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  1. imemtitan

    Titans Report Message Board

    Then I wouldn't see any posts...hey not a bad idea.
  2. imemtitan

    Change of Plan

    Flexibility and aggressiveness were the only things I was hoping from the coaching staff, so far so good.
  3. I haven't seen a full Colts game yet this season, just some highlights from week one where Luck looked decent. But it seems like his arm might be wearing down already? If so makes me wonder if the Colts rushed him back before he is 100% ready again, nah the Colts wouldn't do something that stupid would they? Oh yeah...
  4. imemtitan

    MNF Pitts vs. Bucs

    Dang was hoping Fitz could pull off the comeback.
  5. imemtitan

    MNF Pitts vs. Bucs

    Man these announcers are awful.
  6. imemtitan

    MNF Pitts vs. Bucs

    “Yet” quoth the Oilerman
  7. imemtitan

    MNF Pitts vs. Bucs

    Jameis is probably smiling somewhere.
  8. Yep Fitz is and has always been fools gold, looks great till there is pressure or expectations.
  9. imemtitan

    Ryan Fitzmagic

    Or not.
  10. imemtitan

    MNF Pitts vs. Bucs

    Every bounce going the Steelers way.
  11. imemtitan

    Ryan Fitzmagic

    He'll probably be fine, still early enough in the season that he can play loose.
  12. imemtitan

    Ryan Fitzmagic

    Fitzmagic on primetime tonight, some pressure to perform, does he revert back into Fitztragic?
  13. imemtitan

    I am not sure what's better at this point ?

    It's true, I am a Kevin Durant burner account.
  14. imemtitan

    Anyone watching the exlovers game? Belimofo vs Patricia

    What the hell was Brady thinking on that play.