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  1. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/11/15/former-falcon-and-tv-analyst-tim-green-announces-als-diagnosis/ Rough. This guy was long hailed as one of the brightest guys to play the game. Good luck to him and his family. And good luck to the NFL in protecting their current and future players while still delivering a compelling game to watch. Years: 1986-93 Teams: Atlanta Falcons College: Syracuse So-called "book smarts" aren't the only type of intelligence. What about the people who actually write books? That takes mounds of intelligence. A Rhodes Scholarship finalist in 1987, Tim Green played seven years in the NFL, all the while working towards his law degree at Syracuse. (He is a practicing attorney in New York.) He retired in 1993, worked a while as a Fox Sports analyst, then began his career as an author. Since 1996, he has published 16 novels, including a New York Times bestseller.
  2. begooode

    Avenatti caught grifting money

    I hope Avenatti enjoyed his run,... domestic violence doesn’t play well with audiences https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/14/politics/michael-avenatti-arrest/index.html
  3. I guess Foxnews and practically all media figures that’s worth it.
  4. Even the staunchest Trump supporter must realize that if FoxNews has listed themselves as a friend of the court with "FakeNews#1/Enemy-of-the-People" it must mean that even they feel this is a serious breach of process and access.
  5. begooode

    Dennis Kelly over Conklin

    Is there any other kind,...
  6. begooode

    Worst play in NFL history

    It was recovered by the Broncos who scored 2 plays later and got their crowd going. It was 4 plays into the first divisional playoff game in forever for the Oilers and they had already spotted them a TD,... And if anyone ever watched Rozier trying to catch a ball, they'd be wondering if the guy even played offense. Worst play call of all time, imo.
  7. begooode

    Let’s talk about our newbies

    In addition to his speed/smarts, Jayon's effort is tone setting. He and Woodyard (your AFC defensive player of the week) seem to have formed a tight bond and playing all out for each other. Fun to watch. Now if Rashaan can jump in with some mad thuggishness in the pain game this will go to another level.
  8. begooode

    Worst play in NFL history

    It was. Playoff game, in loud ass Denver, opening drive for the Oilers from inside their own 5 yard line. And that’s before you consider that the offense was loaded with talent. Glanville was such an idiot.
  9. begooode

    Dunning-Kruger and Politics

    ,.... coupled with a closed loop echo chamber and the constant delegitimizing of the free press from the prez on down -- indeed, it's a bad time for the American electorate.
  10. I bought the prototype Sincerely, V. Putin
  11. begooode

    Did Mariota hurt his hand?

    The sideline announcer quickly commented after the play that no one was looking at Mariota's hand / arm, nor was he showing any indications that it was an issue. Said it pretty confidently before moving to some guy for the Pats getting attended to.
  12. begooode


    Narcissism is a helluva trait.
  13. begooode

    Week 10: Patriots @ Titans Game Thread

    “Just another game on the schedule” my ass.
  14. begooode

    Most Americans think Trump is racist

    Not on TR