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  1. Tim

    Welcome Back Marcus

    He was joking. I hope. But he was a big Mularkey guy lol.
  2. Tim

    Welcome Back Marcus

    Mariota is getting his confidence back with real play callers running a real scheme.
  3. Tim

    Who thinks Marcus is a bust?

    He was great today. That’s all I know. Now keep it up.
  4. There will always be malcontents on a team. The less there are, the better.
  5. Tim

    Anyone think we are 2-1 with Mularkey?

    His atrocious ST units alone would have cost us a game already.
  6. Tim

    Harold Landry

    The biggest differences on the team are open field tackling and not having retards calling plays on offense. ST is waaay better too.
  7. Tim

    So. Maroita didn't start because......

    Who gives a fuck. He finished. On the Jags faces.
  8. Yep. No way in hell we win that with Mularkey
  9. I’m 47, been a huge fan since the late seventies And this was the first preseason ever for me if not feeling excitement for the season. I paid zero attention to the preseason games. Kind of an interesting aside, I’ve played guitar since I was 14 and played my first professional gig last week lol
  10. Absolutely. It’s huge
  11. I’ve made no claims about this game.
  12. A lot of idiot Titans fans thought that LeBeau worried about stopping the run too much. I laughed.
  13. Dolphins are a bad football team. It appears the titans are too.