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  1. Trump unleashed in AZ

    It's like getting knocked out in the second round by Mike Tyson and then getting up and crowing you lasted two rounds. Hollow wins. I thought only libtards wanted participation ribbons.
  2. Trump unleashed in AZ

    List the legislative wins. Don't list executive orders. Based on their statements during the Obama years, Repubs feel that EOs circumvent the legislative process and makes the POTUS behave like a dictator. So, go for it. Tell us about all these huge wins
  3. Trump unleashed in AZ

    At this point, when you don't have legislative wins, you hold campaign style rallies. How many rallies has he had in eight months? All the red meat he threw out to that crowd cannot mask the fact that he hasn't done much for them. It's more about addressing his perceived grievances than about working for the country or even his base. Yet, they will watch or attend the rally and be in an orgasmic bliss for a week. They will want to shut down the government to pay for the walll and totally forget Trump said Mexico would pay for it.
  4. Nice sound bite, but your adversaries are in the remote areas of Afghanistan where the terrain and environment reduces the efficiency and power of the US troops. How long are you willing to have our troops in Afghanistan to destroy, maim, kill and force their will on their adversaries?
  5. So, exactly what does that mean? Use the military rules of engagement, but if the government continues to be corrupt and/or their troops will not vigorously defend their own country, exactly what is the objective? How do we define winning? Many Republicans always want to blame Obama for the rise of ISIL in Iraq. What they failed to acknowledge is that after years of training the Iraqi forces, when ISIL came in, they dropped their weapons and ran. How can you win without keeping a large US military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan? How can you keep our troops motivated to defend a country when they will not even defend their own country?
  6. The Big Ugly Is Approaching

    It's more like a deep state of dumbassery
  7. Communists Shut Down Free Speech In Boston

    For the party that promotes individual responsibility, their ability to take any topic or issue, and conveniently blame others is ironic. It's like a deck of cards, they shuffle and randomly pull Obama, Clinton, Soros, AntiFa, BLM, globalists, deep state, minorities, Muslims, Mexicans, MSM or pizza parlors.
  8. I am a bit upset.......so here goes.

    I say we petition the NFL for the Titans to use the PONY formation that will allow us to have 12 players on defense. Problem solved
  9. Trump and Race Relations

    A good article on Trump and race relations. Over the years, you hear Trump hanged out with Micheal Jackson, James Brown, Muhammad Ali and even rappers like Puff Daddy and Kanye West. So, how in 2017, he's now considered courting racists? Could it be that Trump is simply an opportunist without any core beliefs or ideology? He recognize and tapped into the growing Obama derangement syndrome and with Breitbart, Fox News, Hannity, Limbaugh, various right wing sites and the sycophants encouraging him, he unexpectedly became POTUS? I've always wondered if Obama had invited Trump to the White House and played a couple of rounds of golf with him. Would Trump still be a Democrat? Obama didn't kiss the ring and then publicly mocked Trump. Trump seems to like superstars and people with extraordinary talents, but doesn't really care about the common folks? Which is kind of ironic when you consider his base. Anyway, here is a really interesting, unbiased article with the following quotes: The president “doesn’t see color the way the average person does,” she said. He assesses people based on “their successes and their failures.” “He judges people by what kind of deal he can make with them,” Mr. Wallach said. “That’s his god.” “Forget black friends — he doesn’t have any friends,” said Mr. Wallach, who left on poor terms with Mr. Trump after a history of credit card theft. “He’s actually a lonely man.” “It’s definitely easier to be with your own kind. It’s easier for everybody, so if someone is super, super special and super, super interesting you can take them out,” Ms. Young said. “ https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/17/us/politics/trump-blacks-african-americans-girlfriend-charlottesville.html?mcubz=0
  10. Bannon, Mercer, and Ailes Working On Creating News Giant

    I've been waiting for someone to tell Tux that Roger Ailes died on 05/18/2017 and will not be participating in the Bannon, Mercer, Trump media conglomerate.
  11. Trump and Race Relations

    During the campaign, I thought voters would never elect a demagogue and flawed candidate like Trump as POTUS. I was wrong. Most voters today appear to forget the past learnings of the various demagogues who in their quest for power tried to divide this country. I'm hoping that the lessons learned from the Trump era will prevent us from making a similar mistake for at least the next 20-30 years. I don't want Trump's boorish behavior, temperament and divisive tactics to become the new norm for our politics. I still have faith in our country to self correct. I hope I'm not wrong again in 2020.
  12. Bannon, Mercer, and Ailes Working On Creating News Giant

    @TennesseeTuxedo actually posted something from Bull Durham. Let that sink in and savor it. We have a guy who is posting conspiracy droppings from some random stranger on the internet going by the moniker Bull Durham. I know I shouldn't poke fun at the mentally ill, but this is so stupid, I can't help but laugh at the irony and the craziness of Tux's posts. #MAGA==>Make America Goofy Again.
  13. Communists Shut Down Free Speech In Boston

    Just returned from a business trip through rural West Virginia. I saw at least 15 to 20, "I'm a Deplorable" bumper sticker. I don't recall seeing one deplorable sticker in Texas. I avoided all political discussions for an entire week.
  14. President Trump is profoundly stupid part 2

