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  1. Mettenberger back wit whizenhunt

    That was cruel. The title is similar to giving BergerKing the winning numbers to last week's lottery.
  2. I always wondered if a coordinator hears his HC will be pressured to make staff changes or get fired, why don't they save the HC from himself, take one for the team and resign before the HC quits? In this case, Robiskie knowing how stubborn Mularkey is, quits and saves him from himself.
  3. I know Bowles is a former DC, but what type of offense does he want to run? He's looking for his his 3rd OC in four years with the Jets.
  4. Oprah Winfrey's view of America..

    This thread took a disappointing turn. I kept checking for a TGLC and RollTide debate.
  5. In 11 seasons, Tomlin's worst record is 8-8. He has a 116-60 record with two Super Bowl appearances. We could do a lot worse than Tomlin.
  6. Coordinator Candidates

    Offense: Rick Dennison was Kubiak's former OC, probably ZBS and Kubiak/Shanahan WCO Offense: Greg Roman is the Ravens TE and running game coach, but is known for his offense with the 49ers and Jim Harbaugh
  7. How About Coach Flip HC/Rex Ryan DC

    Agree. I don't think Rex and his ego could take a back seat to a first time HC. He would divide the team.
  8. Is the Left ever right, your chance for apology

    What’s the BMI for 6”2” and 240? His NY drivers license has him at 6’2” Over the years, there’s been rumors he lies about his height. http://time.com/4617469/donald-trump-driver-license-height/
  9. Thanks to Mularkey et al

    You can't fire the owner, so fans complain about the GM. If not the GM, then the HC, OC, QB or DC. The eventual criticism is as certain as death and taxes.
  10. Who was worse, Munchak or Mularkey?

    At least I can understand white, I mean why he would pick Flutie over McNair. But the Fitzpatrick love was too much.
  11. Is the Left ever right, your chance for apology

    Funny stuff. Trump's a picture of health, but needs to take Crestor with side effects that includes memory loss and confusion.
  12. Oprah Winfrey's view of America..

    I'm surprised by your @Starkiller posts. This thread contains some of the worst stereotypes of black people and demonstrates how little people know about black lives and far less BLM. Their worldview appears to believe African Americans are borderline second class citizens who just sit around and take from this country. You seem to be very aware of what's happening in the African American communities and probably have some insight on some of the links posted, however instead of taking the opportunity to respond to some of the crazy posts in this thread and educate some posters, you go after @Starkiller. Interesting. He must have really pissed you off in a BLM thread.
  13. Who was worse, Munchak or Mularkey?

    Sorry. I got your quote wrong. You said, "after Romo, Fitzpatrick was the second most underrated QB in the NFL". BTW, I'm just messing with you. I just hate how a mistake prone game manager like Fitzpatrick gets so much love from fans. They always fall for a 3 to 4 games stretch and then eventually, the more he starts, the worst he plays.
  14. Who was worse, Munchak or Mularkey?

    @scine09 and his QB evaluations. This reminds of your take that Fitzpatrick was an underrated and unappreciated starting QB who was a borderline top 10 QB.
  15. Who was worse, Munchak or Mularkey?

    I felt bad for Munchak. If you hire a guy who was previously a HC, I think 2-3 years is enough for you to determine if he's the right guy for your team. If you hire a first time HC, you have to give him four years not only for you to figure it out, but for him. Hiring Munchak who didn't have any experience as coordinator, far less a HC, people should have expected a learning curve.