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  1. These same people were the most vocal in opposing Obamacare. Their insurers had to replace their junk policies.
  2. Were you laughing when you typed that sentence? That's the frustrating thing about trying to have this conversation with Trump supporters. They just cannot accept two simple facts, The POTUS cannot order a wiretap. Obama did not order wiretaps. The FBI had wiretaps on known Russian operatives. The idiots in the Trump campaign were in contact with those operatives and as a result, became part of the wiretap. If they can accept those facts and then discuss how Flynn's name was made public, then you can start a discussion. Otherwise, it's like talking to a brick wall. Logic and sanity means nothing.
  3. I understand your point. It wasn't meant for you. It seems before wasting time engaging the wiretap believers, we have to always mention that simple fact.
  4. FIFY. The POTUS cannot order wiretaps.
  5. One simple question and he turned into Porky Pig.
  6. @Rolltide is killing it in this thread. Facts, pesky numbers and common sense. Speaking of other defense related spending. We talk about winning and defeating ISIL like it's a country we can invade or an army we can over power. How much money is in the budget to kill an ideology when they can take it underground or even to another country? I've always wondered how much money in the budget is being wasted fighting a decentralized ideology that can use the internet to develop home-grown terrorists. I guess they use the money to print t-shirts and yard signs saying "Islamic Terrorists". It seems many, many people think saying it, makes you identify your enemy.
  7. A 70 year old who has spent the majority of his life seeking wealth, has never shown any altruistic traits, and to earn a buck, will screw you at a moment's notice becomes POTUS. Is there anything in his background that would indicate he cares or has witnessed the struggles of the majority of his supporters? Anything to suggest he would change once he becomes POTUS? So, pushing tax reform that benefits him is par for the course. People in his tax bracket are going to make out like bandits.
  8. Interesting Bloomberg article on the how the lack of skills, not globalization is impacting manufacturing jobs. "Workers are most lacking in computing and technical skills, as well as basic math and problem-solving, the study found. " "Manufacturing jobs are here and growing in numbers, but you can’t just show up at a plant after high school and get hired any longer. You need some specialized training and certifications." "Unskilled assembly-line work has been replaced by so-called advanced manufacturing jobs that require some computer, information technology, or other technical knowledge" https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-03-16/millions-of-manufacturing-jobs-could-go-unfilled
  9. I haven't seen it posted in this thread. Yesterday, the former CIA analyst who started the British wiretapping story and was the source of the rumor reported by the "great legal mind," on Fox News. The guy flat out says, Obama did not order the wiretap and his story was misunderstood. By the way, he was on Russia Today show and then it was picked up by the Fox News people. Russia, Russia, Russia. http://money.cnn.com/2017/03/19/media/larry-johnson-napolitano-fox-news/
  10. I'm an IT Solutions Manager for a global company with over 115000 employees in 78 countries. In my role, I collaborate with Health, Environmental and Safety Managers to implement applications to support 14001 (environmental), 18001 (safety), 9001 (quality management systems) and even 26000 (social responsibility) initiatives. In other words, managers similar to you work with me to see what software applications we can design internally, purchase and/or implement that meets our company's ISO certifications and standards. Now, that's out of the way. You and I might be fortunate to work for companies who exceed the minimum requirements and even includes sustainability objectives in their mission statement. However, you should know that not all companies exceed the minimum. Not all companies, especially subcontractors put the effort into safety and quality programs for their employees. Not all companies have the resources for sustainability programs and other companies simply don't have it as a priority. Similar to your opinions on race, you are taking your employment experiences and making general assumptions across a broad spectrum. Similar to people across all races, some companies will exceed any minimum requirements, but also many will also skirt the rules, or do the bare minimum. Like one of your GOP brethren said, "corporations are people" and the idea that if government simply gets out of the way, companies will do the right thing for their employees is a bit naïve. BTW, I agree with many of the points in your second post. However, on your previous post, I couldn't disagree more. Maybe I just have a cynical view of companies that is similar to your cynical view of minorities. So, we can just agree to disagree without the unnecessary and childish name calling.