    When historians review the Trump presidency, they will wonder how this country bought into the concept of Trump as a CEO when he basically ran a family business without reporting to a board of directors or even shareholders. He has been dictator, judge, jury or sole proprietor of his businesses. So, no wonder he has struggled with the concept of the checks and balances of a democracy. From various reports, he's not reading, learning or adapting. It's just a bad combination of a POTUS with average intellect with an ego that doesn't allow him to recognize what he doesn't know. It's a constant game of BS with Trump, because that's the way he has operated for the majority of his business life.
  15. Bannon, Mercer, and Ailes Working On Creating News Giant

    Unless they plan on using Miss Cleo to ask Ailes for advice, nothing new here. Trump didn't expect to win the election and this was the next step in taking advantage of his base while they were still angry at the election results. He would add his unfounded "rigged election" claims to their ever growing list of grievances while making a profit Don't be surprised when Trump supporters label Fox News as Fake News
  16. Agree and my 3rd would be work ethic. With all of the spread offenses, screens and short passes, completion percentage can be misleading. So you have to watch the tape and remember, Tom Landry's QB assessment. "A quarterback who entered the NFL with accuracy issues wasn't likely to get any better, like the strong but wild young baseball pitchers who stay wild, no matter what pitching coaches do with their mechanics." Also, for QB evaluations, I still like Bill Walsh's evaluation http://www.sportsxchange.com/ds97/walsh/walsh2qb.htm and Bill Parcells' Be a three-year starter Be a senior in college Graduate from college Start 30 games Win 23 games Post a 2:1 touchdown-to-interception ratio Complete at least 60-percent of passes thrown http://bearswire.usatoday.com/2017/02/22/applying-bill-parcells-qb-rules-to-the-bears-1st-round-options/
  17. Trump Spokesman Torched In Interview

    Trump hires the best people.
  18. Steve Bannon - Out

    Kellyanne Conway is on record telling CNN, “You always want to go by what’s come out of his mouth rather than look at what’s in his heart.” Are you just listening to what he says, without looking at his actions? Trump supporters cannot have it both ways.
  19. Steve Bannon - Out

    I just finished Joshua Green's Devil's Bargain book. It's a really good read on the Bannon and Trump relationship. It also show how wrong @ben4titans is regarding Bannon and the alt-right. A good summary and quotes: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/18/books/review/devils-bargain-steve-bannon-donald-trump-joshua-green.html?mcubz=0 “Darkness is good,” was Bannon’s advice for dealing with criticism from groups such as the Anti-Defamation League. “Don’t let up.” At another moment, when the campaign feared House Speaker Paul Ryan would try to steal the G.O.P. nomination from Trump, Bannon threatened to rally Breitbart’s army. “Pepe’s gonna stomp their ass,” he said — “Pepe the Frog” being the alt-right’s white-supremacist cartoon mascot on Twitter. Later, while running an Internet business in Hong Kong, Bannon discovered the underworld of online gamers; “intense young men” who “disappeared for days or even weeks at a time in alternate realities.” One of those alternate realities was “World of Warcraft,” in which millions of people were digitally transformed into secret soldiers waging titanic battles in unseen worlds against mythical enemies. Bannon seemed to intuit that this digital world could be recreated for his political purposes, by designing an apocalyptic narrative of righteous warriors waging an end-of-days battle by all necessary means against assorted enemies: jihadists, progressives, Acela-corridor Republicans, the Clintons. Republican political operatives had spent the Obama years wondering about the “missing” white voters who had failed to show up for John McCain and Mitt Romney. Turns out, they (or others like them) were online, and Bannon — whose own fantasies were suggested by a portrait he had of himself in his office, dressed as Napoleon — was proposing to supply this army with the necessary ammunition. Much of it would come from the bile factory at Breitbart News. Another part would be supplied by the Government Accountability Institute, a Tallahassee, Fla.-based nonprofit that mined the “deep Web” and dug up the dirt on the Clinton Foundation for Peter Schweizer’s 2015 blockbuster “Clinton Cash.” There was also a data-analytics firm, Cambridge Analytica, an offshoot of a British company “that advised foreign governments and militaries on influencing elections and public opinion using the tools of psychological warfare.” What all of this added up to was a kind of alt-G.O.P. — agile and indifferent to norms and boundaries — that could supply the Trump campaign with everything it needed to win. Bannon has described himself as a “Leninist” for wanting to “destroy the state.” Whether he will achieve that is doubtful, but he seems to share Lenin’s genius for building a secret party with radical designs, ready to pounce at the historically opportune time.
  20. Steve Bannon isn't alt-right

    Since the Trump rant/press conference, @ben4titans has been posting while in an orgasmic bliss. Trump spoke to his base and they gobble up everything he said. He validated them. In every thread, he's going from shill, to troll, to fool.
  21. Marcus Can't Pass Right

    It will be interesting to see if DCs have picked this up, how they will defend Marcus and how long will it take for the Titans to adjust. Let the chess game begin..
  22. White Nationalist Demonstration Erupts in Violence

    The Gateway Pundit, 4Chan and other alt-right sites mistakenly identified an anti-Trump guy as the driver. Your talking points will be changing in a couple of hours.