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  1. cenj

    Backup: Locker vs Mariota.

    Uhhhh...that's not what that means.
  2. Everyone already is hurt.
  3. cenj

    Ravens Week

    Absolutely, that's what I saw too when I went back and watched.
  4. I went back and re-watched the 1st half of the All-22 game film for the Titans-Bills game. At some point I'll learn how to make gifs and upload them, but for now I'll just talk generally about a few main points. The defense got gashed early on a number of legal and illegal pick plays. Buffalo was keeping it super simple, running a lot of crossing routes. It worked a few times early, but on the TD they adjusted and shut it down. Unfortunately, Allen made a good scramble and a few players embarrassed themselves tackling. It should have been a FG, but that's how this day went -- a lot of individual bad plays in key moments. The middle of our defense got manhandled, including Casey. Everyone on the DL made plays -- Logan, AJ, and obviously Casey were all disruptive at times. But on too many running plays, they were getting blown off the ball. Now, often there was a LB unblocked to come down and fill the gap, but our LBs (and at times new safety K. Lewis), didn’t do their job. Brown made some excellent plays, but missed some gaps early. Evans shouldn’t be on the field right now. He's a major liability. I'm less irritated with the playcalling, at least early on. I still think we could have threatened deep more and it would have reduced pressure up front, but it's not like the playcalling wasn't moving the chains. We were actually moving the ball fine, but turnovers and poor individual effort stopped drives. Our little screens were more effective than I remembered as the CBs were playing more off than I thought. Players didn't always make the best runs (Corey Davis ran right into defenders on one screen). On the quick throw to Henry, I have to believe Henry should have stayed wide and not slanted inside (that's where Mariota threw to and the CB was giving him a lot of space, while there was another DB inside following the slot receiver). On the 3rd down pass to Corey Davis (where he slipped), Mariota was staring left towards Sharpe, then pulled away and threw to Davis -- he looked like he was going to Davis no matter what and was simply looking off the Safety. The problem was, Sharpe had a good chance on a deeper throw to the sideline and Mariota should have taken it. Mariota came back though and kept moving us along, but then Lewis fumbled. The point is, the playcalls were definitely creating room and getting Buffalo to run laterally -- on several plays, we were a blown block away from a huge run. I think had everyone been more on their game, Henry could have had a huge day. Which leads me to the next point… Certain players -- especially the receivers/TEs -- were horrible. I'll give an example of this later. Jonnu Smith is even worse than I thought. He's getting destroyed in both the run game and in pass protection. Destroyed. Here's an example of player failing on offense: 1st Quarter, down 7, we're in the redzone and moving up the field with ease. It's 2nd and 4. We right run up the middle with Dion Lewis. It's a great call and should be an easy first down, potentially a TD with a good run. Unfortunately, Lorenzo Alexander (#57) sneaks down and gets inside leverage on Jonnu Smith and single-handedly ruins the play. On the very next play, we have condensed trips to the right with Davis, Taylor, and he who shall not be named. The protection holds up and there's a huge space in the center of the defense. Unfortunately, T. Taylor and Corey Davis run to the exact same spot. I don't know who screwed up, but Mariota was looking left at Dion Lewis for a quick pass to the flat, and then came back to his right and looked exactly where Davis and Taylor were, but there was no chance for success. I'll also criticize Mariota a bit here, because this is where I'd like to see him use his athleticism to shake off the DE. He probably could have stepped up (only needed 4 yards), but instead he drifted backwards on his heels, which is something he does way too often. I assume he was trying to buy enough time for one of the WRs to peel off, but it was almost another disaster. This is how players turn a 2nd and 4 in the redzone into a measly FG.
  5. cenj

    Jrob, make these trades!!

    I'd like to reiterate how pissed I am we took Jonnu Smith early when we could have had George Kittle in the 5th round.
  6. cenj

    Week 5: Titans @ Bills Game Thread

    If one dropped pass by a no name #5 WR on a broken play is the reason you lose to the Bills, you don't deserve to beat the Bills. It should never have come to this. Fumbles, ints, terrible playcalling, and an OL that got bullied all day.
  7. cenj

    Week 5: Titans @ Bills Game Thread

    Looked like Landry again forcing the early throw on that int.
  8. cenj

    Week 5: Titans @ Bills Game Thread

    Mariota hasn't been playing well, but Jesus the receivers have been shit. We drop more balls than any team I've seen. Jonnu Smith looks like a bust so far.
  9. cenj

    Week 5: Titans @ Bills Game Thread

    Why...the...fuck... are they playing Nick Williams so much?
  10. cenj

    Week 5: Titans @ Bills Game Thread

    Too predictable, low reward playcalls.
  11. cenj

    Week 5: Titans @ Bills Game Thread

    That was a dive. Let's make that rookie stay down for real now.
  12. cenj

    Week 5: Titans @ Bills Game Thread

    This is what happens though. Coaches adjust based on film. We knew this dink and dunk screen and short pass game wasn't sustainable. We opened it up last week when we needed to, but Buffalo is suffocating the middle of the field and looks totally unafraid of our WRs. Now Lafleur has to re-adjust. Hopefully he does this 2nd half.
  13. cenj

    Week 5: Titans @ Bills Game Thread

    We're in fine position to turn it around 2nd half. If we're the better team, we should be able to adjust and take over. Terrible game so far though. Mariota looks bad, WRs mostly blanketed, Lafleur getting outcoached, and both our interior OL and DL are getting mauled.
  14. cenj

    Week 5: Titans @ Bills Game Thread

    Terrible pocket awareness by Mariota. There was room to step up and evade. You know your line is beaten up, you have to make better decisions.