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  1. Their tighter than 2 balls in a nutsack
  2. Notice how the most violent aggressive sport has the most women beaters, rapist, killers..... one word CTE.
  3. I don’t understand the hate on TO. he just wanted to win. Yea he went about it the wrong way but when he was breaking his ankle this guy came back to play in the super bowl while McNabb was busy drinking partying it up before the game. I always respected TO.
  4. Stan

    CTE strikes again

    Wouldn’t surprise me when we find out Frank offs himself
  5. Stan

    CTE strikes again

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadspin.com/prosecutor-kellen-winslow-jr-threatened-to-murder-wom-1826877164/amp so nfl has recently seen, wife beaters, drug dealers, gang members killing people, guy drugging and raping women and now add to it another scumbag allegedly raping and threatening to kill women. I’m willing to bet CTE causes this
  6. Stan

    Titans sign WR Brandon Shippen

    Just sign Bryant already. Jesus
  7. Stan


    They also tried to paint Nicole as a gold digging coke whore. It’s crazy to think he’s walking after he stabbed 2 people in cold blood and could laugh about it in a book “if I did it.” He basically gives step by step how did committed the murders in the book. I read it and you can tell he is a narcissist sociopath who believes his own lies
  8. Stan

    WR Julian Edelman suspended four games

    All these guys juice. I don’t get they should let them. This is a sport where you are expected to be strong quick and fast. Their basically getting killed over a sport. A blood bath. Who cares if they juice let it be a level playing field. Let everyone juice. It’s entertaining this is why people pay money. We don’t pay money to see some 5’9 guy who runs slow as shit when that same 5’9 180 pound guy on juice runs a 4.2
  9. Stan


    And his little buddy destroyed evidence. I’m sure the bloody clothes and knife were in the bag OJ gave him that media missed at the time. Funny how he stopped practicing law only to gain his license again during this trail so whatever was said between him and OJ would be Attorney client private privileges. It’s funny how Robert died I guess Karma caught up to him early
  10. Stan


    Blame the leader prosecutor. She was in over her head thinking black women were going to side against a black man. Honeslt if it was in Santa Monica and at leastmexican and white jurors he would be jn jail right now.
  11. Stan


    In 3 days will be June 14th .The 24th anniversary of the Nicole Simpson ,Ron Goldman murders. So, how do you think O.J. got away with and why? To me I think the blame all rests on Mark Furhman and LAPD. There’s no one else out there that could have committed these crimes. People have said, cartels, serial killer, hitman, LAPD set him up. None of them fit. What I think happened was OJ went there that night to confront his ex wife who he had been stalking and obsessive over. I think he assumed she was seeing some younger good looking white guy and it enraged him. I don’t think he went there with a knife. I think he went there with maybe a pistol and was going to either threaten her or scare her I think Nicole feeling scared answered the door with a knife and she possibly attacked OJ he more than likely took it from her in a moment of pure rage and jealousy decided to kill her stabbing her so many times. I think Ron showed up saw what happened was confronted by O.J. While he’s trying to wrestle the knife away Goldman possibly pulls of one of OJ’s gloves off his hands. OJ doesn’t realize it and leaves it at the scene. He ends up killing him too to leave no witnesses. I think OJ saw what he did snapped back to reality ,panicked ran and left behind not only DNA, but a bloody sock, and shoe print and glove. It’s obvious he was very careless. It’s more than likely OJ didn’t think about DNA evidence being used against him that’s why he basically flung the other glove near his house. He thought him leaving to Chicago wouldn’t raise any questions. Even his own defense team knew he was guilty but they were paid to defend him and they basically went up against a prosecution team that was ran over by the Dream team. The defense team never tried to show O.J. didn’t do it all they did was make the prosecution look stupid and use the race card which worked. Big mistake was letting OJ try in the gloves especially leather that was soaked in blood that had been sitting in a freezer they shrink. They should have bought the new, but exact pair of gloves to the to the stand and have OJ try them on. Without latex gloves
  12. Stan

    I can hardly wait for Sept 9th

    Things I want to see this year just game or state wise: •A few shutouts we haven’t had one in a long time possibly going on for over 10 plus years •we need at least a 1200-1500 yard receiver id like to see that and 100 catches •at least a special teams touchdown •a few shootouts and high scoring games •Mariota have at least 4,500 yards passing and 25 plus throwing touchdowns
  13. What master do you serve?!!!