zone blocking scheme?
  11. Andrew Luck's father, Oliver, that is. Oliver Luck will become the first commissioner and chief executive officer of the XFL, it was announced Tuesday. "The XFL will be a labor of love as I get to combine my experiences as a player and executive," Luck told ESPN in an email. "I'm thrilled to have this unique opportunity to reimagine the game that has been a constant in my life for 40 years." http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/23702411/oliver-luck-commissioner-ceo-xfl
  12. Jonboy

    4k tv worth it?

    Those 1080 TVs that are $80 cheaper though are pretty bottom of the barrel though in terms of brand/quality. The LG & Samsung 1080 TVs at the 55in size are more expensive than some of the cheapest 4K TVs. But then you run into the same issue of overall quality vs a TV capable of displaying at 4k. If someone hasn't mentioned it yet, I would definitely recommend checking out rtings (https://www.rtings.com/tv). Their reviews go pretty in-depth. They'll even show you how well a 4k TV displays 1080 content. Here are their top recommended 55in TVs, including budget options: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/best/by-size/55-inch I don't see 4k being a new standard in the next year or two though. The impact isn't nearly as drastic as going from SD to HD for the first time. For me personally, I'd spend the extra $80 just for my PS4 Pro and 4k digital movies I own. But for you, $80 for 4k may not be worth it.
  13. Jonboy

    4k tv worth it?

    I guess my question would be how much can you really save by going with a 1080 as opposed to 4k and if that amount is worth the savings for you. A quick scan of Best Buy looks you might be able to save around $80, max. If that's the most then you can save, then I'd definitely go with 4k.
  14. Jonboy

    4k tv worth it?

    I was always a big fan of plasma as well. It's a shame it didn't hold on a little longer considering it was superior to LCD in many ways. I'm still holding on to a 50in Panasonic plasma myself.
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    Streaming on Twitch

    I'm fascinated by IRL. Only heard about a few weeks ago.
  16. Jonboy

    Streaming on Twitch

    You showed up as a follow. Thanks, Stranger!
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    Streaming on Twitch

    If the chat moves too fast, then you're only watching the big streamers. Trust me...my chat moves VERY SLOW right now 🤣
  18. I know some of you have been wondering when the next show is going to hit considering there hasn't been a show for FA or the draft. Unfortunately, we aren't sure when (or if) it will happen. We are currently evaluating the direction we'd like to take the podcast. The show is over 6 years old now and we've recorded more than 150 episodes. My life has changed quite dramatically since we first started this thing. I simply don't have the time I once did to devote to planning, recording, editing, and promoting the show. When we first started, my vision was to have a rotating panel of hosts from TR. Not a huge amount, but I think a rotating group of 6-8 people would have been ideal. This board exists because of the strong personalities and dedicated fans we have here. I was hoping to bring a little of that to the podcast. Unfortunately, that proved way more difficult than I ever expected. @TitansGuru, @Jamalisms, and myself were there from the beginning and it was mainly us for quite some time. Guru's job eventually got to the point where he had to take a step back. So the past few years, @OILERMAN has stepped-in to fill that 3rd chair. Aside from that group, we really haven't been able to find any other consistent hosts to rotate in/out. Some of you have been on the show a few times, but it has been hard to find anyone willing to commit long-term. There are several posters here who've turned down multiple opportunities over the years...and I say that not to call anyone out, but just to illustrate how hard it can be to get someone for even one episode. We've already scaled things back pretty dramatically from what we used to do. We don't really seek out and push for interviews anymore, only do a handful of shows during the offseason, and then one episode per week during the season. I know it doesn't seem like much on the outside, but there's a lot more work that goes on behind the scenes to publish even one episode. Part of me regrets this because I feel like this community podcast has the ability to be the best Titans podcast out there. I just personally can't go all out like that anymore due to my "real-world" responsibilities. I know this may not be what you all wanted to hear, but I at least wanted to let everyone know what is going on so you aren't left wondering when the next show will be. If you have any experience hosting a podcast/youtube show/audio editing/etc. or if it's something you'd like to consider, shoot me a PM and we can talk. In a perfect world, I would love to be able to take a step back from the show and see someone take over with the passion and time to take this show to new heights. Any new host would have to be approved by Guru, of course (since he owns the site). In the meantime, Jamal, Scotty, and I will keep talking about other ideas about how to keep things going.
  19. Nintendo's upcoming NX will be a portable, handheld console with detachable controllers, a number of sources have confirmed to Eurogamer. On the move, NX will function as a high-powered handheld console with its own display. So far so normal - but here's the twist: we've heard the screen is bookended by two controller sections on either side, which can be attached or detached as required. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-07-26-nx-is-a-portable-console-with-detachable-controllers