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  1. OzTitan

    Ref blocked TT’s route on deep bomb.

    He needs to prove he can pay good games despite bad play around him. Of course what would probably end up happening is the bad play around him would lessen or even disappear from visibility and then people would say he's a system QB etc etc. That's a lot better than just being a bad QB. It's a tough ask but all top NFL QBs gotta do it.
  2. Nines absorbed BK's energy into his being.
  3. OzTitan

    Who thinks Marcus is a bust?

    And it seems Marcus will never be that. Does that make him a bust? ultimately it depends on whether the team built around him can be good enough to hide it, because busts are typically guys you get rid of early and that may not happen if he's productive enough, but it's painfully obvious at this point his lack of ability to take over does need hiding. Alex Smith is the day 1 comparison that keeps coming up. The reality is he has been on multiple teams now, so there's a good chance Marcus will too.
  4. OzTitan

    Who thinks Marcus is a bust?

    He's got to punish teams for focusing on stopping the run. It's not all on him but no DC or DB for that matter is scared of his arm. We all know what skilled and dangerous QBS look like when they're in bad situations. They make mistakes and probably lose but they show signs of aggression and capability that makes DCs thankful for the ineptness around them. They show serious flashes. Sad to say, they look much more like Luck than Mariota.
  5. OzTitan

    KC vs NE thread

    This is what scoring on 75y TD passes on offense like it's nothing does to your defense. It tires them out and exposes them. Your only hope is to play teams like the Titans early in the playoffs who can't create a shootout and then try and score last against those teams who can. It's fun viewing but fickle.
  6. OzTitan

    Who thinks Marcus is a bust?

    They'll probably need to draft a QB to keep interest in the team. They've probably flat lined on the current configuration. The offense is all world bad. Or do whatever, honestly I barely pay attention much anymore.
  7. OzTitan

    Kavanaugh will probably not be confirmed now

    We have no idea of the motivations of the anonymous Internet commentator. I have no idea what that mockery of cognitive thought that last paragraph is but I've barely commented on this whole ordeal.
  8. OzTitan

    Kavanaugh will probably not be confirmed now

    There is no way an in person testimony is on par with an Internet comment, lol.
  9. OzTitan

    Kavanaugh will probably not be confirmed now

    What value is a youtube video comment supposed to hold?
  10. OzTitan

    Ravens predictions

    A rookie left an NFL gig because he was home sick? for real?
  11. Sounds like they would be routinely revoked from people who don't need them then? once they get around to doing it (am I correct in guessing the US vetting people are slammed and probably have a massive queue?) FYI it's not just about clearances but also about briefings. People would be debriefed well before their clearance is deemed unnecessary in most cases.
  12. OzTitan

    Lebron James to Lakers

    This is honestly the worst thread on TR.
  13. Why do people not serving in an office need a clearance?
  14. OzTitan

    The Evidence of Collusion is Clear

    I think the Republicans proved with Hillary that if there is nothing to stick to, volume shit flinging won't achieve anything (other than motivating a base that believes it all anyway perhaps).
  15. OzTitan

    Fuck you democrats

    700K? Like, US$ 700,000 ? (that article says $745.50)