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  1. Corker was sharing truth: senior people on the White House staff know just how bad the situation is.
  2. Trump pays the bills

    Damn, nothingburgers are expensive.
  3. Senate tax bill would end health insurance mandate

    Trump stares out at coal miners and goes on for three minutes about estate taxes affecting wealthy with > 5mil. Audience gives him a stilted but affirming “hurrah” because something must be obstructionist Dems fault. Repub trolls are all-in defending this cash grab (“but great economy” Trump defense conveniently ignored) while they blatantly add another trillion to the debt. wtf
  4. Self Righteous prick turns out to be sexual deviant

    I didn’t realize so many of the new right suddenly feel OJ didn’t do it. Yet Hillary is crooked at the same time based primarily on aspersions, condemned personally by several from Trumps campaign who are now under indictment for serious offenses to our political processes — including failure to be forthcoming with our judicial system. Don’t forget to make a few air holes for that box you guys have put yourself in.
  5. Self Righteous prick turns out to be sexual deviant

    Tolerating something they thought they were unique victims of and powerless to change, not to mention the scorn. Yep, thank god for wonderful Christians like you and your moral compass.
  6. Franken ...wow

    and,... most of them apologize only after they get publicly called out, of course.
  7. Self Righteous prick turns out to be sexual deviant

    the 14yr old, then Beverly Young Nelson's televised statement (she was snot crying ffs), then the calling a girl out of her high school classroom, plus the mall stories,... on top of his outlaw pious image & a few questionable opinions from the bench -- it's a complete nightmare. The repub brand was so sullied by this that Gergen was completely flustered even discussing repub reactions and next steps. He honestly was struggling and repulsed to understand how an individual can so blatantly put himself above the team (repub, conservative, whatever)
  8. Steele Believes Dossier Is 70% to 90% Accurate

    is that what made him turn orange?
  9. Franken ...wow

    In this #metoo moment in history I expect there to be a several more outings in government for sure, parties be damned.
  10. With the running QB there's a lot of focus on getting hit, but don't overlook the higher incidence of noncontact injuries which has happened already to Mariota this year and cost him time and potentially the team a W.
  11. Self Righteous prick turns out to be sexual deviant

    Give me a fucking break. Now who's the self-righteous douche bag?
  12. Kern drug tested after his 74-yard punt

    Much of what roids did for baseball hitters' numbers relates to bat speed which declines with age vs knowledge of hitting which increases with age; essentially by the time they really know what they are doing at the plate, their physical skills are already in decline. Steroids shifted the curve up --> more bat speed, plus kept that higher productivity curve at that level over a longer period of time. This is somewhat offset by pitchers using as well. Back to Kern -- he just barely eclipsed Amaro's bomb from the offseason: