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  1. Mueller requesting more documents...

    ..... could I have the link?
  2. Seems some of the players aren't bought into the offense. The scheme may be the best ever but it would still need buy in. Something needs to change.
  3. Mueller requesting more documents...

    Okay, got a link?
  4. Mueller requesting more documents...

    This? http://abcnews.go.com/US/special-counsel-sends-wide-ranging-request-documents-justice/story?id=51261366 No mention of Obama??
  5. I used to work with a big fat dude who was having bad leg pains up near the hip for a while, but he ignored it. He's still kicking about 5 years later.
  6. Flat Earthers UNITE!!!

    Except it's not any science driving the FE'rs, it's retarded NASA conspiracy theories. Also models are just that, models. Designed to be close but not necessarily exact, and if simplifying a model still produces good enough reliability, then it's acceptable. I think the ultimate proof of a round earth is the weather predicting models, which are impressively accurate in short enough time spans. However I'm guessing it's too complex a modelling for a typical conspiracy nut to appreciate how conclusive it is, and even then they probably think weather predictions are a conspiracy (i.e. they make the weather). There was some news story about FE'rs here in Australia, and one dude had a well paying tech job and seemed otherwise switched on and normal. It made me wonder what a workplace should and can allow before you can legally be fired for being a dumbass.
  7. If we miss the playoffs, what will happen?

    No way this team doesn't drop one of the supposed easy ones.
  8. Firefox Quantum

    This time they moved to an entirely new API for extensions called WebExtensions. Some versions upgrades might break add-ons but this one requires a complete rewrite and apparently the new API isn't quite feature complete compared to the old so some rewrites won't be fully done for a few more versions. It needed to be done because the old system was less secure. Also WebExtensions in theory will work across browsers.
  9. Firefox Quantum

    It crashed for me on NBA.com but I have a lot of problems with the NBA website unrelated to browser - they try to force me onto some crappy Australian version of the site and forcing it back to the US version doesn't work too well. The extension thing is unfortunate but necessary. It will be a better system in the long run.
  10. "sometimes we have to study what the facts are". "sometimes".
  11. Yeah I recommend Red Notice as a good read on it (written by Bill Browder) if you haven't already.
  12. Self Righteous prick turns out to be sexual deviant

    Tells you all you need to know. Wow.
  13. I said "suggests", not actual deeds. Like, you know, the word in the title of the thread and the topic of the thread.
  14. Respecting another nation for being out for themselves doesn't mean you take actions like lifting sanctions for obvious violations. That's not "working" with them it's bowing to them. Trump criticized past US leaders for allowing China to exploit them, and then suggests allowing the same for Russia. The idea you could take a leader's word on this is of course ridiculous, let alone Putin. So it must be about not caring about it and wanting to downplay it, for other reasons. It is of course a contradictory stance to keep down playing it but impose sanctions on it.
  15. Bengals @ Titans Game Thread

    Who was the last starting qb to miss a game to the protocol? Seems they always pass it.