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  1. He was just always one of those guys who did the extra work. He was a guy who stayed out there after practice so he could work with our starting quarterback, running routes and what not. Mind you, practice has been over with and there were multiple times were us coaches had to go out there and tell him to leave; we’ve done enough for today, let’s get off of our feet for now and start resting. He just always wanted more. He’s the kind of guy where you’d walk through the normal university rec center on a random Tuesday and he’d be in there taking a yoga class because he understands the value of stretching and recovering. If it wasn’t within our football program, he’s finding other ways to go above and beyond to take care of himself.
  2. If you're looking for a negative, here's one... Since Dodd went out, Mariota played in 5 games, broke his leg in the 5th, had surgery on the broken leg, rehabbed, and is now back for OTAs. Meanwhile, Dodd is still not 100% for OTAs. The heck happened to that dude?
  3. Every year there’s one stunner in the league (at least), and this year I like Tennessee to be that team. Not saying they’ll be another Nashville Predators and make the final two, but I like the Titans to make this huge jump because of core players. ... Marcus Mariota will be a strong MVP candidate.
  4. So awesome.
  5. More importantly, I'm pretty sure I caught Mariota doing part of the course in a video, which to me says he may be further along they they're even letting on.
  6. @scine09 How do you have over 20,000 posts and still no avatar?!
  7. Haha. Just needs to be resized (I use 150 x 150) and the file size no larger than 50kb.
  8. We have way too many users here with no avatar at all. I'm going to push Guru to start banning users who've been here for longer than a month with no avatar!
  9. Re-sized for avatar use: Spain & Lewan: Lewan only: Spain only: @freakingeek @ChesterCopperpot1
  10. Lol. I was just thinking about shopping that. Should've known it's already been done.
  11. This needs to be someone's avatar. Who's going to claim it?