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  1. Titans hire Dean Pees for DC

    What role will his son have on the staff?
  2. Dean Pees Possible DC

    Does Perry still come here in any role? He's leaving the packers. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/01/29/darren-perry-leaving-the-packers/
  3. Who is your choice for HC? (POLL)

    Let's talk football then, what are you reasons for wanting Gruden? Not that it matters he is gone. Do you have anyone that is actually available? I'm excited to see who we bring in, it's going to be interesting.
  4. Whelp titans offered MM an extension.... going to be a fun offseason.
  5. Rapoport: Mularkey on the Hot Seat

    @Supdawg I get what your saying with special teams but compared to last season it has been a huge improvement. We've had better field position all year because of our special teams work. On kickoffs, I've seen the returner stopped well before the 25 yard line often. I agree with your overall assessment in your original post but special teams has definitely imo been better.
  6. Rams @ Titans game thread

    It's wild to watch Henry get 10 yards one play then get taken out so Murray can run for 0.
  7. Go Get Jon Gruden

    A SB ring with Dungy's team. He looked terrible the last few years. I'm all for a coaching change but not Gruden
  8. This team... We need a new OC

    Defense really laid an egg on this one, especially the last two drives. What really irks me is the clock management and running Murray on 3rd and 2. What an utter mess. At least if we loose out maybe just maybe we'll see some change and bring in effective coaches.

    True but they also struggled and lost to a barely functional team in Arizona last week. Every week anyone can win.
  10. The Titans have gone Vegan.

    Interesting article thanks for posting. The pictures of the food look damn good.
  11. Texans Predictions and Poll #2

    I think we just barely get the win. Followed by a 5 page thread about how we should have dominated them and that we suck.
  12. Wonder who we would waive or place on "IR" to make room for Douglas
  13. Tajae > corey

    Did they put the IR designated to return on Sharpe or Douglas? Wish we could have seen what Sharpe brought in his second season.
  14. Titans @ Steelers Game Thread

    Marcus just wants to make sure we have another dramatic finish guys don't worry