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  1. Meh. Once you get out of the Top 10, they're all pretty much on equal footing, imo.
  2. I'm thinking we'll see more 3-WR sets too, but I could be wrong.
  3. So last offseason after the hiring of Mularkey, there were pretty big debates about if his offensive system was the best for Mariota. This continued throughout the season here on this board, as well as twitter, reddit, and other places fans gather. Regardless of where you came down on this debate, pretty much everyone agreed the offense changed throughout the season (where we disagree is how much it really changed). Some have speculated that year 3 would be equivalent to Matt Ryan's year 3. Ryan attempt 434 passes in year 1, 451 in year 2 (missed 2 games w/ injury), but saw his attempts jump to 571 in year 3...and he's never attempted fewer than 500 since. I've seen some discussion about how much the offense may change this season and we've talked about it briefly on the podcast. Most seem to be in agreement that the offense will change, but the question has been "how much?" So with the complete overhaul of the WR corps this offseason, is it possible the team will be leaning more on the pass than any of us expected when the book closed on 2016? Not only have we been getting new starters at WR, we've also been building the depth as well. Could the team be planning to use these guys way more than we expected? I'm not saying we're going to abandon the run and turn into a wide-open, Saints-style passing attack...but I do think it's possible they're going to lean on it more than we expected before going out and drafting Corey Davis, Taywan Taylor, and signing Eric Decker. Regardless of what the team ultimately focuses the offense around, we now have legitimate threats in the backfield, at TE, and on the outside that can create some truly scary combinations for opposing defenses. Is it September yet?
  4. That's what is so great about this signing. It's going to push Matthews, Davis, and Taylor (who the heck knows about Sharpe). Depending on Decker's health and how fast the other guys come along, he could be the #1 WR opening day...or not even starting in the slot.
  5. I'll be honest...only thing that disappoints me is that it's just for 1 year. I would have taken a chance and given him a 2-yr deal just in case he comes back as good as he was before the injury. Seems like he really wanted to be here though so if they want him back, it shouldn't be too hard to re-sign him.
  6. Just like that, the #2 becomes the #5. Heck of an offseason upgrading the WR corps. JRob continues to show how different he is from Webster in that he doesn't assume any 1 move will work to perfection. He hedges his bets by attacking the problem from multiple angles.
  7. Yes, sir, The Man from Nowhere really blew me away. I watch a lot of the Korean movies that hit Netflix and Amazon Prime. Have you seen The Raid and its sequel? I thought about putting it here too, but it seems to have garnered a little more acclaim than the others so I left it off this lest. Two amazing action flicks.
  8. Oh man. Very interesting. It's crazy to me that as great as TVs have gotten, there's still not a "perfect" one out there. The main TV I game on (when not using my monitor) is one of the last Panasonic plasmas. I actually have a small amount of burn-in from playing games on it, but it's really only noticeable when there's a bright/white scene in the area.
  9. "Lesser known" is hard to quantify, but here are a few I definitely think should be bigger than they are...