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  1. Playoff Watch Thread

    @scine09 check this site out: http://www.quirkyresearch.com/2017/12/11/afc-tiebreakers-entering-week-15-except-ne-mia/
  2. MNF Dolphins vs Patriots

    Wow. Dolphins came to play.
  3. If they miss the playoffs, someone is 100% getting fired. You can't have a young QB regress like Mariota has regressed and sell the status quo to a fan base. Now if they manage to squeak in, they would at least have something to sell.
  4. Yeah, that's the only thing that makes sense.
  5. Welp, they reviewed it guys! All taken care of!
  6. Titans release Fowler

    Doesn't sound like he'll be coming back...
  7. What does this even mean? You aren't likely to cut back on the plays to help them, but not cutting back actually limits what you can do? Maybe a poor translation by Terry. Finally...a modicum of responsibility on his behalf.
  8. There's absolutely no way this is true...
  9. Yep. Doesn't look like it's going to happen. Seems to be blaming a lot of the play calling on Mariota's injury yesterday.
  10. To be fair, he seems to be equally critical of Mariota this game and is calling out his mechanical issues (I disagree with him on the play where he said Mariota doesn't have the arm strength to make such a throw). I'm curious to how he feels about the bigger picture and the overall issues with Mariota. He basically ignored all the good play from last year though.
  11. You can if you want. His twitter page is here: https://twitter.com/Cianaf
  12. I'm not going to keep posting them all, but Fahey is still tweeting about the Titans if you're interested.