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  1. Bluth

    Colts Week

    Landry went down briefly yesterday, anybody see any updates on him?
  2. Bluth

    Inexcusable by Vrabel

    It was a terrible call.The D was finally playing right and the offense was moving it all day.
  3. Bluth

    Rams Sign Nick Williams

    You mean a WR at the highest level did his job? Crazy man.
  4. Bluth

    Moving Forward

    I've got gamepass and you can see "coaches film" which shows the entire field. I'll see if I can put together the 11 sacks so we can take a look at it. I blame the game plan and offensive line for yesterdays disaster. M8 didn't help matters either
  5. Bluth

    Moving Forward

    The pocket collapsed so fast he would have been flagged for intentional grounding 7 of the 11 times.
  6. Bluth

    Moving Forward

    That doesn't fit their narrative
  7. Bluth


    You talk about Jrob only having 4 draft picks so you want to trade more away? The raiders are having a fire sale so they want picks. Why would the saints trade Teddy? These are things that we really couldn't do. It starts at the oline and the QB plain and simple.
  8. Bluth

    Ravens Week

    Sitting at home thinking we can still turn this dumpster fire of a season around.
  9. Bluth

    High draft picks

    The offense line is incredibly important. It’s why the panthers lost the Super Bowl in 2016. Cam was under pressure all game. I think it’s silly to compare our team to the greatest dynasty in football.
  10. Bluth

    Golden Tate

    He was great in Seattle and has done good things in Detroit. I remember watching him adjust and really keep plays alive with Wilson. I would be for it but I don't see it happening.
  11. Do you think we trade for a WR or bring someone off the streets?
  12. Christ there are already a ton of threads that you could have thrown this waste of time post on. We are 3-2 with all that crap you mentioned. Let the season play out and bitch then. This has been the most excited I've been for the Titans in awhile. I actually believe we have a chance in games these days.
  13. Bluth

    Corey Davis

    I don't know how you called it but I'm glad you were right and I was wrong.
  14. Bluth

    Bowling For TDs

    Last year the D had their fun with celebrations. It's good to see the O getting in on it. I hope we get to see many more celebrations from them this year!
  15. Bluth

    Corey Davis

    What I’ve learned is to not have expectations. Even with a fully healthy M8, I don’t see Davis having those numbers against Phillys strong defense.