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  1. Btowner

    Senator Mitch McConnell OPED piece

    It amazing how shameless these GOP politicians are. These folks have amnesia when it comes to how badly they behaved during the Obama years. In their quest for power, they dog whistled, lied, encouraged racism, and played some of the most divisive political tricks in the history of this country. Yet, they are so incompetent, they allowed Trump to take the White House from them. Now to stay in power, they have become some of the most pathetic, sycophantic politicians in history. The fact he could post this gibberish is another example of what a slime ball he is. Trump didn't start this divisive, hateful rhetoric we are seeing around the country. McConnell and his ilk started it. Trump simply took advantage of it and beat them at their own game.
  2. Btowner

    Bell doesn't show, locker cleaned out

    Based on previous comments and this video, it doesn't appear the players missed or liked Bell. Fair warning to any team thinking of signing him.
  3. Btowner

    FBI releases 2017 hate crime statistics

    You are a strong, vocal supporter of one of the biggest crybabies in the country. Seems to me, you're a hypocrite when it comes to crybabies. 😀
  4. Btowner

    America has spent nearly $6T on war since 9/11

    Bless your heart. You'll get a hernia moving the goal posts. Have a great day, Jake!
  5. Btowner

    FBI releases 2017 hate crime statistics

    If you search the n-word in this forum, guess who references the n-word more than any other poster? He might not say it, but he takes every opportunity to go on a tangent to type it.
  6. Btowner

    America has spent nearly $6T on war since 9/11

    You keep saying Trump abolished ISIS. Where are you getting this information? According to the various Pentagon reports, there are still over 20000 ISIS fighters in Syria and Iraq. The Trump admin has ramped up air strikes that have impacted ISIS financially, but to say they are abolished is a Trumpian embellishment. Don't take my word, read the IG report to Congress. It specifically says ISIS is still planting IEDs in Iraq. So, what is your definition of abolished? Read page 3 and 6 of the IG report. https://media.defense.gov/2018/Aug/07/2001951441/-1/-1/1/FY2018_LIG_OCO_OIR3_JUN2018_508.PDF
  7. Btowner

    America has spent nearly $6T on war since 9/11

    Like many things that you fail to grasp. But, don't mind me. Go ahead and feel good about your fake news. https://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2017/oct/26/donald-trump/trump-takes-full-credit-gains-against-isis/
  8. Btowner

    America has spent nearly $6T on war since 9/11

    Besides just saying this to make yourself feel good. Tell us the number of troops currently in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan under Obama vs Trump.
  9. I might be mistaken, but I don't recall any other administration blocking a serious journalist's press credentials? It's just another unprecedented action by this administration and what is a bigger issue than just pulling the credentials, is the way people just continue to normalize all of this unprecedented behavior.
  10. Btowner

    Who Is Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker?

    Every time, Jeff Flake comes out in opposition to something, he forgets and then votes lockstep with the other Republicans. He's just less of a drama queen than Rand Paul. I'm not falling for it and will wait for him to vote.
  11. Btowner

    Markets hit Hard Today

    Out of curiosity, is the Trump appointed USPS task force to investigate the USPS and Amazon agreement still around or did it go the same route as his voter fraud task force?
  12. Btowner

    FBI releases 2017 hate crime statistics

    That was the point. Incredibly funny and sad that Rolltard and his peanut gallery turned another thread into "liberals being racists. Teaching violent blacks to hate whites". I'm surprised he hasn't dropped the n-word.
  13. Btowner

    Finally...Corey Davis shines

    I lost track. Does this mean WRs coach Rob Moore can keep his job?
  14. During their press briefings, the Obama administration either ignored Fox News or wouldn’t give them the opportunity to ask questions. The other media outlets complained and the administeation eventually backed down. Seems like Fox News is returning the favor. IMHO, the Trump admin is going out their way to create this us against the media narrative. Why go to the extreme? Couldn’t they have simply ignored Acostas? Why give him the microphone?
  15. Btowner

    Worst play in NFL history

    I've always thought Stagger Lee was the worst play ever...Then I saw this play.