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  1. Less than a week to go! Time to get our predictions down for this year. Not even gonna make it a poll this year because there are so many options and unknowns when you're picking at #25. We can discuss it in the thread instead. I reserve the right to change this before the draft, but right now...I'm leaning toward a trade down and then the selection of S Justin Reid.
  2. With just over a week to go, the rumors and speculation should ramp up. Let's start it off with this one...
  3. Lol. Two of his draftees have already earned All-Pro honors. I'd say he's doing alright
  4. Final Mock Draft - Full 1st round

    I wouldn't be surprised at all if they traded out of the 1st.
  5. If the team is good with his medicals, I'd love the pick. The talent/ability is obvious. But if he's there at #25, that probably means he was removed from a number of draft boards as a result of the medical issue.
  6. Just feels like there are so many options. I think we're going to be more surprised than normal this year at the guys who are going off the board in late round 1. I suppose I could just use our visit list as the poll options (for guys who have a reasonable chance to go in round 1).
  7. So stop holding out on us, ! Who's it gonna be this year?
  8. @tgo I thought I remember you being fully convinced they liked Williams more. The rumors were heavily slanted toward Williams and the Titans even appeared to show more interest in him throughout the draft process. I remember a few days before the draft when a 2nd meeting with Williams was reported and then most people seemed thoroughly convinced they preferred Williams to Davis and Ross. Edit:
  9. Highly recommend this movie. Saw Elon Musk tweeting about it and thought I’d check it out. I know it’s free to watch until tomorrow night. It’s about AI and how it’s essentially taking over everything from shopping to politics to the military. Fascinating stuff here. http://doyoutrustthiscomputer.org/watch
  10. I haven't been able to devote nearly as much time to watching the prospects this year, but it's always fun to take a look at the visit list to try and see if you can guess what JRob & co. are thinking about the makeup of the roster. Sure, there are smokescreens, players you don't expect will fall, and the visit list isn't necessarily the end all, be all. But we all know there's a pretty strong connection between JRob and the players he brings in for a visit and/or workout. There are also hidden visits and workouts we won't hear about until after the draft. All that being said, I do think a few trends start to emerge when you evaluate our prospect list. Going into this draft period, I think most would have said our biggest need is either ILB or and EDGE player, perhaps another WR or RB, and maybe even a C or G. After evaluating our list of visits, you may find some surprises. For starters, the team seems very interested in highly rated secondary players for this draft at both CB and S. With Ryan, Jackson, and Butler in the fold at CB, plus a young guy in Sims and a guy who showed promise in Tye Smith, I think most thought we were set at CB. There's also very little interest in the offensive line or running back. After signing Spain, Pamphile, and Su'a-Filo at G, I believe the team feels they're set there. And for a draft so deep at RB, you'd think they would consider a mid-round guy even with Derrick Henry and Dion Lewis in the fold. It's possible they still do...but their visit list doesn't reflect that. There's also a higher than expected interest at the QB position, even with some of the 2nd tier QB prospects like Lamar Jackson and Mason Rudolphwith JRob meeting with Lamar Jackson at his pro day Based on our reported visits, I think this would be how JRob ranks our needs: 1a) Safety 1b) EDGE 3) CB 4) ILB 5) QB 6) DL 7) WR 8) OT 9) RB How do I arrive at these rankings? Let's start by taking a look at our visit list, sorted by position. SORTED BY POSITION EDGE Josh Sweat EDGE Arden Key EDGE Sam Hubbard EDGE Uchenna Nwosu OLB Malik Jefferson ILB Chris Worley ILB Oren Burks S Justin Reid S Jessie Bates S Armani Watts S Dane Cruikshank S Rashaan Gaulden CB DJ Reed CB Josh Jackson CB Jaire Alexander DL Andrew Brown DL Jullian Taylor QB Nick Stevens QB Mason Rudolph QB Mike White WR Richie James WR Dante Pettis RB Ito Smith OT Tyrell Crosby TE Deon Yelder Obviously, two position groups really jump out here: safety and EDGE. What may be surprising to most fans is seemingly minor interest at the ILB position, as well as a rather significant interest in CBs. But position groups alone don't tell the whole tale. It's also helpful to look at where these players are projected to go. Keep in mind, they are just that: projections. There's a good chance we'll have numerous guys who are drafted much higher or lower than projected here. SORTED BY PROJECTED ROUND (PER NFL.COM RANKINGS) Rounds 1-2 EDGE Sam Hubbard CB Josh Jackson (1-2) CB Jaire Alexander (1-2) S Justin Reid (1-2) Rounds 2-3 QB Mason Rudolph S Jessie Bates S Armani Watts S Rashaan Gaulden OT Tyrell Crosby Rounds 3-4 OLB Malik Jefferson EDGE Josh Sweat EDGE Arden Key EDGE Uchenna Nwosu WR Dante Pettis QB Mike White Rounds 4-5 S Dane Cruikshank CB DJ Reed DL Andrew Brown Rounds 5-6 WR Richie James Rounds 6-7 DL Jullian Taylor Round 7 or PFA ILB Chris Wormley QB Nick Stevens RB Ito Smith TE Deon Yelder You almost have to rank the