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  1. Saw a line of rich people in the area I work buying mega millions tickets.. greed.
  2. Stan

    Who do we replace Walker with?

    Let’s back to how Smith was never going to replace Walker... and our offense was finished
  3. Stan

    You have to Pass to set up the Run?

    NFL passing game has become similar to arena football, more teams are using shot gun, spread formations quick passing plays and stretching the field more than what was happening 10 years ago even 15. We have the worst passing attack in all of football and this has been a constant issue. Honestly, I don’t know who to blame because it seems like every year this happens and we can’t pinpoint the issue.. is it QB play, receivers not getting open, play calling..
  4. Stan

    NFL Trade Deadline

    I’d see if the Raiders would be willing to trade Cook. He’s been one of the lone bright spots for the Raiders...
  5. Stan

    Chargers Week

    Everyone knows nfl is a week to week league unlike college.. the titans probably blow out the chargers wouldn’t surprise me
  6. Stan

    Chargers Week

    A lot of these London games have been blowouts so odds are we get blown out or we blow them out
  7. Stan

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    Mariota having good games or not who the fuck gives a shit? If he goes out and lights up the Chargers it will not change my opinion of him. This is a 4th year starter who is playing like a rookie right now same issues as last year and year before. I don’t like the fact that he got hurt again this year, it affected him now it still might. I don’t like that he’s had 3 different NFL coaches. Good QBs dont get coaches fired. Look around the league how many Medicore coaches are long tenured because of their QBs..
  8. Like going to a glory hole and realizing on the other end was a guy
  9. Stan

    Chargers Week

    I have a feeling he’s going to get injuried pretty soon it’s bound for the course, especially if he’s going to start running more. I can already see it happening this week.
  10. Stan

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    Oh give it a rest Andy Dalton threw 4 touchdowns against this secondary and made them look silly. The Ravens knew this guy can’t throw and has struggled with his deep ball his whole career.
  11. If it’s the receivers fault then how come we don’t fucking address it and start making some trades for a proven veteran??? Why is Robinson staying pat.. you had a chance at Gordon, Bryant’s out there, Coopers on the block, Parker is as well.. do something then
  12. Sharpe beat up a guy and he’s still on the team but Matthews is out spoken and he’s gone.. so Robinson values what
  13. Stan

    Ref blocked TT’s route on deep bomb.

    Which is what you don’t want in your starting QB, period. That’s like saying well he isn’t good but he’s not that bad
  14. Yea like knowing your tightend you drafted had major red flags including gang ties(probably killed someone in college) but you want to win at all costs...patriot way