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  1. I usually try refrain from the over the top stuff in this forum. But, I'm going to make an exception. You are being a whiny little bitch. At times, TR posters do cross the line. However, there is a huge difference between what is posted on this forum and Milo's take on pedophilia. I hope you're not using your ninja skills on 10 year old boys.
  2. Wow. Are they also using Lotus 123 for spreadsheets and Paradox for their databases?
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    I thought Tux was Gene Huber:
  4. He made a name for himself by running his mouth, insulting people, spewing nonsense and pushing the boundaries of decency. It was just a matter of time before he said something that repulses any decent person.
  5. Where? It's $9.95 on the HUP site. Either your employer or college is ineligible. Talk to your company's IT guy. Send him the link: https://www.microsofthup.com/hupus/home.aspx
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    Speaking of unqualified morons. I know the Department of Energy's name is misleading, but does anyone have any concerns about Rick Perry leading a department primarily responsible for handling the nuclear energy and environmental challenges of our country? A guy not known for his intelligence is now running a department with over 15 national laboratories that are focused on physics, chemistry and nuclear science.
  7. The guy has the attention span of a gnat. Even after his staff tries to brief him on a subject, they give him a piece of paper with short bullet points. When he gets to a bullet point, he starts half of the sentence, might repeat a key word, then goes off script. That staff has no idea what will come out of his mouth. Supposedly, he was watching a segment on Fox News about immigrants and crime in Sweden. I would not be surprise if he didn't get the details or context. He probably just read the scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen and then referenced it in his speech.
  8. The same people who don't have a problem with it will be bitching about spending $1 million on a program for the poor or elderly.
  9. Tux doesn't have any interest in seeking facts or even reality based discussions. If the Three Stooges and Bugs Bunny posted an article that supported his views, he would post it here as fact.
  10. Yes. I do and have purchased it over the years. Also, if you have a college (.edu) or military (.mil) email address it might work too.
  11. Based on your employer, if eligible, you can purchase the latest version of Office for $9.95: https://www.microsofthup.com/hupus/home.aspx
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    Did that mole strategy come from the KGB field manual?
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    Mic drop!
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    So, if you have a spouse, relative, child, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, coworker, associate, neighbor or anyone in your life who lies for no logical reason. Just outright lies when you can easily prove they are lying. At what point do you stop trusting that person or tuning them out? If that person is lying about the smallest, most basic things, don't they eventually lie about the big things? That would not concern you?
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    Doesn't that run on both sides? I've read multiple posts still referring to Obama as a Muslim.
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    We have gone from "No Drama Obama" to "Turncoats for "Trump". Lock him up.
  17. Exactly. Especially considering their genetics and what they had to work with.
  18. If Obama had an operative like Conway, maybe many voters would understand Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are the same thing. I never understood why Obama didn't have his operatives going on Fox and other outlets to explain Obamacare, why the SOFA was a major reason to exit Iraq, why he didn't go into Syria, or the impact of the insurer changes on his "you can keep your insurance" promise. The Dems are now feeling the repercussion's of not doing a better job communicating their agenda to the voters. A personality like Conway would have really helped them.
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    According to USA Today: "During the regular season, the average price of a hot dog and 16-ounce beer is $5.19 and $7.38, respectively, according to Team Marketing Report, a publisher of sports marketing information. At a Houston Texans game in the same stadium, a hot dog cost $5.75 during the regular season, according to Team Marketing Report." http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2017/02/05/super-bowl-prices-beer-coke-hot-dog/97526656/
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    I really don't think they care about losing. It's red meat for the base. He can claim the liberal justice system derailed his Muslim ban. If we have another terrorist attack, he now has an ace to play. He will use this decision to say. "I told you so". It will not even matter if the person is an American citizen and not from one of the seven countries. Looking at this, it made his life easier. Now let's see if he has the self discipline to hang onto that ace.
  21. I have to give it to her. If there is a TV camera in hell, she will visit to promote Trump. She outworked Clinton's entire communications team. She is also very cutthroat by her switch from Cruz to Trump. There are now reports that she might be one of the leaks in the administration. Trump had her slated for Press Secretary and she didn't want it. Now Spicer is paying the price of doing two jobs. She now has a seat at the table. I don't expect her to give up that seat easily. She knows how to stroke Trump's ego and will easily outsmart Bannon, Flynn, Spicer and Priebus.
  22. So far, it appears the biggest difference between Clinton or Trump in office is the GOP has stopped wasting tax payers' dollars with their faux outrage investigations: Benghazi. Not a single word about it. Notice we had a Seal team member die recently. No investigation into the faulty intelligence that led to his death. The administration says the mission was a success. Clinton foundation. The GOP now cares more about Nordstrom not selling Trump merchandise than the Clinton foundation Conflicts of interest. No explanation needed.
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    Once we start arresting people before crimes are committed, isn't that a slippery slope? What happens when the government then starts targeting other groups. Remember the uproar over the IRS "extremely reviewing" the Tea Party groups? This sounds like a Minority Report type government that tramples the Constitution. What happens when the government starts locking up non-Muslim citizens without due process?