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  1. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    People with strong opinions are going to become divided if the truth sits between them, as it likely does here in general. It may not have been their goal specifically from day 1, but clearly by the end of the campaign the Russians were trying to push Trump. If it's more palatable, it doesn't have to be because he's in their debt or because they thought he would be better for Russia than Hillary, it can just be because he was the wildcard candidate and Russia would prefer an unknown.
  2. Are you tired of BOTH parties??

    Why would a third be any different than the two now?
  3. Another plea deal for Mueller?

    I mean, she sucks because she lost - being fit for President has been redefined now to include basically anyone so based on this new definition I think she would have fit right in.
  4. Another plea deal for Mueller?

    Does anyone really think Hillary doesn't suck? Even if she won based on the vote majority it still would have been embarrassingly close.
  5. Another plea deal for Mueller?

    No i'd say calling for it to be disbanded is. Getting the US people bickering is childs play, they do it on their own. Ultimately the goal would be to put institutions in disrepute - it doesn't help when they occasionally fail, but try and remember you probably don't hear about it when they succeed.
  6. Former GOP Senator says Republican don't want gun control

    Drones on the battlefield are pretty new, I don't think they have yet displayed how they might be used as a primary force, but I'm picturing networked hive mind drones with certain levels of AI capable of identifying targets and engaging, and working together to get it done. Doesn't sound like a fun swamp to be in at that point (if a swamp ever is). Ultimately though I guess you could just starve people out.
  7. Former GOP Senator says Republican don't want gun control

    Drones can fly over swamps.
  8. Another plea deal for Mueller?

    Being interviewed by the FBI before hand seems like they were actually on top of things? they obviously can't arrest and detain people before they do something illegal, this isn't the KGB Tux. Who knows, maybe Tux will see first hand on a Sunday morning how much the FBI are on top of things
  9. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    A few ways, actually! The obvious way is to hope some idiot attaches an infected USB device like Stuxnet. Otherwise, you can intercept some keyboard signals - including wired ones. https://hackaday.com/2008/10/20/eavesdrop-on-keyboards-wirelessly/ Or use the CPU fan to extract data: https://www.wired.com/2016/06/clever-attack-uses-sound-computers-fan-steal-data/ And of course Van Eck phreaking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcV6izFG3vQ But the easiest way is to probably get someone to do your bidding, i.e. an insider.
  10. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    Nah man it's all good, there is an impenetrable Cyber Security Unitâ„¢ so you're sweet.
  11. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    The 2014 part makes no sense anyway. Of course it started before the 2016 campaign got underway - campaigns like this take time to organize. If it was Sanders vs some non-retarded Reubplican then the Russians would have probably picked Sanders instead. The fact they started in 2014 doesn't indicate one way or the other on what happened during the 2016 campaign once Russia adjusted their focus. It's obvious the Trump campaign had an unusually strong connection to Russia, given the sheer amount of people in the campaign who have connections. No one can seem to answer why this is, but it's likely Russia tried to get into all potential 2016 campaigns probably starting well before 2014.
  12. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    WTF? This was never about Putin personally. Trump asked Putin if *Russia* did it. He said no (not "I don't know", btw), Trump said "he's trustworthy guys!". Now he says *Russia* started *their* campaign. Which is it?
  13. Wikipedia Lies... Astroturfing and Media Manipulation

    Her blog is very much one though. Perhaps that's just where the ad money is these days. I don't really care about the other stuff it doesn't relate to me questioning her intentions and bias.
  14. Mueller and grand jury indict 13 Russians

    I can't keep up, does Trump and Co still believe Putin when he says they didn't do anything at all? Guess not?