  11. You didn't say it, but like clockwork, you can always count on this false Republican assumption. No sane person would make that point. Everyone knows Business 101 states "the motive of all businesses is to make a profit." @Soxcat's post sounds like the same "trickle-down economics" we've been hearing about for decades. Too often, companies are too willingly to sacrifice employee safety and the environment to make a profit. Yet, the GOP solutions always starts with giving companies more opportunities to screw employees and the environment. The notion that giving companies the best opportunities to create a profit by minimizing their regulations or taxes and those profits will trickle down to the employees is as silly as anyone thinking it's a company's job to hire more people.
  12. I hoped you have the same open-minded attitude about our government implementation of laws regarding religious discrimination and our treatment of the less fortunate in our country. This statement reminds me of: First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out.. Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out.. Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out.. Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.
  13. A couple of false narratives in your post. I think your eagerness to make this an issue of gathering intelligence on U.S. citizens is minimizing the fact that is has more to do with the monitoring of known Russian operatives than spying on U.S. citizens. Flynn was in contact with said Russian operatives. At this point, there isn't any evidence that intelligence resources were used for domestic political purposes. As far as the NSA and wiretapping, join the club. Critics have complained about the potential abuse of the Patriot Act for years. Republicans didn't care and called any critic as being "soft on terrorism". It's hilarious that Patriot Act was signed in 2001 and sixteen years later, it's now a concern.
  14. During a Packers' broadcast, they mentioned Cook as a perfect example of a coaching staff investing extra time with a struggling player who eventually produces. In other words, the idiot was struggling with the playbook and the position coaches realized he needed more coaching attention and hand holding than the other offensive players. To their credit, they didn't waste a season expecting him to learn the playbook on his own. I thought he would have stayed with the Packers. Not every coaching staff will have the same patience as the Packers.
  15. Exactly. Without the new talking points, the 8 year old "you can keep your insurance", "pass the bill to know what's in it" or "death panels" rally cries doesn't carry the same punch. But based on a couple of co-workers they have moved on to new Obama conspiracies to fuel their faux outrage. 1. Obama flew to Hawaii to convince his buddy who is a Hawaiian judge to block the Muslim ban 2. Trump can't find any evidence of the leaks because Obama was using the British intelligence agencies to do his dirty work.
  16. This is quite a moment. We’ve reached the point at which some conservatives decide they like Obamacare so much that they’re inclined to give Trump credit for it. Coming to a theatre near you. The Trump years: American dumbassery at its finest.
  17. That look simply says, "he really is crazy"
  18. I thought March Madness was related to college basketball. I now realize it's @Kyle021's mental state from the start of the NFL free agency period through the draft.
  19. The Trump administration is always criticizing the news for using unnamed sources. When answering questions about the wiretaps, Spicer quoted Shawn Hannity, Fox News, Brit Hume, BBC and others quoting unnamed sources. The idiot even quoted Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano, that the UK intelligence agency GCHQ (similar to the US NSA) spied on Trump. The UK has denied those claims. This is ridiculously comical. Hannity is on record saying he's not a journalist, yet that's a source Spicer quotes? Not any information from the CIA, NSA or FBI. Hilarious.
  20. I saw that and shook my head. If he had the slightest reason to think Trump leaked it, he should have kept it to himself for at least a week. Based on his history covering Trump, he knows how Trump uses the media and he still couldn't resist the Pavlov's dog type response and not run to Maddow.
  21. So, the same Congress who couldn't repeal or replace the ACA will call the architects in to explain what? How to pass a healthcare bill? Republicans can say whatever they want about Obama. At least he tried to address healthcare to prevent families from being denied coverage or going into bankruptcies due to an illness they have no control over. Over the last 20 years, what exactly have the GOP done to address this country's rising healthcare issues? As they are now finding out. It's easier to bitch and say no to everything than it is to come up with solutions. The ACA was never suppose to be the final healthcare fix. I think the expectations were this is v1.0 and it would be tweaked over time or at least when all the grownups got in the room to help American families. Our politicians have failed this country.
  22. Paul Ryan has never proposed anything that didn't try to stiff the poor or elderly. That's why Boehner never glanced at his vaporware budget proposals.
  23. Is this all it took? What happened to the audit? Trump releases his 2005 returns: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/the-latest-trump-releases-tax-info-ahead-of-tv-report/ar-AAolPs4?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp
  24. Kudos to John McCain for calling Trump's bluff. Either provide evidence or retract. That will become the rebuttal for everything Trump says. Provide the evidence.