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  1. I think we'll trade back, but ppl will rage when they see the compensation and look it up in the value charts. Teams just aren't going to give up as much this year, imo.
  2. "He’s improved every year we’ve had him," Mularkey said of Supernaw. "It’s not like we have to find a point-of-attack tight end. We feel like we have some guys on the roster capable of doing that."
  3. Hard to say, but nothing really hooked me. Controls felt wonky. Didn't really give me a great sense of competition as opposed to something like Overwatch or Smash Bros where I really want to win. Great art style for sure. Can see why younger kids love it. For me though, it feels like a game I wouldn't pay more than $20 for and would only play if there was a drought of other games. This year though...just not a great time for Splatoon 2 for me. So many other games coming out. What's great about BotW opposed to most previous Zelda games is there can be multiple ways to solve certain puzzles. Hasn't always been the case. For all the talk of the open ended gameplay though and multiple ways to solve problems, there was one scenario that really annoyed me. I came upon one of the enemy outposts where they are sitting up on these raised wooden supports. I had just learned how to chop trees and thought, "Ohhhh, I'll just run underneath, cut down all the supports and cause the whole thing to crash down." Sadly, it won't let you destroy the supports. I actually haven't tried it again, but is just seemed really out of place for it not to work given the physics of the game everywhere else. Has anyone tried lighting the supports on fire?
  4. it's keyboard type cover. One side is the Titans logo, other side is the keyboard. Custom specifically for the Surface tablets. It is still available.
  5. Safety rotation, and Byard’s role Mularkey didn’t rule out the Titans rotating safeties to some extent again in 2017, even with the recent addition of veteran safety Johnathan Cyprien. In fact, he said he expects it to continue. Mularkey said it will depend on who the team is playing, and matchups. “I think it was good the way we did things last year,’’ Mularkey said. “That’s how we felt about our depth at safety. I think we still have a deep position there. So I see it continuing that way.” In addition to Cyprien, Kevin Byard, Da’Norris Searcy and Curtis Riley are among the safeties returning for this fall. There’s a chance the Titans will draft one as well. Mularkey said he thinks Byard, a third-round pick out of MTSU last season, will show even more improvement in Year 2. “He is going to get more opportunities, and he is going to play more,” Mularkey said of Byard. “I think that second year, coming in there you are not wide-eyed, and intimidated by being a rookie and finding your role on the team. I think he knows what it is and he knows he can be very good at this level.”
  6. Yeah, I'm pretty concerned about that. JRob talked about his ability to cover the TE as well.
  7. Well as it stands now...we have 2 first round picks and 0 in round 2. I definitely don't want to wait until round 3 to address it.
  8. Yeah, that's exactly how I interpreted it. As in, hey we're gonna mix and match these guys (Cyprien and Byard) and I'm not ready to say to say Byard is a true FS. I like Adams > Hooker, but this comment definitely read to me like they would want a true FS.
  9. Interesting how we interpreted that 2 completely different ways, haha. The question for me they want another mix and match guy like Adams who can do anything? Or do they want a true FS like Hooker?
  10. Would like to see this comment in full...but it's definitely interesting that he doesn't outright say Byard is the center-fielding FS. Hooker could definitely be in play for us. While Johnathan Cyprien's been a box safety and can work as a nickel linebacker, Mike Mularkey said Cyprien can play in coverage as needed. But the Titans coach stopped short of saying Kevin Byard is now a center-fielding free safety. The Titans will continue to mix and match safeties for situations and matchups as warranted, Mularkey said.
  11. Is it really the media though? All the FA moves have been on defense, plus Mularkey and JRob continue to talk about the importance of getting better WRs and adding speed.
  12. IIRC, Mularkey's offenses have traditionally had a big #1 WR that he loves to feed.
  13. I'm not sure who they are matters because if he wanted 2 big pass catching TEs, he could have attempted to acquire them at his previous stops. The 2nd point makes sense, but Mularkey - at least publicly - doesn't seem to agree with that philosophy and I don't think they see Delanie slowing down in 2017. Yeah...he was their #1 TE.
  14. In the midst of all the offseason news, I feel like one of the least-discussed topics here has been the Houston Texans offseason. We all know, they squeaked by last year as division champs yet again. What have they done this offseason? They traded away their QB and lost several key contributors via FA. I don't believe they've signed a single free agent on defense, despite losing Bouye, Demps, and Simon. They re-signed their punter and kicker, as well as a backup TE. Now it seems they have all their eggs in the Tony Romo basket when it comes to their QB situation. The Cowboys don't seem in any hurry to make a move and there's even talk Romo could just retire and go into broadcasting. How do you all see next year shaping up for the Texans? Remember, they'll be getting Watt back. Whether or not he's 100% remains to be seen.