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  1. OzTitan

    Add Brennan to the list.

    Maybe he meant it "wasn't" treason.
  2. I chose one at random to see where the image was referenced, and it was actually an article explaining why this is happening: https://www.businessinsider.in/protesters-are-gaming-googles-algorithm-so-that-photos-of-trump-come-up-when-you-search-idiot/articleshow/65054079.cms
  3. OzTitan

    Rashaan Evans

    The Bush capital? I may have some connections there myself.
  4. OzTitan

    Rashaan Evans

    Watch out for the drop bears in Darwin.
  5. OzTitan

    Trump praised by minority inner city pastors

    I keep reading this thread title as Trump being raised by minority inner city pastors.
  6. OzTitan

    Voter Fraud Revisited

    3.5M more than alive adults? That would actually mean ptobably many many more than 3.5M are fraudulent because what percentage of alive adults are even registered? Certainly not 100%. Which makes me believe it is bad data keeping as I think the number would be too unbelievable to be fraud.
  7. Nope I was talking about Trump. The standard you walk by. What a sad state of affairs.
  8. OzTitan

    QANON conspiracy

    Lots of crossover with most major conspiracies I would think. Most probably believe at least a handful. Possibly one of the key differences to those who believe the "Russia conspiracy" as someone like ben would call it - most who believe that one probably aren't part of the conspiracy subculture. I always wondered which ones a conspiracy nut part of this subculture believes and which ones they don't, and how they determine this. And also how they battle the reality the more you believe the more likely at least one is completely false, and how finding that out would challenge the other beliefs.
  9. OzTitan

    QANON conspiracy

    "Do a Google search... it's amazing what's going on in the dark web" makes no sense lol.
  10. I remember Atwater being a dirty SOB but maybe I'm remembering someone else.
  11. OzTitan

    Zuckerberg & Facebook Under FTC Investigation

    I thought that act and section was about protecting ISPs and other online service providers like FB from being responsible for the illegal use of their users. How does it relate to FB treating some users differently?
  12. OzTitan

    Russians Currently Hacking the Mid-terms

    You clearly don't understand hacking or how intelligence is formed on live or historic hacking activities, yet you dismiss it when experts weigh in regardless. I don't seek to understand Russia to say for sure what they'd do, I'm listening to what the experts like MS are saying. But I wasn't aware MS was trying to dupe me.