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  1. imemtitan

    My biggest fear has come to fruition.

    What if they already have...
  2. I am confused, what does the word in bold even mean? Not sure I have ever seen it here before.
  3. imemtitan

    Training Camp Discussion

  4. imemtitan

    Training Camp Discussion

    I suspect they might be a better team with a worse record this year. Lot of things bounced just right the last two seasons for them to go 9-7.
  5. Oman is a simple man, he sees ball, he sees ball hit ground, he blames QB. Too bad it was a Punt.
  6. I find humor in most of your posts, especially the draft ones. Thanks for the that.
  7. I think what I would have done in his position is make it free and add a Patreon link if people want to donate to keep the content coming. See how that goes at first and then adjust if needed. I just can't see spending money on a subscription just on Titans news when there are already some decent fan sites out there that do good breakdowns. But if he were to put up some great articles over time I could see myself kicking in to a Patreon to support the site.
  8. imemtitan

    Around the NFL: preseason

    Apparently Brady is so frustrated with the receivers he punted the ball into the stands. Few degrees away from a VY shoulder pads toss!
  9. 96k after expenses isn't bad depending on where you live, that'll get you a small one bedroom apartment in Seattle and probably a small box with a cover in the Bay Area. Not sure what cost of living is in the Nashville area though, assuming better than the West coast at least.
  10. I feel like its been stated multiple times that the calls for more Shotgun were about Henry not Mariota.
  11. imemtitan

    LaFleur Interview

    Hi, you must be new here. Welcome to Titansreport, forming opinions based on speculation and arguing them till the heat death of the universe, regardless of actual evidence, is how this place works, pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable.
  12. imemtitan

    Hard Knocks: Cleveland Browns Edition

    Yeah they covered that in the episode, a little too much imo, let the guy deal with his grief in private but of course they had to film and show it. I do give him a little pass based on what he may have been going through but even then he just didn't come off as a strong leader. They had a scene with all the coaches in the room, Jackson asked for opinions, one of the coaches said can we at least dress the players that are getting time off and have them watching practice. Jackson shot it down, Todd Haley spoke up and mentioned how much work they had to do and giving guys days off wasn't going to help them get prepared. Jackson again basically shot it down, kept stating how when you sit in his chair you have a different perspective and they have a system that works. Kinda hard to take that serious when you have a couple ex-head coaches on staff and you went 1-31 last two seasons.
  13. imemtitan

    Hard Knocks: Cleveland Browns Edition

    Boy that coaching staff seems rough, Jackson seems to have a decent rapport with the players but doesn't seem like a strong leader with the other coaches. And I don't know how anyone can take Greg Williams seriously, I'd be rolling my eyes at his bluster so much. You could tell Haley wanted to call Jackson out in the meeting but just sucked it in and tried to end on a positive note, probably thinking he has a chance at interim coach mid season. That Landry speech to the receivers was interesting, mainly because they didn't seem to respond to it at all, wonder if they are just seeing him as a showboat.
  14. imemtitan

    Dives = Slides and the death of Football

    Here is the actual text of the point of emphasis, there is nothing in this that states they are down at the point they begin to dive, that was in the PFT article but not referenced here. This is an existing rule already, basically looks like they are emphasizing that if a player is giving themselves up by going to the ground they can't be targeted and hit. Which was apparently already the case but the refs were more lenient in letting defenders hit a runner giving themselves up head first rather than legs first. That and sounds like they will no longer get any additional yards where their body slides along the ground. So based on this a runner should still be able to dive for a first down just has to make sure the ball lands past the first down marker, and now defenders have to pull up as soon as the runner begins their dive or risk a penalty.