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    Just looking at Tomlin's big wins in a black or white vacuum, misses some other things that makes him a good coach. For example, Tomlin was visiting Michigan State for their pro day and the night before the pro day, he spoke with Le'veon Bell about being a pro, complimented his patience while running the ball and told him to be successful in the NFL, "he should lose weight". Instead of browbeating Bell to lose weight, he recommended and then drafted him. At every level, coaches tell their RBs not to tiptoe or hit the LOS as soon as possible. Especially a RB who runs a 4.6 forty. But, instead of trying to change Bell's running style, Tomlin has allowed the running game to be built around it. I personally don't care about the Steelers or Tomlin. But too many TR posters are Shallow Hal when it comes QBs and coaches. We set a higher standard for them than we do our own QBs and coaches. From time to time, it's okay to compliment another team, just don't root for them.
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    This post cracks me up. @scine09 is a fan of a team that won only 3 games in 2015 and two in 2014. But he is picky about how a coach wins NFL games? I don't recall Scine dissecting Fisher's FIVE playoff wins in 22 years. We had a freaking coach who won TWO playoff games his last nine seasons with the Titans and we are being picky about the playoff wins of another coach? We thought a .500 coach with an 5-6 playoff record would be coveted by so many teams, they would fire their HC to hire him. We named babies after a .500 coach with a 5-6 playoff record, but Tomlin and his 103-57 (.644) record is a bum? With 103 wins, Tomlin has more wins than Sean Payton (94) and is tied with Carroll while coaching one less season. If Fisher had Tomlin's record or winning percentage, he would still be the Titans' coach and @scine09 would feel like a winner. Funny, funny ironic posts.
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    Today, I had to remind a Texans' fan that O'Brien was calling the plays this year. At one point, he took over the play calling and then at another point, he and Godsey were side by side calling plays and the offense still ranked anywhere from 29th to last in many categories. O'Brien's ego will prevent him from hiring a experienced OC, offensive HC assistant or even a passing game coordinator. For a guy who was the Pats WRs coach for one year, QB coach for two years and OC for one year, I don't know why someone with such little experience is considered a QB whisperer or offensive mind. With Belichick looking over your shoulders and Brady executing the game plan, talk about a guy being born on third base and thinking he hit a triple. I guess he's betting on himself for a contract renewal and to obtain more personnel power. It could blow up in his face and will be hilarious to hear the Texans' fans whining.
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    He still might resurface in Houston.
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    Very True. If anyone doesn't believe it, go ask Bill O'Brien.
  6. I got the Amazon Echo for Christmas and I have to admit, I'm really enjoying it. Back in the day, I use to play with X10 devices, but lost my enthusiasm for home automation over the years. This has definitely sparked my interest. I purchased the Philips Hue bulbs and they worked great and I'm debating purchasing a Nest thermostat and additional light switches. Anyone using the Echo for home automation?
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    Yes. You link to your Google Home account to IFTTT and then applets communicate with the bridge. https://ifttt.com/connect/google_assistant/hue
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    Have you tried IFTTT with your scenes? https://ifttt.com/hue
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    Good call. I'm currently looking at purchasing either the 3rd generation Nest or Ecobee3.
  10. Nice read. I cannot stand the constant running from the shotgun/spread formations that we see all the time at the high school, college and now NFL. It's like watching paint dry. However, when you have a great running game that can run dives, counters and traps from multiple run formations, and then pass out of those formations, it can be a thing of beauty.
  11. Osweiler will be on the roster in 2017. But after that, they can cut him. The contract is only $37 million guaranteed.
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    You better keep that defense off the field with a ball control offense and be top 3 in the league in TOP.
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    Totally agree. Nickel CBs are now like starters. If you don't have three good CBs, your defense will struggle. Which might be another reason why we struggle with the Colts.
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    I also liked Vince and really thought he would have a Cam Newton or Russell Wilson type career. The NFL is filled with bad guys. VY never struck me as a bad guy. Also, after reading about how he grew up, I cannot help but wish him well.
  15. It seem like for the last five years, Gruden's name is mentioned for every NFL or college opening. If we start a rumor that South Central Louisiana State University is looking for a coach, we would hear it's between Gruden and Bobby Boucher to replace coach Klein.
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    Remember when the Oilers hired a young Jeff Fisher? He worked in the 49ers organization and was a Buddy Ryan protégée. Little did we know instead of getting a young innovative coach, we got a young Woody Hayes. Fools.
  17. Interesting that after a 12-4 season and Derek Carr improving under his watch, the Raiders will not renew Bill Musgrave's contract. I wonder why? They retain their DC with the 26th ranked defense, but let the OC with the 6th ranked offense go?
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    Not keeping Wade seems weird to me. He was Wade's DB coach in Houston. I'm surprised he wouldn't keep his mentor around. Unless, he doesn't want to run the 3-4 which poses the question why tamper with something that isn't broken?
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    Cooper had 83 catches and Crabtree had 89.
  20. Isn't the Jags new structure similar to the Titans old structure with Jeff Diamond, Reese and Fisher?
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    It's a good hire for the Titans. O'Brien and Marrone are really good friends. There was some speculation that Marrone might have joined the Texans staff as an offensive assistant or OL coach. By all accounts, Marrone is a good OL coach. This hire keeps O'Brien from upgrading his coaching staff to help the Texans' weak OL and offense while setting up the Jags for an eventual player rebellion against the old school coach.
  22. Typical Browns. They went from a blitz happy 3-4 DC to a blitz happy 4-3 DC.
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    It will be a Fisher type beating. Pats will score at least 42. The Texans offense will not stay on the field and unlike many other teams, the Pats will be able to exploit a tired defense.
  24. Smith probably can't stand his OC, offensive scheme and play calling. At some point, when do people start wondering about O'Brien's attitude? After two years at Penn State, he was bitching about the boosters, Paterno supporters, and college politics. It seems, similar to Harbaugh, his attitude eventually drives everyone nuts.
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    Wright is definitely gone. Number one priority for any Fisher WR is to run block.