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  1. Bluth

    Vrabel has balls

    If that play didn't work I was not looking forward to the shit storm that was coming on this board.
  2. Bluth

    Wtf is Jrob doing?!

    It’s a discussion forum, that’s how it works. I just don’t see your point of view and was hoping you would elaborate. We we had depth but injury’s happened. So far jrob has had more hits than misses in the draft imo.
  3. Bluth

    Wtf is Jrob doing?!

    What are you talking about? So it’s jrobs fault that Lewan got leveled and Kelly contracted some mysterious virus? It’s just shit luck dude it happens.
  4. Ya'll are the most whiny annoying posters I've ever seen. Did I accidentally go to Gotitans.com?
  5. Why? We complain about everything else here at nausea, it's nice to read about something different.
  6. Bluth

    The long journey has begun...

    What I’ve liked about Vrabel is that he has yet to throw any of the players under the bus. He takes full responsibility for how his team performs and doesn’t call out position groups. Obviously it was just preseason we’ll see how the regular season goes.
  7. Bluth

    Preseason Week 4: Vikings @ Titans

    If Vrabel allowed Mariota to play in this preseason game, everyone would be calling for his head and rightfully so.
  8. You are correct https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/08/23/derrick-morgan-rishard-matthews-both-recovering-from-knee-surgery/
  9. Bluth

    My mind is finally at ease

    I don't know about that list but firing Mularkey was 100% the correct call.
  10. Bluth

    Training Camp Discussion

    There’s some spoiled fans if anyone felt cheated. I read it was free to attend. I wish I could have gone. I sadly, have never even been to a home game.
  11. That stinks for Smith. Wyatt was just gushing over him the other day to.
  12. Bluth

    Titans Injury Reports

    Last year it was hamstrings, looks like this year it's calf's.
  13. Bluth

    2018 Draft (Round 2)

    Did the option to block posters go away? I feel like every time I read a post from titantez my IQ takes a hit.
  14. Dude we get it you don’t like them. You’ve made like 5 or 6 post now saying the exact same thing.
  15. Bluth

    Raiders realease king

    Remember when some on here were hoping for Gruden? Guy is a joke. Raiders have only gotten worse this offseason.