safeties and EDGE as 1a and 1b. We're looking at 1 projected 1st rounder at both positions (Hubbard and Reid) and 3 projected 2nd-3rd round safeties. We're looking at a ton of EDGE players too, but most of them are projected slightly lower than the safeties. EDGE players always rise though and the position is more important than safety. It's almost ridiculous to think a guy as freakishly athletic as Sweat will be there in round 3, barring an unknown medical red flag. So what other conclusions can we attempt to draw from this? Yours may be different, but here's a few for me. Conclusion 1: I fully expect our 1st round pick to be a Safety or EDGE player, barring a catastrophic fall by a player the Titans don't expect to be there. It's insanely hard to project the draft in general, but gets even harder after the first 10 picks or so. Guys projected by "experts" as 3rd rounders are "surprisingly" drafted late in round 1. You almost have to lump all of the early safeties and early EDGE players into the same bucket for pick #25. There's a chance it could be any of them if the Titans have fallen in love with one. Despite their interest in the CB position, I still find it hard to believe we'd go there in R1 given our stability at the position. If they go safety at #25, we're probably looking at Justin Reid or Ronnie Harrison, who I didn't include on the list. The Titans have shown interest there as well (and it's possible he was even a visit). If they go for the EDGE player, you're looking at Hubbard or Sweat, and that's assuming Davenport and Landry are off the board. I personally favor Sweat's high ceiling over Hubbard's high floor, but my instinct tells me Hubbard would be JRob's pick. Conclusion 2: Will Compton is probably going to play more than fans want him to play. Are the Titans expecting Will Compton to fill the Avery Williamson role as a run stuffer? It certainly seems so given our lack of interest in ILBs. For those who put any stock at all in PFF, this may seem a little scary considering Compton's ranking there. But the Titans don't seem all too concerned about this spot. They have Wesley Woodyard and Jayon Brown already in place, yet Brown is more in the mold of Woodyard than Williamson. We do know they were interested in Leighton Vander Esch, but canceled a visit because they don't see him being there at #25. Rashaan Evans would seem like another possibility here, but I can't find any links at all between him and the Titans. There's always the chance they could look to play Cyprien more as a LB as well. JRob has raved about Cyprien and has always appeared confident in his ability. But their big-time interest in the top safeties tells a different tale. Long-term, it's clear they want to upgrade the S starting opposite Kevin Byard. I think most fans would prefer a Rookie SS and Cyprien playing more LB as opposed to Compton having to see significant time on defense. Conclusion 3: The Titans are finally in a position where 1st round picks won't have to contribute immediately. It's actually pretty amazing when you look back at our recent drafts and how quickly these guys have been expected to contribute in a big way. Jack Conklin, Corey Davis, Adoree Jackson, and even mid-late round picks like Kevin Byard and Jayon Brown have been thrust into important roles rather quickly. We could actually draft a guy at #25 who sees very little action for most of the year provided the guys in front of him stay healthy. And that's certainly not a bad thing. Final Thoughts It's clear JRob recognizes how thin we are at EDGE behind Orakpo and Morgan, and also that those guys are aging. I actually wouldn't be surprised to see them take two EDGE players in this draft. In a perfect world, I think JRob's draft would be an EDGE at #25 and S in round 2. He could then use the mid-later rounds to complete the roster with CB competition for Sims, an ILB to push Compton, WR or RB, and yes...a QB. I think the QB interest is real. JRob has that NE mentality and he knows the importance of the backup position, considering he saw first-hand how Matt Cassell was able to step-in and lead the Patriots went Brady went down. He wasn't there for the Garoppolo draft, but he's certainly aware of that pick and what the Patriots were able to get out of him in the trade. He also watched a backup QB win a Super Bowl last year. Combine that with Mariota's injury history and it's obvious to see why he wants to try and upgrade it. The only problem is how early do you have to draft one to upgrade Gabbert? All in all, it's harder to get excited about a draft when you're picking at #25...but it's so much more preferable because of what it means. This is a team that has a solid roster as currently constructed and can absolutely win now. Hopefully we'll add a few pieces next week that can help us immediately...but it's really nice to know their immediate impact isn't nearly as important as it once was.
  11. Titans 2018 Schedule

    AT Dolphins Texans AT Jaguars Eagles AT Bills Ravens AT Chargers (London) BYE AT Cowboys (MNF) Patriots AT Colts AT Texans (MNF) Jets Jaguars (TNF) AT Giants Redskins Colts
  12. He wasn't a visit. The 3 guys listed all visited the Titans facility. The Titans only met with Lamar at his Pro Day (that we know of).
  13. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000927595/article/mike-mayocks-2018-nfl-draft-position-rankings-30?campaign=tw-cf-sf187402175-sf187402175&sf187402175=1