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  1. It probably is out there already, it just isn't easy to find. There are a ton of apps made but relatively few get past a handful of installs. It's very rare for an app to get popular just because it exists and looks great. There is a lot of stuff the success stories do beyond the tech. In many ways the tech is the easiest part (and it doesn't pay to get involved as a tech without the other "stuff" already there). Stuff like people with business savvy, people who understand user design, people who can sell ice to an Eskimo, people who know how to engage the market and scene you're targeting.
  2. THE BIG UGLY - DO NOT MERGE (Merged: Mod)

    No? at least not entirely. Isn't it also specifically into the Trump campaign? If there was spying I would expect reluctance to announce this, especially with the investigation still ongoing. It's not a great look for the exact reason you react strongly to it - people conflate it to meaning they targeted a Presidential candidate because that's what they want to believe, when it could just mean they had reason to do their job. There's a lot of assumption what Mueller has and hasn't looked into, and what evidence is and isn't available. It's ongoing, the world isn't supposed to know everything at this stage.
  3. THE BIG UGLY - DO NOT MERGE (Merged: Mod)

    So Trump's going to demand (ask?) they investigate whether they spied on his campaign, for "Political Purposes" (not sure why that's capitalized). Even if it was, I think it would be hard to prove it was done for political reasons. This "Political Purposes" qualifier also reaffirms what I've been saying - the FBI are within their remit to do this sort of stuff if they have reason to do so. Given the proven links from some members of the Trump campaign to Russia it seems likely they had ample reasons.
  4. THE BIG UGLY - DO NOT MERGE (Merged: Mod)

    This makes no sense at all. If he did do these things, then wouldn't they have been well within their remit to "spy"? Isn't this their job? Seriously, remove sides or identities from this for a second. What would you want national law enforcement to do if it had serious concerns a Presidential campaign was being influenced by a foreign enemy? I'm trying to understand where they went wrong.
  5. When Bill Gates met Donald Trump

    Neither side has a monopoly on stupid. It's just one side seems to vehemently double down on the stupid more than the other.
  6. When Bill Gates met Donald Trump

    The reality is most people probably don't know the difference, or even what HPV is (at least). A lot of people would probably do the same if they had a helicopter they could fly in. His stupidity and ignorance is what truly connects him to the "common man". It can't be his upbringing or any other lived experience, after all. Most people are not smart, and they're becoming more and more frustrated with leaders and experts who are. If people had a say in who the lead scientist at NASA was, they'd probably vote in Larry the Cable Guy. Bill Gates is the exact person they don't like - smarter than them, and it's impossible for Gates not to express this fact, even when he's sending hundreds of millions of dollars to charity. So him pointing out how embarrassingly dumb Trump was is not bad in their eyes, it would just make them dislike Gates more, because making Trump seem dumb is calling them dumb too. But yes they'll happily use his products.
  7. I came in to post the same thing. Oman has "too funny", but it actually seems like Denali might jack it to this shit.
  8. Guns Used in Mass Murder in Texas High School

    It's a uniquely USA problem, and while it may be hard to pinpoint the root cause, it's not hard to spot other uniquely USA factors - like a uniquely powerful gun lobby in the NRA. Outlawing the NRA won't solve it, but their influence is part of the problem for sure.
  9. Hey guys I heard @LongTimeFan has owned a business. Just in case you didn't know.
  10. First up, of course the headline is misleading - it says the IT firm was incorporated in the US, so it's a stretch to call it a "Russian IT Firm". I also don't understand the logic of the claims being made. There's a big difference between a Presidential campaign and the White House, and a media company. Sentences like "But if the media companies are aware of EastBanc’s Russian connection, they certainly have no business attacking others” are complete nonsense. It's the job of the media companies to report news, who cares what they do with their own operations - it's nowhere near the same as a President. The only indication of when the media companies were clients is "US News" from 2011 to 2014. I.e. before they began "attacking others" for connections to Russia. Even if this was a valid comparison, the article doesn't even confirm whether they still are clients. This is highly speculative. If they did website development as it mentioned in the article, there's a good chance they had no access to "internal operations". Creating a website for someone can be entirely separate from their internal systems. As a client they may be more inclined to open an attachment or something that could let them infiltrate their internal systems, but this can be done basically just as easily without the need to have them as a client. I don't know the value in naming and linking directly to the Russian employees of the firm. It's this sort of stuff that leads to doxing and conspiracy theories that spiral out of control, like Pizzagate and the crazy retard who took it seriously and tried to shoot up the place. It looks like "The Daily Caller" is using Wordpress. This is a open source blog platform that has undoubtedly seen code contributions from Russians. Yep, they're running Russian code too! Why do these crappy news sites *still* not use HTTPS? It's 2018 ffs. You can literally set that shit up for free in minutes. It's critical for a news website - without it, you can't trust what you're reading is what they published.
  11. Blue Wave??? You Obviously Meant Red Tsunami

    "I hear covfefe" okay that's pretty funny. But fuck that thing is annoying. You could spend all day listening to 1 second of low quality audio and argue what it sounds like - no idea why this has gone viral. Hasn't anyone seen those stupid ghost hunting shows? they spend half their episodes arguing over sounds picked up on recordings.
  12. The Internet has always been about finding things that fit your interests. The rapid change is the perceived trustworthiness of Internet media regardless of track record or quality, and as a result the dominance of news media over special interest media as the Net was once useful for.
  13. It’s A Great Day - US Opens Embassy In Jerusalem

    This is the exact behavior the right despises when the liberals call them racists for not always siding with minorities.
  14. In one ear and out the other. It's too late as it's more likely now that people will read this as a call to action to normalize *their* facts, not *the* facts. That's sadly probably the easiest path of resistance anyway, although of course no side will "win". This is the new normal.
  15. Vrabel Media Honeymoon Already Over?

    Why can't Vrabel be just like Trump? The fake news media is just out to get him!